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  1. On a slight tangent, comps make a pretty good flash suppressor, I had a 357Sig open gun I loaded with 10.5g of Blue Dot out of the open gun there was no flash (actually shot it at a night match and was disappointed in it only making a small orange flame in the comp) but shoot that same ammo out a a non compensated gun and I got basketball sized fire balls bright enough to obscure the target during the day
  2. The only way you can test you theory is to chrono a batch of ammo out of a single barrel with and without the comp, there is too much difference between barrels to make any conclusions based on different barrels (even same make and model)
  3. for some reason they all seem to come with short front sights, my 625 and both 627s have the rear sight all the way down
  4. if your rear sight is adjusted all the way down you may need a taller front sight,
  5. what color is that? the metal flake looks larger than what I have seen in the pictures of metalic Cerakote on line also it looks much shiny-er (sp) so I'm wondering if it is one of the other paint on finishes and not actually Cerakote, like Durakote or KG Gunkote or something else. some of the others go on a bit thicker and are less durable to wear.
  6. Just zip ties between the powder station bullet feed and seat stations, a delrin detent ball and a shell plate bearing kit. I was running at 2100 with out the detent ball and bearing kit though.
  7. not entirely true, the barrel and comp reciprocate a short distance together with the slide. I'm willing to bet the biggest felt difference beside the static weight is a slower slide velocity and thus a lower impact on the frame at the end of its stroke.
  8. Good enough to win Open Nationals and every area match this year Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Yes it's common the limcat magwell fixes this, and that's why you see so many of them now Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. Actually it will have 2000 impacts per minute (each flute cuts every revolution) you divide the feed by the flutes to get the chip load per flute. yes gun parts (ideally) should be floating on a film of oil and have very low surface loads, that's why blued guns last thousands and thousands of rounds, heck you can even get many 10"s of thousands of rounds on a aluminum framed gun.
  11. When shooting Production I normally load all my mags to 10 rounds then if I want/need to have 11 in the make ready mag I add it to the extra mag i have in my hand on the way to the make ready.
  12. yes gun parts are subject to exponentially lower loads at much lower velocities with lower impact forces all this done with better lubrication at lower temperatures. Impact forces on mill cutters are high enough to shear the metal being cut you don't hit the frame that hard with the slide
  13. I load at 2100 almost all the time, I did have a major load that I had to slow the indexing on to stop spilling powder but other than that full speed all the time Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  14. if anyone is wondering you can fit 44k primers and 8lb powder on 1 hazmat
  15. Powder Valley has Remington #1 1/2 small pistol primers for $20 per 1000
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