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  1. the new design was at shot show for a private screening for DOD but that usually means to make money they release to public is the scope gets the bid
  2. So for you they are all the same no preferences
  3. I'm currently using the C-more and love the reticle with that being said Vortex has come a long way with their newest 1-6 in JM reticle in weight. They also have a newer design that should be released soon. The biggest thing is figuring out what reticle suits you .Every one has different eyes and just because one scope reticule is bright enough for me in sunny days doesn't mean it works for you. if you can test out a few. Bushnell is also a great scope and has come a long way.
  4. I have been using the JB weld medium cure and it seems like the silica still comes off days after. Usually after applying the silica by dropping it over the grip I then will press the silica down trying to get silica into the mixture and get a thicker base of silica. Still the silica comes off several days later in certain area. Any suggestions.
  5. Actually you win with your profile Pic to bad the picture cant be larger.
  6. The only issue with grip tape is in extreme temps it can come off leaving a sticky mess. If you like the grip tape feel use epoxy with silica carbine(AKA black sand) . I just had to remove grip tape from a STI because of the glue everywhere spreading out in the heat and decided to do the silica carbide treatment. Never happier
  7. Stick for US that love pictures vs words Great diagram thanks
  8. International is usually different especially when flying to Africa. The 11 pound rule is always enforced. The rule is a locked hard case. I used to fly with a mini pelican case ,but switched to a aluminum case to save weight and increase my ammo allotment. pelican case 1120 1.42 lbs cheap lockable aluminum case or thin plastic case .82-1 lb Usually I got weighed in the US and out of Kennedy airport there was no throwing away ammo.
  9. Lately I have been shooting Glocks and decided to change out a slide on my glock 34 to a ZEV lightened slide . While it swings faster and can cycle faster due to the lightened mass .It feels like a toy gun in the hand and is a huge transition. I ended up added weight with a brass and tungsten guide rod.
  10. Very true Delfuego: But the amount of time you spend critiquing other people you could have wrote about heavy bags and their use, or the numerous other bags you mentioned and how they work from your first -hand experience. A description of what they do, not just a name would greatly help out the inexperienced shooter. A example: The fortune cookie is used when shooting over barricades to protect your rifle and create a stable surface.Keep in mind this just one of many uses of the fortune cookie. My apologizes to the group for giving outdated information I'll be lazy and inclu
  11. Very true it is old it but this is about options. This wasn't about so much brands since the article lists different companies. It's about educating someone on whats out there and explains different types of bags and their use. But thanks for the comment. Thats the purpose of a forum to share ideas.
  12. So the original concept that Sarge added a link to is for a civilian version. The systems have been tested for several years by SOCOM to help operators learn faster and obtain physical skillsets at a faster rate. While the project came to light in 2017 its been around a few years .So far there concept is great and it seems like results are happening. https://www.digitaltrends.com/outdoors/navy-seal-teams-testing-halo-neuroscience-neuro-priming-headset/
  13. While everyone is talking about the 10/22, which is a great rifle most likely she will be shooting NRA three position rifle. Which normally uses a heavy barrel bolt action rifle with bullseye peep sight type sights that are set up for this type of competition . First find out what there shooting. The worst thing is to show up with a rifle she can't use. The 10/22 is great for fundamentals hunting and steel challenge . but not for collegiate rifle three position shooting. Because of three position shooting being a niche market you can get some great prices on gun broker or specific forums.
  14. Like scopes the barrel is the foundation for a rifle. You might want to go up slightly on ur barrel price. A great barrel is BSF barrels i have bought 3 in the last 4 months and so far pretty great two in bolt guns and one in a gas gun
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