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This type of thing is the exact reason why I think the Bass Pro policy of "checking the weapon at the door" in an area OUTSIDE of the range is a stupid one.

In the times I have been to the local D/FW Bass Pro I have been swept at least twice that I know of by both the customer and the person checking it in. Once by a rifle and once by a pistol. I have let my opinion of that fact be known quite clearly to the people doing the checking...... :sight::angry2:

It is especially irritating that they always point the muzzle down towards the floor to check the gun and the floor is concrete.... ricochets and fragments apparently are not a concern... :huh:

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not all buttocks are created equally...ymmv



I dont know whats worse, That a picture like this exists, or that you even know where to find one..... :devil:

:roflol::roflol::roflol: I'm gonna be laughing about that for days!

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