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  1. Sdlrodeo

    Delta point pro issues

    Yes. Mine had a rattle. I sent it in last week. Just got an email saying it would be fixed in 24 business days.
  2. Sdlrodeo

    Stick's Training, Range and Match Log Diary

    I’m not shooting SC right now, but I plan to get my son into it when he’s ready. If he’s doing it, I’ll probably do it as well. I’m going to keep an eye on this thread. Great info all around! You are owed a sincere thank you for taking the time to post all of this up. Keep up the good work!
  3. Sdlrodeo

    Steve’s practical shooting journey

    Ok, First real range day with the Atlas Titan after doing a few hours of dryfire the previous days. I spent a while doing chrono work. I’ve got a few hundred each of several different types of .40 so I wanted to find out which worked well. I don’t have my data handy but I may post at a later time. The other thing I did was bring a few recoil springs to see which would work better for different PF ranges. After testing a few, I settled on a 15 lb spring. It seemed to do well with all the factory ammo (180PF and up) I had on hand but a 14 lb spring worked better for the lower major PF ammo such as Atlanta Arms 180 (avg 173-175 PF if I remember right). I did notice a significant difference between the reduced lead and regular version of the Winchester Ranger FMJ 180. The reduced lead ammo was around 173-175 PF! So I’ll keep that for club matches I guess. Also, I did some drills. All were at about 13 yds from the same shooting position to the same single target (easier to pick up brass that way) Draw and 1 - Avg 1.3, Fastest .83, slowest 1.67 Splits (2 from aimed in) - .19 avg, fastest .16, slowest .22 Draw and 2 - avg 1.6, fastest 1.19, slowest 1.9 out of 120 rounds or so I had 2Ds, 19Cs, and the rest were As. My goals for this range session were to decide on a type of ammo for club matches and Majors. Get some time behind the gun for familiarization. (Prior to this I’d only shot 200 rounds out of it). I’ve got to say I was being extremely conservative. I was DQ’d from my last major for an AD (in another thread on the forum) and that got in my head a bit. Add to that going from a really decent SA trigger on my CZ to the AWESOME SA trigger on the Atlas and I was a tad phsyched out. Trying to work through that while being safe. So goals were met. I have ammo I can use for practice, club, and major matches. Atlanta Arms - Majors Win Rang reduced lead - Club everything else - practice And I did some drills. I’ve got the conversion kit, tool head, dies, etc for the 650 so as soon as I have enough brass I’ll start reloading but that’s for another time. It’s going to take quite a bit of dry firing to get comfortable with the jump from the slightly heavy CZ SP-01 to the REALLY heavy Titan. That and going from DA/SA of the shadow to the absolutely awesome SA on the Titan is going to take some getting used to. I should also add that I’m currently using a LimCat speed holster but I’ve got a Red Hill Tactical scabbard holster on the way. That should give me a lot more confidence in my draw speed since I’m nervous about the ‘trigger guard only’ holster. Ended up shooting about 500 rounds without a single hiccup. All I did was spray a little rem-lube mid session. And not one single ‘AD’ with the new trigger. Oh, and I will never need progrip with that PT Evo steel grip. Holy schamoly!
  4. Sdlrodeo

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Ok, I looked at the definition of movement. I definitely did not take a step. It’s not quite as obvious as going from kneeling to standing, but Swinging the gun from one side of a wall to another side of the wall COULD be considered changing body position. As I mentioned in my original post, I have not been through an NROI class but I think I would’ve probably made this stop call if I were ROing me. It would’ve seemed to me that it was an obvious AD by regular standards (I pulled the trigger when I was not planning to) but from my research, it may not have been a DQ per the rules. Either way, it still sucks but I’m learning. I’m hoping to get to an NROI RO class in June. ing body position (e.g. from standing to kneeling, from seated to standing etc.)
  5. Has there been a ruling on 4.2.1 since 2014? I remembered shooting a L1 match a little while ago that had both types of targets in one stage. May seem random, but I’ve been brushing up on the rules here lately and when I read 4.2.1 it refreshed my memory. Thanks!
  6. Sdlrodeo

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    So far I’ve come up with this: in the 2104 handgun rules 10.4 ...an accidental discharge is defined as follows: 10.4.6 A shot which occurs during movement, except while actually shooting at targets. So is transitioning (swinging the gun but not moving feet) from one target to another ‘movement’ ? It may be there, but I’ve not been able to find a definition of ‘movement’ in the rules.
  7. Sdlrodeo

    CHA-LEE's Tale

    Several years ago I was shooting an indoor match with steel. I felt a scratch on my knuckle. A few weeks went by and it healed over but more like a pimple and there was sort of a lump. I picked at it with a pocket knife a little and the top of the lump came off like a scab and there was this neat round hole in my skin. No blood. (I guess this is like one of those dermal piercings?) anyway, I gave it a little squeeze and here I had a small copper jacket frag about 1/8x1/8 in my knuckle this whole time. Crazy as it didn’t feel like anything when it happened.
  8. Sdlrodeo

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    I should have clarified in my post. I do have the ‘stiffer’ safety detents but it is really easy to disengage the safety in order to fire. It is also really easy to create a blister/callus from re-engaging the safety during the many reps of dryfire. I wouldn’t change a thing.
  9. Sdlrodeo

    Delta point pro issues

    Dusting off this older thread as I’m having the same issue. At my last Major match, my DPP 2.5 stayed on for the first 4-5 stages. Then it shut off after I put it in the holster for a few. I was walking around and pasting targets so it shouldn’t have auto shut off. I would draw to make ready and have to turn on the dot. Shoot my stage, holster, tape targets. Next stage, I’d have to turn it on again. Really shook my confidence. I had a DPP 7moa delta that never did that. I’m wondering if I tripped something with some sort of fat fingered switch manipulation I did unintentionally. I put in a brand new fresh battery. Same thing kept happening.
  10. Sdlrodeo

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    Now that you mention it I do remember something like that from the videos. I don’t think it came up when we were talking about my order though. I’m definitely not complaining.
  11. Sdlrodeo

    Atlas, Akai, or CK

    The safety detents on my Titan are almost too tight. Almost. I’d rather have them too tight so I don’t accidentally bump them up with my support hand. I don’t see that happening.
  12. Sdlrodeo

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Im going to look at more closely tonight. Just got home. WiFi on the plane was finicky. I was under the impression if it was an ad and hit a prop (wall) it was a DQ. They wrote “AD into wall during transition” on the score card. At the end of the day it’s over. This is discussion for IF it happens again with me or someone else.
  13. Sdlrodeo

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    My wife calls me the fun killer once in a while. Perhaps deservedly so.
  14. Sdlrodeo

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Makes sense. What if I could see ‘a’ target in the vicinity? But I hit the wall 6” from the edge?
  15. Sdlrodeo

    DQ’d. AD into a wall during transition

    Mom currently using WiFi on an airplane and cannot look up the rules due to connectivity speeds. I don’t know what exact rule it would go under. But it was an AD. I know that walls are shot often. Especially on the edges when in front of a target. Say a wall is 5’ in front of a shooter partially covering a target and the shooter hits the wall on the EDGE while transitioning (swinging thru) from another target. I don’t think anyone would DQ. A hard cover mike yeah if he didn’t make it up. But What if he hits the wall 3” from the edge? 12”? 2 feet? still waiting for the rules to load.