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PCC red dot. Which one?

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22 minutes ago, Ccryder53 said:

I’ve been using the Holosun 515c. I find it a great combination for many platforms. On the PC9 I use the the low mount and it allows great cheek weld. Even in bright light the dot-circle shows up for me.  YRMV.

Tough to beat for the quality and value that you get! 

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4 minutes ago, funflyr said:

I prefer the C-more slideride with 6 or 8 MOA dot on my PCC.

I removed the 8 MOA dot module and installed a 6 MOA dot module on my C more slide ride for my MPX. It turned out better for me.

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On 2/22/2019 at 11:58 AM, TNREDNECK said:

Thx B Going to pull the trigger on the elite today, the only bad thing is I will have to end up buying 2 one for my AR 22 also . It never ends it’s probably good I don’t shoot pistols in competion also . Lol

 Any update?

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On 4/14/2018 at 7:44 PM, Flatland Shooter said:

I've used the C-More Slideride and Railway sights for years.  I'd have to go to my safe to see how many polymer and aluminum C-Mores I have.  My first and only problem I've had with a C-more is an aluminum Railway I purchased that the screw  and plate used to attach the sight to the Weaver rail were stripped and I could not tighten them.  Called Cmore and had new parts at no cost in less than a week.


On my PCC I've bounced from 4MOA to 6MOA to 8MOA and back again.  For me size of dot is sometimes match dependent.

Since you have tried both what do you prefer the polymer or the Aluminum C-more i was looking at rebodying one and would love to hear if its worth the cost of the aluminum body.

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I purchased an aluminum frame C-more to go on my Open class shotgun in 3-gun.  Not that much heavier than the standard polymer frame model.  My thoughts were it might hold up better on a 12 gauge that's getting tossed into a barrel.  I was not disappointed.  Replaced the polymer frame C-more on my 3-gun pistol for the same reason.


To replace the battery on the polymer C-more requires an allen wrench where the aluminum C-more uses thumb screws.   A nice feature.


I've tried to find thumb screws to use on the polymer frame but it uses an oddball coarse thread.


I've never needed to rebody a C-more but if the cost to upgrade to the aluminum body is not too high, I'd go that route.

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C-More Railway 8 MOA polymer. I shot the Florida Open with the 8 and did not have any sight issues for it being a technical match. The aluminum shroud around the glass is too thick for my liking, which is why I went the polymer route.

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