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  1. My favorite is a CZ widebody 1911... CZ is foreign garbage.
  2. You are ignorant. I have bought several SVs and I offered to pay extra each time for them to just build it and the won’t do it. My 9 was cheaper than all the supercomp builds.
  3. Sooo you shot two rounds? ... really fast? We call that splits.
  4. I have got one in 18 months, different pistol shipped in 12, another about the same. It all depends what you order... order some kooky bull$hit, custom cuts, or some pink glitter gat with unicorns on it and it will take longer.
  5. 3gunDQ

    Bul Armory?

    I shot US IPSC nats with two Bul sponsored shooters last year. Both gentlemen were shooting single stack and their guns ran and looked cool.
  6. I don’t know but the hybricomp is the sauce IMHO.
  7. First I’d call dan bedell and ask him to build me a 9mm shorty. Then I’d buy the barrel below. C/P ramp, hybricomp, 3 port rib with 2 ports machined, AET. http://www.schuemann.com/OnlineCatalog/SchuemannCatalog/tabid/91/c/barrels/p/co35ctm6/Default.aspx
  8. I ROed a guy at a local once, start position was standing inside the shooting area toes on mark... buzzer goes off, he steps forward in what he believes is the shooting area and shoots 34 foot fault procedurals. The worst part was all the make ups on steel, it was rough to watch.
  9. Mr. Bullet feeder & mark7 are what you need.... the 1050 is built more solid than the 650-550. It comes ready to go... maybe a spent primer chute but it doesn’t need any what I call “eBay upgrades” to run “smoother.”
  10. You people are way too nice. These headphones are a scam. It’s complete bull$hit. Anyone: Max, Keith Garcia, the rest.... pushing these things, advocating with a strait face that this product “works” is a complete sell out. If you have spent money on this product you are a moondick.
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