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  1. lucky I think that would be in the minority of 9mm brass tho. maybe if it was lapua brass
  2. till the case cracks, with 38sc thats around 10 times, for 9mm its about 5 times
  3. if they did there would finally be a reason to shoot CO
  4. i mean..you can be competitive with anything if you practice with it enough. but i think you would be hard pressed to truly be competitive against guys that dont have the slide slowing down because of a huge optic sitting on it
  5. yes you can use a 9mm sizing die but be aware it wont size all the way to the base of the 38sc. This might not be an issue depending on how much its shot, but the bottom third will usually get stuck in a case guage. It will almost assuredly still shoot out of your barrel since the guage is tighter than the chamber though.
  6. i only have 3 holes and i just the tevo mount on mine. just run screws in the 4 seperate holes it will be enough
  7. all i shoot are TC through my open gun even when i lead cast my mold is a tc mold
  8. i think it depends on what your using them for. uspsa? you will never see any difference no matter what bullet you use. bullseye? definatly want to get every piece of accuracy you can. long rang rifle? again with the accuracy. home defense? whatever you pick up to defend yourself. Ive been shooting lead out of my open gun for years and ive never had lead fowling...i do also ultra sonic clean so maybe thats part of it.
  9. Got a chance to shoot a fun match. Placed 17th out of 48. Had a great time. Came away with some things I can work on to improve times. The Journey Continues...
  10. theres nothing wrong with taking a break and shooting different divisions. ultimately, you should just shoot what you enjoy unless its CO cuz thats just poverty open
  11. Federal, Winchster, CCI, Wolf, Remington and tula ive used small rifle, small pistol, and small pistol magnum. I tried small rifle magnum but had some shots where my hammer spring would touch them off. I was messing with spring weights at that time and i cant actually say that ive tried them with a 17lb or not.
  12. i second this, matt is the nicest guy. hes always responsive and ontop of that you could email him completely unrelated questions about custom builds and he always gives you an honest answer even if hes not the builder youre using
  13. we got a local who is 86 i believe. see him out there every match. he shoots production and CO
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