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  1. All really good points. And yep, most times, brand doesn’t matter. Edited my post to reflect.
  2. As posted below, brands don’t really matter but here is what I’ve had success with: Red Hill Tactical Holster With Springer precision or similar Hanger (holster mount) Double Alpha competition belt (follow instructions on measurement for size) CR speed mag pouches For production You can get the brass magazine base pads if you want a little extra weight to help them fall but CZs don’t really need them. For CO, I like the Tarn Tactical ease of disassembly for cleaning mags. For Carry optics you’ll need an optic. Don’t know if your S2 Orange has the cut with
  3. They used Steel Target Paint at Classic Nationals.
  4. So I think the issue with calibration is that the popper may have moved a little from the first bullet but not enough to fall. The second (calibration) bullet may be enough to continue the knock down but might not have been enough if the popper was in its original unfired-upon position. But: at area 6, I saw a competitor win a popper calibration. First time for that. What about this?: the hit was clearly full diameter in or above the proper area of the popper and it didn’t fall. Then, the popper must be manually knocked over by fist/etc and set back up before the ca
  5. I wouldn’t call that chamber checking. Those definitions do use the term ‘firearm’ I think most here would agree that a barrel or upper separated from the receiver is not a firearm.
  6. Not one bit. I would treat both the same. neither a barrel by itself or an upper (with or without BCG) is considered a firearm. Just a part of one. however, I would personally be more aware of where I was pointing the AR upper. I wouldn’t go ‘aiming’ the pistol barrel at anyone either. so, a bit of a tangent: I was thinking, what if this was a revolver without an easily removable cylinder or a fixed barrel firearm like a beretta? Can’t handle live or dummy ammo in safe area. Soooo if that was the case I would ask if an RO/or other official was available to
  7. I wouldn’t think that is a problem. I don’t remember seeing anything like that in the rule book. Was it a handgun or rifle? i ask this because you mention ‘muzzling everyone’. Not at all an issue with a handgun in my opinion but I could see where the perception could change if it were a rifle barrel. I don’t think it’s less safe, just the difference in perception of those having a rifle barrel pointed at them. now if it were a rifle or PCC upper, even without the BCG, again perception could be even worse. just thinking out loud here and would like more specif
  8. I didn’t see where it said in 10.2.8 that you couldn’t rest against the inside of a port with only the hand specified if the port is part of a wall that is part of the shooting area. Is that what you meant by “can’t touch anything either”?
  9. Ok. Picked up some 4227. Gonna Researchthat powder as it seems to work for both sub (208g amax) and super 180 BTST
  10. Copy that. I really just started with the 300 so I’m not in a hurry.
  11. I’ve got some TB and Hornady 208 AMax Bullets. What would be a good starting point with this combo? also, is it necessary to run rifle primers or will small pistol work? thanks!
  12. OK, $5/Year membership fee from 800 folks would cover the yearly cost. Anything over that is gravy for BEnos. Let’s set it up for free browsing but if you want to search or post, you gotta kick in a fin.
  13. I like the idea of being able to browse, but not search or post, for free. That way you can see what you get. If you want to ask a question or join the forum, then charge the yearly membership fee.
  14. $5/year is pretty easy for most folks to swallow. $25/year may be a stretch and cause folks to decline.
  15. that’s about what I thought. Seems like it would be worth it for $5/year. I don’t think we’d lose that many.
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