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  1. are you using 271 Red Loctite ? I thing 263 Red Loctite is more oil resistant from what I understand.
  2. I use 3.9 wst with 135gr BBI's at 1.100 on my 5" Single Stack 9mm, CZ Shadow CO and EAA Lim Pro...no pressure signs and shoots well
  3. Thanks guys... was able to make it work I used the taccom spring at the bottom and ground the glock plate completely flat used the stock spring on top .. had a buddy shoot it this weekend on 6 stages and works 100% I appreciate all the help and info.
  4. yes I tried using the taccom extra power on top as they say it clears the splice. followed the taccom video but just used a longer bottom (31round mag) and a extra power spring... will try putting it on the bottom.
  5. trying to splice 2 x 31 rounders... do you guys use a short 17round spring in the bottom and a Taccom xtra power spring? ive tried 2 regular 31 round springs also a combination of a 31 round spring and Taccom and it was causing hangups. Thanks
  6. ogiebb

    Max capacity 140mm

    17rnd mecgar tube , grams kit and Springer mecgar pads give me 23 but 2 of 6 dont fit the gauge will have to do some filing..
  7. I used to carry 8 mags... but now I feel 2 170mm , 1 155mm and 3 140mm mags get me thru..
  8. Keep trying to PM you on the 10 Dillon Small Primer Tubes...  using my laptop this time and it still says you cannot receive messages.  Was first to reply about them and did send you an email.  I hope I didn't get bumped as I see there is another interested in the tubes.  Ready to pay via PayPal gift if you would like to provide your PayPal email




  9. I would like one set STI square hammer and S7 sear at $55 will need Snail mail address to send funds.



    Bob DuBois

    7171 Whitebridge Road

    Bartlett, TN 38135

  10. Congrats Josh!!!
  11. ogiebb

    P320 X5 Thread

    anyone have a lead on where to get one? looking to try it out. Thanks
  12. Thanks i had a chance to shoot a buddies Trijicon suppressor sights an d had Dawson custom make me some.. just in case someone is looking for the same info i used Blade Height (B) Overall Height (C) 0.365 in. 0.418 in. Notch Width (D) Blade Height (E) Overall Height (F) 0.150 in. 0.361 in. 0.451 in.
  13. Yep Thanks.... that's why I was looking for a 1/3 lower co witness. I do not need an absolute co witness
  14. tried doing a search online and here and could not find the correct info... trying to get a back up 1/3 lower co witness sights on a Glock 34 with a Trijicon RMR mounted. I called up Dawson and they said that I needed a 395 Tall x .125 Notch Width but looking at those specs they recommended it would be an absolute co witness and NOT a 1/3 lower if you have the same set up pls share what height sights you use front and rear... Thanks any info is appreciated thank you.
  15. MBX are great mags as far as construction and looks but I never had luck with them in my STI framed pistols even with the gut change. my friends love them and it works for them . I on the other hand sold them and went back to my old school SV mags
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