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  1. so altering the stage to fit their physical limitations, how is that different than moving a wall so they don't have to lean as far if that is hard for them? you said literal, I am just challenging that
  2. If you are being literal, why would moving it to sit down be different?
  3. I love Tanfoglios but if your just getting into Open get a 2011, buy used if that's what your budget needs but get a 2011. the reason, when you go to a match with a 2011, 99% of the other competitors are also running 2011's and can help you with whatever issues you may have come up and there are likely enough parts in various peoples bags to almost make a new one from scratch and for sure there are several backup guns that you could probably borrow in a pinch, shoot a Tanfoglio and if you have a issue you will have to solve it your self with whatever parts you brought.
  4. I've used split scoring at many matches, every time the procedure has been score easy and clear hits anything else guard the targets and wait for the RO and shooter to come score the targets. Personally I have never seen the case where a miss or questionable hit was scored and tapped without the shooter being given the opportunity to look for themselves, regardless of the have a delegate speech in the WSB, I'm sure it happens but I have not seen it.
  5. for sure tanfo parts fit, but with CZ main spring, I had one and swapped top ends with a tanfo small frame. also if you find a decocker model on these the decockers do not affect the trigger pull negatively like they do on CZs the only compromise is you can't run a aftermarket firing pin.
  6. No, your shooting a gun that is starting out very soft and is not cycling at mach 3 like a open major gun. Stroking does 2 things 1 it gives more time for the spring to slow the slide so the impact with the frame is less, shooting minor from a 6" gun you are already not hitting the frame very hard. 2 it gives the magazine more time to push the rounds up so the next one can feed, once again this is likely not a problem for your gun.
  7. We have several of the R and R targets stomp pads, I think they are probably pushing 20 years old and still working fine https://store.randrtargets.com/Pressure-Pad-01-07.htm
  8. this is actually one of the rule sets I wish we could change, I would love to be able to have soft cover be more liberally allowed in the rules. My personal desire would be to use the IDPA rules for target penetrability (basically targets on separate stick are soft cover and stacked targets are score the exposed faces) and be able to declare certain props as soft cover regardless of the target presentation they are protecting as long as they are available somewhere in the stage. So have a swinger you want to protect? put a barrel with a no shoot in front of it, declare the barrel soft cover, score the swinger and any hits on the no shoot, done, don't have to paint the barrel don't have to worry about did this bullet make a full dia hole in the barrel or no shoot etc, scores and resets quickly and everyone gets a accurate score. Have a down range wall with a partial target behind it you know is going to get shot? stick a barrel stack at the end and declare them soft cover, score the targets and move on, no having to constantly repair the wall no divining what hole in the barrel lines up with the wonky hole in the target just score and move on.
  9. to me this is the key to a great match. best match I ever put together the top 3 shooters were all 100% sure they lost, because there was enough diversity to find each of their weaknesses.
  10. one of the things I love about this sport is that we get to have shooters that run from pre teen all the way to seasoned enough to be wearing a emergency call button and beginner to world class all mixed together
  11. I have a K frame with a 9lb trigger (I tuned it heavy to use up some crap primers during the Obama shortage) and it is noticeably easier to pull it fast than my 5.5lb 627 my im pretty sue its because of how much easier it is to accelerate the cylinder. on being able to slipit your 625 faster it could be age or it could be that the recoil f the 45 helped you reset the trigger faster.
  12. easy way to form nice round features like that is a drill and a fine file, I have also used a drill and a dremel, chuck the part up in the drill and with it turning remove the desired material with a file, dremel, stone, or sandpaper as needed to achieve the size and shape you want.
  13. the lighter cylinder should not change the actual pull weight as measured with a trigger gauge, but will change the feel of the trigger when running it quickly as the lighter cylinder has less inertia thus takes less pressure on the trigger to accelerate it.
  14. Sorry but I don't see that as a bad thing, There many different shooting sports and there needs to be differentiation between them, and shooters are free to choose the ones that fit them best, making the different sports more similar so shooters don't feel the need to shoot the others is a fools errand, the differences are what makes the sports what they are. Don't add movement to Steel challenge to make it more like USPSA don't take the movement out of USPSA to make it more like IDPA don't raise the round count on IDPA to make it more like USPSA etc, etc I say this as a MD who is known for running challenging matches, our last match sold out in 6 min. and we have many seasoned shooters.
  15. Locally marketing to grow the sport is literally the last thing we need, my club this weekend finally got to run a match after being shut down for Covid, it was a fantastic match for the 84 shooters that got a slot, it was a horrible match for the 40 or so that were not able to get a slot. The match sold out in 6 minutes, pre Covid we were running 110-120 shooters Im sure when we are released to have large matches again we will be back to that level or higher.
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