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  1. I think its the earlyness that's messing me up. I was all ready for October/November to be dry as dust
  2. i went through all of those sites and none of them have anything in stock lol
  3. I have a whole bunch of magnums rifle primers...but my gun won't touch them off
  4. I dont understand. I mean its not like cci or federal just stopped printing them
  5. I'm looking for small rifle primers. Either federal or cci will work. Need some for competition but none are anywhere to be found Anyone have any ideas
  6. shot a match. Went way to slow in some parts. Gotta learn to become faster
  7. i run a toolless in my open gun works great east takedown
  8. Yea absolutely. I'm at 9.6 and it feels perfect to me. For the paper test what you are looking for is just as clear of a ring as you can get. All that means is the the comp is effectively putting to use all the gas you are pumping into it. If you had a ton of splash it would mean you have more gas than you need, which could be an indicator that you should scale down..unless it feels comfortable to you and has low dot movement
  9. Id actually start at 9.4 grains. I have 3 popples and 3 port comp and 10.4 was putting me at 180 pf The gun was incredible flat but it was very explosive. Start at like 9.4 and work up .2 grains till about 10.4 You will know you hit the sweet spot when you see very little dot movement Also take your load and fire it at a white piece of paper from 2 inches away. You will see if the proper amount of gas is being expelled from the comp by the splash pattern you see. If the ring is really splashy and fuzzy looking you will want to scale down a little in the powder because it means all the gas is being dispersed and then some. Once the ring gets nice and clear you know that all the gas you are pumping in is working and also functioning the comp correctly.
  10. you should load a bit longer 1.230-.1235 gives you more space in the case and also lets the bullet hit the feed ramp before going in. makes feeding more reliable. i use 9.6 grains of aa7 in 38sc loaded to 1.233 with blues and im right at 170 pf
  11. i use 125s, but i also shoot open. I tried 115s and 147s and neither of them hit the mark. with a giant compensator on the gun 125s just feel natural
  12. yea it was a good time! I liked that those bobbers just werent the same as swingers. I enjoy originality in a match
  13. Shot a match in the balmy 97 degree weather....didnt rezero my red dot after changing optic mounts....chaos ensues...probably finished the lowest I ever have since starting Still had fun. Still shooting more matches
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