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  1. Got updates for the Alaska state sectional, the match is posted on practiscore now and the stages should have been sent off for approval. This will be a level 2 match shot in a one day format. https://practiscore.com/2019-alaska-state-sectional/register
  2. Interesting, so that would be more of a cz/tanfo competitor since it’s a hammer fired da/sa gun. Still I like that there may be more companies coming on board with the steel frame idea
  3. If the initial announcement to introduction of the x5 is any indicator of timeline on that we’re about 2 years out on a steel grip module... lol
  4. I would be cool to have more options, especially to potentially help drive more price competition
  5. Curious with the fanfare around the new Q5 SF if other companies will follow suit and make a premium steel frame version of their striker fired pistols. There is an aftermarket company making a new grip module for the p320 and have mentioned possibly making an aluminum or steel version in the future. I’m definitely excited to see what people come out with
  6. That’s what I was about to ask, I was wondering if someone was going to some out with a steel grip for these considering the fervor over the new q5 steel frame. I’d definitrly be interested in one if the they do decide to make one.
  7. Depends on how you value the effect. You probably won’t notice it much initially but once you get used to it you would certainly feel it if you went back to a stainless or standard guiderod
  8. What did you do with it to make weight? Or is this just a fun gun?
  9. What is in spec? I hear that a lot but haven’t found any numbers to go off of.
  10. I had similar issues with a pair of mbx mags, the likely culprit was the height of the mag catch on the mbx mags. looking at them compared to the STI tube that I have it is cut visibly higher and the mags sit lower in the gun. Got a Dawson mag release in it now and so far it’s been good but I still only use them as backup mags.
  11. I still haven’t gotten a rear sight and it kills me on slugs, we just don’t have enough decent 3 gun around here anymore to justify getting a rear sight milled I any of my guns. Plus I found someone willing to trade an accurate iron m2 for my open shotgun so now I’ll have even more of a struggle about working on the versamax. I’ll probably wind up getting all new springs and then keeping it as a back up if I like the m2. And I pretty much run Remington game club or Winchester xtra-lite and fiocchi 1oz slugs, good mix of rem sts and win AA’s as well but my other shotgun (1301 comp) runs everything like a champ so I have a hard time believing the hype that you have to buy premium shells to get your gun to run.
  12. The problem has persisted with a new mag spring with close to a foot of spring past the end of the tube
  13. Too bad we aren’t made of money so we could just buy all of them and do a good side by side comparison.
  14. I’ve been running 18” guns for most of my 3-gun life and they have been great but on the next build and probably all of them going foreword unless I plan on shooting beyond 600 a lot I will be moving to 16” barrels. Maybe 50fps difference on the heavy Bullets and that’s not going to mess up a stage more than my inability to get a stable shooting position.
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