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  1. why would I? all I care about is that the sights are aligned when the trigger breaks, how that happens is of almost no consequence, for me on long hard shots I start pulling the trigger fast like any other shot and will slow the pull as needed to give time for the sights to align, would a coin or empty case sin on the barrel through this? likely not but I get the hits I need in a reasonable amount of time. Most on this forum are not shooting Bullseye, a couple may shoot PPC or NRA AP where missing our point of aim at 50yd by 2 inches is going to cost us a match and whatever t
  2. here are a couple picks to give you a better idea
  3. yep, had a friend recently have several failures so he sent his gun back to his builder with a box of ammo, his ammo gave the builder the same issue, the builder then shot a hundred rounds of his own ammo made with sorted properly sized brass and got zero issues, the builder still installed and tuned a new extractor for him anyway but sent the video of it running good ammo 100%
  4. this has always been one of my complaints with USPSA, I think that one thing they should do is provide free RO classes, making people pay so they can officiate our sport is dumb rant off
  5. Personally I have a 627 and a 625 with cut hammers I did the full "Carmonize" on them they are cut from where they sit flush in the frame at the top in a straight line about 1/8-1/4" behind the hammer stud hole, I have 10s of thousands of rounds on the 627 with no issues and that is the one that is cut the smallest, so I wouldn't worry about it too much.
  6. The Biggest reason by far is that all 38 brass is decent, there are what 3 or 4 manufacturers of 38 and a few less of rimless versions, and all of them are fine quality. 9mm there are probably well over 20 you can find on the range any given day ranging from good to absolute crap. want your gun to run as close to 100% as possible use good brass, going to nationals with a 9mm run new brass or at least sorted and roll sized, 38s get the sorted part almost by default.
  7. I would give anyone in the 80% biz a break right now as their sales went through the roof this spring and has not shown any sine of slowing yet and for political reasons is likely only to continue outstripping their supply for some time to come.
  8. the barrels on both 19/2011 and Tanfo/CZ point down when in battery the big difference is on the 19/2011 the top of the slide is also at an angle (~1/2deg) so the barrel appears to to be at a much smaller angle. I have a couple old factory Tanfoglio comps and a Gold team barrel, those comps are all bored at an angle so the comp is level with the slide when in battery.
  9. as said above Rugers also Rossi I have a 44spl that looks like a K frame externally but has a coil spring lock work and it slicked up very nicely with just trimming the springs and some polishing.
  10. The better / more expensive dots tend to be brighter and more durable with better warranties. but for a 22 the durability is almost a non issue because of almost no recoil, that said I have a couple Delta Point Pro that I like, and the Sig sights are very nice as well, for a 22 play gun I would look at a Burris fast fire or Vortex for the price.
  11. I actually prefer this way of ordering the sentences, if nothing else it would be nice if the "Unless otherwise specified in the stage briefing" was placed in the exact same order in every paragraph it is used in.
  12. I can possibly understand the desire for co witness sights on a carry gun maybe. For any kind of a game gun with a dot having back up sights causes 1 of 2 things to happen. 1, you use the sights to find the dot causing you to not be 100% target focused and as a result you are massively slower than you would be without using them. 2, you see the fiber in your front sight and think its the dot and miss what your aiming at, I have seen this happen several times.
  13. most "over size" hammer and sear pins are just at the top of the tolerance range not actually any larger and wont gain you much if anything in being able to bore out your frame to correct miss alignment. also running a reamer through miss aligned holes will get you larger miss aligned holes. If your holes are messed up, I would bore the holes out oversize in the correct location with a end mill or boring head and press in sleeves to reduce the new over size correctly located and aligned holes to factory spec dia. A good press fit would probably be fine but I would b
  14. yep we haven't used a mini target since they added all the restrictions, just too much trouble and its easy enough to add hard cover or no shoot to force precision when needed
  15. I shoot a monthly ICORE match, it varies between having enough shooters for 1 or 2 squads, it is actually quite fun to shoot a super small match, it has a very different vibe than a 80-120 shooter USPSA matches I also shoot.
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