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  1. MikeBurgess

    2 stages in the same bay

    I actually like the shoot one stay hot shoot the other. we did it quite a bit when i started this game. My $.02 if you cant keep 2, 12 round stages straight in your head how are you ever going to make it through a 32 round stage? as mentioned above nationals did the split the squad and run 2 program, I found that made it fel more rushed as you had 2 on deck 2 shooting 2 just shot, so it felt rushed to clean and load mags then actually do some taping before you were up again.
  2. MikeBurgess

    Extended cylinder release

    I have a Hogue you can try if you want. its their short version with the bottom corner rounded off.
  3. MikeBurgess

    Best Budget 1911 Ignition parts

    Its actually pretty close to on as is, the front sight is a old Millett dual crimp ramp so I I'm stuck with them till I decide to weld it up and mill it for real sights. luckily the trigger has a over travel screw and the overall trigger is not too bad. it will probably end up with a mag well of some sort sooner or later.
  4. MikeBurgess

    Best Budget 1911 Ignition parts

    Still need to do some more tinkering but the learning is fun Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  5. MikeBurgess

    Best Budget 1911 Ignition parts

    I ended up ordering the Wilson value line hammer for $29 or so on amazon, it installed fine and didn't need too much cleanup. It will be a low use gun so I bet it will hold up fine.
  6. MikeBurgess

    Venom Customs!?

    Its funny how it cycles, I recently rebuilt a ancient Middy build on a Gen2 Caspian frame. whats old is new again. (except I did a cheep steel comp)
  7. MikeBurgess

    Round count question

    you can load 358 bullets in 9mm brass, I have even shot them out of several of my autos.
  8. MikeBurgess

    Everglades “Way-Back” Mount

    Actually you have it backwards regarding ejection port clearance. The regular mounts are in front of the port when it's actually ejecting brass (remember the slide moves) so these would seem to re introduce all the ejection issues people had with upright cmore Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  9. MikeBurgess

    S&W 686 Conversion Grips

    I liked them more than I liked the rubber Houges. My only complaint really is they are pretty small front to back at the top, but I have this complaint with almost all revolver grips.
  10. The biggest thing in "gaming" is to just read the WSB and walk the stage as presented, bring nothing to your stage plan but the rule book and the stage thats there. look at the stage and try to see what the designer is trying to make you do and then look again and see if there is a way to not do that then decide whats faster/better and do that. What I have seen make the most positive difference in a stage is engaging moving targets before activating them On the other side I do love stages with hands anywhere starts either holstered or table where shooters "game" it by hovering their hands just above the gun then rush and get a bad grip or slower than normal draw because they are taking short cuts in their normal routine.
  11. MikeBurgess

    Best Budget 1911 Ignition parts

    I have a bobbed hammer on another 1911, mostly want a new hammer for appearance.
  12. Well I don't recommend this but after I had a stroke my wife started shooting matches with me. It's a bit drastic but it worked.[emoji16] Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. Just so you know Practiscore had NOTHING to do with USPSA, it was developed because a competitor wanted a better solution and decided to develop it himself.
  14. I believe 14 was production, but otherwise I agree totally Yes
  15. MikeBurgess

    Schuman barrel front sight question

    I would bet that it is a regular front sight with the extra width milled off by the smith that fit it. You could easily fit a new sight of the correct dovetail size and file the extra width off