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  1. Ziebart- Which weight do you have in the bolt carrier, and what kind of buffer/spring setup are you running?
  2. I couldn't get the goliath to feed any bullets with a longer oal. I have a ton of the blazer brass i picked up for cheap last black Friday, but none of it will feed through either the goliath or the mbx mega. They both work fine with shorter oal ammo, but both required a lot of blending/smoothing
  3. Inwould imagine the Hiperswitch would be compatible with the hiperfire trigger. It's a 60 degree throw, and I like the one on my pcc...
  4. I had a holosun 503 green circle dot on my pcc. After reading this thread it inspired me to try the green 510c and pit the 503 on another gun. I like the open window better so far
  5. Sorry to revive an old thread but I've recently been trying to get my guard tuned for uspsa pcc. It's a home built guard using the 16inch barrel bolt combo, cmmg clearanced upper, and guard lower with a cmc pcc trigger. Im currently running the 2oz carrier weight along with a Tubbs flat wire spring. I've shot a total of probably 3000 rounds through the guard total. The first 1500 were all factory Blazer brass but once I got the extended mags from taylor freelance (goliath) and the mega from mbx, the rounds wouldnt feed reliably at all. Turned out those rounds were too long oal
  6. If you plan on getting mag extensions, especially the taylor freelance goliath, the factory ammo you use will have to be on the short side. I have a ton of the blazer stuff but its oal is too long for the mag extensions I have, so it doesnt feed reliably in my cmmg guard. I bought the bolt, barrel, upper and lower all for the guard so it's technically a Franken guard but it's basically all cmmg parts except the handguard,trigger,and stock. I hand load for the guard now but the only factory ammo I could get to feed reliably with those mag extensions was Remington umc. Also to add to
  7. Haha - funny you said the same thing I did at the same time I was typing my response. You just said it better and more concisely than I did
  8. Red dots on pistols is happening - like it or not it is the future of defensive pistols just like quality red dots or 1-X scopes are now on rifles. This is of course the root of this discussion but look at where rifles were 10-15 years ago - pretty much the same place pistols with red dots are now. Disclaimer - I've only been shooting 3 gun for about 3 years and I don't shoot USPSA or IPSC, etc. I've never shot a "major" match - just local stuff about 4 times a month when there's no snow on the ground. The local matches around me mostly follow the 3GN rules/divisions. The 3 "m
  9. The jogging strollers are the most common, but the one I've got doesn't fold very small. I've got a kid right now and there's no way that jogging stroller would fit in the trunk of my car with a couple gun cases and bags/boxes of ammo. Has anyone tried a folding game cart like this one http://www.sportsmansguide.com/product/index/guide-gear-aluminum-deer-cart?a=1583103 They're cheap, it seems like it folds nice and flat, and it seems like it's built to carry enough weight. Another idea people tossed around was a folding muck cart http://www.ruralking.com/agriculture/livestock/horse-supplie
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