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  1. Vortex UH-1 primary with Sig Romer4M offset , both have the circle dot retical.
  2. Undercut triggerguard & beavertail.. thinned the front strap & transitions to the sides ( Front & Rear) then stippled
  3. PCC is 2nd or 3 most shot division in AZ for the last 2 years.... last 2 matches # 1 and tie for #2 :
  4. I use mine more than my laser now ... tight ports that you would have to bury yourself In to use the primary...plus reduced bore offset on really close upper A only targes..
  5. I have milatary friends that have lost their sight from lasers ...." eye safe "only means that you will look away/ close your eyes before you do damage, that's why a slightly defused splash back can be more dangerous than a direct view.. you can play Russian roulette with your eyesight, but I wont RO, run the pad or stay in a bay with someone using one.
  6. The 5mw is what is deemed as eye safe( no protective laser safety glasses) any thing over that is dangerous in direct view and IN SPLASH BACK OFF OF THINGS...their is a thred on the PCC area that some videos were posted of the lasers burning/melting stuff..I was a laser safety officer when I was in the milatary,wont stay in a bay if someone is using one over the 5MW limit..I don't care whet th sticker says i can tell...bottom line if it is brighter than the 206 it is a risk..
  7. Prefer to reduce ( adjust the natural sight index) and stipple...
  8. Simi fit will need some work on the hood... have a 2011 HEXTAC for IDPA I'm doing for a friend that I need to finish first.. CO is a 2020 projectnfo me
  9. yea LCI is gonna be a long term problem... I opted to do a Bar-Sto barrel without a LCI....
  10. Grip Undercut Front & Rear, Shaved down and stippled... better than grip tape.
  11. USPSA in Tucson is on its death bed... lots of canceled matches, low turn out... that Proam is only because the USPSA normally on that day is canceled ( all Pima USPSA are canceled for all of September) ... I am doing the 1.5 hr drive to Rio for the Saturday match...
  12. Yes... I have the newest carrier, spring guide and buffer in my oldest gun.
  13. Been running SD3G's in all 3 of my MPX's since 2017.....
  14. For me based on my military experience with the Colt SMG’s (blow back 9mm) I knew that I wanted a locked breach gun and the advantages it offers. Some key points · I was able to replicate the malfunctions in my #2 gun that has none of the gouging in the upper · I was able to eliminate the malfunctions in all 3 guns by restricting the gas and beefing up the extractor tension ( same thing you do in an over gassed AR) · I believe the loose ejector contributed to the gouging in the upper, combined with the high carrier velocity and the sharp edge on the spring guide dovetail. The new competition carrier and spring guide eliminates this that’s why I bought it for the #1 gun with the gouging in the upper · I have seen similar / worse wear issues in other piston systems (SCAR, HK416) that are steel parts in an aluminum receiver. The linear operation of a Direct Impingement AR is really a wonderful thing · The hole down the center of the gas plug is critical, as this fouls up with carbon, Bullet coating or lead the volume is reduced and starts the piston moving sooner in the cycle time ( i.e. over gassing) · I balance the ammo (155-162 PF) with the gas system, recoil spring rate and comp to get all 3 working together …. Same thing you do with an OPEN gun · I could have gotten a new competition MPX when I bought my #3 gun so I could push the #1 gun down to practice/beater status… however based on all my trouble shooting and fixes I felt the last thing the MPX needed was more dwell time ( lounger barrel same gas port location)
  15. I had zero luck with Sig: wanted the whole gun shipped on my dime ( over 1 year old) would void any warranty if it had "after market parts" .. i was unwilling to un-pin @ weld the MBX comp and re-pin & weld the stock flash hider back on... stated the expected service life was 25K so I should count my self lucky that I got 30K I got them to sell me the latest updated carrier, spring gide and buffer and I keep an eye on the ejector to make sure it is not loose again. the groves line up with the part of the spring guide that dovetails in to the carrier .. once I went down the over gassed / to fast a powder burn rate + week extractor springs trouble shooting path all 3 of mine run 100% until the extractor spring wares down ( 7-10K or so) ... and I go 4 times as long with 50 % less build up on the cleanings
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