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  1. 3gunDQ

    Halo Neuroscience?

    You people are way too nice. These headphones are a scam. It’s complete bull$hit. Anyone: Max, Keith Garcia, the rest.... pushing these things, advocating with a strait face that this product “works” is a complete sell out. If you have spent money on this product you are a moondick.
  2. 3gunDQ

    Classifier vs match bump

    I earned a match bump to M and I shot classifiers for my GM. I think neither mean jack$hit. I think this is a live in the now sport. Shoot right now. This weekend 3 GMs including: one old school, one new (me), and one hands down without a doubt GM shot a classifier at our home club. We all shot high A% and were within 5% of each other for the stage in the match. The classifiers are just a stage... the scores are jacked up high now. I am not going for GM scores... I’m just trying to shoot my best match. I have reshot classifiers... hell I think everyone has shot a bunch of the same ones. Some classifiers are more popular than others, some can’t be set up inside, small ranges use the smallest bay for a classifier. Is what it is. Also if you have never practiced classifiers then maybe you should. There is a lot of fundamentals, lot of loads, and procedures, draws, start positions... shooting makes you a better shooter. The classifier book is a good resource. If you want a class bump shoot like your hair is on fire and legit. Shoot a bunch of majors and match bump. Or don’t, I don’t care. Shoot your best match, win if it works out.
  3. 3gunDQ

    Those dillon dies

    Some dies pop more E clips than others... I don’t know why. I had three tool heads for my 650 (pre1050)... 9,40, 38supercomp. The 9 dies busted several e clips while the other never did.
  4. 3gunDQ

    Plastic vs Metal 2011 Grip

    LMFAO Yankees
  5. 3gunDQ

    Question about "tracking the dot"

    I do it organically.... it just happens. No thinking.
  6. 3gunDQ

    Turkish Prices Coming Down

    Good deal on a Turkish pistol means you didn’t pay American money for it.
  7. 3gunDQ


    Meh... a good deal Is subjective
  8. I like the hybrid guns. I do not have any time behind the sight block guns, so I am not a lot of help there. The slide cuts are definitely harder for a hybrid barrel than the sight block of you are doing it yourself.
  9. 3gunDQ

    Newest holsters for open.

    I use a CRspeed... still works
  10. 3gunDQ

    Red dots in the rain

    Shoot fast and it won’t get too wet. I have seen people do the pingpong thing... it ain’t for me.
  11. A friend of mine and real upstanding guy I shoot with on the reg shot a baller time on a stage at nationals. It was baller and the points were good too. He thought it was wrong.... he was shooting CO and his times were better than some really solid runs by some open GMs. He asked for a reshoot after pleading to the ROs. The RM came and granted him a reshoot. I RESPECT A MAN THAT WANTS IT TO BE RIGHT AND WILL NOT ACCEPT THE WRONG SCORE. His reahoot run was baller points, except he ran past a target and got 2 mikes and an FTE, but he is an honest dude and I respect him for doing what’s right.
  12. 3gunDQ

    C-more VS RTS2 OR SIMILAR?

    Some of these old timers don’t run 30k+ a year... they can’t take the abuse. It’s not a bad review it’s fact. Them Chinese fingers just can’t make them last that long.
  13. 3gunDQ

    C-more VS RTS2 OR SIMILAR?

    I have 5 dots and two open pistols. I have had them go out, turn on randomly, blown the glass out. I have one that has been back 4 times.
  14. 3gunDQ

    C-more VS RTS2 OR SIMILAR?

    I shoot the rts2 and like the dot even though they are not super reliable.