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  1. our limited guys are normally around 200-250lbs...
  2. https://www.henryholsters.com/product/turbodrop-owb-drop-hanger/ I have switched my rht,springer, and stoeger over to this hanger. I have 4 of them.
  3. Currently having someone print me up one. Ssdscopecovers.com
  4. I use the .223 version with a taccom bolt and it has worked flawlessly for 10k+ rounds
  5. Normally do, depends on the schedule that week.
  6. I’m from SoCal as well and shot the same swpl match that you did. California tactical academy in piru hosts a large majority of the classes pertaining to competition shooting. Most of the guys, including myself, run soloman trail running shoes. They really help with the terrain that we shoot in.
  7. akai custom guns, atlanta arms ammunition
  8. I think they are $1250, don't quote me on that
  9. pt makes a titanium version of the evo. much better than aluminum in my opinion
  10. just ordered mine, can't wait
  11. zev g17 with bushnell dot. check out his instagram, he just posted a picture of it last week
  12. I sight in the tip at 20 yards, but then again I also don't look at the dot when shooting. I barely see the triangle reticle, when I see red on tan in the A zone I'm pulling the shot.
  13. When you order it, just put in the comments or send an email saying that you want to shoot factory ammo out of it. Simple spring swap for them.
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