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  1. ive used them. I never felt any different energy wise but the ones I use keep my arms cooler.
  2. So I got two pair. A phisix gear and another but I don’t have the name handy. the phisix pair I’ve tried. I immediately felt more energy. Not quite a ‘buzz’ but I noticed something. Maybe it was the ‘cooling’ sensation of the fabric? Maybe it was not necessary increased circulation but different circulation that I’m not used to? i like these so far since they don’t have extra padding on the bottom of the foot. any drawback to wearing them all day?
  3. I ordered a couple different pair to try out. Should have them tomorrow. I’ll post after I try them a few times.
  4. Wow. Ok. I guess I’ll try a pair. Any Brand recommendations? I’d rather have an Unpadded or thin version. What about tightness? 20-30mmHg? That seems to be the recommendation for ‘running’. thanks for the feedback!
  5. So I’ve noticed a bit of a trend in the tall brightly colored socks. Why are people wearing them? Do they actually perform a function (compression/keeping range tan away/etc) or just aesthetics? Go
  6. thank you for adding the safety precautions. it would be good for the mods to add that on the first post that mentions the chemicals.
  7. Just got a GoPro 7 black. Also interested in learning video editing. Following.
  8. Seems like that would be the case but is there a rule that states “weak shoulder” automatically means you must use weak hand as well or can you use weak shoulder and strong hand if it is not specified in the WSB?
  9. I think it’s a great idea to have a bay available for sighting in to ensure you’re zero’d. I don’t like the idea of a “warm up” stage even though I could probably use one.
  10. Ah, the plot thickens!!! in all seriousness I hadn’t thought about it until I read the above. Good point.
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