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  1. Welcome! Benos is a wealth of information. Enjoy!!
  2. I still have one (1) custom serial number STI frame... still brand new.. waiting... and i have sold the other which was my Matt McLearn Open Gun using an STI Frame.
  3. I use BA9.5 major 40 and minor 9mm
  4. More likely it will be Feb. 22 & 23, 2020 Check out the FB in the future. https://www.facebook.com/westernstatessinglestack/
  5. Pricing in Canada. Tanfoglio Extreme Stock 3 - $2,281.00 Tanfoglio Stock 3 - $1,468.00 Tanfoglio Extreme Stock 2 - $2,596.00 Tanfoglio Extreme Stock 2 - $1,799.00
  6. furthest i tried was 450 feet but i keep my practice no more than 150 feet
  7. You said it yourself "I really like the Gen 3 model"... Stick with it. Buy lots of bullets and or components and start practicing. If i have to restart my practical shooting life all over again. I would stick with one maker, one model and a boat load of reloading components.
  8. Bring whichever gun you first have before deciding. Learn the game first. Try asking your squad mates if you can try theirs? be it pcc or pistol that you may not have. Most likely they'll have you try it. do you own some rimfire? bring them.. try it first. ie. ruger 10/22, buckmark, etc.
  9. The question is why Atlas? Looks? Feel? Built? If i would restart my practical shooting life all over again. I would stick with one platform and buy all the essential i needed for that specific division, gun, etc. " I don't want to look back and regret not spending a little more money on something better" So why not have a gunsmith built you for what you really desire. From the ground up. Plenty of gunsmiths out there. SVI, Brazos, McLearn, Etc. Etc. Your uses leads me to believe you wanted 9mm.. Am i correct?
  10. The stiffest i have tried is the Guga.
  11. I can honestly say that my PRP triggers made and installed by Mr. Batchelor of PRP is way better than my Glocks, GG Sigs.
  12. My index with Tanfo and 2011 is the same. The only time is becomes an issue is when i practice with Glock or a Revolver. What type of grip panels are you using on your Tanfo? OEM? Palm Swell? EGD? Patriot? What are you doing with your weak hand thumb? Are you pushing ? or just resting? I find some shooters rely on a pedal that they may have on limited guns. Compare closely the way you grip with your strong hand as well.
  13. There are some brass cases which are a lot smaller than others. Back in the when i was shooting a ton of factory. you will notice RP brass are smaller the WIN, SPEER, etc.
  14. I have been using Ramshot Competition after i depleted my Solo 1000 for quite some time now... Both on 9mm and 40Cal. (180gr, 200gr, 220gr)
  15. Nah ... Go the Las Vegas...
  16. You have to use the thick plate berrys for open. As for your MBF adjust it so it wont get upside down.
  17. softest i had was when i was using solo 1000
  18. i would go with MOS
  19. Pick a gun that you currently have and be good at it. Then choose the division which suits it. Load ammo or buy a boatload of it and practice.
  20. Looking for the right fit for me in a .40 competition pistol for Limited Major. I don’t reload so it needs to run factory ammo. I don’t want to tune, file, polish or gunsmith in any way - including mags. Would like to keep price at around $1,000 or under. Sound like a Glock 35 set up. or save up until you can afford a much better platform such as 2011.
  21. IMHO. I always tell newbies to start limited, open, CO or PCC. Minimal reloads for them. The more manipulation, movement, stage breakdown, etc. etc. - it gets too much in their head and that's when i commonly see them get confuse. Along with directions from all shooters willing to help newbies... Now typical average competitor, assuming the shooter has a top quality pistol and accessories for either division.. i would say whatever fuels your passion. LOL
  22. check your sear spring. maybe too light or worn.
  23. Are we talking about a Tanfoglio/EAA Witness?
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