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  1. Got the opportunity to shoot a smaller match that was great fun! I'm actually going to focus on smaller matches because I find them more fun. I did really well on stage 5 and had a relatively high score on the classifier. This is also my first score pushing toward A class. The Journey Continues...
  2. Thank you all! i think im going to incorporate this into my training
  3. i mean ive been shooting coated lead through an open major gun for at least a year now with no negative effects at all.
  4. Im curious to know if anyone does training where you put tape over the front of the red dot so it allows you to be more target focused? Yong lee is a proponent of this training method
  5. i dont think ive ever been at a match where the RO even tried to keep track of the guns being used.
  6. i think production should be exactly that. a gun right out of the box. no mods, if i choose to shoot a canik so i can get more rounds then that just has to get balanced against the lower capacity pistols with better triggers and lower recoil. i think this would make it so people could choose to play to the strengths of the gun they choose
  7. im in the middle of buying an akai! they better make good guns!
  8. Got the opportunity to shoot one of our bigger matches at Sir Walter Gun Club. After this match ill probably be focusing on shooting smaller matches and focusing on my movement skills more The Journey Continues....
  9. I've been shooting lead put of my open gun for the entire year so far and no lead fowling or build up. I have an ultrasonic cleaner but I only clean it once every ten matches or so
  10. i should have started in SS. I shot a match the other day and on the classifier my 8 sec open time was an A score and guy in SS with the same time had a GM score. im actually still thinking about shooting SS for a while just so i can justify buying a DW PM 45
  11. Ive asked matt totally unrelated questions about gunsmithing and he has answered and been honest
  12. i think they should just make the shooters who dont help paste or run the tablet or the timer tear down I hate tearing down, but i always help if its required. I also paste every stage or run the tablet every stage. I am always resetting or helping the match run You do not want to be known as the shooter that doesnt help reset or doesnt help tear down. Thats an easy way for you to not make friends, or be iced out of people who want to squad with you Why are friends important in this sport? well not too long ago i had no primers in the great prime
  13. Shot a really fun match @ Pitt county wildlife club. I'm definitely starting to focus in on where I'm loosing time. I need to dryfire more so I dont bomb anymore classifiers. I'm definitely trying to make it to A class by the end of the year so I can spend all of next year pushing up to master and GM The Journey Continues.....
  14. check out NOE, they make a ton of really great molds. i have the .356 lee and noe molds and i resize them both after powder coating.
  15. start casting your own out of lead. Thats what i started doing, not that i have any shortage of bullets, i mean i probably have like 6k blue bullets, but im starting to cast more because it is way easier to just find lead (sinkers, wheel weights etc) than it is to continue to get blue bullets
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