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  1. Just saw a note in Down Range email blast. [edit- website crashing] I’ll post the before and after once the site is back up. Not pumped about this as a B trying to make A! The USPSA Classification System has been updated to include new High Hit Factors for classifiers in all divisions. Several classifier stages have been retired and will no longer be available for future use as classifiers. The new High Hit Factors have been incorporated into the USPSA Classifier Calculator, which can be found at USPSA.org, and will be included in the upcoming USPSA Mobile App. Retired classifiers: 99-09 Long Range Standards 99-34 Ported View 03-10 Area 5 Standards 06-07 Steely Speed IV 06-08 Steely Speed V 06-09 Steely Speed VI 08-05 Long Range Standards 2 08-06 Area 4 Standards 09-05 Quad Standards 09-06 Quad Standards 2 09-11 Razor's Edge 13-09 Window Pain
  2. Searched around for this topic and was surprised it hadn’t been covered lately. Also got a million unrelated results because “major” and “match” pop up from time to time here! Title says it all. I’m gearing up for my first major match. I’ve only been able to shoot 4 stage indoor matches so a Level II brings a host of unknowns, mostly related to logistics and the Chrono stage. How does the chrono “stage” even work? I give RO a mag or they choose? How many rounds will they shoot? I just don’t want to embarrass myself do anything that makes me look like I’m gaming it. Supplies- what are things that someone who shoots one hour indoor matches would forget or have no idea about relating to an all day affair? Weather should be in 70 range but it could rain I guess. Other miscellaneous advice? Thanks in advance.
  3. Paulie

    First major match

    Thanks, GrumpyOne. That sequence worked and I see lots of relevant info. I will make an extra donation to BE this year for my facepalm thread sins!
  4. So I’ve had about 7k flawless trouble free rounds of 40 out of my 650 with Dillon dies. Now that I need to ramp up production for some level II’s and stock up for winter, it’s flaking out on me on station 1... 1) It is dropping two cases almost every time. One makes it into shell plate and a second case is sitting (leaning really) right side up on top of it. 2) About 20% are getting caught on lip of the resizing die. I’ve crunched a few....am able to reach around and pull it snug toward center of shell plate and re-insert. The strange thing it it seems to be snug when placed into position, so it apparently shimmy’s out a few mm on way up. Tighten shell plate? Tried search function already. I’m still a rookie reloader so I hesitate to start adjusting a bunch of things. Help on on one or both issues is greatly appreciated!!!
  5. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Indeed. Just ran 100 without any double case feeds. However, every 10th case is still hanging on the way into sizing die. Need to try ideas here and tinker some more on that front.
  6. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Well, guys....there is a saying “start with the most likely / simplest fix”. Almost embarrassed to report this. Concerning the double feeds- the colored end to the case feeder tube had just popped out of place a little bit. I removed the plastic feeder tube all together, added back the colored end (pinkish for 40), reinserted into place atop the machine, clipped to case feeder and now the double feeds are no more!
  7. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    Good idea. Will try and report back. Thanks, Sarge.
  8. Paulie

    650 station 1 blues

    I called on #2 and they said to adjust the camming pin. The one that impacts the triangular case insert slide. I just don’t know how that helps a shell that is pushed all the way into place on shell plate and then gets misaligned on way up.
  9. [TL/DR: table at bottom] I just installed the last two accessories on my Dillon 650 and I think I’m pretty much good to go after 6 months of reloading. This forum was very helpful for me as a new reloaded so I thought I’d share this info for people trying to get into it....just saw one such inquiry minutes ago. This list is grouped by level of need and then most to least expensive...highly subjective I know. It’s just one man’s opinion! If you buy the green items labeled “Base Machine” you can load ammunition if you acquire components (powder, primers and brass). It might be slow going and unsafe but you could make a round of ammunition. I would call the blue additions “necessities” either for safety or logistical reasons. Yelow are highly recommended “priority upgrades” that we can debate & add to here. Orange entires are creature comforts and case prep items to re-use brass and save more money. Also for those suffering from sticker shock, the “rounds to cover” is a hypothetical payback assuming you can save about $.115 per round. I load 40, so YMMV. Tell your wife you will reload an obscure cartridge and save 70% per round.
  10. Paulie

    Hundo 40 question

    Is your resizing die going down far enough? I shoot lots of “once fired” 40 brass, which is probably coming from police ranges full of Glocks (complete with their bulges). None the less, it runs almost 100% thru my hundo XL and Titan.
  11. Paulie

    N320 40 S&W Load Recipes

  12. Paulie

    N320 40 S&W Load Recipes

    You running a titan? Similar load recipe?
  13. Paulie

    N320 40 S&W Load Recipes

    Guys, how many FPS did each grain get you as you dialed the load in? I just ran a new 180 gr precison delta JHP load to 866 FPS on 4.9 gr of n320 out of my titan loaded to 1.185 COL. Do I need to be at 5.1 or 5.2 to get to 940 FPS / 169 PF? Caveat- I was very close to my Chrono. Would that impact results? Thought 4.9 would be closer to MPF. Could crimp also be a culprit? If so, please elaborate on how to measure the right level.
  14. The benefit of the hundo gauge is time. I can take handfuls of ammo and sort of angle it in...probably saves me 10-15 minutes per session vs a single or using the chamber. I devote a ton of time to this sport so almost any time saver is “worth it” to me. YMMV!
  15. Moving spare parts kit to “priority upgrade” bucket due to personal experience. My necessity bucket is comprised of safety related items but after that, grab the spare parts kit for sure! Hat tip to PPGMD. FPNI as usual...
  16. Paulie

    Dillon XL 650 Question

    I’ll probably update that thread! The other day I had a brass position pin fall on the floor and disappear. Pulled out the spare parts kit to keep running. Subsequently found the pin but it hid from me to be sure!
  17. Paulie

    Should I switch from Right to Left hand

    I’m right handed and left eye dominant. Maybe I’d be better if I was right eye dominant but I’ve never even once considered switching hands. Have no problem with double vision or seeing recoil so I just assume it’s not a substantial disadvantage.
  18. Paulie

    New Atlas Open 2011

  19. Paulie

    Started Wet Tumbling

    How much time did you save by switching back to dry? In my mind the only extra Steps are: - put wet cases in FA dryer - dispose of dirty water
  20. Paulie

    Par Timer app

    I average 30 min of dry fire a day, so the bells and whistles are definitely worth $9 to me. Makes DF more enjoyable. YMMV.
  21. Paulie

    Par Timer app

    Good luck!
  22. Paulie

    Par Timer app

    I like “dry fire timer”. You can load in # of strings. app has classic target as logo on iTunes.
  23. Paulie

    Hello from Va

    Welcome! Be sure to check out local clubs on practiscore. Obviously Quantico has one. Also Fredericksburg rod and gun, southern Maryland practical shooters, etc.
  24. Paulie

    Started Wet Tumbling

    Just stopping in to say that the FART may be the best invention since yoga pants. I used pins and five caps of the FA special sauce. The stuff glimmers like buffed jewelry. It’s mesmerizing. Ran a load of half dirty and half mulligan....some I used a home-brew detergent cocktail on last time to less than acceptable results. Now it’s all shiny / better than new. Get the FART, FA cleaning solution, magnet and their branded dryer. It all works well.
  25. Paulie

    Grip Strength and Enducrance Training

    I have benefited from those excercises that Chad Riley / absolute PT demonstrates below. Increased strength and no more tennis elbow! In order to do the excercises more frequently, I purchased one of these sidewinder pro extreme grip devices. It allows me to get some reps in during conference calls at work. https://www.sportgrips.com/product/pro-xtreme-3