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  1. Solo 1000 (if it wasn't extinct) N320 Alliant e3 Titegroup I know u said 3 but some folks only listed 2 so I picked up the slack lol... and my first pick is kind of a pipe dream anyway. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  2. dsmw5142

    Which one?

    white coleslaw or potato salad?
  3. That's waaaaaay too much moth brother... You're going to have a KABOOOOM... I think you're using dragonfly data... check your manual or something
  4. dsmw5142

    9mm powder

    I would say Solo 1000 but it's impossible to find. So N320 or e3... probably e3 since it's cheaper and easier to find.
  5. Yeah me too. I've also had a trigger pin come out in two pieces, broken in half. Once I had the tip chip off an after market striker. I've seen a couple of broken trigger springs on guns and had one myself. Other than that, some new F.O. now and then, although I think I've only lost it once. If you install it right it usually hangs on pretty good. Overall they take a silly amount of abuse and keep running.
  6. It's not difficult if you take your time. Depending on your file the metal can come off quickly and there's no fixing it when you've gone too far so file slowly and check often. File the sight only; not the slide. I'm sure there's a YouTube video... I think Dave Dawson might have one.
  7. Oh... he also didn't mention it had been discontinued... he said he suspected it was being used in mass quantity by shotgun shell manufacturers... for the hell of it I kept 2 jugs back ordered... maybe I'll get a surprise shipment in 5 years or so [emoji1]
  8. What?!? Discontinued? That sucks... was always my favorite powder but I finally gave up and called Grafs today since I haven't seen my April 2014 backorder... I was told they haven't had it in Stock since August? Or October ? Can't remember... but the year was definitely 2013!!! So ordered the last two jugs of e3 they had.
  9. If you search you'll find a lot of info for 147gr bullets with TG... I think a pretty standard (and good btw) response will be around 3.2 to 3.4gr at 1.135 ish... or maybe a bit longer if your chamber and mags will allow it. Sent from my SM-G920V using Tapatalk
  10. Buy a square shaped flip tray. Every carton of primers is in a square shape and it's easier to put a square peg in a square hole also a big funnel is handy for powder. I think I bought mine at walmart or auto zone. I like my cause gauges but if you're trimming fat you can do without. I love my CED M2 chrono and without one you're really working without a net... definitely worth it to get one as soon as possible... I'd say Jack's right and it's pretty mandatory to own or have available.
  11. Sevigny rear and Dawson .235 FO front... perfect POA/POI
  12. dsmw5142


    Just block them. If you're using hotmail go to options... safe/blocked senders and add them.. done. If you're using Gmail you might have to filter straight to trash since Gmail won't let you block anyone... which is why I don't use it.
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