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  1. I do a grip texture in zones based on how your hands sit plus the reduction and undercuts combined with recoil give you the bight..sil carbide is just their and has a build up..
  2. I have been doing grips since 1990 with thousands done....Sig,STI,Glock, M&P,H&K...evey type of polymer is different.. angle of attack with the iron and duration is critical... the tungsten infused grip react different..
  3. PCC is the only division that translates easy... Load no more than 32 rounds in a mag (+1 chambered if a loaded start), min bullet weight of 115gr max velocity of 1640fps... leave your 90- 100gr loads at home
  4. Done 4 or 5 now 2 samples attached: Raised the trigger guard undercut Raised, deepened and narrowed the beaver-tail Thin and radius the front and back straps Stippled
  5. P320 Competition Trigger System https://grayguns.com/product/p320-competition-hybrid-trigger-system/ Precision-ground custom sear, polished and finished in hard nickel PTFE. Specifically designed for competition or range use only. hard nickel PTFE = NP3
  6. GG Hybrid competition kit (with the NP3 sear) competition sear springs + the heaver trigger return spring +armory craft trigger. have about 0.012" pre-travel, zero over-travel , positive reset.....
  7. Reality is Primer production is limited even in normal times... Vista outdoor controls 70% +/- of the primer capacity in the US (federal & CCI) Winchester has been on a downward spiral in quality and capacity for several years and now has to manage Lake City as the new contract administrator stretching their administrative capacity.. Remington is bankrupt, ammo side has an offer to buy out for $65mil + assumption of debt, that leaves huge questions on the supply chain of raw materials for any new owners of Remington ammo.
  8. Never liked the 512 interrogated mount, the height over rail is to low (Absolute co witness height) so it requires a riser, glass is so so. Reticle is not bright enough for full AZ sun. Skip any Sig optic that is not a T version, IPX 8 vs IPX 7 environmental sealing are well worth the small cost increase. Replaced 4 UH-1 with Sig R8T’s, bigger window, clear glass , super crisp reticle, windage and elevation are adjustment are internal on the reticle. Windage and elevation are adjustment are in the mount in the UH-1, I had 3 where the windage tension loosened up after 25K and
  9. way I have done it for 30 years in USPSA is I keep mine loaded all the time until I make a decision to switch divisions for at least a mouth or 2.. down load and clean anything as needed on a stage then reload it and back in to rotation.. 2011's get new springs once a season, PCC's get new springs as needed when the springs get a curve in them..
  10. Yea same for me in 30 years at this sport I probably have less than 5 hours total of dry fire, no routine practice might do 100 rounds of drills if I am on a range to adjust a Zero or do some chrono work 2-3 times a year... I just shoot 6-8 matches every month
  11. STI is gone: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4693452
  12. PN: 1810939-R / OP ROD 1810942-R / BOLT CARRIER, 37 HP, FG 2402083-R / BUMPER, RECOIL KIT-MPXUPPER / UPPER RECEIVER ASSY, MPX, SEMI, DUST COVER, EJECTOR, BARREL CLAMP, HARDWARE I called a few times and was told $50 shipping on me for evaluation (whole gun) , any aftermarket parts were automatic disqualifying on a warranty request and I was well over the 25K service life of the system... I finally got someone willing to work with me and have kept him as my POC, however I am a retired military armorer and held SIG certifications for
  13. common issue with the Carrier and spring guide .. the cross dovetail on the spring guide is what is gouging: 1. check your ejector to ensure it is tight in the upper receiver as this will contribute to the issue 2. shift to a faster burn rate powder OR shift to a restricted gas plug (0.052")...MPX's are burn rate sensitive I normally run speer 115gr TMJ that is 1400fps with .0520 restricted gas and 13% reduced recoil springs when I go to 115gr JHP @1400fps with 5.9gr of CFE Pistol or 5.2gr of Sport Pistol I have to change to the .114 gas plug( factory Open).. when I use fed 115gr JH
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