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  1. on the hammer and sear question I'll offer a question and answer Q how many rounds do you shoot a year? if the answer is a thousand or two you will likely be fine with the stock components lasting many years without problem, Many here shoot than many over a long weekend so their recommendations may be different. that out of the way there are several areas that need to be addressed for a great trigger pull, lots of places to polish and several springs to play with, if you are shooting full power 10mm I would stay away from going lighter on your main spring, you want as much help lowing the slide down as you can get, I would also get a egw firing pin stop with the square bottom they help slow the slide as well.
  2. I made Gm in Revo when I was 50, but that's Revo so it kinda doesn't count. that said I see no reason it cant be done in a real division, most classifiers are short gun handling and accuracy tests, these skills are less age limited.
  3. mine is more like a leaking air compressor mixed with a jet engine
  4. Just to be clear a 95 grainer is never " at major" regardless of velocity Appendix D1 lin3 3 Minimum bullet weight 112 grains for major power factor.
  5. 1 This may be side ports on the comp? if so they just make it louder for those around you, there are those that believe gas going sideways will hold the gun still side to side unfortunately physics says otherwise ( I will concede that side ports can increase the amount of gas that is diverted to horizontal so it can increase the overall brake affect due to there being more port area) 2 Yes that is in reference to how many ports and their orientation, ports that point other than up waste some of their gas on forces that don't push the muzzle down. 3 I'll go out on a limb and say its not actually a thing to be "over gassed" if it was then NOBODY would shoot a super with its larger case and powder charge, the more gas you have the better. That said as you change your load you change how fast the slide is moving, a hotter load may be flatter but also may have the slide moving faster and hitting the frame harder causing the dot movement you are seeing, between main spring weight firing pin stop geometry and recoil spring weight there are lots of places to make adjustments to get the gun to behave the way you want. Here is my $.02 on comps and ports, people think it makes way more difference than it actually does. Look at the comps and ports on several "top" builders guns and you will see there is a huge variety of designs (2 port, 3 port, huge side ports small side ports no side ports, lots of barrel holes a few barrel holes small holes big holes) if there was a setup that was enough better to make an actual difference then they would all look the same, but they don't. The differences are all so small as to be immaterial and most of it is fashion, currently guns are being made super heavy in 10 years lighter will be the hot ticket again. Think about this, how much actual scientific testing do you think open gun builders are doing? not we made something new and went to the range and shot it and though it was better but actual show me the numbers better or worse testing? I bet the answer likely rounds to zero
  6. 9 major Limited would be no more abusive than it is in an open gun. It would also instantly kill 40 limited guns for anyone that wants to be competitive, way too many 20 to 24 round stages where not reloading would be a big advantage.
  7. Go the day before, walk the stages find all the targets, if there are crazy circus things or memory stages figure those out. You say your shooting over 3 days so pay a little more attention to the stages you will shoot the next day, you may even want to only walk those stages depending on your schedule. Keep in mind you don't need to have a full plan for each stage the day before, you really just want to know where all the targets are and what you need to do, burning in a plan the day before makes it harder to alter your plan if you find a better one during match day walk through.
  8. not sure, I'm a few hundred thousand dollars short to do the engineering most likely some sort of locked breach piston operated system but not based any any existing production guns. basically the thought is being able to have a very small reciprocating mass and the ability to adjust the velocity it moves and the springs operating it so everything is at a minimum it would make for a very soft very flat shooting gun, think off the shelf AR15 with a flash hider vs one with a aluminum carrier and light weight buffer and reduced spring with a good comp, they both work and can be shot quickly, but one of them feels like a super loud 22 rimfire. As it is the 2011 based pistols are pretty darn awesome, they are reasonably durable and reliable, with many off the shelf options to fit most peoples desires, open guns run very flat and soft enough.
  9. If we are talking cost is no object race guns then I would probably look towards a gas operated system with fixed barrel and extremely light reciprocating components, with an easily user adjustable trigger.
  10. I think that goes without saying, anyone enough of a masochist to shoot revo at a USPSA match knows what they are signing up for
  11. there seems to be a fair bit of resistance to making logical changes that clean up the rules and more momentum to make changes that make things more complicated.
  12. with USPSA not having a 3,2,1 requirement what difference does this make? Seriously there is nothing in the rules prohibiting a 6 round long course or a all long course match, honestly without the IPSC 3,2,1 requirement we should remove the short and medium designations.
  13. could be the new ammo is a little longer and is not fitting front to back as the stack tips down towards the bottom of the stack? they should all be the same size in diameter so that should not be affecting the magazine stacking
  14. I understand that the hard stop happens after firing, but on the off chance that the trigger stop is set close enough that the bullet is still in the barrel when the trigger hits it (in reality I understand this is not likely) I don't want that to happen. In reality its just a feel thing because either way the bullet is gone stop or no stop so it does not help either way.
  15. Parallel to the top of the slide (and the transition from side to round or tri top is pretty close to in line with the barrel and probably what you actually want from both a alignment and aesthetic standpoint, milling one in flat to the rails on a 1911 would look like its pointing up. Where you see the angled cuts showing up more is on CZ/Tanfoglio where the barrel is angled down in the slide but the top and bottom of the slide are parallel.
  16. I do not stage revo triggers, one long smooth pull with speed varied as needed, I don't want that smooth press interrupted by a hard stop
  17. The comps came from Mcmaster Carr hidden inside 1144 steel bar stock I have a small mill and lathe and have been working on not watching as much TV
  18. If your just looking for other comp options the PD threaded bull barrel is probably the way to go, it will let you screw on 2011 comps, they wont match the slide contour but they will work fine. If you a bit more adventurous the 6in from EAA or PD can be used to install a custom cone comp of whatever design you want, it is 1000% more work but can be fun
  19. I don't know if the comp is heavier I think it is still aluminum, I also think they are using the longer frame so the frame overhangs the end of the slide like a Middy 2011 Im sure it also uses the Domina hammer and other small parts, not sure how much other work tey do to the trigger at the factory though, it may still need some love to be the way you want it. In the end its a $5k Tanfoglio open gun and as much as I Iike them I'm not sure it make sense when you can get several builders semi custom 2011s in that price range.
  20. the big difference is the barrel and comp are different, the Domina does not have all the holes of the Gold Team and uses a different comp on a bull barrel
  21. A C-more Slide Ride and a RTS2 have approximately zero in common with each other, the slide ride was the de-facto open gun sight for 20+years and is only very recently being replaced on the top shooters guns. They are probably the most reliable pistol sized red dot on the market.
  22. being this appears to be a build on a budget you may want to see if you can find a RIA non ramped Hi cap frame.
  23. the Sig sight is a Better sight than the FF3 but if your happy with the FF3 or just on a budget using a mounting plate and having the dot higher will cost you 0% in terms of performance. people seem to get all twisted around the axle about dot to bore height but then we all get smashed by guys running open guns with old fashioned upright Cmores
  24. try the old school C-more before you knock it, they are darn good sights
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