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  1. Vary good possibly that the comp is increasing back presser. I would rebuild the extractor spring , remove the comp and shoot it to extractor spring failure .. willing to bet it will be more rounds than you have been seeing. Hope you are using a new spring insert each time you change extractor springs, not all spring inserts are created equal despite them being black I use these: https://www.brownells.com/rifle-parts/bolt-parts/extractor-parts/extractor-hardware/ar-15-m16-extractor-buffer-prod20892.aspx?avs|Make_3=AR-15 BTW I couldn't get an O ring or a defender to fit any of my 3 bolts
  2. Check the ejector in the upper, make sure it is tightened down... on the gas plug that's why i went with the fixed port plugs from ILWT so I would know what I am using in each gun... What recoil springs ( stock, XP, reduced)? I have been happy with the SSI / ILWT billet extractor in all of my MPX's.
  3. Barrel length? Any muzzle device? Ammo velocity? what setting is your adjustable gas plug on?
  4. "Is open pistol logic applicable to PCC or not???" It is in a Locked breach gun (MPX). Not so much in a Blowback as they are counter productive to each other. What drives the comp increases the bolt velocity and felt recoil in a Blowback gun, you can address that with system weight and spring rate
  5. I have access to the M frame Alpha and use the Prism Jade Iridium most of the time and the Prizm Snow Black Iridium in extreme bright conditions (they are on a modified TR22 base lens ).. Use the TR22 & TR45 in overcast conditions and I have switched to the TR45 for indoor matches over a clear lens.. They all help with the red dot and target to background contrast, Cant stand to use a non Prism lens for anything now.
  6. I currently run a UH-1 as a primary , Romeo 4M as an offset and a CMR-206 laser @ 12 o'clock. UH-1 BZO = 23/100 yards ( max of 1.98" high @ 65 yrds) ( bottom Delta in recital is POA/POI @ 5-7 yards, POI is 1" below the Delta @ 3 yards or less ) Romeo 4M BZO= 7 yards ( bottom of the outer ring 4 o'clock in recital is POA/POI @ 3 yards) (top of the outer ring 10 o'clock in recital is POA/POI @ 15 yards) CMR-206 BZO= 3yards or less ( 1" high @ 7-10 yards not much visibility in bright sun past that ) I personally like the larger window of the UH-1 and find I can lean farther with it than a smaller window and as I continue to lean the transition in to the Romeo 4M is seamless.. I tend to use the laser on Drive by close/ awkward targets ( in windows and tight to the wall, laydowns behind props...) and have used it on a 1st target from the belt on several occasions.. but get the most use out of it @ indoor matches. .. a week side transition is still a thing but having all 3 sights has lessened the situations that it is required to be used
  7. When I broke one the same way: 1. SIG never asked how old it was 2. They called me back and recommended the TTI extanded pad after the already issued the RMA So for me I have some standard rules in dealing with giant companys like SIG: 1. Don't volunteer any info above what they ask for 2. Keep all your stock parts for anything you change 3. Buy things that could be a high risk from someone like Brownells with a 100% no hassle guarantee .. SIG has no choice but to replace it to brownells that's the deal to be In with them..additionally 100%sure Lancer will have to replace to SIG any broken mags SIG warranty's out I don't plan to drop mags with extended pads on purpose now..I keep 2 /34 rounders and 2/ 24 rounders around with shortened spring guides and flat Speinger Precision aluminium pads for classifers or any other sitauation I know I am dropping a mag..
  8. Just call SIG for a RMA send it in and get a new replacement..
  9. Tried the Speed cross 4's and hated them outside as well as inside... moved over to this: https://tacticalgear.com/salomon-speed-assault-black-black-magnet?dl=b&gclid=CjwKCAiA7vTiBRAqEiwA4NTO6yr-IzwbcVf23oTLYEsZKP5nGKrTDKK9sDJnPeLbLu5QCbJtT5r9lRoCLj4QAvD_BwE sole compound is vastly different than the Speed cross, I have zero issues on concrete or any other slippery/ wet surface..
  10. Speer 115 or 124 gr TMJ or hand loads that are equal in velocity per bullet weight... your stated goal is to have a MPX that runs your production and AR9 load.. My goal is: have my MPX's run the same cycle time as an open pistol or an AR so that I don't have different timing Have minimal movement in the sight Have a 19" drop @ in the 150 -180 yard range we shoot dedicated PCC matches that place targets out that far
  11. I had one barrel port opened and I do reget it ... I have to run the most restricted gas plug on that barrel.. if you not going to put a comp on and try to drive it then YMWV...
  12. an MPX is NOT blowback... on my 2 MPX's ..to see maximum effect I have needed to play around with: load and / or factory ammo choice Gas port size ( gen 2 guns seem to be out their with either 0.0520" or 0.0625" so far no idea yet on the "competition" ) Gas plug size The MBX comp can build back presser ( resulting in over gased at the piston) with the right loads or reduce port presser with other loads ( resulting in under gased at the piston ) all depending on powder burn rate + peak presser due to the 13.2" of dwell time in the barrel .. lots of room to play... but I only have 35,000 rounds on my 2 MPX's
  13. if you ever plan on putting a comp on an MPX I WOULDN'T recommend opening the gas port.
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