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  1. this is the way, I just swallow the pill and buy a thousand dollars of powder and primers and I'm good for most of a year of shooting
  2. No ask the questions in order, Did he engage one of the arrays? yes Did he perform a reload? yes Was his reload before he engaged the second array? yes Did the WSB mandate a reload between arrays? no what he shot after the reload before hitting a target in the second array is immaterial, the WSB doesn't dictate that.
  3. were using shooters connection as well, we don't normally get much below 30 for match temps, rain is our problem Interested to see whats out there
  4. That doesn't sound crazy, I asked because I have seen people here ask about fast powders for Major more than once
  5. What is your load ? you only mentioned velocity in you post, its possible you are trying to go to hot with the powder bullet OAL combination you are using.
  6. They "Feel" different, to me the sight block bull barrel light slide setup "feels" more like a open gun recoiling than a limited gun. Other than feel and the front sight only moving 1/4" it is just like any other 2011.
  7. Official Squad RO duty would suck, but luckily where I shoot there is no lack of RO's so the duties get shared pretty well. a few months back on a 16 shooter squad first stage someone asked "who here is a RO?" we all looked around and pointed at the two new shooters and said not them, out of 16 shooters there were 14 ROs or CROs we did have a former area director that said he his cert out of date.
  8. I was thinking it may be handy to have a little more detail into the process we use for running matches, its a little different than what I have heard of other places but seems to work very well for us. We set up a Google drive for our matches, with a file for every match, everyone on the setup team has access to the drive and files. stage designers save PDFs of the stages into the next months match file, the Match directors select the stages to run for a match and move any un used stages to the next matches file. then the MDs fill out a prop list that shows what stage goes in what bay and what props are needed for each stage, our form has a inventory of all our props on it so we can see if we have enough props for the the planned stages. We get access to the match bays the day before the match so everyone that can help prints out a set of stage drawings and shows up when they can through out the day and does what they can to help set the stages up, we have one guy how normally hauls props to the bays, a few more that rough setup the stages, then one of the MDs shows up and walks the stages and makes adjustments to finalize the layout, then another couple show up and nail everything down. Nobody specifically assigned tasks but everyone kinda fell into to doing their part.
  9. I made the change to pasters for that reason about 2 years ago, and it would be very hard to get me to switch back now. they have the added benefit of the matches running just a little faster, also our matches average about 90 shooters and we used to need to change all the targets at least once per match, now with pasters most reasonably open targets last the whole match, so while the pasters cost more you save some on targets.
  10. I have a 1050 so my recommendation is based on that, if your automating a 650 skip the swage sense #1 Bullet sense, as you said your MR bullet feeder in not 100% and it will keep going unless you stop it. #2 Low Primer (I rewired the Dillon buzzer to act as a stop switch for cheep) nothing worse than running out of primers and it goes through them pretty fast. #3 Swage sense, nobody wants to press a primer into a full primer pocket. I think everything else is just a nice to have, there are not enough stations for a powder check and separate seat and crimp so I trust the mechanical powder measure to do its thing, the spent primer thing seems to be a cleaning issue that many end up turning off,
  11. Most 115g loads will make PF just fine in most guns, I ran 115 Federal aluminum case stuff at one and Blazer Brass at another L2 match and both times made PF with a decent margin (130ish) That said try shooting some and see how it feels, then try mixing some with your 147s in a mag and shoot a drill, you may be surprised to see how little difference there is in what the sights are doing.
  12. could be a barrel diameter thing also, the Ck may be just tight enough in the barrel to keep the coating protected in the barrel and the Bedell may be letting the bullet get torn up just enough to mess it up. most likely though its probably hitting the comp just enough to damage the coated bullets and the jacketed just slide off. the guns I have seen with baffle strikes it is very hard to see, with jacketed bullets it was just the tiniest hint of copper color on the baffle, on one gun it was just the carbon build up in the baffle hole that was enough to touch the bullet
  13. more movement, less target "arrays" and more single target presentations, often higher target difficulty, less hardcover and no-shoot target more short and medium courses, in regards to round count but not necessarily physical size,
  14. to me Technical stages are not about target difficulty, I have seen some stages where all the shots were made difficult (far, partial, no-shoot) and it made for a very bland stage because every shot was the same. Technical to me is, make me speed up and slow down, make me hit a exact spot, make me skip targets, make me shoot on the move, make me physically do something I'm not used to, make me execute a plan correctly, etc.
  15. Strong disagree You want to just barely see the sight lift then shift your eyes to the next target. Watching it go up and come down is just a waste of time Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  16. I think you hit the nail on the head "use taxpayer funds" its not their money and they spend it that way
  17. yes look at whats included, compare an Atlas Titan to a DVC-L for about $1k more you get a $650 grip, EGW fire controls, a fantastic trigger job, and a better fit gun. On top of that you get customer service that is miles ahead of STI. to me it seems like a simple decision to me. Admittedly you get a couple less magazines but we are not talking about starter gun money here if a STI was $2K like the edge used to be then sure but we are not.
  18. I run the Blues because my Tanfoglio open gun doesn't feed JHP very well so my only real option in round nose is Montana Gold CMJ for about 30% more.
  19. I have/do run Blue bullets over HS 6 at major with no comp crud issues and just a little more smoke than JHP, because of the good experience with the blues I tried some other "Hi Tech" coated bullets and wow the smoke and lead build up was crazy, like steam train and need to clean out comp every 500 rounds. So I would say that what coated bullet you are using matters, not all coatings are created or applied equally.
  20. we are a great place to see how your product works, if it can break we will brake it. shooting 50 or 100 rounds once or twice a year is way closer to the norm for most gun owners than what we do
  21. it was campaigned for by members that wanted a Production Optics division. they were seeing the rise of slide mounted optics in the gun community as a whole and wanted a place for those guns to compete. From a reliability standpoint the dots are actually great in real world terms. 99% of people will never shoot 5000 rounds through their gun ever! We are the weird ones that don't think someone putting 30k through a gun in a year is odd at all, and we are such a small segment of the population its crazy and even more the number of us that actually shoot 5k+ a year is pretty small.
  22. I think I understand what your saying about the system as a whole, I was mainly looking at the requirements that are currently in place for a match to count towards your classification. I understand why we don't want a B class SS shooter to win a L2 match with 4 other C and D class SS shooters and have them all receive their match % as a classifier entry, but if a division at a L2 had 6 GMs in the top 10% but only 25 shooters total what would make their score less deserving of being included in their classification than another division at the same match that had 3 GMs in the to 10% and 50 shooters total? my point is for classification purposes we only really need to know that we have a high enough match winning score to ensure that everyone's match % is a valid representation of their skill that day.
  23. most people are in the 15 to 19 pound range on main springs and 7 to 10 for recoil springs. lots of people like variables, its all about feel and function. one other thing to remember is function is king, I see too many people who find they like the feel of the lightest possible spring and end up not 100% reliable. I would start with whatever comes in the gun from the builder and see where I needed to go from there. PS before you go too far down this rabbit hole, remember if we hand Christian or JJ a gun with a crappy comp and all the wrong springs but its 100% reliable they will still beat us all
  24. I watch the readouts for the twin CED setups at most major matches and its funny how often one chrono is not always the fastest and the difference is often in the 10s of fps one way or the other.
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