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  1. Absolutely right. Practice is what makes the shooter!
  2. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words! Are those frame mounts drilled and tapped or do they fit on the front rail where flashlights normally go?
  3. I'll try that when I go to the range this week. Thanks!
  4. It doesnt really recoil much? I have no issues keeping the dot on target. I mean it's no 38sc, but I can definitely feel a differance between the stock version and the comp'd version. As far as shooting I have no idea. I just put the gun out there and squeeze the trigger
  5. Just take the entire thing out. It's a tiny threaded rollpin. A small flat headed screwdriver is all you need.
  6. I just use cheap walmart ammo. That was essential for me because I'm lazy and refuse to spend tons of money on ammo
  7. I've been running mine without the factory bolt release, almost since I bought it. Works perfectly
  8. I had this issue and just removed the factory bolt release. For some reason the factory bolt release was in the way of the hammer actually striking the firing pin
  9. Bolt release is shaped weird so it pushes the hammer like 3mm back so it doesnt strike the firing pin. Also if you have a charging handle on there you would never use the bolt release
  10. Sounds like you got it all figured out. I just dont see the trigger on the shotgun being a huge upgrade. For ars and pistols I get it and have done both, I just dont see the advantage in doing that to a shotgun.
  11. I mean getting a softer shooting shotgun equals faster follow up shots. The same just cant be said for the trigger. I'd buy one if it were 85$ anything higher than that and im simply not interested. I'll wait till elfman or any other company comes out with an affordable one
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