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  1. In my case nope, but seeing as how I was grinding on the hammer anyway I just thinned it out a touch while I was at it. Basically I had a file but didn't have any extra shims
  2. Yes with the optic you can shoot only Open, without the optic you could shoot it in Open, Limited, and Limited 10
  3. I got away with that once, the second time one of the shims moved enough I thought it was lined up but I really missed it with the pin, lets just say that having a shim floating around in the action is bad for stage scores.
  4. yes, but its the dumbest way to get to that objective. simple solution would have been to remove the weight rule. If they removed the weight rule a large portion of those trying to get as close as they can to the new limit would not be changing anything, because no limit is not a goal.
  5. I believe a few agency's in the PNW are issuing (or allowing?) Sigs with their dots on them,
  6. My hammer also showed a small rub mark from the frame, I filed down the sides of the hammer when I did the bob job, apparently the rub mark took almost no energy from the hammer as it didn't change anything ignition wise. I also must have got lucky with the internals being very smooth as I have had no reset issues tat were not user caused, I have a 9lb return spring that I may install just to have a little more snap to the reset. I will add that getting the hammer shims in can be a pain, I may just have been to thick the first couple times I had it out trying to stick them to the hammer with grease and then get all three parts into the frame without moving the shims did not work great for me. this is how I found works for me. put hammer in with no shims, put hammer pin in 1/2 way from left (wrong) side use feeler gauge to push right side shim in while looking through pin hole to line it up, use small punch or pick to finalize shim alignment, pull pin from left side and place 1/2 way in from right (correct) side (through the now aligned shim) repeat shim alignment with feeler gauge on left side and once aligned push pin all the way in.
  7. Just the spur, don't want to risk messing anything up grinding where I don't have to And a FYI lightening the hammer made zero difference in ignition, I did the bob job shortly after I cut the main spring to where I was getting occasional light strikes, the lighter hammer did not change the number of light strikes I was getting (kinda made me sad, I was hoping it would help with ignition)
  8. Not the best picture of the hammer but you get the idea Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Yes, that's where mine ended up by changing the main to a 9lb and rebound to an 8lb from wolf, I did some polishing while it was apart for the hammer bob but it made no real difference as it was super smooth from the factory. I've been 100% with federal primers with this setup, I tried trimming the main spring 1 1/2 coils but that stated light striking about 1 in 24 rounds. I don't hand seat primers just run them right off my LNL
  10. Almost no, last years Nationals there was 1 shooter running Major, he did placed 10th so it isn't impossible to be somewhat competitive, locally we have a decent group of regular revo competitors about 4 or 5 a month and only get 1 major shooter a couple times a year.
  11. I cleaned my cylinder once last season, but I only shot about 5k rounds through it.
  12. I'm doing my part, I'm just starting to feel bad because so many of them have already gone unloved for so long, I need more division specific matches to force me to change it up more than I already do.
  13. Heresy, It is plainly obvious that the heavier the better or they would not have put a limit on it, that's why you see all the open and limited shooters shooting 70+oz guns. Wait, none of my guns weigh even 50oz, my open gun is close at 48oz but my limited is only 44.5oz , heck even my tank of a revolver is only 48oz, crap I need to buy all new guns.
  14. That would be pretty cool, I have thought about building a compact version of the Caspian HC frame, cut down to fit compact Tanfoglio magazines. I think I would end up with a officers grip length and a 4in barrel for IWB carry.
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