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  1. I ran about 8lbs of N340 I had leftover from my limited days..3N37 is to hot melts the gas rings on the plug fairly quickly no presser signs just to much heat at the gas block... CFE Pistol has been my go to latley but out of stock with the panic so moving to sport pistol
  2. Yes the exact thing I was explaining.... as the expansion chamber fills up the time to start piston movement and the unlock/extraction process starts sooner = extraction while the case is still expanded against the chamber = case comes off the extractor/ breach face but doesn't hit the ejector. With 3 MPX's and 60K rounds down range I am convinced this is the key element in MPX reliability issues...
  3. Is the expansion chamber in the gas plug clear? Coated and exposed lead base bullets will fill the expansion chamber in the gas plug causing an over gas issue that results in: early extraction while brass is still expanded in the chamber extractor slips off the case blow back finishes the case extraction but the case never contacts the ejector because it is not on the breach face faster burn rate powders can add to this issue ( pushing gas in to the gas system early in the dwell time at a faster rate / sooner than a slower burn rate would have) in my past experience the expansion chamber in the gas plug clogged with lead/ polymer coating is extremity difficult to clean out even with metal scraping tools. I gave up on one after 3 hours of work and only 20% progress against the lead fouling, I replaced it and threw it in the trash, I only shoot JHP or TMJ now with CFE or Sport pistol and bought a good Ultrasonic tank.
  4. For the MPX barrel length and comp play a big role in bullet weight and powder selection... in my gen 2's (13.7" barrels with MBX comps) I use 115gr JHP's with 5.9 of CFE pistol (1425 fps)... used N340 and 3N37 in the past also..
  5. I didn't bother with Sig over the LCI barrel. Based on my past experience with 1 in 10" 9mm barrels and heaver bullets (147 gr+ ) i just planed for a BarSto barrel (1 in 16") when I bought mine...
  6. First off I want to be clear both UH-1’s were replaced with brand new units by Vortex. However: •Both UH-1’s developed the same left right shifting of the sight body in relation to the mount @ the front of the unit. •This is part of the design function of the windage adjustment in the unit and is spring loaded • My units lost 90% of their spring tension after about 20K rounds fired on each unit (sig MPX’s) and were exhibiting a 6” shot dispersion on a target when shooting controlled pairs at full speed •Re-tightening the QD tension will help for a little bit (30-100 rounds) but it will go back to being loose •The first warranty replacement was seamless Tec stated shifting was bad and unit was defective •Second unit with the exact same problem / symptoms was difficult, Tec instead the shifting was normal and unit was OK, had to argue a bit on why the first unit sent in 1 week prior with the same issues was “Bad” and this one was “Good” •Removed all UH-1’s from my competition and practice MPX’s I don’t trust them •I am monitoring my 2 UH-1’s on AR’s ( one has lost 20% of its tension so far compared to the other) but I simply don’t shoot the volume on them that I do the MPX’s Not bagging on Vortex just sharing my experience. I have moved to Sig Romeo 8T's
  7. Don't agree... as a closed gas system the MPX can be under gased or over gassed by sympley not understanding the burn rate and presser curve of the ammo iregardless of it being reloaded or factory..the stoppages will look the same ( empty case in action, next round not chamberd) this is a fail to eject in an undergassed situation or an extraction failure do to the case still being expanded to the chamber in an over gassed situation.. Factory 115gr can range from 1020 fps to 1490fps in a pcc... lots of info on tuning blowback systems around hear but everyone expects the MPX to run any thing and everything 100% all the time ... I normally run speer 115gr TMJ that is 1400fps with .0520 restricted gas and 13% reduced recoil springs when I go to 115gr JHP @1400fps with 5.9gr of CFE Pistol I have to change to the .114 gas plug( factory Open).. when I use fed 115gr JHP +P+(9BPLE) @1450fps I need to go to a .0469 gas plug with the 13% springs.
  8. If you would put some effort in to tuning the gas in the MPX ( restricted / open plugs) and recoil springs ( +20%, stock, -13%, -25%) to your load you can see additional gains in reduced dot movement...
  9. I don't have a previous gen GG trigger to do any comparisons to. A trigger reach measurements would be irrelevant on my X5 Legion as Idid a under and in cut on my frame before the trigger install. I couldn't live with the vague reset on the lighter trigger return spring so i used the heavier spring , kit took 7/8 of a pound off from my stock 4LB pull BUT I have a good positive reset and a reduction in over travel.
  10. Installed mine yesterday.. didn't like the "competition" return spring reset. Swapped in the "carry" return spring and kept the light sear springs for a 3 1/8 LB pull with a reset I can live with.
  11. Are you sure they are Gen 2 magazines (tan follewer ) ? Gen 1 mags can be iffy in some gen 2/pcc guns....
  12. Did you also clean the carbon out of the expansion chamber in the gas plug? as that fills up the piston starts movement sooner, and therefor extraction is started while the brass is still expanded against the chamber walls causing the extractor to slip off the rim before the case hits the ejector and clears the action..... simple test move the newer gas plug to the problem gun.... an additional consideration is the extractor spring will have been over stressed up to this point and a rebuild would be a good idea...
  13. Vortex UH-1 primary with Sig Romer4M offset , both have the circle dot retical.
  14. Undercut triggerguard & beavertail.. thinned the front strap & transitions to the sides ( Front & Rear) then stippled
  15. PCC is 2nd or 3 most shot division in AZ for the last 2 years.... last 2 matches # 1 and tie for #2 :
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