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  1. They say you have to use a lanolin based case lube. The one shot worked fine with 9mm though
  2. @Chris777 same experience with coated Bullets, I was able to get away with hornady one shot on the 9mm die but not 40, bulged brass caused too much friction and wound up scarring the die bore.
  3. I finally had to give up on my MA dies, they were awesome for a while but when I switched to jacketed bullets in 9mm it would have about 3-5% of the cases that would not have enough tension to hold the bullet securely and I was getting pretty bad setback. I used Zero 147gr JHP, PD 124gr JHP, and MG 124gr JHP's and they all had the issue so after sorting and pulling about 120 bullets I just put my RCBS back in the press and I'll just deal with bottleneck brass. (measured random sample of bullets all were .355 or greater, I was not over flaring my cases I backed out my expander until the bullet barely sat by itself in the case mouth. I even tried a few of the failed cases by resizing them and then pushing a bullet into the case mouth by hand and it would sink all the way in. I had this happen on several different headstamps) The 40 die was causing serious scarring on the brass and it was beginning to require a lot more force to size brass, they case gauged beautifully and I liked not having the bottle neck but I'm not going to deal with the headache of messing with those dies anymore. I used hornady one-shot lube, which I know is a no-no, so it's probably mostly my fault for the scratches in the bore of the die. I will say that I am a 100% believer in their decapping and swage back up dies, they are awesome and easy to set up and clean. If the TNT die has solved these issues I may consider investing in a set in the future but for now rcbs and hornady will work just fine.
  4. Akkid17

    X5 competition load

    Recently been playing around with 147’s and with the legion and I noticed a massive improvement in accuracy going to zero 147 JHP. I’m using 3.9gr of AutoComp for now but and going to do some testing with shooters world clean shot since it’s done so well with the 125’s and my 40 cal 180’s. current recipe: Zero 147gr JHP AutoComp: 3.9gr OAL: 1.125”
  5. Akkid17

    X5 Legion accuracy

    I found that I had much better accuracy when I switched to 124gr. JHP Bullets, Montana gold and precision delta. The PD’s were just a little better where I was shooting out the upper A zone at 20 yards. I loaded them a little hotter too so I was shooting 1150 FPS out of my legion using 5.2gr of autocomp which I set up for my comp’d p320 project. It’s a touch snappy with the 12lb spring but pretty nice with a 14lb spring in the legion
  6. I have Lok bogies and VZ simonich gunner grips Both are extremely aggressive. I like the bogies a little more so far
  7. Some one is making 80% p320 style FCU’s. A person could get one of those and finish it themselves and then run it in a factory grip and aftermarket slide/barrel and no one would be able to discern that it’s illegal for the division without checking for a serial number. Just food for thought
  8. Doesn’t noveske make a 18” intermediate gas barrel? And I think white oak does as well.
  9. I had the same experience, although I had to do a better visual check because I actually had a cracked case that made it through the hundo which had never happened with the rcbs or hornady sizing does. They are great but it’s a bit of sticker shock for the initial purchase
  10. I’m running their dies in 9 and 40, I had to send by 40 die back because it had pulled brass and was leaving scratches on the brass. They wound up replacing it since they had just put out their new heat treating version. The 9 die on the other hand I haven’t had any issues with over approximately 6-7k loaded and I use a Lee factory crimp die and have had no issues with neck tension. And I’d l say if you are having neck tension issues you should probably check to see that you have the die set up correctly or make sure you’re not flaring too much. I’ll second the recommendation on their decapping die, it’s hell for stout and really easy to set up, I also run their swage back up die and it has been stellar as well. The price is steep though, tough to justify paying the same price for one of their sizing does what you would on a Full set of premium dies
  11. Shooters world clean shot is my go to now for 9 and 40. It’s awesome, super clean, similar to n320 in charge weight for velocity and way cheaper than n320. It also meters amazing through the Dillon powder measure as well.
  12. Akkid17

    P320 X5 Thread

    It’s definitely more pronounced on the legion than any other one I’ve handled even compared to the original x5
  13. Akkid17

    P320 X5 Thread

    I’d certainly be interested in one of these if they were to sell the upper as a package deal set up like this
  14. Akkid17

    P320 X5 Thread

    Max Michel posted earlier today, can’t help but notice the lack of LCI. LOL also could this be the early stages of the P320 MAX?
  15. Akkid17

    P320 X5 Thread

    I kept my stock followers and I can fit 23 in them but only load 22 so they are reloadable but if I want insurance I’ll Barney up and then use a mag at make ready that has 23 in it since I have the time to make sure it is secured. Other wise I’ll just load 22 and have a Barney mag and start the stage with 23 in the Gun.
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