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  1. 8 round comstock stage, you shoot 123 rounds, but each target has the required number of hits (or more) and or steel is down, no misses will be scored
  2. I sent DNROI the question if a SS Major shooter goes minor can he load more than 8 yesterday, I will post the answer when I get it. Oddly most questions I ask get answered very quickly this one not so much, I also asked a RM but no answer there yet either, so obviously we are all arguing because it is not as clear as we all think it should be.
  3. As stated above load it till it splits, I ran 2K of Starline short colt for a couple of years and loaded about 20K rounds with it so average of 10 loads per case, I am still using that brass but have added another 2k to the mix. also with short colt I am loading to much, much higher pressures than a 38 spl so I would expect specials to last even longer.
  4. What euxx says, so if you have 5 static steel that need 2 hits each just enter 10 steel targets, then when scoring just hit the missed steel button for each miss as you score it.
  5. Practice and matches with the same load, the brass holds up just fine. Match ammo gets case gauged, practice ammo is the rejects and or non gauged. I know a couple guys that use new brass for L3 and up matches to just take one more variable out, 9mm Brass seems to be readily available for less then .02 ea deliver so I tend to buy it and leave it, fully processed (roll sized, swaged, polished, etc) is closer to .04 so that may be the go to for major matches going forward
  6. Limited and SS are not the same, if I enter as limited major then bring my 9mm limited gun and shoot 23 round mags all day at chrono I get dropped to minor scoring, if I enter SS Major and start shooting with my 10 round 9mm minor gun I get moved to Open as soon as a RO counts to 10 without me being empty.
  7. so if I enter as Major and load 9 I get bumped to minor?
  8. start out minor stay minor start Revo use auto bump to Open go sub minor ever shoot for no score
  9. the difference is both shooters have been bumped to open and are both very much diss advantaged in that division, in this case the shooters are still in their original division and the only difference is one went minor and revived a scoring disadvantage AND a capacity disadvantage and the other received a scoring disadvantage AND a offsetting capacity advantage, basically putting him on equal footing to shooters that made their power factor deceleration from the get go.
  10. but one got to shoot the whole match with 10 rounds and one had to use 8 rounds only under penalty of moving to Open, that is very different
  11. not necessarily SS (and to a much smaller extent revo) have a different equation
  12. so if I load 9 before chrono do I get a bump to Minor or Open?
  13. I have been told by a very good RMI that basically if its legal for the division the change should be approved, the only thing they are really looking for is making sure shooters are not trying to use a golf bag of guns optimized for stages.
  14. In every other division by declaring the division I have agreed to the equipment restrictions of the division (action type, modifications, size, capacity, PF, sighting) if I break any of these restrictions I get moved to Open not the closes division I actually fit. With SS if I declare Major I have agreed to an 8 round capacity limit, if I load 9 I don't get bumped to Minor I get bumped to Open like any other division, so using that logic, going sub major at chrono should not change my division declaration and if I load more than 8 I should get bumped to Open regardless of SS Minor being 10 rounds
  15. Is he? what stage did his gun break on? what did those stages look like? were they 6 reload 6 classifiers and some short courses then he went minor now facing several field courses where 10 rounds would be a big advantage?
  16. and at this point we are discussing 8 rounds of minor vs 10 rounds of minor, I can tell you for a fact that 10 rounds of minor is better than 8 rounds of minor. if the question is just broke my 8 round major gun need to change to my 10 round minor gun then cool no competitive advantage. but if you go minor with your 8 round gun then you are shooting 8 round minor so a change to 10 would be a big advantage.
  17. possibly but in practice making up a miss on the steel during the paper only cost .35 with a revo
  18. do any of the factory loadings actually make minor? I have not tested them myself but was under the impression from the interwebs that they were likely sub minor
  19. No reason not to shoot major out of the Czechmate, there is plenty of data out there that will work fine in that platform.
  20. is there a consensus on steel or paper first? I shot this in practice last night and for me I did better shooting steel first then paper left to right. My thought is do the "harder" shooting first then speed up, also a mike on the steel can be picked up between the second and third paper after the reload. thoughts
  21. Those spring loaded forward falling poppers were weird at the 9 days of nationals, I watched a PCC guy get screwed by one, he shot it it started falling then he shot it again and that round pushed it back up to the set position, afte watching that I made a note to myself to shoot it then give it lots of time to fall, the problem is a popper should not be capable of resetting itself, forward falling poppers should once hit fall once the shooter stops driving it back up with additional rounds, a very bad design
  22. Is it possible the cylinder release is binding somehow? like something strange like maybe its cracked?
  23. I get that. I'd just like the rule book to be more consistent in it's language. Avoid the gamers and rule-nazis alike. I totally get and support that, I just couldn't help pointing out the irony in the wording I wish sarcasm came across better in typing
  24. And which of those makes are at or near the top of the list in terms of use in this game in production? Not that big a deference really, you see a few more Sig 226's with new shooters and I see about the same number of Berettas as CZ decockers. in the end decocker guns are in total a very very small minority in USPSA.
  25. So for accuracy in language you use the term most to refer to CZ decockers and Sigs? Berrettas and Smiths and Tanfoglio/Jerico (most,all? slide mounted decocker guns) drop the hammer fully. one could likely argue that Most decocker guns in circulation drop the hammer fully
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