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  1. My wife's GT seems to have a sharp edge on the inside of the slide that marks up the cone similar to what you are seeing, I talked to JJ Racaza about the GT right after he moved to Limcat at a class and he mentioned the comps getting beat up by the slide so I don't think its a new thing. If yours is like my wifes it probably looks like they cut the slide back (from "limited" length) with a hack saw and did zero clean up on the edges. If it were mine I would break that edge with a round file and stone it smooth (well I would dremmel it but that's me) then see how it wears going forward. To me the concept of having a Aluminum cone on a comp like that is a bad idea, that's why when I made a comp for the wife's gun I made a steel cone and comp.
  2. You can borrow my RCBS gauge if you want. But Locktite is your friend, a properly tightened bottomed out strain screw also works pretty well.
  3. This is one of the rules that the DNROI/RMI's do not all agree on, It all depends on who you are dealing with how it will be enforced. Also when setting up a match and trying to debug stages it is pretty easy to miss a target or two here or there, especially at a larger match with more stages. My experience has been that there are only a couple people per club that really have the ability to look at stages and see all the angles and views and find any mistakes and fix them. I am pretty sure many of the violations of 2.1.4 are by mistake not design.
  4. Probably a small defect in the steel reated a stress riser causing it to crack. Dry fire should be no issue without snap caps should be able to do hundreds of thousands of cycles. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. I believe the problem lies with the fact that a snow fence wall is while not directly defined as such is considered a vision barrier in regards to creating a "view" (defined) within a course of fire. the fact that it may be easy to look through it does nothing from a rules perspective to change how it is treated.
  6. Its super enlightening to walk a stage with a national level GM some time after a match to see what they saw and were looking for as they shot. its an eye opener when you start hearing things like "as I move across here I want the dot on this mark on that barrel so as soon as it clears the barrel its on the middle of the A on that target" For some top shooters having the banner in place may actually be an advantage, its easy to know that the A zone will appear right behind the C in that logo as it becomes visible. I just wish I could actually shoot like that.
  7. I think part of the "eggshells" is the fact that any rules broken are more likely to be enforced, regardless of who you are or may be.
  8. 10.2.2 doesn't apply because Start position and Stage procedure are not the same thing. one is where and how to be before the start signal the other is what to do after the start signal. edit to add you can give all the procedurals you wan to the shooter for their first run but since the Rules say you MUST order a reshoot because of the incorrect start position then its mute as the score is either zero for not reshooting the stage or whatever the new score is for the reshoot.
  9. Being it was the first squad of the match I would have changed the WSB to match what everyone already did so as to avoid having to reshoot the whole (or majority of) squad. if it was a later squad or you find that more than one squad messed it up then toss the stage. I have done both as MD/RM at out local matches
  10. Precisely this is not the first time I have found myself or others trying to enforce a no longer existent rule.
  11. After reading the rule book I would have to agree, I thought there was a ruling at one point about magnets on belts in non magnet divisions but either I am miss remembering it or it has been deleted with the updated rule book. mostly I just assumed Moto would not have been wrong about something like that.
  12. Not Douchey just that the Arb panel is bound by the rules to only use the rules to come to a decision. So what rule would you cite to say the RO, CRO, RM was wrong? not liking the rule is not a justification for not enforcing it or trying to make up a new rule on the spot to over ride it. If you feel strongly about this then you should contact DNROI and your area director and lobby to have the rule changed to one you favor.
  13. This is one thing I do have a huge problem with. ROs should not make up rules. I get that they (and I ) are volunteers but knowing the rules is part of the job and making them up is not good for anybody.
  14. I guess I am a dick, I don't think the ROs are there to educate the shooters on how to follow the rules, just like the Refs in a foot ball game are not there to tell the football players how to follow the rules they are both there to as impartially as possible enforce the rules as they are written. In your example at what point should a DQ happen? set on table accidentally ? on purpose? open the box? or did it pop open accidentally? or load mag but not gun? or is there a line? how do you assure that everyone gets the same result for the same action?
  15. that would have been a nice $100 donation to the match if the RM was not successful in talking you out of it.
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