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  1. No matter which hammer. you still have to fit the Bolo to it. I fitted quite a bit of titan and delta hammer.
  2. Jacob Hetherington uses Stock 3 and wins.... Just saying..
  3. I went to a lot of major matches... I have seen shooters shot reshoots maybe 4 times....
  4. Where in glockstore? Thanks
  5. Anybody has a spare Tungsten Guiderod for an M&P 5" ? Thanks.
  6. Pick your poison. Then practice. Both guns are capable as they are one of the best platform for production.
  7. I only use 3n37 in open gun.
  8. Yes... You can tell. I owned Small and Large Frame Tanfo
  9. External dimensions are not the same..
  10. Anybody who owns one? Can you direct me where to buy? Thanks.
  11. Its fairly simple... If you have never owned one and you have small to medium size hands then choose Small Frame. If you own Tanfo. It is better to stick with Large Frame so all mags can be shared.
  12. should be ok for uspsa production
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