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  1. I have a 1.2 lb trigger in my ar and I can make it sound fully auto if I get on the trigger. With low recoil and a light trigger you can shoot fast too
  2. Anyone happen to have a starting load for 38sc open with AA7 with cci 450, small rifle magnum?
  3. I've got about 5k rounds through it. Everything seems good to go
  4. Do the magnums add that much to the velocity?
  5. So i bought 9k of what i thought were CCI small rifle. put them in the bag, brought them home and put them in the flammables cabinet without looking at them. I finally ran out of primers so i go to grab my cci small rifle today, and it turns out they are cci small rifle magnum. My question is will they still work with 38 sc?
  6. also does it matter if the extractor is series 70 or 80?
  7. thanks! I think ill just get a blank atlas slide, part of the reason im doing a custom is for some of the gunsmiths personal touches.
  8. also for tri topping or 5 topping the slide, thats up to the gunsmith correct>? you couldnt buy like a pre tri topped blank slide?
  9. personally im not a huge fan of sti because of their quality but i will check out pheonix trinity
  10. i mean so like an sti or caspian slide would be ok?
  11. if you get a bull barrel do you also need to get a matching bull style slide or is the difference in the machining for the slide? Im getting into the process of buying the parts to have a 2011 customized for me, and i just need some clarity on how those two parts interact?
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