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  1. Our local club has been running 2-Gun once a month for years. But I guess we been doing it wrong since its Pistol, shotgun.
  2. It comes with an ARCA mount and a screw mount adaptor, so I can easily use it to support my Chronograph as well. Im looking forward to getting it to the range.
  3. It finally came in. Vortex did not disappoint. Its about as sturdy as you could get with out making it concrete. The ball head is super smooth and it supports my 11lb rifle with ease. The case is very well made and padded.
  4. Muzzle devices can provide several different benefits. In the case of the boss system it was a method to tune the vibration (harmonics) of a barrel. On larger diameter stiff barrels it provides less effect. For me personally I look for reduced recoil/muzzle movement. My 3gun rifle has one for the purpose of muzzle movement, and my Hunting rifle (338) for recoil. I also have one on my LR rig, but its as noted above, the reduced movement helps me see hits down range. In testing I have done, I have not found any difference in accuracy. My experience has lead me to believe a rifle will be accurate.......or it won't. If your rifle isn't up to your accuracy expectations, a muzzle device is not the answer.
  5. I don't stake because all of my endplates are Magpul ASAP sling mount end plates. They are too hard to stake. I have used green Loktite on these and have never had one loosen. Our armorer introduced me to green as we used the same ASAP and carried our AR's every day. In 10 years on 200 AR's with this set up, I never saw one loosen.
  6. I expected more feedback than this. Thanks for the replies so far.
  7. Yes, more powerful than the standard low brass loads commonly used for their mild recoil.
  8. Anybody use one? What are your thoughts on them if so. After seeing some video's on tri pods (Not just the Vortex) I ordered one to play with. With the ball head mount. I did a search and was surprised I turned up nothing on tri pods.
  9. I have two TSO's a Shadow 2 Orange and a P210 Target. Both TSO's outshoot the Shadow 2 Orange and P210. In fact, of all the firearms I own, I must use a rifle to outshoot the TSO's.
  10. LM and Skeet are the two I use the most depending on targets. If there's lots of clays I use the skeet, stages weighted towards steel and slugs = LM. And in the case of some really stubborn steel like Tony mentions, LM with a few high brass seems to work for me. Always have a box of high brass just in case. Those 1050 fps powder puff loads we all love so much sometimes just don't cut it.
  11. I wish the question was "expensive scope vs mid range scope, what's the difference?" There is a tremendous amount of difference between cheap and expensive, but middle of the road is where the quality and value meet. There are some really good scopes for just about every need in the $500 to $1500 range. Some even a little less if you look carefully. My favorite two hunting scopes are by Vortex. Favorite is the Razor 1-6 with JM reticle. Not the least expensive, but it was almost half the price of my Swarovski that did nothing better than my Razor. Second favorite is the Strike Eagle 1-8. For $399.00 it does a lot on a hunting rifle and is capable of everything from Hogs here in Florida to Caribou in Alaska. Its not as clear as the Razor, and the reticle is illuminated but not daylight bright like the Razor. But it did survive bumping around a rifle rack for 50 miles on an ATV and still held zero, hitting its mark at 200 yds to bag my Caribou. For the hunting you described at Javelina at 150yds or less I would not use a 3x9. I would use a 1-6 or 1-8, or even just a red dot.
  12. The lighter springs used may be a logical factor, as some have mentioned. What spring do you use? I wish the OP had given that info as well. I have been competing for over twenty years and have recorded some pretty high round counts and never broke a slide stop so I find this very interesting. I also have not ever used a very light spring either.
  13. I get what your saying, but is that your opinion on the subject or is it CZ's position on it? I don't know of any pistol design where the slide stop was designed to be a consumable. I have used a lot of pistol designs over the years and been issued different pistol designs and uncounted numbers of rounds down range, not one of them ever broke slide stops and/or considered them consumable.
  14. Since when is a slide stop considered consumable? Or is this just a CZ design flaw? I would have to lean towards design flaw. I have heard of this quite often, and it does not instill confidence in my CZ's even though I don't have enough rounds thru them to worry yet. They did come with extras, so that tells me they know there's a problem. Why not just make them out of a stronger material. What do they make them out of? Recycled beer cans?
  15. OK, I see. I didn't realize how thin the original pad will be where its dovetailed. I thought it might be thick enough to screw too. Never owned a FAB stock.
  16. why glue it? Its just plastic/rubber. Screw the limb saver on like it was designed. Just be mindful of the buffer tube and use a shorter screw if needed in that location.
  17. Do you notice any accuracy difference between the two?
  18. If competitive shooting, 3-gun, USPSA etc were like this when I attended my first match well over 20 yrs ago......I would never have attended a second match. "Everyone gets a trophy" may work in the liberal school system for the kids, but the shooting sports is for big boys. Put your big boy pants on, come out and compete, learn from the best, and use that inspiration to drive you to move up. Its always been competitive. Its the complaints about "Gamers", "Leveling the playing field" and general "Circus stages" to trip up those with a better skill set that always (Even when I sucked worse than I do now) drove me crazy, and away from our roots of years gone by.
  19. Good explanation of one of the reasons a longer gas system is softer shooting than a short gas system.
  20. Boyle was a much smarted dude than I, but I think you are confusing pressure with volume when you are referring to an adjustable gas block. Ever put your thumb over a garden hose to reduce the flow of water but make it shoot farther? Thats how an adjustable gas block works......sorta. With gas (as opposed to liquid witch is not compressible) it is expanding to a certain point and in an un regulated system we get much more expanding gas (Volume) than needed. An adjustable gas block just allows us to reduce the volume of expanding gas to a more tolerant level as it pertains to recoil. The other part of the equation is weight (mass) of the barrel. All things being equal a longer (more mass) barrel will be more resistant to the effects of the carrier bouncing around and result in less felt recoil (I know there's another law of physics in there as well, just can't remember witch one). That alone means there is no way, all things being equal, to make that 11.5" bbl recoil equivalently to an 18".
  21. You mean the bump at the top? That was their suggestion, I just agreed with it. They make them with and with out and when you order full custom as I did, they discuss everything. And why WHY does this forum move the first letter of some words to the back of the word after I type it? Geez is that aggravating. for instance when I spelled "everything" in the previous paragraph it did this = verything.e
  22. I went with Ghost for my CZ Shadow 2 and my TSO's. No complaints with the holster. I think the mag pouches are a little delicate, but an easy fix. Bullets forward for me too. https://ghostholsterdirect.com/catalog/sport/
  23. Step one: Sell the Mini14 Step two: Buy an AR15 Step three: put a good trigger and a 1-6 variable scope on it. If you really like the Mini keep it and skip to step two.
  24. I wish all my competition would rely on a gimmick instead of technique!
  25. "This is my safety sir" After the buzzer this pretty much sums it up for me until unload and show clear. Most of the guys I shoot with also. Most guys I see diddling the safety during a course of fire are LE or MIL and relatively new. But I haven't been to a big match in a while, maybe things are different now. As to re-shoots for stage malfunctions, I have seen personally at least once a big name shooter wine enough about a possible stage malfunction that they gave him a reshoot. If it were one of us mere mortals we would have been slapped down in a second. One of the many reasons I haven't attended big matches lately.
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