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  1. 1. Check all grip screws are tight 2. Ensure the front trigger guard pin is present 3. Pull the beavertail out and check function without it, look for side to side movement in the leaf spring and smooth disconnect movement 4.With the over-travel all the way out you could bind the disconnect / sear
  2. For the current competition 16” MPX's with the side venting brake yes it works just as well as the MBX did on the old gen 13.7” barrels for me. Lighter bullets medium burn rate powder ( CFE, N330, N340..) my current 3 loads I use depending on bullet availability: · 100gr FMJ 6.4 CFE Pistol 1497 Fps · 95gr Montana Gould JHP 6.4 CFE Pistol 1515 Fps · 115gr FMJ/ JHP 5.4 CFE Pistol 1350 Fps Give me minimal dot movement, as a factory reference in my 16" guns: · Speer Lawman 115gr TMJ load is 1425fps · Federal XM9001 115GR JHP is 1445fps
  3. Don't agree with the heaver bullets use 115gr @1360FPS /156PF as the easiest bullets to source right now. Had a wonderful 100gr @1520FPS / 152PF load but cant source the bullets again, same with a Montana Gould 95gr JHP @ 1550FPS / 147PF not being made right now..
  4. This covers 99.99% of the MPX issues: 1. How often do you clean the gas system= gas plug has an expansion chamber when that fills up with Carbon/Lead/Poly Coating you are reducing the volume and delay to extraction. I.E you are attempting to extract while the case is still expanded against the chamber walls 2.When have you last changed the extractor spring= see #1 above this adds stress to the extractor spring and overworks it reducing the extractor springs ability to maintain grip on the cartage case 3. How often do you clean behind the extractor= build up of Carbon/Poly Coating reduces the extractor springs ability to move and maintain grip on the cartage case Usually I shoot 135gr Blues over 3.5gr Sport Pistol=Coated bullets are bad for the gas plug expansion chamber see #1 above… to use them your clean out on the gas plug would need to be every 200-300 rounds.. I never had good results with Sport Pistol fast burn rate powders fill the gas plug expansion chamber to fast and start the extraction process while the case is still expanded against the chamber walls see #2 above. MPX is better off with medium burn rate powders N330,N340,CFE pistol..
  5. This is the Micro JTTC, 4140 PH Stainless Steel. all of their previous comps are 7075 Aluminum. Works well flatter than any thing you can do with a carry optics set up, dot stays in the center of the glass vary easy to track no real corrections needed between shots, BUT it is NOT at an open gun level of performance. If i was doing that 2 gun Nationals thing I would pair this up with my MPX. I run 124 HST (Standard or +P)and Speer 124 Gold Dot... I like carry comp guns my first one was a Glock 17 with a Jarvis single chamber comp back in 1990-1991..
  6. For my MPX's 100gr FMJ 6.4 CFE Pistol 1497Fps or 95gr Montana Gould JHP 6.4 CFE Pistol 1515 Fps = super flat minimal dot movement
  7. I went with the 4.7" so I could use the Armory Craft Guide rod and 1911 springs.
  8. My maintenance issues went down 80% after Igot a big Ultrasonic tank the whole barrel will fit in (catty corner), this is the solution I use: https://www.brownells.com/gun-cleaning-chemicals/solvents-degreasers/solvents/sonic-tonic-precision-ultrasonic-firearm-cleaning-concentrate-prod129724.aspx Got a cheap Tea Ball from Wallmart for the small parts... Got to keep the expansion chamber in the gas plug free of carbon/lead build up, as it fills up you decrease the delay prior to the start of the unlock/ extraction process
  9. 4th time I have heard /seen this happen.. 1st was AZ state PCC match stage 10 guy on my squad plug never found, detent was sticky..2nd local match guy on my squad plug was found, detent was sticky... Last month a friend called while I was driving home from a match, Plug not found told him to check the detent and gave him info on a replacement plug.. My theroy is that if the detent is not latched in solid (or is sticky due to carbon fouling) it starts to rotate due to vibration then the gas acts on the side of the slot to finish the rotation and eject it..
  10. I had both laser (CMR-206) and 45 offsets. Used the laser 3 times outside in matches and 10 times for indoor matches use the 45 offsets a lot more. Kept the laser around as it's weight was nothing, up until I changed hand guard profiles and removed the laser for ergonomic reasons.
  11. I do a grip texture in zones based on how your hands sit plus the reduction and undercuts combined with recoil give you the bight..sil carbide is just their and has a build up..
  12. I have been doing grips since 1990 with thousands done....Sig,STI,Glock, M&P,H&K...evey type of polymer is different.. angle of attack with the iron and duration is critical... the tungsten infused grip react different..
  13. PCC is the only division that translates easy... Load no more than 32 rounds in a mag (+1 chambered if a loaded start), min bullet weight of 115gr max velocity of 1640fps... leave your 90- 100gr loads at home
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