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  1. Its a Jarvis barrel. Should be good. I was thinking of a getting a .358 or .359 reamer for the comp holes. 10 mm is .39 but shouldnt need to go that large? anyone ever do that?
  2. Ran reamer through comp for second time. Attached to barrel of course. EGW reamer for 9/38. New. Comp is not moving. All rounds passed the plunk test. Fired another 30-40 rounds, HAP 125 and Blue Bullets 124 tc. Most still keyholed, none was accurate. At 15 yards sprayed all over 12 x 8 inch target. All advice welcome. If rounds are still striking the comp, as appears likely, what's the solution? Find a 10 mm drill and drill out comp?
  3. yeah, which is why I think I may have pushed it too far. they were right on edge, but don't know if that would cause it.
  4. didn't see strikes on baffles - and I reamed the comp after installation. Groups that did not keyhole were good. Otherwise nope. They were bad.
  5. Took my almost just completed open gun to range and found most of the bullets keyholed. I say almost cause I discovered the throat needs to be reamed as I can only load 124 blue bullets to about 1.14 and 125 HAP to about 1.12 before they hit the lands. Loaded a variety of rounds, with between 6.8 and 7.4 HS6 and at the above OAL Velocity ranged from 1310 to 1405. Didn't see signs of over pressure. I think at least. Crimp is same as I use on all my 9mm rounds. I was thinking that I probably pushed the OAL and I wonder if the bullets were touch
  6. selling them again now. Complete guns and kits.
  7. Dont know the machines but how did that happen!!??
  8. Do I gather correctly that Ammobots are still not back on the market? Its for a 1100, whenever it arrives.
  9. My .40 s&w has suddenly experienced erratic failure to extract. I replaced the extractor and extractor spring - the old extractor looked a bit worn - yet twice today at a match had same experience. The round fires, the slide recoils, but does not extract the spent case, so the pistol jams as it tries to load a fresh cartridge while the spent one is still in the barrel. If I drop the magazine and work the slide the spent round will then extract. also since then I polished the chamber w brasso, still occurred. Any suggestions?
  10. Building a 2011, and have barrel and compensator, frame etc. With barrel installed and locked and compensator screwed on there is a .014-.015 gap between the compensator and slide end. (which was cut to the 1 degree angle.) I've read folks suggest .010-.013. Do I need to file down the comp, or let well enough alone? Can get about 2/3 turn more before the compensator locks the slide. And, I gather people use high-strength loc-tite? I think its green, cause the red gives way too quickly. Other thoughts. (I do need to ream the compensator once its installed.) T
  11. Very much appreciate all the advice. Now got to get to the range and put it into practice. The comments have made me realize I'm slow getting into position and shooting....need to start shooting and not concentrate on planting myself for easy shots.
  12. Ha! thats what I usually tell myself. My girlfriend observes "you're competitive." I guess she's right.
  13. Hi all, I'm in my 60s, 5'10 188, can still drop and do 20 (on a good day!) pretty good shape. I'm a C shooter in USPSA, 40 major. High C classifiers. Pretty accurate. But I am SLOW particularly on stages that require much movement. Partly its age, my reaction time isn't what it used to be (why I dont ride bikes in city traffic anymore) On a 30 round stage where a 35 time places you mid-pack I'm at 40-45. I do dry fire, work on draw, transitions etc. And I know the sport is a combination of many small parts. But none of the training sugge
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