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  1. I started with the JP aluminum low mass bolt carrier in 2002 it worked well but then I transitioned to the ssl low mass bolt carrier. The aluminum with a ctr 02 20 inch barrel felt like a loud .22 but you had to keep the the rifle clean and wet and I’m basically lazy hence the transition.and at my skill level it didn’t make that big a difference.
  2. You can only have one optic to compete in tac ops. So you would be competing in open. That being said go to a match, get an idea of of what 3gun/Multigun is all about, and some of the basic equipment you need. You will need shotgun shell carriers,mag pouch rifle and pistol and a secure holster. Then after you get hooked you can decide on what your going to need to be competitive some of us never get there but it’s still a blast! You can spend a lot of money or as little as you want. You just need the basics to start.
  3. I had a S&W 627 v comp , I used 38 short short colt cases and the reloading learning curve was steep and I found the moon clips were fragile. I don’t shoot Icor so I sold it right before uspsa decided you could shoot it minor in revolver. When the 929 came out I jumped on it 9mm made more sense, reloading is easier and the moons are sturdier.
  4. Left handed left eye dominant and when shooting right side closing left works for me.
  5. I have a Suarez slide with his internals and an RMR no barrel or recoil spring. It’s essentially new. Have $1000 looking for $650


  6. Pick one stick with it. You will never get better if you don’t put in the work and if you keep switching. Ask me how I know! Having said that I shoot with people who don’t care and enjoy the people they shoot with. You don’t have to be an B,A or Master to enjoy the sport. Although for me trying to get better kept me interested for a long time.
  7. I compete in PCC and I carry Kahr Pm9 it’s the only gun I can conceal. I carrry appendix, as I get older I keep shrinking.
  8. I have the analog Wheeler and it works great!
  9. I have a hand stop, it’s positioned about three quarters of the way down the hand guard. I use my off hand trigger finger in front and snug the but stock into my shoulder I’m not fast but I am accurate I’m old so............accuracy is all I have.
  10. I have been shooting for 58 years. I was casting bullets for Bullseye in the 70s and 80s and shot indoors for a few years I am now casting and powder coating bullets for my pcc. I cast outside and wear gloves. The last year I have cast over 10000 bullets I was concerned when another shooter told me he quit casting because of high lead levels. I just had a blood test and my lead level is 4. I’m wondering if some people are more susceptible to high lead levels than others.
  11. I started shooting Bullseye in the mid 70s. It takes 100 percent concentration for 270 rounds. Our club folded in the early 80s I ended my Bullseye career shooting a Clark Longslide a Kart .22. It definitely helps your accuracy. I had some success in pistol silhouette when it first started because it is an accuracy competition after all. I didn’t start Uspsa and three gun until I was 48. I have always found it hard not to try for that perfect sight picture. It was hard to overcome and I’m still trying. I think going from uspsa to Bullseye would be an easier transition than Bullseye to uspsa. But your going to have to dry fire 1000’s of times. Aim at a white wall or the TV. Break the shot without moving the gun. Luckily I’m still married.
  12. I have a pre JP GMR-15 that I use a 125 grain powder coated cast bullet with Bullseye powder (i cast them coat them and shoot them) that gun with colt mags has always shot. It’s a JP that’s why I bought it. I would only clean it when I felt guilty never counted the rounds fired. Purchased a replacement firing pin and after 7,000 rounds I am still on the original. That PCC just runs and runs.
  13. I used a S&B 1-4 short dot and had no problem with targets out to 385 yards. The glass is awesome the cool thing about the scope is that it is the best red dot on one power and can still work great at distance. For an open scope I would recommend a variable scope with hash marks tailored to my long range load. With a red dot at one o’clock or 11 o’clock I have used both. And for a shameless plug I have a S&B 1-4 short dot for sale on the classified. At 74 I’m retiring from 3-gun/multigun with regret and sadness.
  14. My vote is for the JP I had them install their trigger in my eagle arms in 97 and it’s stills going strong yes I’m that old.
  15. No the cool thing is you send in a deposit and you get to keep your gun while you wait. then when it is your turn they have you send in the gun. Four to six weeks and its back. The total length of time de[ends on the Parts needed for the upper build. I'm my case I had a 9 major built on a 5 inch site tracker in 40. It has a RMR mounted on the slide so I think it took a little longer. They were great to work with. .
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