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  1. https://drive.google.com/open?id=1XJdFuxRq5VAnBqKzBqTmHTuFrvPurIn1
  2. file:///C:/Users/Miguel Mondaca/Desktop/SVI/Barrels breack/pagina/Infinity Barrels and Compensators.html
  3. the shuemann informe. Problem number 5: Because of Problems 1, 2, 3, and 4 Type 416 Stainless is not a good material for sub-gun barrels
  4. definitely not, two weapons of different brands were fired in parallel, if ammunition is a problem it should affect the other weapon too,
  5. take some photos with a nikon d 7000, but they are not very clear I must get a good lens for close photos, it will take a longer time.
  6. no place for a double charge in the brass
  7. There is an internal mark on the stretch marks, product of the squib in your pistol?
  8. The first thing to keep in mind is that SVI from the beginning rejected any possibility that the material was defective, without even seeing the barrel, hence my doubt and sent to analyze the material. It is for this reason that I request the quality certificates of the other 6 pistols.
  9. the barrel broke, in the practice of unsheathing and precision to a plate at 25 meters, this was not a squib , I have it in my possession barrels, I will take many photos and share them with you,
  10. I will not send it until Sandy answers the email that is a few post above
  11. I cannot deny or assure if it is used a lot or a little, the calculation memory of the 416r for production pistols, the lowest factor the utilization factor is .29 resists three times the pressure, but for pistols the highest value factor is 1.02 factor of service, the material does not structurally resist open pistol pressure. I think SVI knows this perfectly because on its website it offers barrels of sae 4340 material, several times superior in quality compared to the aisi 416R,
  12. My main concern is with my remaining pistols, my fingers and my face, there is no quality certificate and no pressure test, SVI does not show what pressure their barrels work, nor what pressure the barrels test since pressure breaks, It is very comfortable for them to say it is only a double burden and it is the responsibility of the athlete, but they do not display anything that certifies that it is a good product. I had to send them to examine the material to demonstrate that their barrels are not of good quality.
  13. When that happens that you mention in the grooves of the barrels, there is a clogging mark. in this case he was practicing sesenfunde to a plate at 25 meters. all the shots went well even the one that explored the barrel the lead also hit the metal blaco
  14. You read this pliss Schuemann_Barrel_Steel.pdf
  15. I would like to know why there are many people who say that it seems that it is a double burden, but none assures it, much less mentions that there is evidence that this was really happened, the university report clearly says that the breakup did not occur Once, physically, no double charge enters the brass.
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