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  2. you would think that PCC being the #2 or #3 largest division in all of the level 2&3 matches in AZ for the last 18 months, the haters would start to get over it... If they got their wish and PCC went away in to their own stand alone sport that would be a 30% ish drop in attendance at the now Pistol only matches...
  3. I have a small dump pouch on my belt on my week side behind my mag pouch: https://lapolicegear.com/maro.html?nav_pouches_opt1=wolf&gclid=CjwKCAjwvJvpBRAtEiwAjLuRPZ8q7RjXUZ0sVJhDNEjbJJ2rnZc0w9C3kIt98alWxvS4jPC4umhy1xoCGmcQAvD_BwE drop the first mag in it when I head to the line drop the flag in it when I grab the first mag to load drop any used mag (s) and chambered round in it & pull the flag back out my mags on my belt are only used for reloads, every thing used on a stage is in the dump pouch to be cleaned and reloaded at the end of the stage....
  4. Guarentee everything from federal is canister and not available to reloaders.. charge weight will also vary lot to lot as presser is the primary data point used for lot acceptance...
  5. Early Gen 2 had the "complex" plug that was replaced with the "open" .. the "open" ( .114" -.117" is what I have seen) is the only available part from Sig.. If you want to play with the restricted plugs ILWT is the source .0520" &.0469". My #1 & #2 guns use the .0469" my #3 is a.0520".... BUT I also have the MBX Comp's that increases Back pressure, like a suppressor and I use speer 115gr TMJ's @ 1400 FPS , federal XM9001 115gr JHP @1425FPS or reloaded 115JHP's @ 1410 FPS.....
  6. eliminated customer complaints on the system not running on crap ammo and / or loaded with fast powders ( anything aluminum cased, American Eagle, anything steel cased, WW wight box (exception for 124 NATO wight box load) ). My #1 gun has 30K on it, my #2 has 18K on it and my #3 has 5K on it... I can induce a malfunction in any one of them by: running to big of a gas plug for the ammo velocity/presser/powder burn rate letting the expansion chamber area of the gas plug get reduced in volume with carbon/lead build up ( ie early unlock) letting the extractor springs get worn out Running the restricted gas I can go 2K In between cleanings and have less build up than I used to see on 300 rounds with the open plug's..
  7. No, the smaller size plug lets less gas in to the system over a lounger time and restricts the excess flow after unlock. The piston and plug act as an expansion chamber for the gas when the correct volume is reached the piston moves back creating a larger expansion chamber until the piston passes the vent holes.
  8. The performance range of 9MM ammo is very wide, just like .223/5.56mm... you can't really expect one setup to be optimal across the whole range, if I set the gun up to run speer 115 gr tmj @1400 fps and fed XM9001 115gr jhp@ 1420 fps I shouldn't be surprised that it doesn't run federal 150 gr syntec @ 920fps well...same as an AR if I set up for MK262 77gr 5.56mm , I shouldn't expect it to run well on PMC 55gr .223....
  9. My carbon build up has been reduced by 80% since I changed over to restricted gas plugs.. 5 min wipe off with alachol every 600 or so rounds (1 -2weeks of matches) ... deeper cleaning once a month... Attack the carbon build up In the comp and gas plug expansion chamber once a quarter.. Sig has over gased the gun in response to people trying to run low velocity / fast burn rate powder loads... System was engineered for NATO Spec/ +p ammo (150-163 PF) that ammo reaches 100% burn in the original 13.7" barrels..
  10. That is a Mcfarland AR15 gas ring.... designed as a 1 use ring...
  11. No the bolt is unchanged.. it has an updated Carrier and spring guide, and rumors of an updated receiver buffer that is black.. BUT I have seen early " competition PCC" models with the orange'ish receiver buffer paired with the updated Carrier and spring guide.
  12. Been 3rd most popular around AZ for the last 18 mouths or so #3 at the Yuma Charity match, and 2018 Area 2, with Limited and Open flip flopping as #1& #2. PCC a Solid #3... This was the first one that PCC was a solid #2 ... no doubt Open Limited and PCC are the top 3 divisions around the AZ matches..
  13. all depends on the talent pool .. 2019 Northern Arizona Classic. Second most popular division. Highest limited was 13th ( current Single Stack world champion, Correct?)
  14. My new bolt carrier ( PCC Compitition) Sig sold me for my oldest gun with 30K + on it, runs fine against the old buffer set up
  15. Yea one of the reasons I use the UH-1..all LED diode's are not created equal and do dimm over time combined with the quality of the circuits,the inharant draw and the Open lens...I have some Jpoints that are the same way jut not as bright as they used to be ...
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