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  1. Paulie

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I’m right handed and left eye dominant. Maybe I’d be better if I was right eye dominant but I’ve never even once considered switching hands. Have no problem with double vision or seeing recoil so I just assume it’s not a substantial disadvantage.
  2. Paulie

    New Atlas Open 2011

  3. Paulie

    Started Wet Tumbling

    How much time did you save by switching back to dry? In my mind the only extra Steps are: - put wet cases in FA dryer - dispose of dirty water
  4. Paulie

    Par Timer app

    I average 30 min of dry fire a day, so the bells and whistles are definitely worth $9 to me. Makes DF more enjoyable. YMMV.
  5. Paulie

    Par Timer app

    Good luck!
  6. Paulie

    Par Timer app

    I like “dry fire timer”. You can load in # of strings. app has classic target as logo on iTunes.
  7. Paulie

    Hello from Va

    Welcome! Be sure to check out local clubs on practiscore. Obviously Quantico has one. Also Fredericksburg rod and gun, southern Maryland practical shooters, etc.
  8. Paulie

    Started Wet Tumbling

    Just stopping in to say that the FART may be the best invention since yoga pants. I used pins and five caps of the FA special sauce. The stuff glimmers like buffed jewelry. It’s mesmerizing. Ran a load of half dirty and half mulligan....some I used a home-brew detergent cocktail on last time to less than acceptable results. Now it’s all shiny / better than new. Get the FART, FA cleaning solution, magnet and their branded dryer. It all works well.
  9. Paulie

    Grip Strength and Enducrance Training

    I have benefited from those excercises that Chad Riley / absolute PT demonstrates below. Increased strength and no more tennis elbow! In order to do the excercises more frequently, I purchased one of these sidewinder pro extreme grip devices. It allows me to get some reps in during conference calls at work. https://www.sportgrips.com/product/pro-xtreme-3
  10. Get the mags from Atlas. Great deal.
  11. You can’t go wrong with either of those top shelf builders. The weakpoints in a limited gun system are the mags, hand loads and person holding the gun! I only have experience with Atlas (40 Tian) but it has been 100% positive. The gun has been flawless and Adam helped me out a lot. Never seen better customer service.
  12. Paulie

    Effective Live Fire Training

    What are your range limitations (if any)?
  13. Yes. It’s now going to Southern MD PS. Follow Delmarva sectional FB page. Check the shadow hawk defense FB page for the backstory if you wish.
  14. My data are for limited. HHF from USPSA site. Barring a typo, they should be correct. As far as ranking- I took several factors: number of metric, partials, no shoots, poppers, walls, barriers. Also the setup width and distance. Each one starts at 100% and declines for the number and weighted PITA factor, resulting in a final %.
  15. It’s not so bad if you look at the most likely classifiers. Lots of the changes are moot because few clubs run them...Big Barricade II and Take ‘em down for example. So I ranked the most likely classifiers based on ease of setup and the average change is under 3%. Out of the 76 classifiers, these 45 are most likely (at least at indoor or space constrained clubs) IMO. The take away is that there are only a third or so that need to be avoided if you are inclined to improve classification. The ones that increased 6% or more are in red. Top 45 ranked most to less likely....