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  1. You can rollsize the brass once it’s loaded.
  2. What is your minor load if you don’t mind me asking?
  3. Has anyone tried to make major with BA10 powder? Love the stuff for minor and 9mm.
  4. I miss the run what you brung days. Loved showing up to matches and see the other guys new gear
  5. What about using a black sharpie instead?
  6. I cut it with a hacksaw then faced it in a mill to make a clean cut. I then used a 9mm comp alignment reamer to double check that I didnt have any burrs in the path of the barrel.
  7. I ended up having one built for me due to limited options on the retail level.... and being in California
  8. I haven’t cut a tangfo comp but i did cut a 4 port egw comp down to 2 ports for my steel gun. It’s holding up fine (~12000 rds of 100pf). The only downside is that the front of the comp is angled
  9. has anyone tried the atlas gun works slide?
  10. 4,00o on the v5 and so far so good.
  11. Why have it in a holster and not in a bag? I have seen so many issues with holstered pistols at steel matches, guns become too dusty or falling out. Not worth it, especially when you can bring your bag to the line with you.
  12. Does the atlas come with an inner belt?
  13. I use a big black thick sharpie. Works great for the day but I have to do it every time I want to shoot, I became annoyed and just purchased a new sight.
  14. Most of the guys that I shoot with use a blank barrel and slab it to their gun so they don't have to deal with the indexing issues.
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