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  1. I have decided Brian Enos' forum is not really an appropriate place for me to provide free medical advice. Please take these matters up directly with your Doctor.
  2. My wife and I ordered a treadmill from fitnessblowout.com. I started having trouble reaching customer service, got suspicious and did an Internet search on the owner, Jim Rosen. I found hundreds of complaints and decided to cancel my order. He offers a 60 day money back satisfaction guarantee. He became quite angry with me and started sending me aggressive e-mails and text messages. He also targeted my wife with harassing text messages in the middle of the night. I filed a dispute with my credit card company, and we filed a police report to stop the harassing text messages at 1:30am. Three days ago I received a phone call from a collections agency demanding payment. I do not have the treadmill in my possession and I cancelled my order almost a month ago. How would you handle this situation? Edited for spelling
  3. In three days, we have raised over $14,000 dollars! 152 people have donated and my nephew's link has been shared on social media 876 times. Thank you again to everyone that has helped.
  4. In just over a day, we have raised $7,410 dollars, and his link has been shared 573 times. For all of you that have donated, I want to express to you my deepest and most sincere THANK YOU!
  5. My four month old nephew has been diagnosed with Spinal Muscular Atrophy Type I. This is a terminal genetic condition, and he is not expected to survive beyond a year. My wife set up a fundraiser to help care for Isaac in the coming months. http://www.gofundme.com/agbytg Thank you, Chris Martin
  6. probably was a bad idea to post this one.
  7. on second thought..............
  8. Incidence of colon cancer in North America is between 50-55 per 100,000 people. The NCI's (National Cancer Institute) definition of premalignant means a lesion is likely to turn into cancer.
  9. We just admitted a 60 year-old man to our service with an obstructing colon cancer and mets to his liver. He put off his colonoscopy despite having a strong family history of colon cancer. edit: increased font size
  10. Yesterday morning at our weekly morbidity and mortality conference, another surgeon presented a patient that died in the operating room. He put off his screening colonoscopy, and at the age of 53, a colon cancer was discovered with a softball-sized metastasis in his liver. This surgeon attempted to resect this segment of liver, bleeding began, the patient arrested, and after 90 minutes of CPR, the patient was pronounced. Like Dave said above, don't put this off. A colonoscopy could save your life.
  11. I've been here ten years. This is the best forum on the internet. You guys are awesome!
  12. I've been thinking about joining lifelock.com after a good friend of mine had his identity stolen. The nightmare he has gone through has my undivided attention. Do any of you guys have any experience with identity theft and/or prevention? Are there any other service providers out there that provide protection against identity theft other than lifelock.com? I did a cursory google search and found a Wells Fargo service and another service called identityguard.com. I spoke to a lifelock customer service representative and wasn't that impressed. I asked for some basic statistics on identity theft and she informed me they didn't have those numbers, but...."with increasing technology, it's a real threat". Then she offered me a free 60-day trial and a free paper shredder. Sounds legit to me, right? I don't want to make a decision based on paranoia. At over $400/year, I am looking for a more information before I shell out this kind of money. I did come across a news article stating that a lot of identiy theft can be prevented by simply calling all three credit bureaus and putting a "freeze" on your credit for a small fee. What do you guys think? edit: spelling
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