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  1. you mean 'left' eye dominant? otherwise why would you make it harder to see the dot with your dominant eye?
  2. Akkid17

    P320 X5 Thread

    I’m running the 12 lb spring as well and it feels great, plus no brass hitting the optic which is nice
  3. I was told to leave mine on when I sent it in.
  4. Mine did as well but when I called about the LCI problem I also asked about the rebate and he said it had been approved for awhile
  5. Got mine back, sent it in with the optic and the whole gun and mags per their request. They send it back to the customer because you already own the gun and have done the 4473 for the transfer so it doesn’t need to be sent to a FFL unless you want it to be.
  6. I called them and apparently it had been approved but I never received and email about it so the customer service guy sent me the code and I already have my new mags. I'd just call customer service and have them give it to you.
  7. Serial number, round count and what type of ammo I was using, I also told the rep that I was getting an obvious line on the glass around the 100-150 mark and that was it.
  8. Same here, sent it Monday and it’ll be back this upcoming Monday, 2 day fedex both ways and goodbye LCI Barrel! Pretty stoked they worked so fast
  9. Just sent off my legion to sig, told them my problems with having the glass of my dot getting coated after a hundred rounds or so and they gave me a RMA for them to fix it. Sounds like they have been coached to not say it’s the barrels fault but he did let it slip that I would possibly be getting a replacement barrel.
  10. Do you prefer stippling to silicon carbide? I just bought the stuff to do my own since I've done a decent amount of stippling on other pistols I was wanting to try something different.
  11. Really interested in the longevity of the SRO and MAX, it's a pretty neat time to be getting into CO and open with all the new mini dots coming out. Hopefully they don't become a crap shoot like the DPP's
  12. well that sucks a big one. So what the hell are they expecting people to use with their new gun that they changed the mounting pattern on just to accommodate their new optic that was supposed to be out this year. Sig needs to quit promising things when they consistently don't deliver. I got pretty excited at a DPP alternative with a potentially better price point.
  13. https://www.opticsplanet.com/sig-sauer-romeo1pro-1x30mm-red-dot-sight.html looks like the Romeo 1 Pro is available from optics planet and it’s the same price as a deltapoint with a slightly lower msrp so it may even come down some more. Looks good.
  14. It’ll depend on the footprint of the old vs new Romeo3 should use the same bolt pattern but the body size may be do referent for mounting on a slide.
  15. I’m not seeing much of a gouge considering the r&d required to design this plus the limited market, the Tavor trigger (kit) is 350 the MCX is 325 and the scar trigger is 325 this seems right in line with other specialty triggers for smaller production guns. Not thrilled about the pull weight especially with being able to get a 3-3.5lb trigger with the hiperfire. With how much I like their triggers in my ar’s, SD-E in 2 and SSA-E in one, I’d think hard about picking one of these up at some point, hopefully when they bring the price down a bit.
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