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  1. I think its actually closer to half that as the dot starts roughly centered in the lens. Doing the math on a slide ride (29mm high lens) that works out to 5.71" of rise on a 7yd target from centered dot to edge of glass. (based on 28" eye to lens)
  2. I've said it before and I'll say it again, Smith revolvers (and in truth most guns) should be bought with the expectation that you are buying a gun kit. the kit includes all the parts to make it work and it most likely will fire as purchased, but beyond that it is not ready for any type of competition. you have a choice to have it worked on by a reputable smith or do the work yourself but work it will need. a follow on to this is there are very few smiths in the country that you can send it to to get a competition tuning work done, yes your local smith will sell you a trigger job and cylinder chamfer but when you pick it up it is likely to have a 9lb trigger and the cylinder holes will have the sharp edge broken but not a real chamfer.
  3. I have a feeling the BIG market for this is the more casual owners. I know several guys that would end up at my house with a box of parts if they ever fully stripped their 1911s this appears to make that much easier for them.
  4. CO started out based on production division at the time production had massive participation numbers, CO started with 10 round mags like production and participation was next to nil, fast forward a year and the board changes the rules allowing high cap mags and other modifications and the divisions participation explodes. Your proposing SS optic, based on SS, a division with low participation numbers, based on what we saw with CO adding a optic would likely result in participation numbers that would be a fraction of the base divisions, so basically you end up with a division with participation numbers that may rival Revo if your lucky. You said you wanted to be competitive with your gun in the new division, as a Revo shooter I can tell you that not having anyone to be competitive with sucks.
  5. so lets take SS one of the smallest divisions and then split it up so we can have 2 even smaller divisions? The idea of being competitive with the gun of your liking (in this case a 1911 with a optic) leaves out, that in order to be competitive you have to have competition. when CO started it was a 10 round division for the first year and participation was very low, that makes me ask the question where do you think the shooters for your new division would come from? Now if your question was really should we allow a SS with an optic in CO, as horribly non competitive as that would be, you might as well shoot it in open as the difference in placement would be pretty small.
  6. I set up a Gold team for my wife last year and the bigest thing I found was run round nose bullets, either MG TMJs or a coated bullet with a good coating just get over not being able to run the same hollow points as the 2011 guys do (blue bullets work well in hers with no leading) For 170mm mags the Taylor Freelance extensions work great on factory 9mm mags, you have to load to reasonable lengths but it will run. I did make a new comp for her gun to eliminate the popple holes as she is pretty blast sensitive so her loads are right in line with my 2011 loads running a non ported barrel, running 9mm with the V12 barrel would just take some playing around to find a load that doesn't require silly high pressure to make major.
  7. yes and no, the base gold team (hard chromed not black) is much less expensive than the xtreme version of the same gun, the extreme does come with a couple extra mags (these are not 140s or 170s so still need aftermarket bases) and it comes with some upgraded trigger components, a optic and grips . non of that justifies the extra $2k they want for them, as it has the same V12 barrel and comp as the lower cost version.
  8. The Race master / Alpha x are good options, you can also set up a CR speed to fit, and I think a Guga Ribas will as well, not sure what else is actually available off the shelf in the way of race holsters for N frames. that said I run a Limcat and my wife has a Speedsec 5, got both in a package deal and if I could find another Speedsec 5 I would jump on it but I don't think they are available any more.
  9. also the increased stroke "should" add a tiny bit of extra time for the magazine to raise the next round into position, and allow the slide to pick up a little extra velocity before it starts to feed that round from the mag, on mags that are notorious for nose dives this seems like it could help.
  10. that argument is the same as saying a swinger (or other moving target) is not a disappearing target because it doesn't stop moving during a normal stage run time.
  11. No I was not there, I could only go by the OP's description, he described a stage that with the swinger at rest, required 9 shots through the port. If as you say there was another location any of the targets the OP said needed to be shot through the port could be engaged with the swinger at rest then I would agree totally legal.
  12. Fixed it, note I did not change the nobody was disadvantaged part, it is quite easy to have a stage fall afoul of the rules and at the same time not be fun and fair. Hopefully he was just hoping to bring it to his awareness to make it into a learning moment, and not cause a stink about it. I have both presented illegal stages at my match and pointed out illegal stages at other matches (up to L3 matches that many), if handled correctly in the end everyone learns and nobody gets too upset. (I'll admit that pointing things out sometimes hurts peoples feelings in the moment, but normally as long as the pointer isn't a d%#$ about it people get over it pretty quickly)
  13. well there is actually a rule for that, 1.1.6 Difficulty – USPSA matches present varied degrees of difficulty. No shooting challenge or time limit may be appealed as being prohibitive. This does not apply to non-shooting challenges, which should reasonably allow for differences in competitor’s height and physical build. from what I have been told by a local RMI a swinger stopping is not the same as a time limit because it is not a defined period of time, (i ran a all disappearing target stage with several moving targets as a fixed time, and said that when they were gone time was up)
  14. This is an interesting conundrum, While the target IS available elsewhere, you have to get to it soon enough, but if say a shooter, shot the activator then his gun broke and he spent the full 2 min fixing it on the clock as allowed, then shot the other targets from that location, the swinger would likely be stopped and they would HAVE to engage the swinger from the port. I would say the stage was illegal because with a worst case scenario you must shoot 9 through the port. That said if it was too late to fix it, I would just let match management know so they can learn from, and then have a good time shooting the stage as is
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