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  1. It depends on how much return pressure you had to begin with, the trigger return spring also raises the hammer so as you increase the hammer spring tension you are also also making it harder to reset the trigger, could be that your return spring just doesn't have the tension it needs to fight the increased hammer spring tension.
  2. I have about 2 years worth of primers and powder on hand, I had planned to spend the spring investing in a 8 year (2 term presidential administration) supply of primers and powder, on the order of 250K+, unfortunately covid and the riots started the run on components much earlier than I had anticipated, as it is by the time I was ready to start it was too late so I am stuck with only 75k primers
  3. Sure but you get to come to my matches and measure all the possible shooting locations because I don't want to
  4. Level 1 match, maybe you are allowed to declare what targets are engaged from where as long as it is a medium course or short course, so if the stage was no more than 3 positions and 20 rounds or less yes. behind the delineated area is just the front fault line for the area "behind" is the rear fault line of area A or (whatever) the only real problem is if the delineated area does not go berm to berm and the shooter goes way off to one side it gets real hard to say if they are behind (up range) or not, extending fault lines up range from the ends of the area you want them beh
  5. for me it's not a huge problem but it is something to be aware of,
  6. No your stage is clearly drawn, the problem is on your "illegal" version you can stand at the front corner either side and see 5 targets or move your feet to a new location 6 or 12 inches away and see less than all the targets, we can use the rules as is to prove this is legal but we all know it doesn't pass the smell test. Let me restate that I do not want anyone to attempt to write rules that define the difference between the two stage layouts because any wording that goes to that extent will have many many unintended consequences that do not make for better stages
  7. that is the conundrum, rules are a pretty bad way to drive good stage design. What we want is for 8 round shooters to not be forced into standing reloads, yet it is easy to design stages that make standing reloads the logical choice. I don't see a good way to re-write the rules to fix this without going to extremes and putting MDs in the position of measuring out shooting areas to the inch to make sure a movement that could be made is far enough to count as a new position or target placement counts as new view etc. I go with my gut, does this feel like I'm forcing something? do I
  8. I have the DS-10 speed loaders for mine, I believe they were the original, they are all plastic and cost a little less than the speed bees, not sure if they load as fast as I have never used the Speed Beez mine has the trigger down around 8 or 9 lb (my trigger gauge doesn't read that high) and will run federal bulk pack ammo pretty much 100% it varies with other ammo, all I did was adjust the main spring, I bent mine rather than play with the strain screw. I have heard that with a apex hammer and extended firing pin you can get into the 7lb range.
  9. Its great to see some other Caspian Love around here
  10. Having a SuperGP in 38 and a couple 627 V-comps here is my $.02 The Ruger trigger is super easy to get to a reasonable pull, just swap out a couple springs and your at 6.5 to 7 pounds and mine was very smooth. The Smith trigger can be run lighter but there is more work to get there correctly and the parts are harder to work on. The Grip/Frame shapes are different and require a different grip, I grip the Smith higher than I do the Ruger both work but they are different enough to matter. To me the biggest difference coming from a Smith to the Ruger is the length of t
  11. I am pretty lucky, we normally have several certified RO on each squad, along with several experienced shooters. at one match pre covid with 15 or 16 shooters on the squad one of the shooters picked up the tablet to sort for the first shooter and asked who was able to RO, we kinda looked around and pointed to the two first match new shooters and said not them, the rest of the squad was RO or CRO with a former area director piping up and saying he was probably expired
  12. To the OP don't over think it, just let the squads figure it out. along these lines As a MD if I have a squad that looks like it is lacking enough experienced shooters to run smoothly I will move some people around to fix it, luckily I have had to do this only one time in the last 8 years, on another occasion years ago before on line squadding and practiscore I had a squad that was not getting started because they "didn't have any RO's" I thought about moving people around but then looked at who was there and found several shooters with a couple years in the game and explaine
  13. yes but with my 2 627s the slower one has similar throats and less cylinder gap. some barrels are just faster or slower than others
  14. they are so varied its crazy my wifes 627 is 10 to 15 PF slower than mine depending on the load, so I spend a lot of time shooting 140+ PF ammo
  15. yes, I used KG Gunkote, its pretty easy to do and is reasonably durable
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