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  1. We have some funny laws like this hear in MD too. Things that the only way anyone will know is if something funny happens. Maybe you get in a car crash, or they get stolen and you have to report it. Maybe even a traffic stop when the cop asks about weapons if you don't lie maybe he wants to have a look. I don't know of cases like that happening, but that doesn't mean it couldn't either.
  2. I'm sure the match will fill, they only need 600 of the 16k active members to pull that off. Should be easy. Living in a s#!tty state I can understand peoples concern with how the law is worded. Even though it sounds like it'll be fine I can also understand why they would be annoyed with HQ for putting them in the situation where they have to make that choice. If it seems to risky stay home, if it really bothers you let your AD know so they can consider that in the future. Most likely there will be Nat's at that facility for the next few years. I'm sure this was all set up under the last president, so I guess consider that when you vote for the next guy.
  3. From reading about the JP you can change the lugs similar to the MP5 to tune how the gun unlocks. The Scheel system you can add springs to the rollers that effect how much force it takes to unlock, but this is separate from the spring behind the buffer so you don't increase the force of the bolt closing. In fact it comes with a vary light spring (5 lbs) for that compared to more traditional buffers. The only draw back I've noticed is it can be hard to pull the charging handle to load the gun. It's only hard that first 1/4" or so getting the rollers to compress. PS. I have the Scheel on my gun and like it, I'd be really interested to shoot it next to a JP5.
  4. Around here I don't see much 8, 8, 8 stages. But it does seem like the movement between positions is typically vary short not leaving time for a reload even for a bottom feeder. And you see a lot of stages where the hicap guys will shoot 12+ rounds from one position. For example the last major I shot. Stage 1 = 9 rounds from one position, Stage 3 = 12 rounds, stage 4=12 rounds from the 2nd position and 12 from at the end, Stage 7 was 10 from the 1st and 10 from the last. Stage 8 = 9 rounds. Everything else was 8 or less from either a position or moving. Locap guys just added more positions. I don't really think this is great stage design, but it's not uncommon these days. I'm just saying shooting and leaving immediately is different with a loaded gun vs a empty gun that takes two seconds to reload. Even watching Olhasso, or Lentz shoot, lots of times they get to the next position and haven't finished the reload yet. There is vary little coming into position with the gun up and shooting the first target on the move compared to other divisions where you need to do that at every position.
  5. I'd like to see a comparison between that buffer and a JP5. I'd assume the JP should be better, but by how much?
  6. That seems to be the trend, here. With a hicap gun you can basically just stay on the trigger the whole stage. I find sometimes I'm debating where to stop shooting for 1 reload. I think that's hurting the locap divisions.
  7. Must admit I like to see a American at the top of all the divisions at world shoots. And that probably wont happen with out a revolver division. Probably the best argument in favor of keeping the division you can make.
  8. This is the difference in divisions. A fast reload with a revolver is what 1.75? So under 2. So doing one in two steps is about 1 step a second nothing crazy and your in the next position ready to shoot. There's no real need to lean out or shoot off balance, you can easily get to the next position is less than 2 seconds. Put a CO gun in your hand, now you're going to take on step while shooting the last target and keep the gun up transitions it to the 1st target of the next position. The split between the targets is maybe a half second and you shot 4 shots all on essentially on the move. The game is completely different. And I agree, stage design is a big part of it. I don't think stages are built with locap shooters in mind these days.
  9. The guys I know who are B class and on average don't do the things the guys who are GM are doing. Nor do I know many GM's who didn't work at it. I could see that if it were more than 1.3% of the sport. As it is you don't really get to shoot against anyone anyway. This is basically the opposite of why I stopped. I find all the divisions the fundamentals matter. Even with a hicap gun you can't run around squirting bullets everywhere. More than a couple make up shots on a stage and you'll be to slow. Better off not having any. I also realized because you spend so much time reloading, the efficient movement stuff didn't apply at all. You don't need to really be good and shooting into or out of a position because you're just going to run out of ammo anyway. No need to shoot on the move because you'll end up doing a standing reload at the next position. You really don't need any flow, there is no blending positions together or any of that stuff. The game is complexly different. Revolver was much easier and simpler in those regards.
  10. Mine is still in the safe just in case. I can see some people moving back to irons after their CO gun eats a few dots. But it might take something crazy like another magazine ban to bring back locap. But is that really crazy?
