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  1. MikeBurgess

    Remington Tomasie

    No 2011 is a modular grip double stack 1911 Para/remington/RIA/MAC double stack 1911s are a one pice grip and frame that takes a similar size magazine to a 2011 but the mag release slot is in a slightly different place. Caspian Double Stack 1911s are also a one piece frame and grip that take a Caspian sized magazine with slightly different cuts for the slide stop and print of mag. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  2. MikeBurgess

    Open Gun Design Questions

    I have shot both, back to back, both guns are long heavy dust cover, steel grip, TI comp, Middy length, guns and they feel to me to be remarkably similar. I would be surprised if I could tell the difference in shooting them without looking, what I mean by that is, at the bench slow fire I could probably tell they are not the same gun but beyond that its so close I would be hard pressed to say gun X is the hot ticket over gun Y. that said I shoot a middy on a Caspian frame with a huge steel cone comp, it handles quite a bit differently than the above guns, not better not worse just different.
  3. MikeBurgess

    New-ish Revolver Shooter Looking for Tips

    the real question is what do you "suck" at most? figure that out and work on it, you are not going to solve all you issues in one go. Here are the big issues I see most often with revo shooters. How is your accuracy, can you hit all the targets? what happens to your hits when you shoot fast? Trigger control on revos can be a big challenge because in the games we are playing it tends to be backwards from every other type of shooting, most guys pull the trigger straight through without staging it so you have to start pulling the trigger before your sights are settled and work to make sure the sights are lined up before the gun fires. With you coming from a target rifle background you may need to keep in mind that all A zone hits are equal there is no bonus for hitting it in the letter A (my Wife struggles with this) How are your reloads? there are several ways to reload a revo quickly, do you load strong or weak hand? watch some you-tube videos and play with both methods and see what feels best to you, then practice the crap out of it with some dummy rounds in you moonclips. you will be amazed how much faster you can reload with a little practice, also practice reloading while you are moving because you should be reloading during movement on most stages. Non Revo specific but a huge time suck for many How is your movement? Are you ready to shoot the instant you get where you are going? Are you leaving the instant you fire the last shot? lots of time to be made here
  4. MikeBurgess

    Backup Gun

    Another decent option is to have friends that shoot the same division. sharing a gun is not the end of the world. A couple years back one of my friends got beat by two guys that were shooting his gun.
  5. MikeBurgess

    Where to buy powder locally?

    Group your powder and primer order together you would be amazed how much can ship in 1 hazmat. Powder valley now has a function to tell you how many more pounds you can order. I think you can go up to 50lb? My last order was 40lb powder and 10k primers. It hurts to buy that much at once but then it doesnt hurt again for a while. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  6. MikeBurgess

    Open Gun "flatness"....video

    I think my wife said it best to me after setting up her open gun, when I asked her about the dot movement she said I don't know, "you told me to look at the spot I want to hit so I don't watch where the dot goes" I think she may be on to something.
  7. MikeBurgess

    Standing Definition

    the problem is not that ROs are enforcing it, the problem is that they do not all enforce it the same.
  8. longer cables or more slack are not what yo are looking for, they will not add more than a fraction of a second and are likely to cause issues if activation starts out as marginal and anything changes. The best way would be to add some intermediate activator to the setup, like when you set a max traps drop weight to activate another max trap. there are many ways you could build (re purpose) a prop to activate a drop turner, depending on the delay you want, just think about the props you have and how you could make them activate something else. if you want to build something from scratch the sky is the limit.
  9. MikeBurgess

    38 special load data and powder

    I had similar experiences with the old Clays from Australia but had heard that the new Clays from Canada was also a touch slower than the old version. I have yet to try new Clays as I bought a couple 8lb kegs of Clay dot. Basically once the difference gets to be similar to lot variations I'll call it the same
  10. MikeBurgess

    38 special load data and powder

    Go with Clays or Clay Dot (I'm reasonably sure they are the same powder now that they both come from Canada) then you can forget how to clean you gun because it will stay so clean inside
  11. MikeBurgess

    Classifier set up and throwing out

    I've found its the seemingly simple ones that get messed up most often, no-shoots or hardcover going to the wrong corners is most common error I see. The more complicated layouts tend to get looked at harder by the setup crew
  12. MikeBurgess

    Classifier set up and throwing out

    The Big question in all this seems to be what constitutes "Wrong" I have seen obviously wrong only a couple times, both were no-shoots incorrectly overlaying shoot targets, one time giving several inches more A and one time less A, these stages were not reported as classifiers. I have seen stages where the gaps between targets have shifted and are no longer equal many times, (think targets supposed to be 12" apart but one is leaning a bit so only 8 on one side and 14 on the other) I have never viewed these to be a issue requiring not reporting them because the shooting challenge has not changed in any meaningful way. Stages with barriers obscuring targets are seldom set up "perfectly" at any level of match, for example on the new classifier 18-09 "I miss that kind of clarity" when set up at Nationals, you will notice that many shooters on the first string, starting at the rear they shot the right target first then the left target as they started moving forward, this was because the left target was visible about a foot further forward in the shooting area than the right target. If I set it up and both targets disappear at the same instant as the layout on the diagram calls for is that Wrong? Should the classifier itself be thrown out because it was not set up perfectly to begin with?
  13. MikeBurgess

    Classifier set up and throwing out

    I would say that 1" is too restrictive for a general standard. Most target stands do not hold target sicks in a way that is tight enough to maintain that standard through 2 shooters, let alone a whole match. My standard is is does any variance make a difference in the shooting challenge presented? No shoot put in wrong place by 1/8" may make a huge difference (perf's are not aligned etc.), a open target off by a foot or more may not (149' from the shooting box vs 150) if it makes a difference then it gets fixed or tossed if it doesn't then I don't worry about it. I do my best to get them as correct as I can, but I'm good working within the limits of the props being used.
  14. MikeBurgess

    International or Clays 38 short colt 160 gr.

    One thing to keep.in mind with revo loads in particular is you want to work up loads for your gun, my wife and I both have 627s and they run about 10pf different with the same ammo. Also with heavy bullets, small cases and fast powders OAL will have a huge affect on pressure. A friend just did a batch of 160s at a shorter than his usual OAL and the cases stuck and the primers were flatter than I've ever seen. So start low and work up with your gun bullet OAL combination and a chrono Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  15. I made a similar mod to my case feeder (LNL) by drilling a hole through the corner and inserting a small rod through it to make the ramp same idea as above just a different solution to keep cases from hanging up on the end of the ramp. I'll see if I can find a pick later