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  1. When I take a class the biggest thing i want from the instructor is a honest outside assessment. I want to know if my self assessment is correct and I have a food grasp on what i can do well and what I can't. Then for my biggest deficiencies what I should do to improve them. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. A second classifier we shot this month also got thrown out. I forget the name but it had a target at 56 feet from the starting box and the target was instead 56 feet and 6 inches 6 inches at 56 feet is not nearly enough to cause me not to turn in a classifier. I look at it this way, does the dimensional inaccuracy change the shooting chalange in some real way? If yes toss it if no turn it in. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  3. In all thinkgs 19/2011 "drop in" really is not a thing. On most of the triggers here the angles will be correct but how they actually fit together in your frame is what matters. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  4. That concept seems like a pretty good idea to me, it allows you to get all the comp affect but without taking too much energy out of the slide from the comp pulling the barrel forward. should allow you to run a little heavier springs giving the gun a larger operational window (aka less likely to poop itself if something is not perfect)
  5. If you want simple rules just make it DA or Striker fired first shot fits box no comp or ports no optical sights 10 rounds minor scoring
  6. How about this, change CO and call it Tactical or something, remove the optic required and make it DA or striker fired with a max width (similar to the box width) 140mm mags minor scoring. Want to use a thumb rest? great shoot Tactical, want a mini mag well? shoot Tactical, Optic? Tactical, Laser? Tactical, flashlight? Tactical. Then change Production back to something that resembles a production gun. Want to shoot a gun that looks like it came from the factory? production.
  7. I found that my Surefire 60's will run great in my regular ARs, they would give me issues when I tried using them with my racier lightened bolt carrier gun, seems like the faster cycling gun can get ahead of the mag and causes nose dive jambs.
  8. The point for most new shooters is to reduce the amount of thinking power devoted to stage planning and gun handling for the first couple matches. nobody is suggesting to be afraid of reloads or shooting production but for match 1 the less you have to think about that is not directly concerning safe gun handling the better. As you pointed out aint nobody winning their first match so shooting limited with full mags is not going to cost you a win but it may allow you to have more fun till you learn the rest of the game.
  9. 08-03 Six is also interesting The hitfactor is high (production is 11.2) but there are so few points avaliable and the time is so short perfect hits are pretty much mandatory and a extra tenth or two in time makes a large change in HF Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. I have Arredondo on mine but I believe TTI also makes them.
  11. I personally like letting shooters do that, I find most end up with a slower draw or worse grip because they have interrupted their normal draw routine. they do it for a perceived advantage but end up hindering themselves.
  12. yes the Ghost pouches work good you can even leave the little spring thing in them,
  13. ^^^^ this its all spelled out on page 3 of the rule book
  14. One option that often gets missied, if you have reasonably sized hands take a look at a G20 or G40 your already planning to change the barrel so get a 40 replacement. They shoot super soft compared to the small frame guns and the 10mm mags with 140 extensions hold 20 reloadable easily. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. I know this will sound like heresy but even top competitors are victims of group think and are not above believing something will make them better without empirical evidence to back it up. to make the gathering of empirical evidence even harder in this respect, believing something will make you better will likely have a positive affect just because you think it will
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