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  1. check your sear spring. maybe too light or worn.
  2. Are we talking about a Tanfoglio/EAA Witness?
  3. I slap, jerk whatever trigger but as long as i have a solid tight grip it always goes back to where i aimed at.
  4. No matter which hammer. you still have to fit the Bolo to it. I fitted quite a bit of titan and delta hammer.
  5. Jacob Hetherington uses Stock 3 and wins.... Just saying..
  6. I went to a lot of major matches... I have seen shooters shot reshoots maybe 4 times....
  7. Where in glockstore? Thanks
  8. Anybody has a spare Tungsten Guiderod for an M&P 5" ? Thanks.
  9. Pick your poison. Then practice. Both guns are capable as they are one of the best platform for production.
  10. I only use 3n37 in open gun.
  11. Yes... You can tell. I owned Small and Large Frame Tanfo
  12. External dimensions are not the same..
  13. Anybody who owns one? Can you direct me where to buy? Thanks.
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