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  1. I'm not criticising, just asking a question as a lower level shooter... Don't you count / plan rounds so you never slide lock? Its been my experience is that its faster to shed mags with rounds in them at a convenient reload / motion point than it is to shoot dry, reload and actuate the slide lock. If you have a position with loads of targets, still seems faster to reload with one in the pipe than go dry and add an extra slide lock manipulation to your stage time?
  2. Lok grips, made to Max thickness of starting stock. Call owner to arrange. Epoxy coat and 60/90 silicon carbide grit coat them. Big. Fat. Spiderman grips.
  3. sergeantbernie

    Shadow 2 Optic?

    Yes, if you look around on major forums classifieds/equipment exchanges, you'll run into them. CZ custom listed one for $695. Not sure how often they are in stock there, though. Nice to see sigs new RDS are using the dpp footprint. Someone sucking it up and hopping on the successful competitors footprint is how the snowball standardization will occur. Kudos to sig.
  4. sergeantbernie

    P320 X5 Thread

    I think the no Magwell X5 you speak of is this one. Shorter dust cover, no Magwell but it appears to have a x grip and top. SKU: w320xf-9-bxr3 Available through the Sig armed professional program. Maybe a duty focused X5 variant?
  5. sergeantbernie

    CZ S2 to X5

    After shooting production in the Missouri fall classic level 2 match a month from now, I'm putting the kadet conversion on my S2 and changing to an X5 in carry optics next year. The X5 was my first USPSA pistol and I'm partial to it. Especially after sculpting my own larger grip and silicon carbiding it. Looking forward to CO for 2019.
  6. With large hands, I purchased the palm swells and asked the owner to make them as thick as possible given his initial starting stock. They came in a smidge under 1.5" total width installed. I wanted to maximize the grip so I epoxy coated them and applied a 60/90 silicon carbide grit layer. I feel like I have the hands of Spider-Man when I hold this S2!
  7. I've grown tired of waiting around for Sig to ever release a large grip module. I'm 6'-9" with hands to match, every time I've picked up my X5 I love the feel of the grip but just wish it was a bit larger so I wasn't so crowded. With an entire weekend of rain swamping my area and all the kids sporting events cancelled, I decided to give my own modification a go. I looked around online and found a product called apoxie which is a two-part modeling epoxy that has the consistency of modeling clay once mixed. After fully mixing the two parts and letting it sit for 5 minutes you can then start slapping it on your grip and sculpting. You have at least 30 minutes to an hour to work with it. I had grip tape on it already that was bonded nice and good. To retain the ability to perhaps someday remove this if the fancy strikes me, I decided I would just put the epoxy sculpt right over top of this grip. Here is the grip with the epoxy molded onto it to provide the additional girth needed. I gave it about 6 hours and it was already hard so I went ahead and sanded it to get a uniform width and surface finish. Fully wiped it down and cleaned it with alcohol as well to make sure I had a good surface for the next stage. Wanted to make sure that I didn't exceed the 1.5" USPSA box width. It is under that. I focused on putting additional material on the front with a finger groove, on the back to provide a hump and on the left and right sides as well. Next step was masking tape, then some 15-minute epoxy brushed on. The application of 60/90 silicon carbide grit finished the process. I think it turned out pretty good. I felt like Alma Cole, just without any of the shooting ability.? I'm going to let it fully harden overnight and do a clean and reassemble tomorrow. Just based on the girth from the apoxie alone it provided a significant increase in size that allowed my enormous left palm to actually come into contact with the grip! the silicon carbide grit application will provide a tiny additional increase in size. PS. I uploaded the pictures through tinypic, which I've never used before. I hope they don't crap out.
  8. Well, I wound up putting a green fiber in for the front sight giving it a shot during my all classifier match here last weekend. It seemed to work out fairly well for me, but unfortunately I didn't make B class like I was hoping to. In low-light indoor conditions the pure black site seemed to require a little bit of hunting to find it, so that's why I just went with the green fiber. I had a good buddy of mine who is a much better shooter tell me that the reason my scores may have picked up in the last practice session with the missing fiber was potentially just due to it being a different set up causing increased focus. This is certainly possible. I think the takeaway for me is that whether it's a red fiber, green fiber or no fiber - the most important aspects of performance are going to be practice and skill!
  9. CZ P01 is indeed the right answer. I had a buddy refer me to CZ Custom - called them asking for four replacement parts for my S2. They chased down the right part numbers for me and inside of five minutes all the right parts were ordered. CZ Custom is now my go to order spot for all my S2 needs. A helpful person on the end of the line is golden.
  10. Sig has not yet released a large X5 grip module. I just called Quantico Tactical asking them and he told me the same. There are none in stock and only mediums exist.
  11. It could possibly be tin whisker phenomenon. Fairly random and not well understood. One of the reasons medical device manufacturers resisted going to the mandated tin based solders and away from the lead-based solders. Whatever the culprit, it sounds like a new pair might be in order.
  12. I did some drills yesterday and finished up with a dozen El Prez runs with my CZ Shadow 2. During one of the runs, the front sight fiber flipped out and was lost. It was momentarily distracting but I finished the run with a 76% score, well above my C class classification (but not out of line running the same drill over and over). The next two runs I scored 85%, then 87% using the now black front sight. The black sight with the pinhole of light through it seemed sharp and less....distracting, leading to two of my better runs of the day. I only completed a few runs with no fiber as it was time to wrap up. Made me wonder, do I leave the front fiber out for a match and see how I do or do I replace it and maybe sharpie dim it? I have excellent vision (certainly a superior attribute to my marginal athletic skill...), So not sure if that helps. I've read that as eyes age, the fiber contrast becomes more useful. Any thoughts from the A and above shooters that I hope to join the ranks of in the next year?
  13. 147gr American Eagle factory. Groups awesome. Went on a hunt recently and guide put a soda can on end at 30 yards telling us first to hit it gets $5. I loaded one round in my Shadow S2, took aim and popped it. Love that stuff. No work required.
  14. Alma, I just watched your YouTube video on how to install the grayguns X5 competition trigger kit. Followed it and everything went perfectly, thank you for taking the time to create it.  I really appreciate it!

  15. sergeantbernie

    CZ S2 to X5

    I actually had an X5 first. Started into USPSA last year with it and really enjoyed shooting it. Buddy of mine highly suggested that I try a shadow 2 out. I tried his and I did enjoy it, bought one but it took me quite a while to get used to the da/sa setup vs striker-fired. Although I compete in production with my S2, I decided to breathe life back into the X5 by putting a Romeo 1 on it and kitting it out for carry Optics. I have a springer tungsten guide rod and a gray guns competition trigger kit on the way that I will install myself. I debated switching back and forth between the two guns for production but realized specialization with one platform certainly creates some (potentially small?) benefits in the game. With that in mind, I decided that the X5 would make a perfect carry Optics platform. I can of course get higher hit factors on any classifier stages I run with the X5 and Red Dot, and with further CO practice I know this improvement will continue to grow. I'm not sure how cost-effective it is to have one lower for running both carry Optics and production? It seems to me that tearing the slide down and installing / uninstalling your Optics or your sights would be a big pain in the butt compared to a dedicated slide for each if you decide to use a single lower. The benefit of a single lower if you do get a trigger job is that your one lower will serve both divisions and you don't have to dump another 100 + bucks and the time into another trigger job. In short, I have basically identical times with both my Shadow 2 and my Sig X5 when I did run them both in a production setup. Disclosure, I am a new C-Class shooter looking to classify as B within the next couple of classifiers, so take this advice with that in mind! I am not a Master class shooter that may express a different opinion on the merits of the two.
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