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  1. Ok. Picked up some 4227. Gonna Researchthat powder as it seems to work for both sub (208g amax) and super 180 BTST
  2. Copy that. I really just started with the 300 so I’m not in a hurry.
  3. I’ve got some TB and Hornady 208 AMax Bullets. What would be a good starting point with this combo? also, is it necessary to run rifle primers or will small pistol work? thanks!
  4. OK, $5/Year membership fee from 800 folks would cover the yearly cost. Anything over that is gravy for BEnos. Let’s set it up for free browsing but if you want to search or post, you gotta kick in a fin.
  5. I like the idea of being able to browse, but not search or post, for free. That way you can see what you get. If you want to ask a question or join the forum, then charge the yearly membership fee.
  6. $5/year is pretty easy for most folks to swallow. $25/year may be a stretch and cause folks to decline.
  7. that’s about what I thought. Seems like it would be worth it for $5/year. I don’t think we’d lose that many.
  8. I’d be willing to pay an annual fee for the forum. What would the numbers look like if everyone paid $5/yr?
  9. This and how many active members? If it’s for profit, cool. If it’s not for profit, should be easy to figure out a reasonable annual recurring fee.
  10. I’d be willing to pay an annual fee for the forum. How many active members are we now? What is the approximate cost of operations?
  11. I’ve been wearing them about 85% of the time now. I really like them. Placebo or not I think I’ll continue using them.
  12. Other pair are SB Sox from Amazon. Not as compressive.
  13. (Also with all due respect as you sound like you know what you’re talking about) make no mistake I definitely felt ‘something’. I really think it was the cooling effects of the wicking performance fabric of the socks And possibly the little bit of tightness the socks provide. Sort of like the first time you ever put on a snug fitting under armor shirt. The feeling was almost like a topical heat rub on my legs which felt energizing. There was definitely a physical sensation. I don’t know that it really helped anything in the same way that a topical cream doesn’t really do anything.
  14. ive used them. I never felt any different energy wise but the ones I use keep my arms cooler.
  15. So I got two pair. A phisix gear and another but I don’t have the name handy. the phisix pair I’ve tried. I immediately felt more energy. Not quite a ‘buzz’ but I noticed something. Maybe it was the ‘cooling’ sensation of the fabric? Maybe it was not necessary increased circulation but different circulation that I’m not used to? i like these so far since they don’t have extra padding on the bottom of the foot. any drawback to wearing them all day?
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