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  1. Akkid17

    X5 Legion accuracy

    This is where I saw it but I misread the caption and thought these were for Max Michel but they were just saying it was his signature optic.
  2. I'm just wanting to shoot standard capacity in my guns at competitions, P15m all day (iT's JuSt LiMiTeD mInOr At ThAt PoInT!?!?) and (WhAt AbOuT bAn StAtEs??!?!!?)
  3. Akkid17

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I swapped over to zero 147gr JHP's and I can cut out the upper A-zone at 25 yards offhand (standing unsupported) which is all I can ask of a pistol. I was using 125 gr gallant's and they were about 4-5" groups with several powders and also tried 124gr JHPs from montana gold and precision delta which both did well but the 147's are much nicer to shoot so I'm going to keep paying a premium for better feeling and performing ammo.
  4. Akkid17

    X5 Legion accuracy

    Not anymore, he has fully swapped to legions this year with a custom milled slide from Vulcan Gunworks to run his signature optic
  5. Yes normally I run a comp on it but pulled it off for a match so I won’t have to shoot open minor.
  6. No mag well allowed and it’s not on it now. Also, if the P320 carry is on the list
  7. That’s what I thought. I’ll double check but I’m pretty sure the carry is on the list.
  8. Still legal? Or am I gonna be shooting open?
  9. I have a p320 carry that I have done just about everything to to where is essentially isn’t the original gun but from what I read in the rule book it should still be CO legal. Tungsten grip, aftermarket slide, aftermarket barrel and springer mag release. Makes weight but the dust cover extends past the slide/barrel.
  10. They say you have to use a lanolin based case lube. The one shot worked fine with 9mm though
  11. @Chris777 same experience with coated Bullets, I was able to get away with hornady one shot on the 9mm die but not 40, bulged brass caused too much friction and wound up scarring the die bore.
  12. I finally had to give up on my MA dies, they were awesome for a while but when I switched to jacketed bullets in 9mm it would have about 3-5% of the cases that would not have enough tension to hold the bullet securely and I was getting pretty bad setback. I used Zero 147gr JHP, PD 124gr JHP, and MG 124gr JHP's and they all had the issue so after sorting and pulling about 120 bullets I just put my RCBS back in the press and I'll just deal with bottleneck brass. (measured random sample of bullets all were .355 or greater, I was not over flaring my cases I backed out my expander until the bullet
  13. Recently been playing around with 147’s and with the legion and I noticed a massive improvement in accuracy going to zero 147 JHP. I’m using 3.9gr of AutoComp for now but and going to do some testing with shooters world clean shot since it’s done so well with the 125’s and my 40 cal 180’s. current recipe: Zero 147gr JHP AutoComp: 3.9gr OAL: 1.125”
  14. Akkid17

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I found that I had much better accuracy when I switched to 124gr. JHP Bullets, Montana gold and precision delta. The PD’s were just a little better where I was shooting out the upper A zone at 20 yards. I loaded them a little hotter too so I was shooting 1150 FPS out of my legion using 5.2gr of autocomp which I set up for my comp’d p320 project. It’s a touch snappy with the 12lb spring but pretty nice with a 14lb spring in the legion
  15. I have Lok bogies and VZ simonich gunner grips Both are extremely aggressive. I like the bogies a little more so far
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