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  1. Thanks for bringing it up. I think it’s an interesting question. I’ve always thought the minor/major conversation had interesting points with regard to advantages/disadvantages. Never really thought about it in SS but in LTD, since that is what I shoot. I own a couple of 2011s in .40 but I also own a few CZ Shadows for Production and CO. I’ve wondered how I’d fare shooting my production CZ with my CO mags in LTD minor. I have shot a few LTD classifiers w my production gun. In those instances, and on other short courses or standards, I don’t know that there is much of an advantage in shooting minor.
  2. SIR YES SIR! ok, I’ll admit that was a bit snide. I agree with 5.1.7 that a competitor can’t swap guns if the first isn’t broken. If by loading to 10 as in the OP because he went minor, I don’t agree with: “Third if they only went minor, they continue to shoot in the same condition that they fired the first shot.” The above seems like a hybrid ruling. As as long as it is legal in the division, there is technically no competitive advantage. Minor follows minor rules, Major follows major rules for whatever division is applicable.
  3. Is this in the rules? Can you point me to the rule that says so? I’m assuming you mean “magazine capacity” according to the division rules.
  4. I’d argue there is no competitive advantage switching from Major to Minor even with the higher capacity. If there was a competitive advantage the majority of the winners would shoot minor. In LTD, there is no sub division due to PF for match standings. According to our rules, minor PF (with its lower recoil but higher capacity due to fitting more rounds in the same 140mm mag) competes equally against MajPF.
  5. Very good question. On a similar note, if you registered for LTD Maj and started shooting a .40 but chrono’d minor, could you switch to a 9mm (same platform) and thus have higher capacity in the same 140mm mags?
  6. I’d say key word is ‘permanently’
  7. I’d say try it with 9 and as soon as you like it, but a .40. One of the major (pun) differences is speed. When shooting major PF (40 is minimum caliber for major scoring in LTD) one can afford to give up a coupe of C’s here and there in order to really push speed. Minor PF/scoring is much less forgiving with regards to accuracy because the point values are crippled. But as as a previous poster said, if you hit all Alphas and quickly, nothing changes. Alpha=5 pts either way.
  8. I’d venture a guess that it only matters that you “live” in the US. Then again, if I was a paid Canadian member and shot a lot of matches in the US, I’d want a say in the vote as well. Hmmmm
  9. Ahem, TALLER (cough) front sight
  10. Hello Sir. Or should I say Mr. 274?
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