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  1. Yea same for me in 30 years at this sport I probably have less than 5 hours total of dry fire, no routine practice might do 100 rounds of drills if I am on a range to adjust a Zero or do some chrono work 2-3 times a year... I just shoot 6-8 matches every month
  2. STI is gone: http://www.digitaljournal.com/pr/4693452
  3. PN: 1810939-R / OP ROD 1810942-R / BOLT CARRIER, 37 HP, FG 2402083-R / BUMPER, RECOIL KIT-MPXUPPER / UPPER RECEIVER ASSY, MPX, SEMI, DUST COVER, EJECTOR, BARREL CLAMP, HARDWARE I called a few times and was told $50 shipping on me for evaluation (whole gun) , any aftermarket parts were automatic disqualifying on a warranty request and I was well over the 25K service life of the system... I finally got someone willing to work with me and have kept him as my POC, however I am a retired military armorer and held SIG certifications for 18 years and I think that had something to do with it... Best bet is to call and try to order what you need as the MPX Upper was on the web store a few mounths ago , but not curentley: https://www.sigsauer.com/sig-sauer-small-parts-shoppers/
  4. common issue with the Carrier and spring guide .. the cross dovetail on the spring guide is what is gouging: 1. check your ejector to ensure it is tight in the upper receiver as this will contribute to the issue 2. shift to a faster burn rate powder OR shift to a restricted gas plug (0.052")...MPX's are burn rate sensitive I normally run speer 115gr TMJ that is 1400fps with .0520 restricted gas and 13% reduced recoil springs when I go to 115gr JHP @1400fps with 5.9gr of CFE Pistol or 5.2gr of Sport Pistol I have to change to the .114 gas plug( factory Open).. when I use fed 115gr JHP +P+(9BPLE) @1450fps I need to go to a .0469 gas plug with the 13% springs all are close in PF but require different gassing. I paid SIG for the new generation (PCC/G3) Carrier and spring guide for all 3 of my MPX's as they consider the gouging normal but did change the parts that cause it.
  5. What # of USPSA matches are you shooting per month? their is no substitute for shooting matches, will any of the clubs let you pay an additional fee and shoot the whole match 2 times as just another shooter on your squad? Are you evaluating your performance to the other divisions in HOA for the match and individual stages?
  6. I have been shooting this sport since 1990 and never heard of the veloicty limits your talking about... early on major PF was 175 so everyone targeted 180PF for comfort..had guys running 88gr JHP @2045 fps 115gr@ 1565 fps... FYI current USPSA velocity limit for PCC is 1600 fps... the 9BPLE and XM9001 are federal factory loads out of a 13.7" barrel garentee the would be faster from a 16"
  7. Yea ended up their after 3 years of development started with 124's with the stock flash hider Moved to 115gr after adding the MBX comp the 9BPLE Load: groups under 2" at 100 yds (100/26 yrd BZO ) matches up to the 500yard 5.56mm BDC point in the EoTec / trijicon /sig reticals @ 175 yrds for the long range targets at the AZ State PCC match only rises a max of 1.9" (@ 65 yrds) falls out of that 1.9" @115 yrds ( gives me a center hold on a 8' plate anywhare from 5-115 yards) Matches the CQB 7yd point of reference in the same recitals gives me same BZO with the XM9001 , 115gr speer TMJ and my 115gr reloads for regular USPSA matches drives the MBX comp I admit I have played around with 95gr JHP loads that I do like for just USPSA and gives me an alternate for when bullets are hard to source and factory cost is up ( now) only run them @ 1525 fps /144 PF Just saying their is performance available in the MPX if your willing to tune, just like in a blowback PCC it's just different more like an OPEN pistol or an AR ... If your killing extractor springs in your MPX your over gassed for that powder burn rate.. I git 7K or so on one with proper gassing, I have killed them in 300 rounds with improper gas best thing i did to eliminate the "MPX wants to do it own thing" was add the comp and drop the recoil spring rate
  8. MPX’s need to be tuned just like a blow back PCC however the process is different: 115gr @ 1425FPS: Speer TMJ , Federal 9BPLE, Federal XM9001 and a N340 reload I use a 0.0520 gas plug in 2 of my guns and a 0.0469 in the third with 13% reduced recoil springs in all 3 guns 115 JHP reload with 5.9gr of CFE Pistol I use a 0.114 (open) gas plug in 2 of my guns and a 0.0520 in the third with 13% reduced recoil springs in all 3 guns Same bullet weight, same velocity, same power factor = 47% change to the gas flow based on the power burn rate
  9. USPSA Added P226 LDC on 12/2/19... and I see them around now
  10. I have been using slide mounted RDS since 1995-6 ish ... just adding threaded holes with out any other stability is a recipe for RMR/SRO optic failure.. the slide cut contacts the DPP / R1Pro stabilizes the optic front to rear, and reduces the load on the screws that is why i didn't install the shroud on my R1P as it raised the optic up and reduced contact front and rear with the slide cut out..
  11. SC has a build up... I shave things down to: 1.fit my hand 2. Lower the bore axis 3. Adjust the natural index of my grip to the sight 4. Control the direction and aggressiveness of the stipples in relation to my hands and grip style
  12. Little more time under heat to raise a stipple.. much more agressive bite in the hand than polymer...little harder to sand down and shape before stppiling
  13. I ran about 8lbs of N340 I had leftover from my limited days..3N37 is to hot melts the gas rings on the plug fairly quickly no presser signs just to much heat at the gas block... CFE Pistol has been my go to latley but out of stock with the panic so moving to sport pistol
  14. Yes the exact thing I was explaining.... as the expansion chamber fills up the time to start piston movement and the unlock/extraction process starts sooner = extraction while the case is still expanded against the chamber = case comes off the extractor/ breach face but doesn't hit the ejector. With 3 MPX's and 60K rounds down range I am convinced this is the key element in MPX reliability issues...
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