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  1. I've timed myself on identical transition drills with my elbow locked and with my elbow pulled in and bent. I used three targets at 15 yards with three yards between the targets for the drills. In one version, I shot two per target (6 shots total) reversing directions every run. In the second, I shot one per target repeating twice starting with the first target for a total of nine shots per run. Again, I switched directions every other run. I ran each drill eight times, four using a locked elbow and four using a bent elbow.. I was consistently faster and more accurate with my elbow bent. Like many above, I use the support hand to pull the butt tight against my shoulder. This gives me much better muzzle control both in recoil and in changing aiming points to a new target. A bent elbow facilitates this. I also found the locked elbow technique to be more tiring.
  2. I have four of these. https://outdoorsportsusa.com/BEST-SELLERS/AR-15-DUAL-AMBIDEXTROUS-CHARGING-HANDLE-WITH-STEEL-LATCH They are a dead ringer for the Radian Raptor and are only $18 shipped. I've never had one fail.
  3. I'm another Holosun 510C proponent. Mine are red. I find that easier to pick up against a foliage covered berm than a green circle-dot. In Florida, most of our side berms are cloaked in heavy ground cover and even the rear berms are often green. I also feel the red offers a greater contrast than the green on cardboard and white painted poppers and plates. YMMV.
  4. I use a TF 31+10 for almost all 32-round field course stages. I load it to capacity (2 down for an unloaded start) because I can. No one ever screwed up a stage by having too much ammo. I have a MBX 31+16 Mini that I use for stages with 38+ minimum round counts. We frequently have one of those at our local monthly and weekly matches. For the Monster Match 50-round stages, I can always find a place to make a moving reload. If I had a MBX maxi with its 57 rounds, I'd use it but I don't see these very high round counts often enough to make buying one a priority.
  5. Will the Red Hill Tactical pouches support a 40+ round mag with an extension? Their website recommends against it.
  6. Wiebad Mini Fortune Cookie. Very similar to a GameChanger but with some improvements and a lower cost. Full size Fortune Cookie The smaller version is a better fit for 22 LR precision rifles and is $14 less. Mini Fortune Cookie
  7. I know of no way to erase all the strings. You can, however, scroll through the strings and stop on the first one you want to overwrite. From then on, the next string will overwrite the next string.
  8. Mine still works 100% and I am very happy with it. I use it for practice nearly universally and I practice at the range twice a week. The accelerometer is great when there are others in the same bay. I also have a CED 7000. That's what I use the most often when I'm running others in a match. If I'm running someone during a practice session, my SHOTMAXX-2 works perfectly.
  9. I shoot 124 grain MG CMJ's in all my 9mm and .38 Super guns. They are consistent in weight, shoot accurately and feed better than their JHP's in my PCC's and my Dan Wesson Guardian. The consistent feed is as important to me as the accuracy. I also like the jacketed bullets because cleaning is not a problem. I too experimented with Extreme bullets for 500 rounds with several 9mm pistols and one PCC. They were not nearly as accurate as the MG's in any of the guns. in two of my pistols and the PCC, small pieces of the jacket came off in the chamber creating problems with the triggers. YMMV.
  10. Yep. It helps me consistently keep the tip of my trigger finger in the proper position.
  11. I have both the MBX Mini (47 rounds) and TF (41 rounds.) I prefer the MBX because it is more reliable and easier to disassemble.
  12. Has anyone had a problem with their Titan PCC magwell besides me? The one that was sent for my PSA PCC is clearly not the correct version despite the labeling. I've sent them two emails now, a week ago and then again this weekend, with no response. I'm wondering if I've made a mistake buying from them.
  13. At least on the earlier generation, the lightest (gray) springs provide the greatest hammer energy. I know that is counter-intuitive but that is the way it is.
  14. I think that one of the major points here is that, if you can, put the locked gun case in another piece of baggage to disguise its true nature. A nice long Pelican case with non-TSA locks on it would be a very tempting target for thieves. A well used piece of ordinary luggage complete with TSA locks is going to generate a lot less interest. The 11-pound rule for ammo is pretty prevalent across the major airlines. That said, has anyone actually had the airline weigh their ammo?
  15. . You should be very careful about your assumptions. Why would you think that I, or anyone for that matter, would try to smuggle guns through the air transport system with the associated risks? Of course I declare the guns. The guns are safely protected in a carbine sized case with Master padlocks and then put in the hard sided golf club case to disguise the appearance. That way any potential thieves will make an incorrect assumption.
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