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  1. not worth paying double for his overpriced guns. his "john wick" pistol is literally a regular STI with two slide cuts and its selling for 4k when you can get one thats all pimped out and ready to go for half that The same goes for the shotguns. you could literally buy an m2 for less and get all the work done for half the cost of what hes charging. you could buy a stroager m3k and not have to do any work to it for even less. literally makes no sense why you would willingly spend double or more for a shotgun that will perform just as well as my stroager 3000
  2. Just wait till you have that 1 match where you grab the mag and flip it and try to insert the mag from the bottom
  3. i cant find the mag basepads also if i added the +1 to the 28 rd mag i wouldnt need to do anything with the spring right?
  4. Where did you get the magazine baseplates? ....could i fit one onto the 29 round mag and actually start a round with 30 in the mag??
  5. Psh. Notify me when theres a Calvin elite for the vr80 at 1.5 lbs
  6. Wait....you are supposed to cut coils off the stock buffer spring if you use the taccom buffer?
  7. Anyone thought about taking a rattle can to their vr80? Could come up with some cool paint schemes. I was thinking of doing like a blue and white
  8. I still stand by the idea that you are literally the only person to receive anything from tooth. They simply stopped responding to my emails or voicemails.
  9. Also my long comp didnt come with a set screw
  10. Someone make a 45 degree short throw safety
  11. I think you're literally the only one who got anything from tooth
  12. Confirmed the short comp has no set screw. Didnt even know the long had one till i watched your video
  13. Why would anyone use anything other than mod? Literally the best choke there is. Great for short range. Great for long range.
  14. Does the long comp come with the tiny front setscrew?
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