  11. I'd love to see it grow. I might consider shooting it again. But, it seems like anything locap is slowly dying.
  12. And there is the problem, I said "Most" and you listed like 6 guys. The division is so small that 6 guys are most of the division lol Seriously though Looking at one of the last matches I shot Olhasso won beating out 8 other guys 7 of which are B class. So most of the revolver competitors at that match do not put in much work. Dave could of phoned that match in and still won it. You're vary likely on to something with the tinkering thing. The sport clearly moves toward needing the new fancy thing. Look at the division we call "Production" I think the frame needs to come from a factory, just about anything else seems legal.
  13. Yeah I can see where it would be nice if other people would shoot that division. When I shot revolver I shot by myself outside of major matches where there would be 2 other guys I could compete with. It was fun to have someone to compete against. Then I realized I could do that all the time in basically any other division.
  14. Yeah that's about how it was when I was shooting revolver. Basically a mess. It's all ego, it's a competition after all. But don't think there isn't any ego on your end of it too. If there wasn't you'd be fine shooting your revolver in different divisions where you might not win. Should it be easy to win titles? We could go to the extreme like some kids sports and just stop keeping score because it hurts feeling.
  15. You're not wrong. And TBH the current production rules are the biggest joke of USPSA IMO.
  16. I don't really see that happening, that was the point. He was trying to imply the only reason to kill revolver is because someone doesn't like it. I'm saying the division shouldn't matter if no one shoots it there is no reason to have it no matter how cool it is. Really with current trends it's the low cap divisions that are hurting. Nils tried to shoot Open with a CO gun. He did pretty well but clearly the equipment matters some.
  17. I assume that means they finally fixed the revolver classification system? 8 shots jacked that s#!t up good. You could still utilize the classification system shooting your revolver in another division. Prod would probably be the best fit with a 8 shot gun. You wanted to know why people want to kill it I gave you a reason, doesn't matter if you like it or not. For the most part I've noticed a trend, the guys that want to kill unpopular divisions are guys that put in a lot of work at this and are better the better shooters. Most Revolver shooters aren't these guys, so they probably aren't going to be on the same page. At the end of the day revolver still isn't a relevant division and none of this matter because it's not going anywhere.
  18. This year it had 9, one GM, one A the rest B. I didn't say you're having fun wrong, I said you're not actually competing. Which you're not, certainly not in the same way people in the other divisions are. If you're goal is fun that can be had without a division. Most club matches you'll be the only guy anyway. But hey congrats you're a winner too. If suddenly only 1% of people shot Open, then we should kill open. Lucky for everyone no matter how few people shoot a division we won't get rid of them so it doesn't matter. The flip side that means some divisions are still a joke and you'll have to deal with some s#!t.
  19. They posted some of that stuff on the live video of the membership meeting. Revolver was 1.37% of the participation. What I think the kill revolver boils down to is coming from people who see USPSA as a competition. Revolver shooters aren't really competing. Sure they think they are, they look at the overall or say things like "I'm competition against myself" or "I just want to get better" or what ever. All those are fine reasons to shoot USPSA but you could just as easily accomplish all of those things in Open. Out side of one match a year the most you'll ever compete against in Revo is like 3 or 4 guys. And that's going to only be at a Area match and you need to be B or C class. If you're GM, you can only hope that maybe one match a year out side of Nat's you'll actually get to shoot against another guy who works just as hard as you. This is why you don't see many guys who really work at this stuff shooting Revolver, and why they see Revolver as a joke.
  20. How is the pretravel in the PDI compared to the ECL? What about the reset force? I've got two guns I want to put triggers in, two PDI's sound better to my wallet than two ECL's lol.
  21. IDPA just had their Nat's there including PCC with 30 round mags. I believe this club has hosted other uspsa matches too. I imagine this is going to be a stay home if you're not comfortable with it situation.
  22. If anyone asks you bought the mags pre 2013 I guess. Rumor is they don't really enforce it if that makes you feel better. Probably hard to enforce anyway.
  23. It might help to know what kind of draw times we're starting with. There is probably more on the table from hand speed than trigger prep.
  24. I've been using 3D printed spacers to shorten the stroke. I can print to what ever length I want giving me a ton of flexibility. I use a TPU filament and print it 100% solid, it'll take a beating.
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