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  1. I tried the lighter, then went to the heavier one for a stiffer reset. I wonder if some of the differenced is in trigger pull gauges. But mine never showed under 2. It might of been under 3 depending what set up I had at the time. Ultimately I decide I didn't like how the gun fit my hand and moved to a CZ.
  2. I got you know, he made it seem like it was just the action job and a AC trigger. I never had my 320 under 2 I don't think. I just ran a GG kit.
  3. I guess, of course his is 1.6# and most of my 1911's are more like 2.5#'s. Is just the feel really enough to make that much of a difference? I agree I like the way the 1911 trigger feels better than a striker fired gun, that doesn't mean it makes a difference on the clock. Either way you only need to apply 2lbs of force to the trigger with out moving the gun to hit your target. The only time the safety is on for 1911 is in the holster. I can think of a few AD's that have happened holstering, some where 1911's some where striker fired. The SAO where drawing and I think the striker fired where holstering, probably something getting in the trigger guard. Most result in a ambulance ride. Maybe it doesn't really matter but I think we should at least acknowledge we're running without safety's.
  4. Did you click the link? He literally linked you to exactly what you need to do.
  5. I wonder about these striker fired guns with almost no pre travel and sub 2lbs triggers and what they have for a safety. I know GG's wont put a pre travel adjustment on their trigger because they say you can disable one of the internal safety's. If someone had a 1911 with a 1.5 lbs trigger and no safety we'd all freak out even though that 1911 wont go off unless something touches the trigger. But a 320 with a 1.5 lbs trigger is clearly safe because magic that happens inside the gun where we can't see. Which will only let the gun go off if something hits the trigger. Kind of like the 1911. The other thing that comes to mind is at this point with so many striker fired guns capable of sub 2 lbs triggers, why don't we allow SAO is Prod/CO? There is virtually no difference anymore....That or maybe roll back some of the allowed modifications to a prod/co gun so there is a more substantial difference.
  6. You can change any small part now including the slide stop. If the new slide stop happens to have a huge ledge where you happen to place your thumb it's legal to do so. Does this make sense in a "production" division? Doesn't really matter now the box is open, there really isn't much you can't do in production at this point.
  7. Same, I find I shoot best with the dot reasonably low. It's rare I have my dot all the way up. I find that super bright dot scream "hey look at me".
  8. So can you not see the dot even on the brightest setting? Maybe look at the C-more slide ride, you can get that with a 16 MOA dot. It's not brighter but bigger maybe that'll help you see it.
  9. He sent another picture later and the surface is flat and only the edge of the curve on the barrel just contacts the frame. He shot a few mags through it like that and it already shows a little dent where the barrel contacts the VIS. I think the gun would eat itself as is, I believe he's now going to put a 22 lr upper on it and run it like that from now on.
  10. Someone asked me what this cut is. It's looks like a WN but not nearly as much meat in the frame as I'm used to seeing there. They are using a CP barrel in it and say it works flawlessly. I feel like this combination is going to lead to issues but I figured someone here would know better than me. Thoughts?
  11. A update to my last post, the last major I shot I took a 75BD instead. My buddy took his Shadow 2 and they told him his stock mag release wasn't legal. They ended up letting him shoot with it anyway but going forward that may or may not be the case. IDPA is tough because you never really know what the rules will be that day.
  12. I'd just spend the money and be done with it.
  13. Changing the rules constantly can have the opposite effect too, it can drive people away. I don't really see growth in CO, I see shooters moving there from other divisions. That's not growth.
  14. It really doesn't. And if we constantly change our rules in hopes to attract the average joe we'll be constantly chasing our tail. We're much better off just being the best practical shooting sport on the planet and then people who are interested in practical shooting will pick a division they like and shoot. Those who aren't really interested can take to the internet to complain about who their favorite gun isn't competitive.
  15. I complexly agree, the number of people using 40 outside of uspsa has no bearing on uspsa. That was my point. I thought you made a case about 40 being obsolete so we shouldn't use it, I must of quoted the wrong person.
  16. He better hurry this is probably his last term.
  17. How many agencies are running 38 super comp these days? How do open shooters manage? How many are running 38 short colt? How do revolver shooters manage? Oh yeah they just go buy what they need to be competitive.
  18. I can't be competitive in open with out a dot we should have Limited with comps. I can't be competitive in open with out a comp, we should have open with out comps I can't be competitive in open with minor we should have open minor I can't be competitive in open with 140's we should have mid cap open I can't be competitive in open with a skinny gun we should have OG-Open I can't be competitive in open with a slide mounted dot. We should have SAO-CO I can't be competitive in open with a 40, we should have a division for that I can't be competitive in Limited with a minor gun we should have limited minor I can't be competitive in limited with a 45 we should have Lords-Limited I can't be competitive in limited without a 2011 we should have striker limited I can't be competitive in any division with my carry gun we should have a carry division I can't be competitive in CO with a plastic gun we should have CO light and heavy like the rest of the world. I can't be competitive at SS nats with a minor gun it should be two divisions I can't be competitive in Revo with a major gun it should be two divisions I can't shoot a revolver in CO, we should have Revo optics I can't be competitive in PCC with irons it should be a division. I can't be competitive in......... There should probably be a speed loader division for revo too. Can't believe I missed that one
  19. if you have a all steel stage minor can be a advantage. But I've only ever shot two of those.
  20. For me it matters, for starters if I go shoot a 3 day match I don't want to be cleaning between days. So I expect the gun to at least be capable of running reliably past about double the round count of something like Nat's just to be safe. If it can't I don't want the gun. I know guys who go lube there guns 5 stages into majors. Not me, a gun that finicky would be sold long ago. The other thing for me is I go to the range twice a week to practice, and matches or classes on the weekends. Everything takes time, I'm dry firing twice a day plus reloading my ammo. If I added cleaning my gun 3 times a week would just take time away from something else. It would probably mean either less time to dry fire, sleep, or spent with family.
  21. One thing I've seen with 320's that I blame on the internet saying lighter recoil springs are better. I think the legions come with a 12 and 14. I'd use one of those. I know guys trying to run shorter 1911 springs at 10-11 lbs and every now and then it'll hiccup. I'd bet guys like Max and Mason rocking the 320 aren't chasing the lightest recoil spring. At the same time I bet there are a ton of threads on that topic right here.
  22. No it just makes my point. You said it was nonsense that CO is less expensive and more reliable then Open. One open gun can easily cost more then both of my CO guns. Plus you have to reload to make 9 major you can't just go to the store and buy it. Plus you clean and lube your guns after every match. I can shoot what ever ammo I want, I can go months with out cleaning so I'd say the idea that Open isn't more expensive and less reliable in the nonsense here.
  23. I'm pretty serious too, I clean my CO gun every few months or so.
  24. Noted, I'll mark you down as one of the people who thinks open is more reliable than production and keeps a back up just in case. lol. I think what we see at matches can be skewed. There is a decent amount of shooters who's guns just don't work because they mess with s#!t to much and don't know what they're doing. CO is currently the new hotness, and I'd be willing to bet is the home of more of those shooters than any other division. Open guns can certainly run vary well. But a production gun that isn't overly "tuned" is more likely to work all the time. I shot CO with a 320 last year. I only shot about 15k through it and it just ran and ran. I didn't really clean it even when the mags were full of sand I just shook the sand out and filled them back up.
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