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  1. The rim on TJ is a fair bit smaller than Starline 38sc I've had it pull out of the shell plate when loading 38SC so this could be your issue.
  2. At one time Henning made fixed rear sights to replace the LPA super sight Tanfoglio uses, unfortunately I don't see it listed anywhere anymore. What Polymer is trying to say is those sights hold up better when the elevation is screwed most of the way down, with the elevation adjusted all the way down the "arm" that holds the rear sight blade can't move as much during recoil and the adjustment screw and pivot pin hold up much better this way. You would likely need to replace your front sight to get the point of aim and point of impact to line up correctly
  3. I break things like this down in two different ways depending on what position I am in. As an RO, I am very willing to stop someone and issue the DQ for a AD if I believe that's what happened. This puts what happens next in the shooters hands, yes there are some arguments to be made BUT if you just touched one off not at a target and you want to argue about it your a D*%^# and I will happily pass you off to make your case to the RM if your not a D^%#^ then you will accept what you did and help tape and score. As an RM, if a shooter wants to make the case that they did not AD but just missed really bad I will listen to their argument, I very likely will try to talk them into learning from the fact they just touched one off and maybe today isn't their day, failing that if the circumstances play out to where a case for it not being an AD can be made then I will order the reshoot as required, if the circumstances do not then I wont. Its all very situationally dependent. I have overruled a DQ on a shot that sounds similar to this it was on a 7yd target on the draw, hit the ground at 12' new RO and I happened to be watching, it was a lets use this as a learning opportunity because nobody really know what to do, so we walked through all the rules together, in this case the shooter said thankyou but no thanks.
  4. My last couple guns have long flat, but I honestly don't think it matters much if at all. I have 19/2011s with many trigger types and the only ones I don't like are the very short ones, I can still shoot them OK but I have to pay attention to how I place my finger. All that said I have large hands my friends with smaller hands seem to not like my long triggers.
  5. I haver Quoted this statement of your countless times since you first posted it when the ruling came down, its the best way to look at it.
  6. Your don't have to Duchebag just shoot some Revo I would like that, with the current system it motivates me to do dumb stuff like go full potato trying to keep up with the silly kids in Open.
  7. CZs seem to have a really tight mag opening, when I have played with them they seem tighter than my Tanfoglios or Glocks.
  8. I don't have tones of data on it but whenever I look at splits they stay in the same .13-.18 range for all guns out to about 7yd. I split a 45 SS 9mm SS 40 Limited and a G17 at 7 in that same range one isnt faster than the other maybe if I kept a log over hundeds of splits I would see that one on average is .01 - .02 faster but so what. That said yes with an open gun I can run at that pace a little further out and with a PCC I can go even further. But lets face it this is totally immaterial to this sport, the guys crushing me at matches are not doing it by splitting .01 faster they are doing it by transitioning faster and shooting sooner and shooting on the move more and being more accurate and not having dumpster fire stages.
  9. The magwell in single stack ends up being about the same as reloading to a double stack without a magwell the mags are skinny and still need to hit the opening pretty close to go in smoothly, also the larger the magwell the less of the mag that sticks out so you have to be more careful seating them. As a friend of mine who was an open Super Squad guy with a .7x reload at the time, pointed out the magwell is only there to save you from a f#$&ed up reload good reloads don't touch the magwell at all.
  10. I'm not a world class shooter like Nills but I know that my splits with major and minor are the same, not similar they are the same, on hoser targets I run .16s major or minor open, limited, ss, or production, Glock, Tanfoglio, 19/2011, the only gun I don't naturally shoot at that speed is revo where the long DA trigger slows me down. Nobody shoots L10 its the dumb division, top guys only shoot it to pad the resume or get a pre run on stages for their real division. I would not expect L10 to place well vs any division at a major match due to its merits only due to who happened to show up for it. CO is second softest Yes after the update the HHF in the popular divisions went through the roof, as Moto can explain better then I bad math gives you bad answers. (I know for a fact that one of the HHF for revolver was figured using one my scores on a stage where I had a mike on the stage, if that's not on its face an obviously bad way to set HHF I don't know what is)
  11. not really a straw man argument, I've been seeing this debate for years in this sport and have observed for years that the gun really doesn't matter beyond, does it go bang when you pull the trigger (reliable), is it accurate enough (like almost any gun on the market today), is the trigger not something horrific (like DAO or 12 lb) if it checks all the boxes and the shooter likes it it doesn't seem to make any difference in peoples scores. Now I will admit that for lower skilled shooters that have not learned how to hold a gun and pull a trigger straight back a heavy gun with a 2 lb trigger will ba an instant advantage, likely this will reinforce bad habits but it will help them do slightly better for a little while.
  12. My General read on the classification system currently is it all depends. Of you club is running lots of the newer classifiers then the HHF are still much lower than the old 99 series in general. On top of that you will notice many of the classifiers have whacky HHF for some divisions because bad or too little data was used when they were set. in my experience the divisions stack up something like this for easy of achievement for any given classification. Revo is the easiest (ask me how I know) CO Too many are based on production scores PCC the fixed time standards are easy to hundo the rest have started to become realistic SS depending on the classifier Prod, Lim, L10 these seem reasonably equally hard Open, the crazy fast kids love to shoot hero runs and mess it up for the rest of us.
  13. you will find that in the end this is not a true statement. For a skilled shooters the scoring difference between a $500 plastic gun and a $4000 custom built 1911 is approximately zero. The biggest difference performance wise is the super cool 1911 may make you happy and that counts for something, and may encourage you to practice more. As you show above there was 2.1% difference between 2 of the best shooters out there one shooting major with a $5000 2011 shooting major and one with a $500 Canik shooting minor, 40 points difference leads me to belive that the scoring difference was infinitely larger than the performance attainable with the chosen platform.
  14. the brass setscrew is likely a bad idea and you will end up stripping its socket and having to drill it out.
  15. the solution that is the easiest is to just loctite the comp to the barrel threads. Yes you will have to clean the barrel with it still in the slide but thats not big deal it really isn't even a small deal. clean everything super well with solvent get it dry and perfectly clean, apply the loctite screw it on till its where you want it and let it sit over night. use red or better yet green loctite and you will be set for a long time
  16. the only bad part of this thread is now I have a dumb urge to build a Short Colt specific cylinder for my 627, I'm sure it will pass but it does sound like a interesting project.
  17. Better yet cut the frame down and weld it back together to fit the shorter cylinder. Kidding, mostly I think MWP is probably right lots of work for super marginal benefit, but probably a fun project.
  18. never seen a one piece commander true bore barrel, not saying they don't exist just never seen one. You could do a cone comp on a commander length barrel it would be a custom build but not too hard to do.
  19. I bet you put a bit more effort into the fitting of everything than Smith does
  20. weird you earlier said a hit in the calibration zone now you say a full diameter hit? those are not the same thing. for your solution to work we would have to come up with some sort of overlay for the calibration zone (where is the bottom exactly?) and how do you determine full diameter in a paint splash at the edge? you have to draw a hard line in the rules not a vague idea that you know but the next guy may do differently?
  21. I re did the forcing cone on my 617 for the same reason, I don't think you will have any issues.
  22. I believe all the ignition parts for a Large Frame Tanfoglio will fit yours the same as they fit a competition frame so anything you see at PD should work. As you already know the grips are different, also the hammer uses a roll pin not a solid pin T thinks that's about it on the differences other than cosmetic
  23. If your friend is a little handy with a file he can also make it so 120mm mags work, they end up almost flush with the main spring housing.
  24. I've never seen a reversible 2011 magazine catch so I'm confused by your comment, can you explain?
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