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  1. Their are at least 3 matches every month close to Salem.
  2. For my STI 9mm I load 7.0gr AutoComp at 1.155 OAL, you will probably be loading to 1.145 OAL so you should be in the ball park.
  3. I have the Lightning Strike plungers in all my Glock match guns. Not because of weight and I hate Ti for most applications but because of the profile, they are a little more rounded and provide less resistance so are a little smoother. You can round off and polish your plunger I'm just lazy.
  4. A friend of mine knows the guys over at Hornady really well, and it is Zombies.
  5. Don't go to 231 it's close to Bullseye, go with Silhouette, AutoComp or even WSF. I don't know how good those +20% extractor springs are I'd use a new factory and like others have said loose the Spingco.
  6. He has been sick for a long time but when ever a new product came out he knew the public trusted him so much that if he didn't present it it wouldn't do near as well. So in spite of his health and being filthy rich he enjoyed what 3 weeks of retirement before his demise. RIP Steve.
  7. First off if your shooting major Bullseye is to fast a powder and I think Berry's are a plated bullet and can't be shot as fast as you need to in order to make major. I never used a +20% extractor spring but a lot of extractor pressure is probably what you need. If you make your own spring load bearing out of metal and make it a little longer than the original it will usually cure the problem. To tune it properly you should use a dummy round and have your extractor to tight for then round to feed and the gun to go into battery. Pull the load bearing and take a few swipes on a piece of sand paper (about 240 grit) and reinstall, continue this until the round feeds and the gun goes into battery. try to have the rear end of the load bearing look like the factory one and make sure the stem that goes into the spring isn't to long. This can be made from a nail in an elec. drill and is easier than it sounds. Tim
  8. Thanks guys I'm very proud of him, I know I'm jumping the gun a little he is still officially a recruit, 4 weeks to go. A pimp with twins?
  9. My son joined the Marines after graduating H.S. and is boot camp right now, I just received a letter informing me that he qualified as Expert.
  10. Glockcomma

    S&W 1911

    I have a full size steel gun for SS, I don't shoot it that often but it's been a great gun. 100% reliable and reasonably accurate.
  11. I've used a G22 a G24 and a G35 and far prefer the G35.
  12. It was July/August 2011. The magwell I used was a Techwell XT that is the largest one they make. The gun has ZV composite grips that I machined to accept the tabs that Techwell has on their magwell. The frame is the correct width for the Techwell but I had to take a lot of material off the inside at the rear to get it to blend with the 22/45. I used Ed brown 1911 base pads on my mags, I lined up one of the screw holes with the dis-assembly hole put heavy duty black two way tape between the Ruger base pad and the Ed brown pad and used the other hole for one of the screws and trimmed the front and rear of the Ruger pad. I put a little bead of black silicon at the upper rear of the magwell to close a little gap but did not glue the magwell on like the Front Sight article stated. I used Ed Brown 1911 ext. mag release buttons on the mag release and the safety, you have to anneal the Ruger parts before you can drill and tap them. I wanted a safety more like a 1911, but couldn't come up with a design but the button works surprisingly well. (Tim I think I met you once up in Marysville a long time ago I was with Pat Kelley.) I just got home from a grave yard shift and am a little rummy so if I left anything out or you need any more info just holler. Tim
  13. I made my own to mount the slide ride at 90 degrees, but I wanted a low cost practice gun similar to my open guns. The Allchin and a slide ride is a great set up for steel.
  14. If it was the Front Sight article that Robin wrote that would be me. Their were some errors in that article so if you want any info I'd be happy to share. Tim
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