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  1. I use FA dehydrator for several hours then the brass sits around days prior to use. Maybe it was something else.
  2. Do you wet tumble like me? likely culprit?
  3. I had a squib on the last round of the last magazine I shot at practice today. I was packing up, so I showed clear (for myself) prior to casing the gun and a soot-covered piece of brass came out. Bullet was 1/3 of the way down barrel and would have chambered another round. I might of had a ka-boom on the first round of first stage tomorrow. After I cleared I shot a 10 round group to make sure it was functioning. First squib. Hope it’s my last!
  4. Thanks, Kamber and Inthrshaw1
  5. That’s helpful. 12 and 1:30 central time, right? I’ve never heard of discord.com is there a particular group on Discord to follow that alerts to in stock components.
  6. Let’s post in stock deals here when we see them. Restock coming at specific times? Late night, first thing or random business hours?
  7. Anyone seen a primer since August?
  8. My eye dominance changed without me attempting a conversion or anything. Maybe the COVID two a day dry fire did it.
  9. Great idea, OP. I’ll give this a swing.
  10. At the risk of stating obvious, don’t forget to top one off during LAMR. All my mags max out at 20, so when 21 is helpful I chamber one from another mag on belt then seat a fresh 20 rounder prior to start. Rarely need 21 after reload. Also, I bet a 21 rounder would be tough to seat during a stage in full stride...bound to end up on the ground.
  11. Stage 5 should have had a lifeguard chair! Regarding your gear, anything you wish you had packed? How did your footwear do? Would legit football cleats have been better?
  12. Came here to post this. Thanks for sharing the footage and debrief.
  13. You’re over thinking this. Use the thing(s) on top of your gun!
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