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  1. I was having the same problem on a different gun. A gunsmith told me to clean everything really well and put a thin layer of red thread locker between the frame and the mount and then use the red on the screws. Clean off any thread locker that oozes out with a paper towel. I have shot 10k rounds through it and it's never moved.
  2. My STI 2011 mags work great in it.
  3. I have a SPS Vista Short (9mm), I'm happy with it. It does use a slightly different holster than my STI 2011.
  4. Makes sense, I hadn't thought about that. I'm wondering what the price will be on these.
  5. The dot looks really crisp. No fuzzy edges.
  6. Carver Custom has 2 port comps.
  7. But I'm a long way from being a pro at anything.
  8. I'm right handed and left eye dominate. I shoot everything with both eyes open (iron sights, optics, scoped deer rifles, shotguns, bow, etc.) I did the 90 degree mount on my CF open gun, RFPO, and RFRO. For a couple years. I did poorly when shooting right to left. The reason was: my left (dominate eye) was looking at the body of the C-more so it's hard to see to move the eyes ahead to the next target. My times improved when I went back to a vertical C-more on all 3 guns.
  9. I carry a couple of the P3 Protein Packs, a Turkey Sandwich, or sometimes a Smuckers UnCrustables. Poweraid and water.
  10. I prefer the C-more slideride with 6 or 8 MOA dot on my PCC.
  11. How do you tell if the STI mags are Gen 1 or Gen 2? Looks like the Grams Follower kits are available for both generation mags.
  12. Thanks, its an original factory spring that probably should be replaced.
  13. I will try that. Thanks. Is the twist in the spring normal?
  14. http://timherronshooting.com/classesandevents Looks like he's back in KC on June 15/16 but the class is full. Maybe next year.
  15. I did a drop test last night and noticed the follower got stuck fairly low in the magazine. I'm guessing the spring should not be twisted like this?
  16. Thanks, I will drop test it on my basement floor and see if happens again.
  17. No the mag looks perfectly normal. It scattered 6-8 rounds on the floor. The stage was El Prez, I started with 19 rounds so it had 13 in it when it hit.
  18. During a classifier stage last night after a mandatory reload when the STI 2011 (140mm) mag hit the ground rounds went everywhere. What's the fix? Thanks Troy
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