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  1. 5 minutes or less. I use to do one pass loading so I would clean it often anyway. Now with an ammobot I process with all the sensors so that I can load trouble free.
  2. Why not get a separate tool head? I swap between two tool heads to process, then load.
  3. Taking the Aluminum basepads off for cleaning do far more damage to the plastic. I have almost 20 mags and haven't had an issue.
  4. So the easiest way I have found to get off the stock basepads is to set the mag flat on a countertop, let the basepad hang over the edge and wack it off with a hammer. The spring and goodies go everywhere but takes a second to get rid of that junk.
  5. I bought the same resin funnel. It works great for filling from a 5 gallon bucket.
  6. The Goliath is great if your oal is under 1.125. I only spent a few minutes working on the mags, just removed the flashing on the glock tube and it runs like a champ. I run a mix of TTI and Goliath, sold off the mega due to reliability reasons.
  7. You can now order a feeler gauge to check your bolt. Much easier than shipping back and forth.
  8. I try not to make it a habit of removing my large basepads since it tears up the plastic basepad lips on the oem glock tubes.
  9. RocketRyan

    First CZ

    Shadow 2 and a bucket of ammo. When you decide to go competitive you'll have it smoothed out.
  10. I would keep it assembled as a big magazine, and maybe purchase some PMAG GL9 as your reload mags. They are far easier to clean and will handle the abuse better.
  11. I personally don't think it matters, it's about the practice you put into. I have shot well with a Ruger PCC and a JP GMR-15, both are tanks with long barrels, but I've put in a lot of practice with them. I also have seen 'Tampa-XD45' burn it down with his SBR at his matches. Choose what you want and put in the time.
  12. C-More Railway 8 MOA polymer. I shot the Florida Open with the 8 and did not have any sight issues for it being a technical match. The aluminum shroud around the glass is too thick for my liking, which is why I went the polymer route.
  13. RocketRyan

    Lok grip texture

    I really liked the palm swell bogies, great traction. I had the scales 2.0 for a while, they worked good, but I feel the bogies were better. I don't use any grip enhancements either (progrip etc).
  14. Czechmate with two barrels. Parrot looks good, but most of the anodized parts I would be swapping out anyway for aftermarket parts.
  15. Thoughts on the short stroke system vs the stock buffer? I have a GMR-15 thinking about the short stroke system.
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