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  1. Well, cough cough....It was my thumb rest. When I gripped hard with my left hand and thumb it was pressing the slide stop (I know, use the pin) upwards on recoil....duh. I lost three second on a classifier cause of that:(
  2. I believe they were below flush, as I've experience what you both describe before. I think something else was going on. The gun would run fine for say, six shots, then the slide would say stuck back. Then run for 10 shots, and get stuck back. It was definitely screw related but not because they were touching barrel, I dont think. That said, I will check! (I, of course, have never been wrong before!) Will let you know, and if its the screw length will abjectly apologize!
  3. Had a very unusual problem at a match after putting on a custom ie homemade thumb rest and really really tightening the two screws. After the first 20 or 30 rounds and in the second stage the slide would eject the brass and remain stuck open. Not always. But with increasing frequency. The only difference from past outings was the thumb rest. Went to the safe table, removed it, and problem vanished. What was weird is that 1 there was no mechanical interference between the slide and the thumb rest, or between the screws and the barrel. 2 I found a few tiny - and I mean tiny granules - of aluminum dust on the rails. Brushed those off. Reoiled the slide. So what was happening? The dust was really dust…maybe six granules that I couldn’t even sense w my finger tip. Did tightening the screws somehow warp the frame so when it heated up the slide stuck? All thoughts welcome. 10,000 or so rounds. New 12 pound recoil spring.
  4. is the thumb rest slide stop legal in USPSA carry optics?
  5. Anyone have a problem with primers hanging up inside the primer feed tube in the 1100? Yes, I’ve cleaned it, but using Winchester small pistol it still jams up necessitating pulling the whole primer assembly off. Solutions anyone?
  6. I use a Nelson. Once it broke in a bit ran fine.
  7. There's a allen-head screw on the left side of the mag well...its metric, dont recall size
  8. thanks all. will try the drill method first
  9. midatlantic

    Tso mag well

    Anyone figure out how to keep the TSO mag well from sliding off under recoil? I’ve tried loctite, but after a hundred or two rounds. .40 major, the mag well starts sliding to the rear thanks to recoil, and if I miss it will prevent reload. Thoughts?
  10. I used the extended safety from Cz custom https://czcustom.com/cz-parts-all/safeties/cz-75-extended-ambi-safety-lhs.html did require some careful fitting where the safety and frame intersect, and the end sticks out the right side a bit, but sure does make snapping off safety fast and sure. I’m in fact planning to the same next time Im in jersey for a USPSA match
  11. Yep, the mushiness was the primer setting, too deep. I have found that if you pull off the tool head and take out the plate etc. you have to go back and check and then readjust many of the settings. Maybe it’s me, and it could well be, but I’ve been a little surprised at how easily the press gets out of adjustment. The 650 is more consistent and in that way seems more robust. as for the sticking primer punch Dillon said use a file on the circumference at the exit wheee it was sticking, which I did, carefully, a thin round file, non aggressive grit, and then ran the punch up and down a few dozen times w 600 grit rubbing compound. Fixed. Why it happened after 4,000 rounds remains a mystery.
  12. well, my best guess is that somehow the rocker arm that pushes the punch up somehow peened the frame where the bottom of the punch contacts the rocker arm. Thats where the punch is sticking. So, plan is to take a small file and carefully! apply it to the circumference of the frame. Will be very gentle and test often. Anyone want to tell me why not?
  13. And a second problem, see post on primer punch, is that the handle has become mushy at the end of the downstroke - a bit bouncy and not a firm end to the downstroke. All thoughts welcome
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