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  1. Search is your friend. There are plenty of information with all the parts you mentioned. Also... Watch a bunch of youtube videos. I have directed plenty of newbies in there since at times it is hard to explain without seeing it. Enjoy.
  2. I believe it was either 2015 or 2016. I have to find the link..
  3. Was there not long distance target at the recently concluded 2020 USPSA PCC NATIONALS in FL?
  4. Which one is more accurate ? Truncated Cone, Flat Nose or Round Nose in 9mm. Tell us your pistol set up. (Make, Model, Barrel, Barrel Length, etc.)
  5. Ramshot Competition is an equivalent i have tested over the years. Same load data, same performance for both 9mm minor and 40 cal Major.
  6. This is where your twin will come in. A match gun and a practice gun. Shooters still shoots in the middle of the summer when temperature is above +110.. But as we say... it's dry heat
  7. Check the depth of your primers. I can light up my stock 2 with 13lbs hammer spring with cci's. I can even light up wolf primers when I still had them...
  8. I bought my picks at a dollar store. Similar from the set above.
  9. You wont get wrong with PRP he knows his triggers.
  10. Have you tried releasing the mag with your left hand thumb? Even top shooters like Max Michel, Jet and others does this from time to time.
  11. First stage and at times first person to shoot.. All i say is "just let it go... let's make it happen."
  12. I agree anything above 30's. Way back when i was practicing i used to do this drill with a 25 sec par time and in between dot i have to reload. I miss shooting...
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