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  1. What you think you are doing actually just makes $2000 custom shop Production guns more of a thing.
  2. A Glock with a minor modification is still a "production gun". Meaning it was produced in a factory en mass and isn't a custom gun. People like to tinker.
  3. Taking a Glock, putting a $22 connector and spring in it and polishing the metal surfaces isn't rocket surgery. The rules were fine before the most recent changes but your suggestion is clearly not wanted by anyone.
  4. I think it was floated as an idea but it got buried before it went into effect.
  5. The person there that ran their forum and acted like he was king of the world is no longer with IPSC so that has died down.
  6. Production Optics and Production Optics light. Production division with race holsters, but no internal spring changes allowed and minimum trigger pull weights. Standard division has a box to fit in and shorter mags? I hate it all.
  7. It's not really my thing but some of the top guys are shooting target focused 100% of the time even with irons.
  8. 241, but none of the clubs here in FL use practiscore for registration. They do post the results there but not sure if that means they will show up. I don't think they do. Edit: Looks like they do.
  9. Best to end on the classifier so there's only 3 or 4 stands to put away and very few, if any walls. That way I can start drinking beer faster
  10. Dillon website says you can load up to 30-06 on a 1050 so surely any 223 bullet would work, right?
  11. We have enough certified ROs that we never allow a non-certified one to run the timer, so your idea doesn't really work either.
  12. Hit factor was a little lower than last year. I used to be faster and I got all Alphas last time.
  13. Just did my CRO exam. 97.5% in 22 minutes
  14. TWO HOURS??!?!? You may have gotten all the points but your hit factor was garbage. If it takes me more than 15 minutes I'm disappointed.
  15. This, plus any strong hand/weak hand stuff. If a match has none of that, I will completely skip it in practice, and if it has 50 yard weak hand partials, I'll still skip it but at least I know I shouldn't have
  16. Photo of revolver in profile, opinion invalidated. Thread closed.
  17. Disco = disconnector It probably won't go away with the titan
  18. Very common. Trigger isn't coming forward enough to pick up the wing in single action. You have to remove material from the back of the disco
  19. I don't know why 40 minor would need a heavier spring than 9mm. 40 at minor speeds is lower velocity and pressure compared to 9mm and from experience I definitely needed a lighter spring when setting up my 40 minors guns compared to a 9mm.
  20. wow. You're the only person I've heard of that did that. I could lose an eye and both legs and I'd never ask them to demote me. F that.
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