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  1. I'd post this in the reloading forum. Lots of info there.
  2. there's an outfit called McMaster Carr. industrial online supplies that probably have high-strength screws.
  3. well, I fit the barrel to the 1911 so am planning to do the 2011 too. thoughts?
  4. Couldn't find the exact answer in my search, to bear with an old question I'm going to order a 2011 frame, 9mm open, and cant quite figure out whether to get a clark/para or Wilson/nowlin. I understand the difference, but since I'm not going to cut the frame myself, is one better for 9, with a bull barrel and compensator, than the other? Perhaps the most important question is which one requires the least skill in order to get the correct timing!:) I have built a 1911 from 80%, so I aint a complete novice... thanks.
  5. My Springfield range officer 9mm is very reliable, tho was not very accurate in original form. Never had a problem with any sort of round feeding. Did replace the slide because lockup on the factory slide was horrible. Too much slop in the slide lugs. With a new slide, and better bushing, I have to say its as accurate as my 97b with the cajun bushing. Shoot one hole (pretty much:) at 10 yards offhand.* Never had problem with any mag, tho now use Wilson 10 round mostly. *dont ask if I can do that in competition
  6. This is a completely unsolicited rave for 1911 grips from a company called TechWell. They are thicker at bottom and narrow towards the top, with a palm swell. Whats so good is that its much easier to lock the gun into your hands. I also shoot a TSO, and its much easier to use the same hold on that gun when I use a 9mm 1911 for steel challenge with the Techwell grips. Really very good. I'm going to get a second pair for my .45. Downside - they aint cheap at $99. But if you're competing.... I've had trouble adapting to the 1911 coming from the TSO and Shadows. This solves it. FYI, they got lots of grips, the ones Im talking about are PosiTec Ergonomic Grips
  7. Like what Nolan suggested. I’m stealing it!
  8. Hi, I have a Dillon 650 and while I load mostly small primers I do shoot .45 and occasionally load large rifle primers. I find changing the priming system an enormous pain - what seems straightforward in theory always ends up with problems and blows 30 minutes or more of my time. But, the primer system in the 750 seems a bit flimsy. Anyone with a lengthy load history on the 750? Is the priming system reliable and sturdy? Thanks
  9. I'd be interested in how often the cleaning is necessary and how bad it gets. I like the grip on the M&P and was considering getting one of the new CORE guns for optic in steel plate. Does it really need to be cleaned after every five shots?
  10. When I called they gave me no trouble about switching barrels. Waiting for it to come back.
  11. Took the gun out to the range today, with the latest version of the cmore RTS, as I plan to use it for carry optics. It is correct what everyone says about the LCI. Big black streak on the lens after only 50 rounds. It is sort of amazing Sig sent them out that way. Will be calling factory tomorrow. Will advise. The other thing I noticed was a slight vibration/buzz in the trigger. I experienced something similar in a while back in a CZ 75B when I replaced the stock trigger, and found the SAO straight trigger I installed set up a vibration until I fit it better. (I think it caused the slide to rub something the wrong way, if my fading memory is correct.) Has anyone else noticed that? Also, I've read the various posts on aftermarket triggers. Its not bad now, but it aint a well tuned 1911. (sorry all) The reset is a touch long, but what I'd really like is a crispier break. Whats best to get a sharp 1911-like snap, to the extent possible. Thanks all
  12. Hi - So I got a rebuild kit for the kensight adjustable, for a 1911, and no instructions were included. I can't figure out how to replace the windage adjustment screw. Anyone know how to get the old screw out and new one in? Nothing at Kensight web site. thanks all.
  13. Hi - So I got a rebuild kit for the kensight adjustable, for a 1911 but same one is used in lots of other guns, and no instructions were included. I can't figure out how to replace the windage adjustment screw. Anyone know how to get the old screw out and new one in? Nothing at Kensight web site. Thanks
  14. Thanks for all the advice folks. Clearly need to work on the visualization. Will try to start applying it this weekend. Will advise how it goes.
  15. Hi, Any techniques anyone can offer to stop failing to shoot targets in the more complex stages? Shot two matches this weekend and in both failed to engage targets. Full disclosure, I aint that good, but the matches are fun. Even after noting each target, coming up with a stage plan, when the buzzer rings I'll sometimes finish the stage thinking I hit all the targets...not. I realize this is a total head thing, but advice welcome on how to make sure I SEE each target during the stage. FYI I'm still new at this, am not so young anymore, and probably still thinking too much to avoid a DQ... '
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