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  1. Check the depth of your primers. I can light up my stock 2 with 13lbs hammer spring with cci's. I can even light up wolf primers when I still had them...
  2. I bought my picks at a dollar store. Similar from the set above.
  3. You wont get wrong with PRP he knows his triggers.
  4. Have you tried releasing the mag with your left hand thumb? Even top shooters like Max Michel, Jet and others does this from time to time.
  5. First stage and at times first person to shoot.. All i say is "just let it go... let's make it happen."
  6. I agree anything above 30's. Way back when i was practicing i used to do this drill with a 25 sec par time and in between dot i have to reload. I miss shooting...
  7. So many Tanfoglio's came by my way...First time to hear Tancoat....
  8. no. no need for spacer. besides i load 9mm long 1.180-1.190 depending on the profile of the bullet i use.
  9. You lose count when you reload your picked up brass. I use them until it splits..
  10. One thing i first look for is WHO IS THE GUNSMITH? OR WHO WILL BE BUILDING IT?
  11. That's a first time i heard someone says on TG...I wonder why?
  12. I use 220 gr. and a ton of them loaded. softer yes. less powder yes. but proceed with caution. i would never load a 220gr for a glock or any other short oal ammo spec. My oal's will be 1.180-1.200
  13. Any fast burning powder out there. Such as Hodgdon Titegroup, Vectan 9.5, Ramshot Competition to name a few. Silhouette, Longshot... far too many times from lot to lot it varies. True blue etc. etc. I would never use slow burning from regular loads and sub minor loads unless i am loading a major pf ammo.
  14. I live in Las Vegas, NV so in summer time i wear these... https://www.costco.com/eddie-bauer-men’s-trek-pant.product.100488118.html Best $22 spent on a nice shooting pants. They are stretched too!
  15. https://www.doublealpha.biz/us/daa-8-pack-deluxe-magazine-holder https://www.safariland.com/products/holsters-and-gear/gear/pouches-cases-and-holders/competition/magazine/model-776-competition-magnetic-magazine-holder-1164605.html#sz=12&start=81
  16. I have been out of the red dot scene for quite sometime so i would like to ask you guys. Which one is the most reliable red optic for Carry Optic Division?
  17. 100% they will use classic targets.
  18. Just 1 but i keep a spare one in the range bag in case i lose it.
  19. More often it is a hammer down unless specified clearly in the course of fire.
  20. 100% - Just make sure you seat them well.
  21. Yes it's that time again.... Better early ...So we can line up our vacation days for us worker bees... Kindly Post 2020 Matches here... So far we have: 2020 Bul Open Saturday Jan 11 2020 - Sunday Jan 12 2020 Visit http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=1821 2020 Western State Single Stack Championship, 2/22/2020-2/23/2020 https://practiscore.com/western-states-single-stack-revolver-championship-2020/register 2020 Georgia State Steel Match held at Griffin Gun Club, March 6/7 is the . https://www.practiscore.com/georgia-state-steel-match-2020/register Phoenix PCC Challenge!! Sunday March 8 2020 https://practiscore.com/phoenix-pcc-challenge/register 2020 Alabama Sectional Match March 20-22, Talladega, AL https://practiscore.com/tps-uspsa-at-cmp-alabama-sectional-mar-20-21-22-2020/register 2020 GLOCK 2020 Area 6 Championship, Thursday Mar 26 2020 - Sunday Mar 29 2020 http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=1835 http://www.matchsignup.org/match/default.php?matchid=1854 2020 Hawaii State USPSA 28-29March https://practiscore.com/mppl-2020-hawaii-state-uspsa-championship-clone/register 2020 USPSA Revolver/L10 Nationals Sponsored by Ruger, May 3 in Talladega, AL 2020 Limcat Custom & Precision Delta Mississippi Classic 14-17 May 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-limcat-custom-and-precision-delta-mississippi-classic/register 2020 The Steel Challenge World Speed Shooting Championship, May 20-24 in Talladega, AL https://practiscore.com/world-speed-shooting-championship-2020/register 2020 Sig Sauer Oklahoma Section Championship June 19-20, 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-oklahoma-section-championship/register 2020 Illinois Sectional presented by SNS Casting , 8/28-30, 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-illinois-sectional-presented-by-sns-casting-1/register 2020 Walther Arms Area 4 Championship 16-20 Sep 2020 https://practiscore.com/2020-walther-arms-area-4-championship/register
  22. I use 3n37 for my 9mm Major. 182PF to work the comp.
  23. It says "These new guns are for USPSA Production. They are Stock 3 length with a 4.75" bull barrel. Limited quantities so get them while you can!" https://patriotdefense.com/tanfoglio-defiant-stock-master-ifg/ Are they not Bull Barrel?
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