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  1. So there would be no worries of the bolt not cycling?
  2. ..I'm quite sure this actually makes it shoot softer
  3. What size drill bit did you use for this? Also was there some equation to know how many holes to put in the barrel? I want to port my barrel but I think with the long comp on there my concern is that with the extra holes in the barrel there wouldnt be enough gas to cycle the bolt
  4. After shooting a 32 rd all shotgun course about 10 mins ago I can confirm two things 1. My bleeding finger absolutely needs a larger charging handle. This little nub just doesnt do it. 2. 28 rd mag is a novelty and the 19 rd is way more worth it. All the 28 rd mag gave me was misfeeds and problems
  5. I mean the magazines not working, yes that's something that needs looked at, but 1 in 75 shots misreading? At that point just extract the round with the charging handle and keep going
  6. I have a stroager m 3000 that has literally malfunctioned every single competition I've ever brought it to...in factbso much that I said f*#k quad loads and bought the vr80
  7. How is 1 shot out of every 75 unreliable? My vr80 has been nothing but reliable.
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