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  1. +1 on the Hustler. I crewed one at Bunker Hill AFB in the mid to late 60's, it was way before it's time. Thanks, awesome! UHombre, I think you are right. I'll check it out. sounds safer than hiking toward nogales :-)
  2. Excellent thanks. Are they photo friendly? The boneyard said no camera bags, big cameras, etc. They actually suggested leaving them in the car on their website... :-) Thanks for the heads up on Pima!
  3. I'm going to be working this week in the Green Valley AZ area. I think I'll have a free day, thursday, free. (Any miners here?) I was looking into the boneyard tours at the local AFB. But you can't leave the bus and take a self guided walk - I'm a photographer - so stuck on a bus is not preferred. It looks like they used to allow much more freedom of movement. Prominent vistas for photos would be nice, areas to hike, etc. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance! Joel
  4. Just bumping this for a friend with a recent loss...
  5. I didn't know either...bummed. Maybe I'll sell my now collector's piece - and buy a Kahr and a new HK vp9
  6. EDC mine for few years now. But would consider a Kahr now too. I bought mine before so many options. I shot another members Kahr side by side and was really impressed. But the R9 is very nicely made and clean DAO. So easy to pocket carry even in sweats. They suggest specific ammo but at the range I have never had a problem with any ball ammo I've fed it.
  7. -JQ-

    What the spleen do?

    storage for your extra teeth
  8. -JQ-

    What the spleen do?

    For all you medical types...from Harvard Med School
  9. That IS straight up OG! How about some more pics?!
  10. What is your budget? I'm not too up on Nikon glass but this would be a really nice upgrade. http://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/689623-REG/Sigma_583306_17_50mm_F2_8_EX_DC.html If you are really looking to upgrade a lens from a kit, make sure that the specs after the "f" DON'T have a hyphen. For example f 3.5-5.6 these lenses tend to be lesser quality lenses. A lens spec that reads f 4 would indicate a much nicer level of glass in both build quality and capability. The example above from B&H says f 2.8 the lower the number the better.* *Fine print - this is just a general discussion, is open to interpretation and individual experience may vary :-) I hope this helps.
  11. Hey Warp- Here is one over on my fav camera board. $70 I don't know the seller but he has been around some. It (FM board) is a great resource too by the way. http://www.fredmiranda.com/forum/topic/1264147/0?keyword=DX,AF-S,Nikkor#12039476 I would take the opportunity to upgrade your glass. Bodies will come and go but lenses hold their value and don't suffer the constant "upgrades" of new bodies. What body are you using now?
  12. -JQ-

    CZ Accu-Shadow

    Missing my shadow...I should never have started on thi$ thread.
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