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  1. Paulie

    First major match

    I shot my current level of skill and had fun which is all I can ask for As a mid B class guy who had never shot a real match before, I was pretty pleased: Hit 80% of division winner (who is an amazing shooter) once...most stages above my classification %. Sort of a hoser match but I was happy with points: one mike, zero deltas and two NS’s. Upon review of the tape, there was a lot of low-hanging fruit and lessons learned. - The catastrophic malfunction was preventable. - Several standing and/or completely unnecessary reloads due to poor ammo planning. -Saw way more than I needed to (shooting major) on close targets....so that was slow. Had stages that were 100% A’s. I know I will do better next time.
  2. Paulie

    First major match

    I don’t want to upset Grumpyone for posting on a dupe...but here goes. It was an excellent first major (indeed first outdoor match). Things I learned. 1) You need a cart. It was a bear lugging my crap bay to bay. I highly recommend Gorilla Cart “GOR800” garden carts off amazon (as opposed to the canvas beach cart style). Much higher capacity, capability over terrain and durability. It’s absolutely a life saver and you’ll use it around the house too. 2) yes, you need to bring 2x estimated round count. I did and was amazed how much I used during the match between shucking them out at “show clear” and make up shots....it got close. 3) Don’t bring any gear that isn’t tested and proven. I brought a beater dry fire mag “just in case” and it got on my belt somehow. That mag cost me a 13 second torpedo double feed cluster-F malfunction. Dumb move. Test it or leave it at home. 4) Not a big deal but refresh your front fiber optic if applicable. I had used mine all year and didn’t realize how dirty it had become. The fiber was much better after replacement (a week after match). 5) Develop a load that will easily make power factor. Mine was well over major but guys in my line flunked. Sweating temp or humidity levels is the last thing you need to do at a match. Chrono should be stress free. 6) Mag brush is needed for any 1911 platform. If they hit the dirt / mud, they get the brush. Mine got sooo dirty on a few stages. 7) The stages will look way different than the match book so it’s a waste of time to obsess about them pre-match. Just practice any unusual starting positions, steel, stars etc. 8- record the match if you can so you can learn from success and mistakes alike. 3rd person is best for movement.... 1st person for grip and overall stage plan. Do both if you can. 9) Skip the heavy / long BBQ lunch and instead quickly eat light and walk the “back 9” instead. 10) Shoot more majors! It was really fun and invigorating to be among really good shooters.
  3. USPSA is not a bullseye sport, so don’t obsess about groups. The goal is acceptable accuracy at speed, which I’m still working on and will probably be refining up until the day I retire from the sport. Several have already said to just go, so I’ll pivot to what I wish I had when I started. Buy Charlie Perez’s book. Listen to Steve Anderson’s podcast. Go have some fun.
  4. Paulie

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Fascinating observation on the slide stop pin. I hadn’t considered that to be part of the lockup equation. At which distance and method will you test the accuracy? 20 or 25? Freehand? Bench? Ransom?
  5. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Here are two more examples... 1) The press was not level. It was tilting backward and to the right, exactly the direction to slide a case out of station 1 shell plate on way up (causing crush). 2) There was a bent (wet tumbling) pin in one of the shell plate rim holders. That could also keep a case slightly outside of position 1 spec and cause crushes. Haven’t done an extended run to confirm it’ll cure all issues but spot testing showed it is now 100%.
  6. I’ll be sure to check out PV in future. Thanks!
  7. Graf & son has some good deals. Got some n320 for 10% off....
  8. Paulie

    TTI Base Pad

    Not sure if serious!
  9. Paulie

    TTI Base Pad

    I have the TTI 3mm and like them but I tend to mangle the spring when sliding the base pad off to clean the mag. Probably user-error! I attempt to poke the spring to relieve pressure but the lip catches no matter what. I have scoured the inter web for a trick to pull them off. Can an anyone help?
  10. Paulie

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Good stuff! For other fence sitters... FWIW. Ben Stoeger, “the dark lord”, said that he’s never seen a limited gun from builders you’d recognize work out of the box...”except Atlas, they work. And Brazos”. He trains a lot of people and is a salty cynical guy. Episode 20 of PSAD.
  11. Personally I shoot my Glock equally well 10 yards and in. It actually returns to zero a smidge faster, IMO. Partials and mini poppers 10+ and targets 20, 30, or esp 50 yards and the 2lb zero take up trigger makes a huge difference for me.
  12. I agree that talent & effort is way more important than the tool: but how do you know that he wouldn’t do even better with a different platform? Call me cynical but maybe he shoots the Glock because they can afford to pay the most as a sponsor that sells millions of guns a year. I’d do the same thing if I were in his shoes. Elite (generational) talents like Jordan, Brady, Vogel, Phelps can probably win using inferior equipment. It doesn’t mean better gear can’t help us mere mortals on the margin .... or at least offer a lot of enjoyment
  13. You can do it with a little sacrificing. Eating out, alcohol and starbucks coffee total thousands per year for the average person. Sell some stuff on Craigslist. Get a side hustle like Uber or odd jobs. I couldn’t be happier with my Titan or the customer service I’ve gotten from Adam and Cat. Really awesome company.
  14. Paulie

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    Whatever they advertise...mine took a little longer because I live in a goofy gun-ban state.
  15. Paulie

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    Congratulations on an excellent choice. And now the wait begins. I did a post-it-note countdown starting at T-30 days.