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  1. It’s fitted by barsto, which means it’s top notch.... I have irv fit all my guns and they all run amazing.
  2. Does anyone have any leads on a stock 3 slide? Turned my stock 3 slide into a co gun and want to swap between co snd production.
  3. If I were to start over I’d pick up a few old 627’s in .38 super. Shoot 9mm out of them and have a true performance center gun instead of this crap pc 929. If you’ve felt/owned one of the .38 super 627 you know what I’m talking about
  4. My load data that has not failed me with over 10k through my revolver the past two years. I shoot sc mainly and there is no power factor. .375" crimp 1.100 Oal 100Gn rn 1.8 BA-10 Fed SPP
  5. I had a buddy make me a new mandrill for the center that aligns it perfectly. Perhaps something that you can make at home.
  6. Back in the early open major days almost everyone was using SRP in their guns, it was just something that had to be used. To this day I strictly use SRP in my 1911/2011 pistols. In my lightened p320's/tanfos I have to use small pistol but some of the guns will fire SRP. It won't hurt the gun at all whichever primer you use. And based on the Atlas/Vel ammo primer test there is negligent difference between velocities and pressure.
  7. they had to end their website due to california laws. I have their phone number if you’d be interested in purchasing a top end. They are still up and running and at almost every Southern California steel challenge match on the weekends.
  8. Pace setting design .22 pistol. Fantasist pistol with zero issues. He’ll be at the southwest regional steel challenge match in Arizona at the end of March
  9. Ive seen more 5" guns with a titanium or aluminum sight block making it have a 6" sight radius. I am currently building a 5" slide with 6" sight radius.
  10. possibly, unfortunately I do not have a SPS so I cannot tell you for sure but I would not be surprised if the slide was cut for a 9mm ejector.
  11. I’ve been using the egw oversized ejector and machining them to fit. I have a couple of the bunker arms ejectors that I’m waiting to try out
  12. I have all of my .45’s slides cut for a 9mm ejector channel so that I don’t have this issue. I can swap 9mm, .40 and .45 slides all day long
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