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  1. Mine really likes the Aguilla. It runs reliable and accurate.
  2. I tried the Quiet in my G44. No luck with it.
  3. I have 5000 rounds through my G44. I'm very happy with it.
  4. I have a SPS Vista with a DVC grip. I would like a more aggressive grip without spending a fortune. I tried the 2011 grip tape kit that Dawson sells. It sticks great to my STI Edge grip but not to the DVC grip. Any ideas? Does the Talon grips have better adhesive?
  5. I agree the Aguila Super Extra provides the best bang for the buck.
  6. Yesterday I installed a set of Dawson Precision Glock Adjustable Sights. https://dawsonprecision.com/dawson-precision-glock-adjustable-sight-set/ The factory sights were easy to remove and the new sights installed without any issues. Some early reports have stated that the extra weight of the Dawson sights have had an effect on the guns ability to cycle. This week I will test the same 6 types of ammo that I tested with the factory sights in place and see what the results are. This is the list of ammo. Eley Force CCI Standard Velocity CCI Clean Red (1235 FPS) CCI Cl
  7. I just have a lot more experience with my 22/45's. But I am liking the G44.
  8. Is there any talk of Trijicon offering the SRO with a larger dot?
  9. High 300's. I will shoot in the GSSF matchs and plink with it. There's better steel challenge and Rimfire challenge guns out there. I have 2 22/45 lite's for those. One with irons and one with optic. It's nowhere near as accurate as they are but it's still lots of fun to shoot.
  10. I picked up mine today. Cleaned it and then went to the range. I tested some 6 different kinds of ammo and had zero jams or FTF's. Fun little gun. Ammo Tested: Eley Force CCI Standard Velocity CCI Clean Red (1235 FPS) CCI Clean Black (1070 FPS) Aguila Super Extra(1255 FPS) SK Standard Plus
  11. Is the factory rear sight adjustable?
  12. My LGS said they're in the mail. Probably have them tomorrow.
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