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  1. Never heard that. All I seem to find are 8 or 11.5. Is that a European shop? Do I have to order from over seas?
  2. Yep. Had opportunities to squad with super squads a few times. Great experience because they were great humans. However, I too Made the mistake of trying to keep up with much higher level shooters. I will echo that the stage planning can also be problematic as well if it is so complex that you forget the plan mid run. Still I like to see what can be done and how far off the pro pace I am. Or sometimes it’s depressing. Ha.
  3. I’m going to start doing some light calisthenics before matches from now on. I didn’t do that on an intense practice session and I paid for it with my hip flexors for about three-four months. Didnt help i was about 20 lbs heavier but that’s a different story.
  4. Great advice. I usually plan on being at a major the day before or that morning if I’m shooting in the afternoon. This way I have a lot more time to try different things. I realize this is not possible for everyone. So if I get there on the morning of the match where I’m shooting an AM squad, I definitely give myself AT LEAST an extra hour. Oh, and definitely bring a good flashlight for those winter/fall o’dark thirty matches. Still, I’ll usuall make sure I read and reread the WSB, and the first thing I do is count targets/rounds. Make sure what I see matches the sheet. Hugely important. Ask me how I know. then ill develop a plan plan based on my division/reloads. I try to keep it simple. If a certain plan will save me .5 seconds but I MAY not remember it as well, I’ll go with a simpler plan. But I’m not a GM so... also, I try to look at a “start anywhere” Stage from both directions. Usually moving from left to right or uprange to downrange is easier on reloads but sometimes the opposite plan can give you better odds of success.
  5. That’s awesome info. Thank you!
  6. Well, I don’t know what the total will end up being. But “Brown Ls” had them for 50% off. ($150 down to $75) so it seemed like a decent price to play with. They have complete kits including slide (don’t know if it has guts though). Current textured lower only kit is about $120. a current search brought up slides for about $180 with RMR cut. Combo kits (slide,lower,jig) are at about $300ish. Still need barrel and guts.
  7. Yes, the Ergos are a big improvement over stock. Thanks for the heads up on oem parts.
  8. So on a whim, and because it was on sale, I picked up a P80 G19 kit. Im not too worried about the process of completing the lower as it seems fairly simple enough. My questions are more about which parts to source for the guts, slide, and barrel. The whole point is to do the build on a budget. That being said, I wouldn’t mind having the slide cut for a DPP and maybe a threaded barrel, maybe. Other than that, I’m not really picky. Any thoughts on quality and fit issues? What works/doesn’t work? Do I need different components specific for the P80 brand or will oem Glock parts work? thanks in advance!
  9. I don’t have an issue going from NitroFin LTD to Production shooting a CZ without.
  10. I got my TItan in three months to the day. That being said, I added some customs details to my order.
  11. I own a Titan. I’ve shot the Nemesis. I’d recommend the Nemesis as it is the newer tech but the Titan is pretty damn awesome. Get the one you can afford and run it like crazy!
  12. I own a Titan. I’ve shot the Nemesis. I’d recommend the Nemesis as it is the newer tech but the Titan is pretty damn awesome. Get the one you can afford and run it like crazy!
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