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  1. Pcc, limited, open, Cary optics, all 9mm. 929 that was a no brainer, fun gun to shoot also. I had a v comp also that Randy Lee worked his magic on but sold it because it wasn’t legal for uspsa and I don’t shoot Icor. Of course they legalized it right after.

    Two Eyes Open

    When shooting my pcc I shoot both eyes open left handed ( left eye dominate). Iron sights I close my left eye (right handed pistol) with my open gun I shoot with both eyes open.
  3. I prefer black front sights but my eyes prefer fiber optics, getting old has its pluses and minuses.
  4. Are you looking for one mag? I assume 140? I’ve have a 126 and  a 140. With basepad and follower no spring $80ea.(Borland same  as TTI) basepads

  5. In the early 90’s I bought all the parts for a Caspian 38 super a fellow shooter put it together for me for $200? I made B class with that gun. It was real loose But it always worked. I had to have it acurailed then it didn’t work. Then I went to Para,STI,SV. I can truthfully say I had the best guns money could buy at that the I’m still a B.Having said that I’m not sorry I bought those guns because I like guns all types and I enjoy owning them but I think I would better off if I would have stayed with the caspian for competition.
  6. A slide mounted red dot worked for me. I liked to shoot limited and open and that sight option helped me with sight acquisition. But then I was never that good. If I started to improve with one I would get bored and start shooting the other but I could always find my sight.and there is zero paralax with side mounted red dots.
  7. When I started shooting my first gun was a 45 commander with a comp .Apparentley the last round of the match was a squib. After lunch I had my wife shoot at a new target, one shot two holes on a clean target. The barsto Barrel was split from the chamber to the comp, both sides. Thankfully the slide wasn’t damaged. Unfortunately my wife decided she didn’t want to start shooting with me. It was was squib in my opinion.
  8. I started shooting when I was16 I would shoot 10 rounds after school ever day and I kept the targets to be able to see my improvement. When I got out of the Navy my brother in law and I would compete with our newly acquired Gold cups. That led to how do I stack up with every one else. So I competed in Bullseye, pistol silhouette, uspsa,3-gun, and now cowboy action. I guess I’ve always liked guns and competition.
  9. I love my Python, my dad bought it for me in 62. When my brother worked fo San Jose pd they had a fun match that I shot. I bought 1,000 rounds of .38 wad Cuttersi in preparation. The night before the match when I got to his home he gave me model 19 and told to try it of course it had a trigger Job and that’s the gun I used. I think that the Python is great for someone who isn’t going to compete but the Smiths are betr for competition. I killed a lot of squirrels and scared a lot more with that gun.
  10. When my brother had a range behind his house I started with a plate rack then 3 full size ipsic targets all from MGM we ended up with 2 pepper poppers and a swinger and a Texas star or what ever MGM calls it. I wouldn’t recommend the Texas star it’s too labor intensive for one person, very time consuming. Alas lost the rage it’s now a lemon grove. I bought the plate rack In ‘97 and sold it to a local club and it’s still going strong. The and plate rack and the full size ipsic targets were most beneficial.
  11. Yes 2 pistols, rifle and a shotgun A totally different game just starting..And an alias
  12. I had a stainless open gun, it wasn’t polished but a brushed finish. I kept it looking new with a 3m green pad and oil for 15 years.
  13. I live in California, there are no local matches so it’s hard to compete. I’m 74 so as the matches turned in a young mans sport. A friend got into CASA it’s a little more my speed. But I keep reading on their forum how cowboy shooting is declining and I believe it is. At least multi-gun attracts a younger group of people. The problem is the money it takes to get into and participate in The the sport. I started when I was 50, young enough to compete(not very well). But I loved it, the challenge of mastering all 3 guns and keeping them running was part of it. I’m weird shotgun was my favorite ne
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