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  1. Believe it or not accupuncture helps a lot, and there are even clinical tests to prove it. I still stretch and exercise to keep the muscles strong, but acupuncture has eliminated, for now, any need for surgery. https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC3523426/ Our findings indicated that the acupuncture can improve the overall subjective symptoms of carpal tunnel syndrome and could be adopted in comprehensive care programs of these patients. or https://www.healthline.com/health-news/acupuncture-for-carpal-tunnel-syndrome#3
  2. here's some photos. You can also see I ground down the mag release - kept dropping mags at wrong moment!
  3. I vote for a custom thumb rest. I have short thumbs and found the stock thumb rest pulled my left hand way too far forward. Crafted another out of aluminum angle iron which extends downward a bit and as far rearward as possible without interfering with slide release. WIth a firm grip it helps keep barrel flat. Big difference in speed when shooting steel matches.
  4. my problem isnt pain from the mag release but the ease at which it drops the mag. It seems if my palm even brushes it when i shoot the mag drops. Ive grinded it down to not much more than a nub, but still....any suggestions on how to make the mag HARDER to drop?
  5. Thanks all. To the folks who recommended the Redding die, wouldn’t the Dillon decapping resizing die accomplish the same?
  6. Thanks all. Slow brain today on my part! heavier bullets, duh! Thanks for reminding me! and for the load recommendation. More accepted!
  7. I've recently decided to start reloading 40 caliber Smith & Wesson for USPSA limited. Looking over the velocities of commercial 40 caliber they are usually 1000 ft./s with 180 grain bullet giving a power factor of 180. If I reload to make major I need to have a minimum velocity of 920 to make 165. It's not much of a difference from 1000 ft./s. Cost aside, and .40 is not much more than 9 mm these days, is there any reason to reload? I do it in 9 mm and 45 ACP to make a softer shooting round than commercial stuff, other than federals 150 syntek. What am I missing about reloading 40? I'm certain there is a lot, so have pity on me.
  8. I'll add that changed to SA and shooting commercial loads it is amazing, and easily, accurate. Likes 15 pound recoil spring. Almost a replacement for my 9mm s2 !
  9. Yeah, should have said .40 in original posting. But thanks again for the help.
  10. A whole new housing is a bridge too far. Will try the tumbler. Thanks.
  11. So the ambi safety isn't a standard configuration? I don't need ambi - would rather have extended safety for competition. Is it possible to change to single side, if no ambi extended safety exists?
  12. that's the other side, sorry, posted one photo twice
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