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  1. I’ve been wearing them about 85% of the time now. I really like them. Placebo or not I think I’ll continue using them.
  2. Other pair are SB Sox from Amazon. Not as compressive.
  3. (Also with all due respect as you sound like you know what you’re talking about) make no mistake I definitely felt ‘something’. I really think it was the cooling effects of the wicking performance fabric of the socks And possibly the little bit of tightness the socks provide. Sort of like the first time you ever put on a snug fitting under armor shirt. The feeling was almost like a topical heat rub on my legs which felt energizing. There was definitely a physical sensation. I don’t know that it really helped anything in the same way that a topical cream doesn’t really do anything.
  4. ive used them. I never felt any different energy wise but the ones I use keep my arms cooler.
  5. So I got two pair. A phisix gear and another but I don’t have the name handy. the phisix pair I’ve tried. I immediately felt more energy. Not quite a ‘buzz’ but I noticed something. Maybe it was the ‘cooling’ sensation of the fabric? Maybe it was not necessary increased circulation but different circulation that I’m not used to? i like these so far since they don’t have extra padding on the bottom of the foot. any drawback to wearing them all day?
  6. I ordered a couple different pair to try out. Should have them tomorrow. I’ll post after I try them a few times.
  7. Wow. Ok. I guess I’ll try a pair. Any Brand recommendations? I’d rather have an Unpadded or thin version. What about tightness? 20-30mmHg? That seems to be the recommendation for ‘running’. thanks for the feedback!
  8. So I’ve noticed a bit of a trend in the tall brightly colored socks. Why are people wearing them? Do they actually perform a function (compression/keeping range tan away/etc) or just aesthetics? Go
  9. thank you for adding the safety precautions. it would be good for the mods to add that on the first post that mentions the chemicals.
  10. Just got a GoPro 7 black. Also interested in learning video editing. Following.
  11. Seems like that would be the case but is there a rule that states “weak shoulder” automatically means you must use weak hand as well or can you use weak shoulder and strong hand if it is not specified in the WSB?
  12. I think it’s a great idea to have a bay available for sighting in to ensure you’re zero’d. I don’t like the idea of a “warm up” stage even though I could probably use one.
  13. Ah, the plot thickens!!! in all seriousness I hadn’t thought about it until I read the above. Good point.
  14. ...”OR, if present, the safety applied IF the hammer is cocked. More to the OPs case where he holstered a production weapon cocked and locked after Make ready but before start signal. That makes it more difficult to call it a bump to open. One rule indicates it is permitted. One rule says it’s a bump because it happened during the COF (after make ready). As as far as having the holster bump the hammer to the half cock when holstering, I’d say it is half cocked, not cocked so another grey area if we’re reviewing the rules strictly verbatim.
  15. I got plenty of help at level 1 matches when I was starting out. Was a welcoming atmosphere. Nice and fun. After several years of shooting, I ‘made ready’ and forgot to put in a mag at a Sectional the first time I shot LTD. I was thinking more about not having to reload and stage planning and if my gun would run. Dumb move. Didn’t get a hint. Worked through it.
  16. If this is a first club match for someone I’d have played it out like they did. The guy shot the stage again as it was supposed to have been shot and he learned from it. No harm, no foul. All the competitors ended up winning the same amount of prize money they would’ve won anyway. While not wrong, I dont see hammering someone with the rule book on their first outing as productive. Educating them, yes as I’d rather encourage them to do better next time. We all start somewhere and learn from it. Have you ever gotten off a speeding ticket with a warning?
  17. Was it a level one match? Was the guy a VERY new shooter? if the answer to these questions was yes, then I agree with how it went down. While not ‘to The letter of rule’ it is within the spirit of the game (coaching allowed at level 1). A stiff warning that the shooter needs to familiarize themselves with the rules lest yee be bumped next time would be in order. Then again a bump to open isn’t the end of the world and at least they’d get to shoot the rest of the match. Hard lesson but they wouldn’t do it again. Or they might just say screw it and not come back.
  18. Ok. Were they visible from other than the port even if not the best plan? do you have a link to the match book?
  19. So my question for the OP would be: could you shoot those targets from a different position? Or were they only available from that one spot?
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