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  1. Nemesis Lead

    Firing pin compatibility

    I ordered two JP firing pins and they sent me a free one under warranty. They are supposed to be the new style. To my eye, they look exactly like my old ones though. Does anyone have pictures (or can you describe) how the new firing pin differs from the old one? My old one (broken) is in the trash.....
  2. Nemesis Lead

    Favorite optic for PCC

    If I line up a target at 25 yards and move my head so that the dot moves closer to the edge of the optic.......the dot moves 2 to 3 inches off target. I have not done more experimenting than that.
  3. Nemesis Lead

    Favorite optic for PCC

    You can see parallax on any optic. Take your optic off your rifle and put it on your kitchen counter. Line the dot up with a small target. Now take your hands off the optic so it just sits on the kitchen counter and cannot move. Move your head around and look through the optic. Push the dot to the edges of the glass. You will see that the dot moves around and may actually come off the target. Of course, the optic and target are not moving, so what you are seeing is parallax error. It sounds terrible, but it is not as important as one might think. So long as your eye is directly behind the optic, you will never have an issue. But when you are in awkward positions and your eye is not directly behind the optic.....parallax error comes into play. These guys studied this and found that EO Techs were the best for reducing parallax error. https://www.greeneyetactical.com/2017/07/27/comparative-study-of-red-dot-sight-parallax/ Again (before anyone jumps all over me)......the only way this would affect you is if your eye was significantly out of position behind the optic. You will look through your optic and say "whoa this optic is crap" but will rarely be forced into weird positions where this comes into play.
  4. Nemesis Lead

    Favorite optic for PCC

    Yes--I love it. Great field of view. Very clear glass. 1 MOA dot, but when you turn up the brightness, it really stands out (very bright). Easy to mount and zero. Great controls. No extra mount needed. Lower 1/3 cowitness height which is great. Great battery life. Downsides. Expensive. Not the lightest option. More parallax than I would like (really only the EO Techs are great here in my experience).
  5. Nemesis Lead

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    I am new to PCC myself, but the answer is hard leans around barricades. If you are right handed, try learning to the left around a barricade. See how far you can see to the right with your primary optic on top of the gun. Now roll the gun to the right (to expose the offset optic that you don't have) and see how much further to the right you can see. You get a little further around the barricade. It seems like an expensive solution to a rare problem. But my club was previously dominated by Open shooters who like to give PCC shooters a hard time when they design stages. Big left leans are pretty common now. We see them every match. Alternatively, it is a back up optic and can also be set up for a different zero (although I won't go that route) than your primary optic. FInally, if you have to go prone and your big magazine gets in the way, you can roll your rifle over and get a little lower in the prone position.
  6. Nemesis Lead

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    This is what I am leaning toward right now. Do you like it? Bright enough? Mount puts the optic in the right place?
  7. Nemesis Lead

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    I run the same CT green laser as you. The issue is that in the bright California sun, I can't easily see it past 10 yards. I am like you--always like the larger dots for our close range game.
  8. Nemesis Lead

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    Thank you. I am curious if you like the 3 MOA or 8 MOA optic better?
  9. Nemesis Lead

    Best Offset Optics Mount

    After struggling a bit to do a hard left lean around a corner with a PCC, I have decided to get: 1) An Offset Optic Mount 2) An Offset Optic Does anyone have suggestions on which work best? Please--no debates on the efficacy of offset optics. I am just looking for good product recommendations and the reasons people like these products.
  10. Nemesis Lead

    Favorite optic for PCC

    I am the OP of this gigantic thread. Just as an FYI, I went with the C-More 8 MOA and loved it. Except that anything that bumped the optic would shift its zero. I went to the Leupold LCO and absolutely love it. Huge field of view, great battery life, small 1 MOA dot, very BRIGHT dot to overcome the smallness of the dot, very ergonomic controls, holds zero, etc.. But I imagine that the cost of this optic turns a lot of guys off.
  11. Nemesis Lead

    Firing pin compatibility

    I run a JP GMR-15 and I managed to break the JP firing pin after just 600 rounds. I just sent an email to JP and I am sure that they will send me a new one. They have always been super cool about stuff like this. However, for a backup......I was thinking of trying the Wilson Combat bullet proof firing pin. Does anyone know if that will work with a JP GMR-15 bolt? Also, does the WIlson Combat pin live up to its "unbreakable" marketing hype? Many thanks!
  12. I am looking for a good PCC 14.5 inch barrel and compensator that are sold already pinned and welded together. I don't want to have to do that on my side. I realize that PCC comps usually don't work well. I usually like them because they increase noise!
  13. Nemesis Lead

    Failure to extract in a 9mm carbine

    Thanks guys. I checked the ejector. It is already pretty darn close to the bolt and similar to all of my rifles that DO work. I also ordered a lighter buffer spring. Any other thoughts?
  14. Hi guys, I just got a TACCOM LW Upper. The thing is amazingly accurate and lightweight, but I am getting a fair number of failures to extract (brass gets stuck inside the gun and gets crushed). About 10% of rounds get hung up like this. My ammo is 147 grain 135 PF loads that work perfectly in pistols and my JP GMR-13 carbine. I am guessing that the issue is with the buffer and buffer spring. I am running a Springco AR-15 extra power (red) carbine spring and a Blitzkrieg 9mm hydraulic buffer. The gun ejects brass about 6 feet. I tend to run carbines with a moderate amount of lubrication. The lower is a JP GMR-15 lower. Any thoughts would be appreciated.
  15. On TACCOM'S website, it recommends NOT using Lead or Poly Coated bullets with their PCC Barrel and recommends brushing the barrel out if you do. All I run are poly coated bullets. Have folks had issues with this? What happens?