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  1. RocketRyan

    Brass Dryers

    I found with my dryer that 160 degrees for an hour was great at getting my cases dry.
  2. RocketRyan

    Brass Dryers

    FA Dryer has worked well for me ($56 on Amazon). A cheap dehydrator will be fine.
  3. RocketRyan

    QC on loaded ammo

    I find any cracked cases generally on the press because the bullet will topple out. The hundo will catch cracked cases as well. I also give a glance for any high primers while in the hundo gauge.
  4. RocketRyan

    Shadow 2 Light strikes

    It will if you have an extended firing pin and the extended firing pin spring. If not you will need to put the stock hammer spring in.
  5. RocketRyan

    Shadow 2 Light strikes

    You can use the bottom of your calipers to check the depth. I try to go five thousands below flush.
  6. RocketRyan

    Fire 4 Effect CZ TS

    Makes sense, sweet pistol!
  7. RocketRyan

    Fire 4 Effect CZ TS

    Did you go with four holes for the potential of a frame mounted optic? Or just for more adjustments to the *thumb rest [generic]*?
  8. RocketRyan

    Shadow 2 Light strikes

    It is very odd that this combo would not work. The 11.5 with CCI and WIN has been great for me. Do you have a another 11.5 or extended firing pin spring to try out? Could be an off weight spring.
  9. RocketRyan

    GBW brass

    I bought 2k from Midsouth and it is great, no issues here.
  10. RocketRyan

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Ok, it did look gray to me.
  11. RocketRyan

    Finally did it - Atlas Gunworks

    Looks awesome, what color is on it?
  12. RocketRyan

    ACME 147 vs 145

    New blues are very nice now. The only issue I had with acme was the weight. I ordered 135s but received 131-137, something I don't want to chance with at chrono at a major match.
  13. RocketRyan

    New guy from Fl

    OK Corral in Okeechobee has an awesome shotgun course. I have only shot USPSA/Steel Challenge there, but it looks fun. Welcome!
  14. RocketRyan

    Why can't I find Czechmates for sale?

    The only thing stopping me from getting a parrot is the lack of extra barrel, compared to a normal Czechmate. Not sure why they package them differently.
  15. RocketRyan

    CZ TS mag spring issue

    Take your slide off and insert the mag, you will see where the follower hangs up on the slide lock pin. Just remove some material from the follower so they will drop free. I had to do this when using a Nitro Fin on my TS.40. This is with the CZCustom spring and followers, no need to bend the spring.