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  1. For those of us lucky enough to make it to Frostproof, what did you think of the match? I really enjoyed the match. It was hard, but it is supposed to be... it is a national event. The stages were really good I thought. There was however “the hole stage” that was somewhat out of place. Where a swinger was s#!t through a single hole, sort of a stage of chance or luck. There was also a stage where a significant amount of competitors were burned by a popper. The videos are like whoa. I hope everyone had a good time and see you in July 2020 for IPSC US Nationals!
  2. 2018 Nationals I drew to the partial and worked in with speed and it came in at 92%. I reshot the stage at a local match earlier this year and drew to the open close paper and was a little fast for 95+%
  3. @sstephns got me changing springs every three stages... all I can say is buy a large box and shoot lots of As.
  4. I do... they cost 1 million dollars. How many can I put you down for?
  5. My favorite is a CZ widebody 1911... CZ is foreign garbage.
  6. You are ignorant. I have bought several SVs and I offered to pay extra each time for them to just build it and the won’t do it. My 9 was cheaper than all the supercomp builds.
  7. Sooo you shot two rounds? ... really fast? We call that splits.
  8. I have got one in 18 months, different pistol shipped in 12, another about the same. It all depends what you order... order some kooky bull$hit, custom cuts, or some pink glitter gat with unicorns on it and it will take longer.
  9. 3gunDQ

    Bul Armory?

    I shot US IPSC nats with two Bul sponsored shooters last year. Both gentlemen were shooting single stack and their guns ran and looked cool.
  10. I don’t know but the hybricomp is the sauce IMHO.
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