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  1. 1) yes its fun to look and try to figure out the flavor and just think about the match 2) NO, NO, this is a waste of energy at best, and likely to make you lean towards a bad plan because it looked good on paper, do not do 3) you get 2 things from published stages, 1 approximate round count, 2 are there any out of the ordinary things you will need to do (shoot prone, weak hand, unloaded start, etc) and at that if there are weird tasks just practice it enough to be comfortable doing it so the first experience is not at the match, don't make it a training focus as it wil
  2. This, I tend to clean my guns loaded with Clay Dot and coated bullets about every 5k rounds or so
  3. It is super stage dependent, some club matches over use 8 shot arrays making minor a winner by a mile, with any luck Nationals will not have many stages built like that. I would still give the clear advantage to Minor 8 at the top of the field but as you go down there is more spread and Major 6 will only cost you a position if your darn closely matched with another shooter to begin with.
  4. During a match this is the biggest thing many shooters disregard. During practice work on what you suck at, during a match take advantage of what you don't.
  5. Its way way easier to do the other way around, I know this for certain, Open hit factors are crazy PS the 929 is just a Smith revo it coming from the performance center just means its made in smaller runs, they have the same trigger pulls and quality control as run of the mill guns, still great guns, just don't think they arrive as anything resembling what you would imagine you would get from a "Custom Shop"
  6. Don't make it too simple either, time shot to shot is all that matters, what is the fastest way to get from shot to shot, this may not be the shortest number of steps. I regularly see shooters take the shortest route in steps through a stage but have to enter multiple shooting positions in awkward positions and directions, where taking the long way around can be done faster and more aggressively. Another thing I see shooters do is take longer, slower, riskier, shots to save movement where making the movement and making closer easier faster lower risk shots takes less
  7. I had a hard time finding the KKM one on their site but someone was nice enough to find it for me. The problem with threading a regular bull barrel is you end up threading most of the large dia section of the barrel and on the bull barrel I was looking at would not have enough left to get a good lockup in the shortened slide.
  8. I'm convinced PC just means its a smaller production run gun than the regular guns, that's it no special attention just they made less of them and etched PC on the frame and shipped it in a nicer box.
  9. Hard to say about the times without knowing the distance, But for sure do not fear the DA pull, with proper technique there is not shot we need to make that you can't make with DA.
  10. the factory aluminum base pads for sure work with mag wells, that's what the factory ships with the guns (unless its a extreme then it comes with those base pads) No experience with Armonov
  11. It really doesn't matter what brand extractor it is, tension is either correct or it isn't hook is either broken/worn out or not. I suggest you do pull the extractor the tunnels tend to get full of crap and cause problems, so pulling it out and cleaning it should be done on a semi regular basis. If its extractor tension you can just re bend it to get the tension you want, or if Aftec change the springs. A new extract is NOT a drop in part, it will not have the correct tension the hook may need some reshaping and the back will not match the back of the slide.
  12. I think that would be a waste of patent application fees, as I have made several sets myself already and it is not a novel idea as half of us had it the same day the rules came out
  13. a couple thoughts for you. Do your best to turn of or ignore the clock in your head, it will lie to you. Patience is key, missing fast is slower than taking the time to get hits. Aim at a spot on the target not at the target, shooting at brown is a sure way to have horrible accuracy. Segregate your stage tasks into those where time matters and those where it doesn't. think move fast, reload fast, close hoser target fast, challenging target NO time limit good shots only (I use the term challenging because its vague and will change as your skills improve, to
  14. Question on your drills, between the 2 guns do you have more reps on one of the actions you are testing? I ask because for me predictability is a much bigger deal then pull weight. If I know when the guns going to fire it doesn't make much difference what it takes to get it there because most of that is happening during recoil or while driving the sights to the target.
  15. just Dremel off the pin to the desired length. for my Tanfoglios I bought a couple packs of roll pins from McMaster in the longer lengths and just cut them down as needed, I think they are like $5 for 50
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