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  1. Personally I shoot my Glock equally well 10 yards and in. It actually returns to zero a smidge faster, IMO. Partials and mini poppers 10+ and targets 20, 30, or esp 50 yards and the 2lb zero take up trigger makes a huge difference for me.
  2. I agree that talent & effort is way more important than the tool: but how do you know that he wouldn’t do even better with a different platform? Call me cynical but maybe he shoots the Glock because they can afford to pay the most as a sponsor that sells millions of guns a year. I’d do the same thing if I were in his shoes. Elite (generational) talents like Jordan, Brady, Vogel, Phelps can probably win using inferior equipment. It doesn’t mean better gear can’t help us mere mortals on the margin .... or at least offer a lot of enjoyment
  3. You can do it with a little sacrificing. Eating out, alcohol and starbucks coffee total thousands per year for the average person. Sell some stuff on Craigslist. Get a side hustle like Uber or odd jobs. I couldn’t be happier with my Titan or the customer service I’ve gotten from Adam and Cat. Really awesome company.
  4. Paulie

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    Whatever they advertise...mine took a little longer because I live in a goofy gun-ban state.
  5. Paulie

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    Congratulations on an excellent choice. And now the wait begins. I did a post-it-note countdown starting at T-30 days.
  6. Paulie

    Atlas titan or atlas nemesis???

    As a Titan owner, I can settle this. The correct answer is both! ?
  7. Paulie

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Thanks for posting about the accident. It’s a good warning to us all. On that note, I think that people in the action shooting sports should strongly consider using eye protection rated to “MIL PRF 31013 rather than “ANSI 87”. In a nutshell, the former is rated to a .22 lr impact and the latter shatters at a fraction of that force. Ordinary reading glasses should be banned IMO because they present additional hazard and are probably worse than wearing nothing. I own a pair of Smith Optics Aegis Echo’s that cost me $90. Between shooting steel / indoor backstop splatter and various types of detonation accidents, it well worth the extra cost in my mind. I would gladly part with 3x that amount to protect my eyes.
  8. Just shot my first one as well. -Double up the expected round count. -Bring a cart or off-road baby stroller to haul stuff. -make sure you will comfortably hit power factor! -as said above, get there early and walk stages a lot. -hat and sunscreen!
  9. Back on topic- cm 99-12 Take Your Choice is a real bear now. Went from 9 to 11.24 HHF in limited so a hundo is now only 80%. My latest run won’t help me make A, that’s for sure.
  10. This is a very common experience. I also came over from IDPA (SS at time) and was absolutely whipped in my first local match. Second to last place IIRC. It’s a different game for sure. Put in the work (dry and live) and you’ll soon forget that match and classification. Don’t be discouraged. Early on is when the most rapid and visible gains are made. I went from D to B in four months with limited live fire practice.
  11. Paulie

    First major match

    Thanks, GrumpyOne. That sequence worked and I see lots of relevant info. I will make an extra donation to BE this year for my facepalm thread sins!
  12. Searched around for this topic and was surprised it hadn’t been covered lately. Also got a million unrelated results because “major” and “match” pop up from time to time here! Title says it all. I’m gearing up for my first major match. I’ve only been able to shoot 4 stage indoor matches so a Level II brings a host of unknowns, mostly related to logistics and the Chrono stage. How does the chrono “stage” even work? I give RO a mag or they choose? How many rounds will they shoot? I just don’t want to embarrass myself do anything that makes me look like I’m gaming it. Supplies- what are things that someone who shoots one hour indoor matches would forget or have no idea about relating to an all day affair? Weather should be in 70 range but it could rain I guess. Other miscellaneous advice? Thanks in advance.
  13. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Indeed. Just ran 100 without any double case feeds. However, every 10th case is still hanging on the way into sizing die. Need to try ideas here and tinker some more on that front.
  14. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Well, guys....there is a saying “start with the most likely / simplest fix”. Almost embarrassed to report this. Concerning the double feeds- the colored end to the case feeder tube had just popped out of place a little bit. I removed the plastic feeder tube all together, added back the colored end (pinkish for 40), reinserted into place atop the machine, clipped to case feeder and now the double feeds are no more!
  15. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Good idea. Will try and report back. Thanks, Sarge.