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  1. What grip is that? Theres a bit of space between the top of my grip and the reciever on mine
  2. Mine didnt come with any different pistons either. I got one fo the first runs so um sure they didnt exist then Not even sure what they do
  3. I look forward to trying those out then. The long comp works...but it's simple not the best comp I've used on a shotty.
  4. That's excellant to hear since I'm loading for open
  5. I just stock up on 3n38 whenever I find it. Usually buy a few 4 lbs jugs at a time. Then again I usually go with the status quo. 3n38 is proven so I dont really see any need to go against that.
  6. Tbh I dont think theres a better use of money than going custom. You could spend 8k and get some generic marked up open gun that companies sell or spend like 5 or 6k on something that performs just as well that is completely custom to you. That being said..venom customs. They are truly works of art and they shoot beautifully.
  7. Theres really like two choices. Either advanced tactical for the long break or taccom for their break. Earlier in this thread I did a video comparing the long and short breaks from advanced to the first taccom break. I know taccom has a newer ulw break which you can remove the handguard with while installed as well as change the choke tubes with removing the break. I havent tested that one at all.
  8. Yes..they have the drop in but you can also send the lower into them if you wanted a lighter trigger pull....
  9. I dont like it sticking out from both sides either. That's what I was saying. Somehow I jammed it in there so it didnt go all the way through, so it made an extended charging handle.
  10. Taccom makes an ambidextrous charging handle. I cant really understand the need for an ambi charging handle on a competition shotty, but somehow I jamed it in there and its stuck on the first set of grooves. Somehow it made a longer charging handle without that being the intention. But I mean I've run several comps at this point with the handle like that and it hasnt failed yet and it's nice and easy to charge from.
  11. You can send your entire lower into tooth and nail and they can customize a trigger pull for you. From what I understand they get the trigger down to around 5 lbs, which is half the weight of the factory stock trigger. The other option is to buy the elfman drop in and that has a trigger weight around 3 but is also like 150$ more expensive
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