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  1. This month we will be holding a Special USPSA Classifier Match January 18, 2020. Match will follow USPSA rules and scoring, consist of 4 classifier stages and 1 small to medium field stage. Classifiers will include: CM18-07, CM99-08, CM09-13, and CM03-09 Round count will be approximately 150+-, recommend bringing extra rounds for make up shots or re-shoots. Cost is $20 for SEGR members and $25 for non-members. Setup is at 7:00 AM, please come and help with setup and stay to help tear down. Registration opens at around 8:00 -8:30 AM Rounds down range at 9:00 - 9:30 AM Registration link: https://practiscore.com/uspsa-strategic-edge-segr-january-18-2020/register Checkout our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/segruspsa/
  2. Strategic Edge in Chapel Hill Tennessee will host out monthly USPSA match on September 21. Registration link: https://practiscore.com/uspsa-strategic-edge-segr-september-21-2019/register Checkout our Facebook page @ https://www.facebook.com/segruspsa/
  3. Looking for an extended mag release for gen4 Glock that is production legal. Yes I am aware you can use aftermarket parts, more concerned with fitting in the box, 1 5/8 “ width. Anyone have any experience and recommendations, prefer the plastic releases, ghost maybe? Need something further extended than the factory extended release.
  4. Occasionally I have gotten one of the MIM extractors that needed a little polishing to operate smoothly. You might try polishing the top and bottom of the old extractor to see if that smooths out the operation and makes it salvageable. If there are any burs on it remove those then polish. I usually progress from 600-2400 grit paper on a flat surface.
  5. So OP should just get a Dillon 1050 is the consensus In seriousness you would pay for the press with cost savings soon versus buying ammo.
  6. How would you color one of those white frames, Any experience there?
  7. Are internal parts on a g26 compatible with the other 9mm glocks? The only item I was thinking wouldn’t be is the recoils spings, is this correct?
  8. Running a steel guide rod shouldn’t be an issue, Jager guide rods are one I like. Running a 17 in limited will be difficult, since this would be minor scoring, you’ll be losing quite a few points per match for c and d hits. Carry optics or production are more common places to see someone running a 17. If you’re set on shooting limited a 22 or 35 in 40sw would be more common and get you the extra points.
  9. Thanks for the advice on sales. I’ll check those out and look for parts.
  10. Run a 5lb spring and you won’t have any issues, with 4.5 lb you will likely need to change the spring every few thousand rounds.
  11. The rock your Glock adjustable trigger is nice, you can take up over and pretravel. That in conjunction with lighter striker spring and connector.
  12. Tnbb33

    Glock 23 from 1999

    Likely the striker spring, also make sure the striker channel is cleaned out. If the striker channel gets gummed up it’s going to cause striker issues. Just clean the channel out, don’t use any lube in it. Also good to go ahead and change the striker spring with that many rounds.
  13. Try changing the recoil spring to an 11 or 12. Could also try messing with the extractor spring if you can’t change the extractor itself. A 5lb wolff striker spring would be very reliable if you need to change that spring.
  14. Dawson adjustable is nice for comp use..If you change loads or get a point of impact shift it’s really easy to dial them in precisely. For carry I have one set of Hackathorn sights I really like, they are a blacked out rear, with colored dot up front.
  15. Just keep some extra springs with you in case anything breaks. The only spring that could benefit from routine change is a lightened striker spring, you’ll know it’s time to change if you start getting light strikes. Otherwise if everything is running just leave it alone.
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