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  1. It seems like dot size preferences are varied. I prefer smaller because the C-More is brite enough to compensate. The one thing that I wouldn't put on my gun is the aluminum version. The polymer version is less expensive and it won't get bent if it takes a hard hit. That will ruin your match.
  2. I really like it for removing and replacing my chamber flag, but I have a side charging handle.
  3. My ar9 build had the same problem. It turned out to be a tight chamber. I fixed it by aggressively polishing the chamber until all of my case gauged 9mm's passed the plunk test.
  4. There are safe ways to get around most things. I had a friend (much older than me and now deceased) who would cast light weight bullets for his 30-06 and propell them with pistol powder. They may have been M1 Carbine bullets. He used it for small game. Very mild report, similar to a 22lr. If I had a need I wouldn't hesitate to do this myself. You might find info on this at TFL, or Cast Boolits websites.
  5. Strong side foot about even with weak side heel (give or take). Whatever lop gets the sights lined up with your eye without any effort whatsoever.
  6. I've never used a tourniquet and hope that I never have to, but I would think that a Boresnake in any caliber would work in an emergency.
  7. Stepped cases are a no go for pcc shooters with blowback actions.
  8. I have a gen2 G17 police trade in that is 100% stock except for a Houge Handall slip over grip that ads adds finger grooves to the very plain grip. With out it my hand swims around on it while i'm shooting. I think mostly due to the texture being very worn and it being a gen2. So, my question is, would the Houge Handall keep this gun out of production? I don't want to shoot against race guns right now. I've only shot PCC and am a B shooter, and I am new to Glocks. Thanks!
  9. Try performing a plunk test with your Glock barrel. Your bullets could be engaging the rifling instead of the case mouth. This would cushion the firing pin hit.
  10. Thanks for the great tips. I just got my Blackhawk holster and have been doing some drawing and dry firing. I already have noticed a difference. I will be doing some live fire drills this week. Draw fire at center mass a zone, then 2 shots at upper a zone, repeat. I figure that if I do this enough I should be prepared for my first match with the G17.
  11. Thanks for all of the great tips! Yes, the trigger pull is what I am struggling with, especially doing double taps. Aimed slow fire doesn't seem to be a problem though. A lot of dry firing may straighten me out. There are a few more local matches here in the north east before the weather turns to crap. If I feel brave I might give it a go. Thanks again.
  12. After shooting 1911's and BHP's almost exclusively for 20+ years, I decided that it was time to try something new. I will be using it for 3gun, USPSA matches, and Steel Challenge matches. Any tips for trigger control or helpful mods that wouldn't boot me out of production? Thanks!
  13. I recently solved a puzzling failure to eject issue. All that I have to say is, don't forget to clean under your extractor periodically.
  14. I had the same issue. I basically pinned the mag block in place with 4 machine screws, but I'm not worried about hurting resale value of an 80% lower.
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