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  1. Hmmm,... 45 minutes waiting for a human response, 12 weeks of warranty repair backlog, and 4-6 weeks to manufacture a replacement. Sounds like a text book case of how not to run a business. I'm guessing they're in deep doo doo behind the scenes.
  2. Thanks for letting us know there is some progress. Let us know if you make it through, how long you were on hold and if they are going to satisfy your warranty needs.
  3. Unfortunately, your experience mirrors mine exactly. I have no idea why they have totally closed their customer support operation but they have. Talk about unwilling to stand behind your product!
  4. Yep, that's what I found too. It seems like they could figure out how to answer their phones remotely by now.
  5. That's the one I have been using along with sales@crimsontrace. com . I have no idea what the problem is on their end.
  6. The battery request is by another online form. If they have an active 800 number, I couldn't find it on their website even under the Contact Us tab. Their local number, found through Yelp, is (503) 783-5333. It is still playing the same recording with no ability to leave a voice mail message.
  7. I have a seven-month-old Crimson Trace CMR-206 green laser. The side paddle switches no longer function so it can not be activated. When it was active, I had to remove the battery to turn it off. So, I filled out their site warranty claim form. It shouldn’t have been a problem, right? It has now been over two months. I have filled out the online form twice. I then sent two emails to their customer support and sales email boxes. Then I found their phone number and called. The recorded message said they are not accepting phone calls due to the Corona virus situation and to email c
  8. Locally, we've recently seen a lot of PCC starts with support hand holding the hndguard and strong hand with wrist below belt. Safety is on, buttstock touching belt and muzzle is pointed down range.
  9. +1 on the Slide Glide. I use the lite flavor.
  10. +1 for the Holosun 510C. I have two and they are 100% reliable and very quick to acquire. If you want just a dot, you can turn off the 65 MOA circle.
  11. I have an MBX that I love. It has 5500 rounds through it and has run 99.9% with decent ammo. As others have said, it is light weight. It feels much lighter than an MPX or JP. It is very accurate and the customer service has been outstanding. The trigger is not as light as a Hiperfire but, unlike my HP, it runs no matter how dirty it becomes. The only thing I've changed is the grip because I have very large hands. On top of everything else, it looks sexy.
  12. I'm sure it would fit him. I measured mine and, on the smallest adjustment, the band has a circumference of right at 6-inches. It looks like it would fit on a small child's wrist.
  13. I'd put the entire upper in my freezer before I tried the first two techniques. However, both the casing and the surrounding metal were frozen. Freezing just the casing might have worked better. There are many good suggestions above. Keep 'em coming, folks.
  14. I had a catastrophic case separation yesterday in my nearly new MBX PCC. The base of the casing blew out, blasting out the mag as well, and left almost all of the casing sidewall stuck in the chamber. I'm not sure why it blew apart but I suspect a bad case. It was a range pickup but it had passed a chamber checker so if there had been any obvious crack it would have been rejected. It could possibly have been a double charge but I have a powder check die on my Dillon XL 650 and in ten years of reloading have never experienced one. Of course, there is always a first time. Regard
  15. This is exactly the wording contained in the 2016 Classifier Manual. I doubt it was changed in 2018 and then changed back later.
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