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  1. 3gunDQ

    Safariland 014 Holster Works For CZ Czechmate?

    I stared in open with an 014... best desision I made with it was to get rid of it.
  2. 3gunDQ

    Delta Point Pro vs. C-More RTS2 = Slide or Frame Mounted?

    That’s lucky... go buy a lotto ticket
  3. 3gunDQ

    Noob seeking help for 3-gun

    I just use my uspsa rig and put a rifle mag pouch on it if needed... and add shoot gun caddies of shotgun mags to it. i had a safariland 014 once... I sold it and said I’d never buy anything of theirs again. That holster was dog s#!t.
  4. That is just it dude... PCC is not here to stay, it’s not here at all in some places. Do I own a PCC? Yes. Am I anti PCC? No Do I think PCC should be allowed at USPSA pistol matches? No Do I think PCC should have its own matches and be it’s own game? Yes. Why can’t I shoot a bazooka at the pistol match? ...that is bullshit dude. I cant understand how any self respecting man would bring a rifle to a pistol match. It takes all kinds I guess.
  5. Well yes! You can’t because I said so. (1) this match was NOT a uspsa match. (2) not all USPSA match’s allow PCC, come to Spartanburg with your PCC. and let me know how that works out for you.
  6. DQ his ass! You cant just show up to any match anywhere and shoot a rifle/carbine/PCC. Every Outlaw/nonaffiliated club match makes their own rules.... stipulate no rifles, carbines, shouldered pistols, or bazookas.... handguns only.
  7. 3gunDQ

    Delta Point Pro vs. C-More RTS2 = Slide or Frame Mounted?

    Your old eyes can’t see/tell it’s going off when you shoot. Go home and get your guns, make sure the dot is OFF. Rack each 5 times and report back here that it’s off or on after racking it. Don’t be a pussy when racking it either, sarge.
  8. 3gunDQ

    Adjustable Glock sights?

    I don’t shoot production buy I had Dawson’s perfect impact sights... the fixed one and they were sweet. I just walked them over a touch and never had to touch them again.
  9. 3gunDQ

    dot size

    6moa is what I use. The dot size Is personal preference of what you see based on where you are shooting from, what you like as a sight picture.
  10. 3gunDQ

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    What moa? ...I’m willing to try anything. The vortex razor window is too small, otherwise it is badass.
  11. 3gunDQ

    Does anyone else think the Rts2 is a POS?

    Cmore rts2 is the best dot. The window is sweet, I like the lower height, but I need them fixed on the reg. It is the only product I keep using after knowing the reliability is not so good. I have even purchased another since I started this thread. It’s madness.
  12. I am a recent Open GM... judging by the new scores they should put me back in B some of the new HHF are like whoa.
  13. There service is great. I have sent Rts2s back for repair what feels like a dozen times. Never been charged.
  14. Tanfo open guns suck, MBX sucks. They sound like a great combo... a gun that sucks with mags that don’t run. Even if they do run you can get more rounds In any style sti/Sv mag.