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  1. well that sucks a big one. So what the hell are they expecting people to use with their new gun that they changed the mounting pattern on just to accommodate their new optic that was supposed to be out this year. Sig needs to quit promising things when they consistently don't deliver. I got pretty excited at a DPP alternative with a potentially better price point.
  2. https://www.opticsplanet.com/sig-sauer-romeo1pro-1x30mm-red-dot-sight.html looks like the Romeo 1 Pro is available from optics planet and it’s the same price as a deltapoint with a slightly lower msrp so it may even come down some more. Looks good.
  3. It’ll depend on the footprint of the old vs new Romeo3 should use the same bolt pattern but the body size may be do referent for mounting on a slide.
  4. I’m not seeing much of a gouge considering the r&d required to design this plus the limited market, the Tavor trigger (kit) is 350 the MCX is 325 and the scar trigger is 325 this seems right in line with other specialty triggers for smaller production guns. Not thrilled about the pull weight especially with being able to get a 3-3.5lb trigger with the hiperfire. With how much I like their triggers in my ar’s, SD-E in 2 and SSA-E in one, I’d think hard about picking one of these up at some point, hopefully when they bring the price down a bit.
  5. Possibly, I'll check it out
  6. I have 9 and 40 sizing dies, I love the 9mm die its like butter even coming from the rcbs carbide and hornady new dimensions with the TiN coated internals. The 40 however scratched within 1000 rounds and now I have pretty noticible lines on the cases after being sized, plus it definitely feels harder to size than the Lee U-die I was using previously. I will probably call up MA and see what they have to say about it and if they can't do anything to help I'll be putting the lee die back on and just get used to the coke bottle look again.
  7. It’s supposed to be that same pattern as the cmore rts2 so that’s a plus but the fact that it’s currently listed for 200 more than an rts2 is I’m not really interested in jumping in on an unproved optic at an ultra premium. especially when the SRO is being sold by enough people for 500 for that to be the understood street price I’m struggling to see the appeal of a sig optic for $100 more
  8. Looks like they finally released the R3MAX and they are proud of it! 720 retail and 600 at optics planet right now. I was pretty excited to see to see what they were going to come out with but at that price it’ll have be a hell of a lot better than a SRO to warrant that price point. Is anyone planning on picking one up?
  9. A Buddy pointed it out on his x5 so I wonder why the decided to put the LCI on top when you can see the brass through the side without an extra cut in the barrel hood.
  10. I went ahead and ruined my romeo 1 to fit onto the legion, didn't take much just hogged out the screw holes and bought some M4 10mm screws and it worked great. I figured with them discontinuing the original in favor of the R1pro it was essentially trash and with the old pattern being obsolete getting the first gen gun and buying a new TXG grip was an additial step to save no money and have a product that is no longer supported. My only beef with the legion is the stupid loaded chamber indicator fogging up the lens on any dot you put on the gun otherwise it's definitely a nicer pistol than the original 320X5. And a way better value for early adopters considering the first one was between 750 and 800 when they were first released and now it's 899 for a legion (if you find the deals) for a better stock trigger and heavier gun that handles better (still on the fence about the 3-17 rounders with henning pads vs 4 stock 21 rounders cost wise they are similar in value but utility is definitely on the side of more mags and larger capacity)
  11. I’m running shooters world clean shot and gallant Bullets and after about 100 rounds there is a line on the glass. It’s normally a pretty clean running load but it clouds up the optic pretty quick.
  12. I modified and installed a Romeo 1 on my legion and shot about 150 rounds through it today and it definitely had a streak directly above the LCI just like the deltapoint I put on it originally. Not sure what sig is expecting to be able to accomplish with the R1 pro that will prevent this from happening but as I see it now it’s just going to be a problem we have to deal with. On a a side note, I will say I didn’t notice any brass hitting the hood using the 12lb spring with either optic.
  13. Has anyone gotten approval for their legion rebate yet? I just got an email saying they received it and it’s being processed took just over 3 weeks from when I mailed it in
  14. Has anyone tried this with the springer mag release? I may have one that I can get for cheap rather then messing up my factory release.
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