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  1. I too believe the 1911 platform (2011, caspian hicap, Para/RIA is better than the other current options on the market. the way the barrel stops on the frame rather than the slide stop pin is much better, the availability of parts and smiths familiar with the platform is also far and away better. The argument I was making is you would be hard pressed to convince me that a STI True-bore with a 90deg C-more is in anyway giving up match points to a SV IMM with a steel grip that costs $5+k more. remember the gun only affects stage times in very small fractions of a second here and there, a heavy gun is more stable so you can probably shoot further targets with a bit more confidence, light guns can transition faster and stop quicker so on closer targets they can be an advantage.
  2. you may want to look at the hose setup that the roll sizers use, they have a clear plastic hose with a short metal tube that clips into the dillon case feeder and allows you to leave the case feeder in place and just snap the hose into it and use it to feed the sizer. probably easier than turning the case feeder around and shimming the case pro to fit the hard plastic tube spacing.
  3. So has JJ has torpedoed his possible performances with the Beretta? I believe there is a huge difference between "top shooter guy" likes gun "x" better than "y" and "top shooter guy" scores better with gun "x" than gun "y" I also believe that way too many people think that if "top shooter guy" uses gun "x" they have objectively tested it and found it to be better than gun "y"
  4. My only issue with Tanfoglios (and I have a few) is the factory barrel comp setup is sub optimal for 9mm major and unnecessarily loud, they are probably better in IPSC with 160 PF major in open, and if you don't like the factory offering there are very few options to get something you may like better. I ended up making my own cone comp to get something that works the way I want.
  5. Yes, 100% true. I just see so much you "need" X to be competitive spouted on here all the time, I like to point out that X is usually very unlikely to make much if any real difference at all.
  6. I agree with a couple small exceptions, metal grips (steel or aluminum) are nice and they feel better in the hand than the plain square plastic STI grips, most are doing a decent job of fitting the hand as well as a CZ/Tanfo grip, that said nice and performance gain are not he same thing, I would be willing to bet that a timer won't show a metal gripped 2011 is faster or more accurate than a plastic gripped one, you may like it better (and I do like them better) but I don't think if your not winning with a plastic grip changing to a metal one will change that.
  7. Way too many variables. Barrel length, 9mm/super, barrel holes, how many holes, hole shape, comp chamber number size shape depth layout, baffle hole dia, powder charge, bullet weight. Then you can start to play with slide weight barrel weight grip weight weight balance spring rates main and recoil. And on top of that despite what you may hear it just doesnt matter that much. If one comp design concept was enough better to make a actual difference in the HF we can shoot you would see all the big players running the setup. But you see many comp designs with and without barrel holes at the top level of the sport. Ph and muzzle flip is not really the enemy, quickly returning to where it was is the real goal. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  8. There is a screw under the hole where the primers drop into the tube that holds the blue plastic thing in place. This screw also needs to be adjusted and is also kinda goldilocks like too tight or loose and it doesnt work right. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. Just to be clear when I say slide ride in reference to a cmore I'm just meaning a cmore that needs a mount. Cutting the "legs" off a serendipity is easy and that and drilling one hole let's you use the dot you have on a mount Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  10. One issue as I understand it with the R8 (aluminum frame) is if subject to lots of high speed shooting the cylinder stop hole in the frame will get beat up causing the lockup to get loose, I know Jerry used to shoot one for steel challenge but I doubt Jerry was paying for them so wear was not a real issue for him.
  11. there are many versions of the serendipity based on how wide the frame is, they make a version that is the correct width for the Tanfoglios but the pattern does not match the pre drilled Tanfoglio frames. to put a red dot on that gun you have a few options For me the best would be to get a mount for a Cmore slide ride that is made for the Tanfoglio then modify the serendipity sight into a slide ride (Brazos as a good write up on how to do that, its not very hard) If your serendipity is the Tanfoglio version then you could have the frame drilled and tapped to match the standard C-more pattern, the frames are very hard and this is not a hand drill operation so the cost for a smith to do it would likely be more than a mount, also I'm not a fan of modifying the expensive frame to fit the cheep sight. Beyond that you could do a slide mounted mini dot with a mounting plate in the rear sight dovetail
  12. what is the current best unit in your opinion and why?
  13. the biggest thing I found in adjusting the RF100 is the little plastic tab that covers the hole where they drop into the tube. it can be adjusted front to back to make the opening the primers go into either wider or smaller. if it is too wide upside down primers will get past the last drop out point too quickly and will make it into the tube, too small an opening and the primers will either not fit or move too slowly and filling will take forever, its really a goldylocks adjustment when you get it in just the right spot it runs great
  14. we don't comp ROs or anything like that we just have a very rules-centric culture. I was on a squad a couple months ago at the other local USPSA club and someone asked who was a RO when we all go to the first stage, of the 17 shooters on the squad we had 2 new shooters that were not RO's and one expired former area director.
  15. sorry I missed your question, yes the bracket at the top is just to hold the walls together, it does a good job of keeping them lined up if straight and makes corners much stronger.
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