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  1. Paulie

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Congratulations. You made an excellent choice. Great people and superb guns! I love my titan so much I am thinking about a preemptive Chaos buy so that I don’t have to wait when I eventually go to the dark (open) side.
  2. Paulie

    CM 08-03

    Did everyone aim dead center on the A’s or did you aim a little further from the hard cover area? I’ve heard about shooting “at the center of the available scoring area”, but figure that’s more applicable with 10+ yard shots. It should be automatic at 5 & 7 yards but it’s pretty fast shooting so I’m not sure.
  3. Who is a good alternative for 180 gr .40 JHP bullets?
  4. Barrel cactus grows elsewhere? Southern Hemisphere, looking north to sun? Or it doesn’t prefer sun....
  5. Paulie

    Memorial Day 2018 - Post up sales and deals

    18% off site wide La police gear “extra18”.
  6. Paulie

    Revolver A class!

  7. Paulie

    What do you recommend to get Match video

    Agree that POV camera is of little training value. With that said, my Polaroid cube setup was cheap and works fine. 1440 cube is like $90 and weights nothing. Amazon has multiple head straps / hat clips etc. I bought it because it was lighter and cheaper than go pro. The new ClipShot app is something I can’t wait to try. It runs off your phone and starts at RO start tone, records splits and then shows all splits as you go in margin of video. You can have a squad mate record you and it really underscores areas of improvement. Will embed video when I figure this site out.
  8. Bummer! Hope you had a great trip tho.
  9. Cool. Enjoyed the 3 gun podcast, which had some good nuggets in it.
  10. Paulie

    How do you find time to shoot?

    Just had third kid so I am in same boat. I dryfire a lot and mostly shoot convenient nighttime indoor practice and matches for now.
  11. It’s definitely worth it in the long run but I knew the payback would be a while given my low(ish) volume. I happen to like reloading. Would probably do it just to tinker and have reliable food for my limited gun.
  12. Fair point. When I called Dillon for initial order they recommended it for sure (so I could keep running). What are most likely parts to break?
  13. Paulie

    Dillon XL 650 Question

    Just posted my setup with dollar figures.
  14. [TL/DR: table at bottom] I just installed the last two accessories on my Dillon 650 and I think I’m pretty much good to go after 6 months of reloading. This forum was very helpful for me as a new reloaded so I thought I’d share this info for people trying to get into it....just saw one such inquiry minutes ago. This list is grouped by level of need and then most to least expensive...highly subjective I know. It’s just one man’s opinion! If you buy the green items labeled “Base Machine” you can load ammunition if you acquire components (powder, primers and brass). It might be slow going and unsafe but you could make a round of ammunition. I would call the blue additions “necessities” either for safety or logistical reasons. Yelow are highly recommended “priority upgrades” that we can debate & add to here. Orange entires are creature comforts and case prep items to re-use brass and save more money. Also for those suffering from sticker shock, the “rounds to cover” is a hypothetical payback assuming you can save about $.115 per round. I load 40, so YMMV. Tell your wife you will reload an obscure cartridge and save 70% per round.
  15. Paulie

    Dillon XL 650 Question

    I was in your boat late last year. Got the 650 totally set up now and love it. I’ll post a detailed spreadsheet later tonight.