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  1. Tnbb33

    TSO conversion

    Can the TSO 40 be converted to 9? If so..What parts would be needed and how’d it work if you did this?
  2. Found this in range pick ups, WCC 43. Does that date seem realistic? Anyone have an older case?
  3. Clean shot, vv320, sport pistol
  4. Already up to 3k with a mere 13 days left. Act fast, maybe they’ll do a buy now price of 10k for the glock.
  5. Here’s a quick check to see if it’s the sizing die. Size 100 cases, without actually loading, just sized. Then see how many fit in the hundo gage.
  6. The number of case uses may vary by sport, for USPSA or action pistol sports, it is generally as many times as the case can be loaded before it splits or the primer pocket is worn out and won’t hold a primer. Accuracy is not effected by using the case several times in this scenario. Case gauge will help find split cases, also they make a distinct noise compared to others before being loaded, making them easier to locate.
  7. Convinced many of those outrageous ads and prices are fake and someone runs up the bids on behalf of the seller. Agree that it will be listed again soon so if anyone missed out they should have another shot.
  8. The Dawson adjustable sights are nice. Have several thousands of rounds on them with no issues. They are much easier to change if your load changes and point of impact shifts as a result, versus trying to drift a sight. Worth it in my opinion.
  9. Tnbb33

    Case gauge

    The easiest way I have found is to determine oal is take a spent case, not sized or anything, shove a projectile on to the end of it, then push this into the chamber until the bullet is seated all the way. Then measure that case, that’s your max oal for that chamber and projectile. Back off your loading oal the desired amount from the max, example .015 below max oal. Yes xl40 does longer rounds, that would be the one you want.
  10. Any shadow 2 owners alter the factory magwell opening? Such as removing material from the front and back of the magwell, to improve reloading while staying production legal. if so what did you do, pictures would be helpful.
  11. Went through ups and took less than 5 days from order to door.
  12. Sounds like a tight chamber, if you plunk and measure different types of ammo you can find what works best and fits in the barrel without hanging up. With new glocks I’ve found that polishing the top and bottom of the extractor makes it operate smoothly and fixes extraction issues. The extraction issues are usually on spent cases though, What you discussed sounds more the oal of the round and projectile shape.
  13. Tnbb33

    Glock 34 Trigger

    My preference is just polish parts, lighter connector, and lighten the striker spring slightly, you are not going to get a da/sa quality trigger. As mentioned before all guns are different and some parts work better in one gun and not well in another, if you want to swap parts get several different kinds. Trigger weight matters less, practice and dry fire matters more.
  14. Tnbb33

    S2 Hammer Spring

    Thanks for the replies. Using just a 13 with no other modifications and seems to be working with cci primers.
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