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  1. when talking to new shooters I tell them not to buy anything but if they just have to I say get a 2 pc competition belt. its probably the best thing you can get and they are cheep
  2. I have seen brand new 929s that wont set of factory ammo as they came out of the box, there is a decent chance your firing pin is on the shorter end of the spectrum. I have been telling people for years Smith sells a nice revolver kit, they just stick all the parts together to make shipping easier
  3. Well worn is good but PC just means cam in a nicer box and made on a different production line don't be fooled into thinking there is any more care given to them at the factory Just get good at feeling them seat hard, I know several people who make a point of pressing the handle to seat them twice for every round, I also believe some people put a shim on the frame where the primer punch hits to make sure the pin can go up far enough to fully seat the primmer.
  4. Are you saying that the factory ammo fired but you had issues with your reloads? If so there is a very good chance your reloads do not have the primers fully seated, they may be the same as you have run successfully in your autos for years but when trying to lower the trigger weight on a revo we are greatly reducing the guns firing pin energy and any movement of the primer before the anvil bottoms out eats part of that energy and can cause FTF. Yes just crank on main spring pressure till the gun will run your intended ammo 100% this is literally the only thing that matters nothing short of 100% matters. How do you lighten your trigger? The key here is very likely your ammo, if you want a light trigger you will need to run federal primers that are fully seated. If you want a trigger in the 9ish pound range then you can probably get there with some other brands of primers, that are fully seated, if you want a trigger that will set off any ammo you happen to have you are going to be north of 10lb or so. Ammo is a large part of the equation in making a race revo run, there is no magic spring or part, that will let you have a 6lb trigger and run CCI primed factory ammo. the main spring brand is immaterial, I have both stock and wolf in guns they take the same tuning, its just a spring and is not the problem. light trigger = Federal primers fully seated the further from here you go the heavier you will need the action to be for full reliability.
  5. There is no difference other than better QC between match and regular federals I have a couple guns that I run around 6.5 with factory firing pins so not imperative, the big thing is set your main spring (however you want to, bend it , shorten strain screw, locktite strain screw) for 100% ignition while testing this you literally do not care about your trigger pull weight just that the ammo goes off all the time. THEN play with your rebound spring to get the pull feel you like. longer firing pins and lighter hammers will change how much main spring tension you need to get the ignition to 100% but the same applies do the work then set it up to run then set it up for feel. you may have noticed I have yet to mention test trigger pull weight in this process, that's because it doesn't matter, many find that they much prefer a pull weight that is higher and has a nice snappy positive reset some prefer a lower pull weight with a soft reset, the weight is really not a big deal. and remember 100% reliable means no light strikes ever, not its okay if I only get one once in a while. I run my strain screw about 1/4 turn in from runs, unless I totally mess up my ammo I dont have light strikes.
  6. most seem to have the best luck by setting your main spring tension for reliable ignition THEN playing with rebound springs for pull weight vs rebound feel, you really want to do it in this order because as you change the main spring tension the rebound feel changes, changing rebound springs should have no affect on your ignition, if it does then you have other issues to track down
  7. My $.02 is that most shooters (myself Included) spend way too much time worrying about finding the perfect load, Find a load that makes power factor and runs 100% in your gun and go shoot it, my experience messing with powders and bullets is when testing loads at the bench I can feel the difference load to load if I pay attention, If I load a mag half and half and run some practice drills I have no idea when the load changed. I did this last just last week with loads that varied by 20PF in my gun, try it it may surprise you how little the load actually matters.
  8. not enough trigger movement, possibly the over travel screw is too far out?
  9. OAL or seating depth will vary with what the gun can chamber and how it feeds, most people I know running similar bullets are in the 1.15 to 1.17 range
  10. nothing is going to be better for you than the list of powders you find above in this thread. one thing that you will not see looking at a burn rate chart is how much volume each of the powders in the correct burn range takes up, many of the powders that look like good ideas simply can not fit enough to make major, find one of the usual suspects and work from there, my experience has been that while standing at the bench "testing" powders I can tall the difference but running a stage I cant tell where in the mag the load changes. Silhouette WAC/CFE Win 572 HS6 AA7/SWMP 3n37 3n38 N350 Picture is 115gr loads
  11. It sounds like a sear and safety issue, the previous owner likely replaced one or the other without properly fitting them, without looking at the parts it would be hard to tell what is out of whack. There are some other possible issues but this is the most likely if your comfortable working on them yourself I would by both new parts and start from there, being as you want to make it SA I would likely just order the EGW hammer and Sear from Henning and a new safety and call it good.
  12. on the hammer and sear question I'll offer a question and answer Q how many rounds do you shoot a year? if the answer is a thousand or two you will likely be fine with the stock components lasting many years without problem, Many here shoot than many over a long weekend so their recommendations may be different. that out of the way there are several areas that need to be addressed for a great trigger pull, lots of places to polish and several springs to play with, if you are shooting full power 10mm I would stay away from going lighter on your main spring, you want as much help lowing the slide down as you can get, I would also get a egw firing pin stop with the square bottom they help slow the slide as well.
  13. I made Gm in Revo when I was 50, but that's Revo so it kinda doesn't count. that said I see no reason it cant be done in a real division, most classifiers are short gun handling and accuracy tests, these skills are less age limited.
  14. mine is more like a leaking air compressor mixed with a jet engine
  15. Just to be clear a 95 grainer is never " at major" regardless of velocity Appendix D1 lin3 3 Minimum bullet weight 112 grains for major power factor.
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