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  1. At the risk of stating obvious, don’t forget to top one off during LAMR. All my mags max out at 20, so when 21 is helpful I chamber one from another mag on belt then seat a fresh 20 rounder prior to start. Rarely need 21 after reload. Also, I bet a 21 rounder would be tough to seat during a stage in full stride...bound to end up on the ground.
  2. Paulie

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Stage 5 should have had a lifeguard chair! Regarding your gear, anything you wish you had packed? How did your footwear do? Would legit football cleats have been better?
  3. Paulie

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Came here to post this. Thanks for sharing the footage and debrief.
  4. You’re over thinking this. Use the thing(s) on top of your gun!
  5. 1) Check your vision 2) Grip gun hard in dryfire 3) Experiment with degrees of sight / target focus. Observe rather than death stare the sight lift and return. 4) Grip, wrist and even elbow/ shoulder tension are all part of the calculus
  6. Paulie

    DQ event

    I know people do turn and draws but I don’t think anyone should be downrange once a shooter has made ready. We have layers of rules to ensure that multiple were broken before someone is hurt. What if the shooter thought that “hand on head” was just the correct surrender start position instead of some sort of made up timeout and didn’t notice taper, then jumped a buzzer? Stop Unload and show clear If clear hammer down holster Range is clear Tape Make ready
  7. Nothing to add that hasn’t been said here. I pretty much abandoned IDPA after the rule change. It’s now the worst of both worlds. Not tactical and not fun. A glacial 2 second draw to a down zero is better than a 1.01 to the attacker’s throat? Huh?
  8. OP- be sure to read the rule book cover to cover....at least once. Three times would be recommended. Need to be safe and there are lots of ways to DQ, some of which aren’t super obvious.
  9. Awesome stuff. Will give that a try. I’m completely stuck at 20’s with a 19 tosses in periodically even on close targets.
  10. I don’t shoot 3 gun but love Gorilla utility carts for my USPSA matches. https://www.homedepot.com/p/Gorilla-Carts-800-lb-Steel-Utility-Cart-GOR801/206740078 Wheels are substantive and “bed” walls come down for transport. Stout for sure...could probably fabricate system to hold long guns horizontally.
  11. Update- sticking again after a few dozen rounds. And it seems to be sticking below the taper...so along the case wall and not at edge. Will either take some material off the expander or wait until warmer weather for next run. Could be moisture in this cold. I’m really pissed because I bought 4K rounds of this new brass on sale. Now I may end up dumping it in trash! I had shooters elbow for a long time and I will NOT wreck my elbows over this brass.
  12. Thx! My new 40 brass was sticking and smoothing the expander fixed it. First I tried adding some liquid wax to wet tumbling solution. No improvement. Then I bought the Lyman case prep machine, which is great at deburring cases. No improvement. Still happy to own the machine though as it will probably keep expander working well longer. Lastly, I took the expander off and worked it over with Dremmel tool, buffing wheel attachment and some mother’s car compound. That was the ticket!!! Expander is now slick as ice and the hang up is completely gone. I recommend using the low setting and putting the expander and demel inside a gallon zip lock bag while you work, as the compound flings off and it’s messy.
  13. I hadn’t given much thought about how 9 major performs out of an uncompensated limited gun. Are you sure that 9 major would render 40 limited guns obsolete or might it be a slight disadvantage? I’m a firm believer in the “sunk cost fallacy” in other aspects of life and in finance. If you need to make a change, then make it....in this case, within 5-8 years everyone will have a new gun and (maybe) a better sport. The most important thing is to increase participation and if we pull in hundreds or even thousands of 3-gunners, that’s a big win.
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