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  1. I will say when talking to new shooters a 2 pc belt is the one piece of equipment I tell them to buy if they plan on shooting more matches, $50 is pretty small beans in this game and the belt is not gun/division specific.
  2. many recommendations for very good gear above, my question is do you have anything now? You can very easily start out in this game with a Uncle Mikes plastic holster and a couple double mag pouches on a belt you already have to keep your pants up, if you do use that to start, you can also possibly borrow something from another shooter at your club (many will help a new shooter try the sport) I'm not trying to tell you not buy what you want, but I have seen several of shooters spend a bunch to get all set up in a division they think they want to shoot based on what they saw online or read in the rule book but then start going to matches and find that pretty quickly they actually want different guns and gear. Some people look at it as a excuse to buy more gear but some wish they had saved till they had shot some matches and learned what they really wanted.
  3. To me this has nothing to do with person who's hammer has been cocked, that situation is directly covered by the rules and the remedy is as you described. The person cocking someone else's hammer, I have a huge problem with and will make that clear to them to the extent the rules allow, and I firmly believe that includes a 10.6
  4. Yes first time, that is the type of behavior that absolutely would bring the sport into disrepute. hey go shoot USPSA they are very safe but sometimes people will jack with your holstered gun but hey you don't get disqualified so its all just in fun? I don't think so. Anyone that thinks F-ing with someones holstered pistol is funny, needs more than a polite suggestion, a 10.6 DQ gives them the message that, that type of behavior is not and will not be tolerated. Just like we don't give a shooter that breaks the 180 a polite suggestion to not do that again.
  5. We have several of the R+R ones they are probably the firs few he made probably in the 20yr old range and they still work great.
  6. I would 10.6 that guy the first time, if he ever did it again I would invite him to never return
  7. HS6 or WAC/CFE you can load them down to minor or up to major, at minor they are not as clean or soft as some of the other options but not really that much worse than most factory loads. they are also useful in a wide range of cartridges.
  8. very very quick shipping and good service. I want to say mine shipped within a few hours of ordering it, my friend had his whole rig (belt moon holder holster combo) in hand on Wednesday after ordering on Sunday afternoon
  9. Cool thanks, The speed sec 5 is by far the easiest race holster to draw from I have ever used.
  10. So far I have used 2 holsters for my Super GP100 It fits nicely in my wife's Hoppner Schumann Speed sec 5 for a Smith revo, its a great holster but as best I can tell unavaliable in the states and she wont give it up. So I bough a Speed Beez competition holster for it and it works great, draws just as good as a race holster but with kydex ease of use, the only complaint if you can call it that is the drop offset bracket and belt attachment are not as solid as the aluminum Springer hangers I have on some other holsters, but you cant expect a $60 hanger on a $73 holster and its easy enough to add if you want.
  11. I just got a Speed Beez competition holster for my Super GP100 my initial impression is it's a great holster espessially for the price, plentybsecure and with the low front cut competition style it draws just as easily as the limcat race holster I was using with my 627. About the only negative is the hanger is not as solid as a Springer or Boss aluminum one but you can add one of those if you want. I totally dont notice it when drawing but when walking around the plastic drop offset feels a little bouncy. A friend of mine got one for a 929 last week and his fit and functioned just as well. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  12. The assumption that you have to shoot all As to classify well is wrong, there are many classifiers with partial targets and with major scoring you are able to shoot much further away from the no-shoot or hard cover and end up with a better score. If your goal is to make A or better in limited it can be done with Minor, I have seen a guy make Master with a Minor gun, but it is easier with Major, and the guy I saw do it with minor will tell you the same thing.
  13. I just got one of the speed beez competition holsters (cut low on the front) for my Super GP100 and I have to say I am really please with how works, I had been running a Limcat holster for my 627 and I am not seeing anything about this one that will slow me down. I will likely be getting a Springer or Boss hanger for it to take some of the bounce out of the plastic belt attachment, but so far the bouncy feeling seems only to be noticeable when walking around, during the draw it feels and functions just fine as is.
  14. Looks a lot like a Sig may see if Sig springs fit.
  15. 100% I am by nature a Rabbit so running and squirting bullets like a fool in Open is natural to me, Revo makes me concentrate on all the important things like sight picture and trigger press that seem to make me a better shooter in general
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