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  1. It's funny I was just having this conversation in a mountain bike forum. If you pay X amount of dollars extra to get the bike you REALLY want, you will ride it more, and you will get better by virtue of riding more. Get the gun you want. If you like it more you will want to touch it more, and more time with the gun in hand means more skill development.
  2. If there are multiple MDs from different sports out to get you, maybe it's you.
  3. Buy a Dawson low pro round magazine catch button for a 2011. Cut off the threaded shaft and epoxy the button to the stock mag release. It is identical in size and I measured it at less then .200" from the frame
  4. The ENTIRE sport is based on this concept
  5. I'm 20000% more likely to flip through the paper magazine than I am to ever go to the online version.
  6. I've never had to wait more than 2 weeks for PC bullets from up in PA to ship. https://www.kingshooters.com/bullets-pc-bullets-not-ammunition-/80-9mm-3014
  7. If they are leaning/falling over, you shouldn't start them, but if they are moving AS you give them the beep, it's a creeping penalty. If they start before you beep them at all, that's a false start and a reshoot.
  8. Starting early just before the timer goes off
  9. Means he got a red light on the christmas tree
  10. What if you like IDPA, or it's potential, but wish some rules were different? That's why I'm a vocal hater of the sport, because they are too stupid at HQ to fix it and make something that's actually good.
  11. You say that but it's still happened. Someone I know got DQ'd for not having their eye pro on while walking between bays at a match in NY a few years ago.
  12. Yes, change the rules of the sport during the actual COF is not something I'd compromise on either.
  13. The BOD at that club is generally pretty good toward competition shooters but one thing they definitely definitely don't allow is people fiddling with guns in the trunks of their cars. I totally understand not having local rules and 100% don't think USPSA should, but in this case I'm with ok it.
  14. I guess all the clubs in PA with this rule that sell out in 10 minutes for their local match better watch out, or people won't go
  15. There is plenty they can do and that part of the rulebook has been proven to not mean s#!t. The club can easily throw you off their property if they want to.
  16. Dunno. Maybe nothing, maybe run the guy out of town. The MD posts the additional PCC rules in the registrtation page and on the practiscore announcements so no one has try to do otherwise yet that I know of. We don't have posted RSO's watching people or anything like that
  17. Indeed, but where does the match start? In the parking lot? In the driveway? At the clubhouse which is 450 yards from the outdoor pistol range? My local club in PA also has a no gunhandling rule in the parking lot. Bring your cased PCC to the range area and unbag at a safe area or against a berm. No one has a problem with it.
  18. That's serving a purpose? Just seems to mean it's a division for hiders to avoid real competition Signed, 2017 Area 7 L-10 Champion
  19. 10.5.19 Failing to point the muzzle of a PCC at a side berm or back stop during casing/uncasing or removing/replacing on a conveyance or sweeping any person with the muzzle of a PCC, whether loaded or not, even if a chamber flag is inserted. Side berms/backstops may be used for casing and uncasing or removing from/placing on conveyances only. All other gun handling with the PCC, e.g., sight pictures, turning dots on/off, etc., must be accomplished in a safety area or under the direct supervision of a Range Officer. The berm/backstop is not required while removing/return
  20. 20 people in single stack is a record for sure
  21. It's all fun and games until someone comes crying their gun fell in the soup.
  22. In the event that a competitor begins his attempt at the course of fire prematurely (“false start” prior to the issuance of the start signal) the Range Officer will, as soon as possible, stop and restart the competitor once the course of fire has been restored. I don't know why they wouldn't stop you right away but there isn't any time limit to the above rule.
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