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  1. I have to say that a 650 with the case feeder is very nice. Used a friends 650 before I got my 9mm dies in, and you can really crank out ammo with it. I have a 550 and am happy with it. Not as fast as a 650, but it fits my needs. If you know someone with a 550 or 650, go take a look and make 100 rounds on it and see what you think On a related note: The two presses that I hear of people having the least problems with are Any of the Dillons, or the Hornady LNL.
  2. I bought a pound of Clays for 16 + tax and when you can find 320 on shelf in AZ? Never under 30 bucks... When you buy 320 in 4 to 8 pounders only does the price come with in reason to other powders. I like Clays much better for minor very clean, I feel its a softer shooting powder than 320 and cheaper, and alot easier to find on the shelf. Like I said above, some of it is personal choice. I have shot minor with Clays and N320 and I prefer N320 overall for it's total package solution. It is Clean, consistent and predictable all the time no matter what the temp. If your preference is Cla
  3. Some of this does come down to personal preference but even if the can were $35.00 it still is not as huge a difference that a lot of people seem to think it is. I will not argue that it does cost more than some other powders but, in my opinion the benefits of it being clean burning, and more importantly *consistent* across a wide range of temperatures and lots of powder make it my powder of choice. If you look around you can find it fairly cheap. The last time I bought N320 was in a 4lb can from Natchez. They have 1lb of it for $27.49 and 4lb for $94.99. Powder valley has it for $26.00
  4. I always find it funny that so many people talk about how "expensive" N320 is but when you do the math it is not all that much difference. "3.1gr of N320 cost 0.0115 3.8gr of Solo 1K cost 0.0108 1000 rounds of N320: 11.51 1000 rounds of Solo 1K : 10.84" That is a whopping 0.67 per 1000 bullets. I think I will stick with N320
  5. You see a sign that says: " 1911 $street Yard Sale!" and the first thought you have is "Someone is selling a what brand 1911?... in a yard?"
  6. You realize that you put your phone in the same place you put your mag holders and you answer your phone by pulling it out of the carrier and indexing it like a mag with your left hand to answer it. When you are bored, you catch yourself making "reload motions" by touching your phone carrier with your left hand and then bringing your left hand up to the bottom of your right hand.
  7. I think # 1 and #2 would end up in a cat fight LOL
  8. Update Girl #1 Back burnered because of her work schedule and almost impossible for us to get together. Girl #2 Just got back from meeting her out with some friends at a local pub... and yeah... survey says! ...nope... She drinks like a fish and is way more into the Bar and Party scene than I am. I got over that type of behavior in my early 20's let alone late 30's... I am going to give her another chance but if she acts like that again, I am out of there... Girl #3 Just started to really talk to her and we will see how it goes....
  9. OK, once I have gone out shooting with them I will take pics while we are shooting. That should cover all of it at once!
  10. I am definitely going to attempt to enjoy it
  11. What I like even more is when one of them came over last week and asked to see my pistol... She handled it safely and made sure to not point it at me. The other one just e-mailed me back and asked when we could go and "obliterate evil paper targets!" :wub:
  12. That would be the Ex for something like that and noooo thank you! I am filing that one under "life lessons learned" and looking for positive people now
  13. Yeah, but they all will know about each other so I am not going to be hiding anything. No "Drama Llama" for me! LOL
  14. I had not been looking to date anyone for a while and a girl that I went out with about 8 months ago contacted me last week and wanted to go out again ... so we did and had a good time. (yeay!) That same night! I get an e-mail from a girl I had expressed an interest in a while back... and then 3 days later... another girl from several months ago e-mails me! So here I am ... not having been out on a "real date" in a couple months and now, within a week, I am looking at three different dates! *boggles* This always seems to happen to me! I start dating a woman and *poof* a bunch of women sudd
  15. I did that last Tuesday! I got a blood blister and bruised the knuckle on my left index finger and the first two thoughts in my mind were "Glad that was not my right index finger! I have a match on Thursday and Saturday and ...darn it...that is really gonna slow down my reloads!"
  16. Take a look and some of the books and articles by Massad Ayoob, Brian Enos, and Todd Jarrett on this subject and you should be able to find a wealth of info. Brian has several books and videos in his store and there is a great vid on youtube by Todd Jarrett about the basics of stance and grip that should get you pointed in the correct direction. The advice some others have given about getting someone *good* to watch you shoot and critique you as you shoot is a great one. I learned more by doing that in about 200 rounds than I could have by myself in 5,000! I now know what the "right stance
  17. Never tell a demo guy he can use some "surplus" C-4 to cut down a tree while the sergeant goes and gets someone to repair the chainsaw that some idiot broke... On the way back the sergeant heard a series of "pops" and saw a bunch of trees fall. He somehow made it all the way back before my buddy set off the SECOND chain of "field expedient tree felling charges." Note, this is the same Demo guy who got bonus points in his "field expedient demo class" for making a shaped charge look like a little snowman...and it functioned perfectly.... :-D
  18. I am loading the .40 Montana Gold 155gr JHP's with V V N320 and CCI SPP and am at about .16 a bullet instead of the Blazer brass 180gr at about .25 a bullet. The cost of a Winchester White box around here right now is ....just silly... it is in the $0.40 a round range for it..... The Blazer brass is not bad but my handloads are MUCH more accurate. I could probably cut my cost to about .12 or .14 a round by switching to titegroup or HP-38/231 but I like the feel of the N320 so, as long as I can find it I think I will keep tuning that load up
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