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  1. Wrong, the classification system rewards pushing the limits, and most of the High Hit Factors take that into account (division dependent) most M and A class shooters (not all) got there by pushing hard on classifiers and either getting a good run or tanking hard enough for it not to count against them. at a L2+ match most shooters will not be pushing to 100% because the crash counts against their match and they likely value that score more. if you want to stop the hero or zero system we have make all classifiers count all the time and your class can float up and down,
  2. I saw a post on FB, I think, that said round count is about 470 also for the SS/Revo match they condensed down to a PM, AM,AM schedule for all shooters
  3. I'm guessing this will eat into the 2011 juggernaut in limited pretty hard, for less than the cost of a plastic grip 2011 you get a all steel gun, wow
  4. think of it like this, you tapping (probably harder than you expect) to drive the bullet back into the case is way way way less violent then firing a 44 mag round.
  5. you left out he's also only 19, but didn't he win the title by being slower and more accurate but still fun to watch.
  6. The real answer is if you want to see that stuff, volunteer and make those stages yourself. I like you have always been drawn to the physicality of what I saw in the "old days" I have been helping run matches for many years now and finally decided to just start doing some of them, so this season I ran 3 stages with Cooper tunnels at level 1,2 and 3 matches and 2 stages with climb over obstacles (shorter than I would like but its a start), what I have found is as long as you give a reasonable option to avoid the athletic part people are pretty happy. A reasonable alternative should be a disadvantage but not so bad that it kills someones match, think a couple seconds longer not 10s of seconds. Also for cooper tunnels specifically try to force the shooters to shoot from very close to it to on both sides to reintroduce the risk of a penalty for knocking a stick off, no fair that only those that go through face the risk of penalties. PS watching the national champ shoot on the move while going through a cooper tunnel is pretty cool
  7. I have not got to play with a sig Max myself, but I believe they are a decent deal even at the $1400 level, they have a checkered front strap come with a Dawson Ice magwell and have a Konig hammer and EGW sear and Firing pin, so internally they have the same top of the line parts many custom smiths would use. I have not read anything reviews saying they are poorly fit That said the DW point man is a nice gun.
  8. I would strip and reassemble the firing pin and firing pin block, then pop the slide back on the frame and check the hammer function, if it works without the FPB in then I would reassemble the slide with the firing pin and block and make sure the block is able to move freely then check again. Mike
  9. Probably I Know the regular sig slides are odd shaped not sure about the Max though, it looks like the front of the slide milled above the rails to lighten it so holsters may not be run of the mill. But holsters are pretty cheep. also I just looked one in 40 is listed for 799.98
  10. Gun Broker recently had a couple 40SW 1911 Max Michel models for under $900 the 9 and 45 versions are $1400 so its pretty tempting. that said the 9 and 45 versions are a pretty good deal, pretty much tune sear spring and go to town from what I have read.
  11. Outside of marksmanship and gun handling what about our game IS realistic? PS IDPA is not really any more realistic either.
  12. Recruit as much help as you possibly can, anytime someone volunteers find something they can do. Dont get caught up in your stage designs getting set up exactly like you drew them, if it gets set up different but its legal and safe try rolling with it, when setting your own stage give yourself the freedom to move anything or everything if you think it will make the stage better. Sent from my SM-N960U using Tapatalk
  13. My $.02 is dot height is a non issue, we are talking 1/8" for most of the plate systems, not enough to change much of anything. look at the upright Cmores and even most of the mini dots on frame mounts (open guns) the bore to dot offset is huge on those and zero matches have been lost due to it.
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