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Finally read the FAQs

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  1. Can you find any of these powders at the moment?
  2. The chambers are much tighter on the gen 5, my gen4 loads won’t fit in a gen5 barrel. If you haven’t yet, pull the barrel and plunk some rounds in the barrel and see if they will spin freely. On some glocks I have had to remove and polish the extractor on the top and bottom sides where it would contact the slide. This has helped extraction for me in several cases.
  3. Tnbb33

    which cz

    Have you seen the cz dwx? Sounds like it might be what you’re after. Believe they are unobtainium at the moment though.
  4. Use a different holster buy my old match glocks look pretty worn. Hasn’t caused any issues other than looking like they get used. If you’re dry firing and using them wear is hard to avoid. Maybe just use it as a bbq gun and avoid the wear?
  5. Thanks for the replies.
  6. What’s the correct recoil spring weight for a gen 5 17 mos for carry optics?
  7. Tnbb33

    Shadow 2 OR plate

    Thanks. Do you have a model number for that plate? Just want to make sure I’m getting the right one.
  8. Tnbb33

    Shadow 2 OR plate

    Which plates are drilled for removal of extractor (model number or link) and what’s your experience with them? good, bad or otherwise. Looking for one that will fit SRO on a shadow 2 OR. Thought cz had one but I don’t see one that appears drilled.
  9. As others said, use actual bullet weight when computing your power factor. Going for 130-135 in minor is pretty common and gives a margin of safety above the minimum. At major matches I’ve had bullets pulled and weighed, and also just asked what grain bullet I was using. So could happen either way at the match. If asked I’d just say the advertised weight. I’m typically 133-135pf, so would be well above minimum even with bullet weight variation.
  10. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/887165917 Or hop in the bid war for this jewel, just 3 days left currently at 6.5k$ Maybe the 10k$ buyer fell though?
  11. https://www.gunbroker.com/item/888017393 now a deal 6500$ ! And no cc fee!
  12. Was about 12 weeks for a 17mos this fall.
  13. Tnbb33

    TSO conversion

    Can the TSO 40 be converted to 9? If so..What parts would be needed and how’d it work if you did this?
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