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  1. Thanks for all of the replies, you are all very helpful.
  2. Thanks for the speedy replies. I was hoping that it would be possible to change dot size to suit.
  3. Is there a need to sight in after changing a the dot module on a slideride?
  4. Howdy neighbor, I hate it here as well!
  5. Shot a match yesterday. Now I can see how open pistol would have a advantage. There were a lot of places where my 16" barrel was a nuisance. But, on one stage I was able to shoot 90% of the targets from one spot. Even some small poppers that were far away. That was definitely an advantage there.
  6. Do clubs allow you to enter multiple classes in uspsa? Once I get up to speed with my pcc, I think that it would be interesting to enter both classes on the same uspsa course. If it ever stops raining around here.
  7. I have just never been as fast as the big dogs, but I do have my moments. Unfortunately its pretty random when I pull something great out of my ass. It usually happens when I least expect it to.
  8. Thats one thing that I will never have ro worry about, out shooting my guns action.
  9. I just sighted in a new 6moa polymer Cmore railway yesterday. It replaced an 8moa railway. Its pretty awesome. Its going to be a good season!
  10. A recoil spring with an unfinished end wil sometimes bind things up. Make sure the unfinished end is pointing toward the hammer.
  11. Good luck with your shooting this year, and welcome!
  12. Well, I think everyone does what works for them, and we all arrived from a different discipline. For me, gaming includes counting and not making any unnecessary moves. I can totally see from your points of veiw why you use lrbho as part of your game. Also, with a 40rd pcc mag, there is not a chance I could count all those shots in a match. Instead I reload at a preselected point on the course. Lastly, I would like you guys to know that if I were in an actual combat situation, you bet your ass that I would want lrbho! Thanks, Shooty
  13. All good and valid points, but if you are locking back all of the time, then you are not shooting to your best potential.
  14. Mostly knock down steel. My open gun has lrho disabled as do many other shooters. When you can lose a match in a fraction of a second why would you want to mess with another of your guns functions?
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