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  1. My black 5” was a Performance Center gun but didn’t have a ported barrel. It came with a nice cleaning kit.
  2. I have a bit of an odd occurrence. I have several M&P’s. Around 7-8 maybe more. Anyway, most if not all have the Apex triggers. I recently bought 3 new M&P 2.0’s. One 4” compact, one 4.25” full size, and one 5” full size. All 3 got the exact same trigger system from Apex. The two full size guns have been 100% so far to about 2k rounds. The Compact was good for a few hundred and began to light strike. It will pop Federal primers all day but will light strike on the others. I’m not sure what could be the difference? Same guns, same trigger, same installation. Two of them will run, one not so much. Called Apex, they sent me a new sear. Still didn’t change anything. Called them again and they’re saying my trigger bar might be out of spec and that I would need to order a new one. Anyone experienced anything like this before? Any thoughts as to what the issue might be?
  3. I have a new in the package Limited magwell from Speed Shooters if anyone is interested. I shoot CO so I have no need for it. I never even installed it.
  4. Haven’t tried an Apex barrel in my 2.0’s yet but I do have a couple of them in my 1.0’s and both are exactly like you described. If you close the slide slowly you’ll have to give the slide a slight push to get it back into battery. It’s never bothered me since that doesn’t happen during action. All of my Apex barrels have been money! I’m not as big of a fan as most of their triggers, but I dig the barrels!
  5. Just ordered a 5” Tungsten this past weekend. Interested to see how it compares to my stainless guide rod.
  6. I too have been shooting M&P’s for some time now. While I’ve owned about all of the brands at some point, I always go back to the M&P. I have extremely large and fat hands. For that reason alone, I prefer the 1.0 Frame simply because of the beaver tail. Slide bite sucks! I have three 2.0’s and they all have the Apex flat triggers. Really nice guns, but I still prefer the 1.0. Just wish I had a few more of them!
  7. hlpressley

    AO1 LD Review

    So the A01-LD will be the new hotness in CO?
  8. Thanks guys! I ordered it today. Hopefully I have as much luck with it as you all have.
  9. Any of you guys running the Foxtrot Mike FM9? Curious if they are reliable enough for PCC. I am looking for an AR style platform mainly just to get better at shooting a carbine type gun. I would rather spend my time shooting than clearing malfunctions though. Please share your experiences if you have any with the FM9. Thanks in advance
  10. Was able to handle an A01 at the LGS yesterday. By far the smoothest CZ I’ve ever felt out of the box. If I shot Production, it would have left with me. It almost did anyway!
  11. hlpressley

    SAO SP-01

    I have an extra SP-01 that I’m looking to convert to SAO. Mainly looking to shoot it in Limited division of Falling Steel and some outlaw 2 gun matches. I wanted to see what you all had done with your SAO conversions. I know CZC and CGW both make SA triggers but what else have you done in addition to the SA trigger that you’ve noticed a benefit from? Swap out the hammer for one of the race hammers? Etc. Also, who makes the best magwell for the CZ75 frames? Would rather buy the one that requires the least amount of blending.
  12. Interesting to hear that it wouldn’t make weight despite you telling them what your intended purpose was. CGW was able to get mine to 44.5 oz with a DPP and leaving the protective shroud in place. That’s also using MG 17 round mags and CZC base pads. Could likely drop it a bit more if I were to swap the mag bodies and extensions.
  13. I was simply sharing something that I ran across on the web. Didn’t mean to cause a storm..
  14. I like the idea of having a more defined wall in SA.
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