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  1. I use PB Swiss for my hex/torx keys. They are expensive, but they will last forever. Tight fitment too. Wiha or Wera for your drivers. Grace USA makes punches for Tekton so I would pick up this set. Great warranty if you bend one. https://www.amazon.com/TEKTON-Gunsmith-Punch-18-Piece-66564/dp/B012TKY0VI/ref=sr_1_7?keywords=tekton+gun&qid=1551207113&s=gateway&sr=8-7
  2. They do nothing but collect crud to clean. Spend the $80 or whatever on more ammo.
  3. I'm running 125gr @1.100 with 3.4gr of Titegroup and it makes 136 power factor out of a JP 14.5". I would say you are very close and would chrono your load (Ask around to borrow one at your local club).
  4. I find it's just something else to clean, unfortunately mine is pin and welded on or it would be off.
  5. I was probably the first person this ever happened to, I was in talks with Ruger Engineers/Head of their PCC product line guys. This is a design flaw with the takedown pin. They use a really tapered pin to seat into the receiver, unfortunately it provides no ability to lock it into place. I find that the "locking" nut actually does not prevent this at all. It's easily replicated by pulling the fore end into your shoulder and twisting at the same time. I checked out a newer PCCarbine at the gun shop and it seems they may have a newer style takedown pin that should fix this. I ended making my own takedown pins that had no taper and milled the receiver to match. I went from barely getting over 5 rounds before it would break free to 12,000 with no issues. I hope they get this fixed for you (Mine was back and forth for two months with Ruger before they gave up and offered me a refund etc, I ended up fixing it myself). Video back from April 2018. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=cST_3Ds7Dnk I no longer use the Ruger in competition since mag changes were holding me back in classifications. I now run a JP with zero problems 5K+ since mid December.
  6. Just replaced a trigger return spring for a shooter at FL State in a safe table. No squad on our stage, knocked it out in 5-8 minutes with no slave pin. Saved a guys match, having the correct tools available helps. He still had the stock pin. Some items are doable the day of.
  7. I found with my dryer that 160 degrees for an hour was great at getting my cases dry.
  8. FA Dryer has worked well for me ($56 on Amazon). A cheap dehydrator will be fine.
  9. I find any cracked cases generally on the press because the bullet will topple out. The hundo will catch cracked cases as well. I also give a glance for any high primers while in the hundo gauge.
  10. It will if you have an extended firing pin and the extended firing pin spring. If not you will need to put the stock hammer spring in.
  11. You can use the bottom of your calipers to check the depth. I try to go five thousands below flush.
  12. Makes sense, sweet pistol!
  13. Did you go with four holes for the potential of a frame mounted optic? Or just for more adjustments to the *thumb rest [generic]*?
  14. It is very odd that this combo would not work. The 11.5 with CCI and WIN has been great for me. Do you have a another 11.5 or extended firing pin spring to try out? Could be an off weight spring.
  15. I bought 2k from Midsouth and it is great, no issues here.
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