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  1. Graphite black, magpul green, sig dark grey
  2. There is a desk light closer to the top legion, hence the color change. These were sprayed at the exact same time with the exact same colors.
  3. Here’s a cerakote camo job that I did for my twin legions at home. Tell me what you guys think
  4. They should also be able to plug the rear of the slide for looks but can hog out the inside of the slide to remove some weight as well. Not too sure of how much svi actually cuts up their slides.
  5. I wonder if they are going to remove the extractor hole in their slides from here on out.
  6. I run 9mm with no spacers. Haven’t had a mag issue yet. The same cannot he said about sti mags with no spacer....
  7. My old sv tubes work perfectly in that grip.
  8. Depends if you’re planning on shooting major or minor. There are lots of single stack open guns, most of them are built for steel challenge and built for minor shooting.
  9. I’ve broken roughly 15 of the “top” name brand red dots on the market. Someone suggested that I put a tiny dab of black silicone in between the slide and the dot. Haven’t broken a dot since in 85k+ rounds. Haven’t lost zero once.
  10. I see this item as a solution for a problem that doesn’t exist.
  11. We had to make our own mount out of aluminum. Took a while but it works. Couldn’t find one anywhere
  12. Does anyone else not like pT’s attacking comments on this forum? I think I might stay away from PT for a while after reading this forum for a little
  13. I had to remove some material from my daa in order for it to release smooth. I just picked up the new Safariland and hoping that it will be better and not require mods.
  14. I make dummy rounds with no powder or primer in. Then fill the primer hole with hot glue. If they no longer function then I just remove the glue and redo them. Takes about 10 min for a set of 30.
  15. Has anyone with basic sewing skills try to make their own bag? Or has a wife with some decent sewing skills?
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