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  1. whats the update on this? I want to see the finished open gun product
  2. *Laughs in 50k primer stock* *cries that its probably the last 50k ill see for a long time*
  3. Just be a pimp and load the 38sc once and shoot it once and then leave it on the range. It's not a concern if you buy 50k 38sc brass at the start of each year
  4. I have both 38sc and 9 major guns. 38sc does literally everything better than 9 major BUT it's like 20 cents per case which means buying it is gonna set you back 220$ for every thousand. I shot 2 matches a month so that means 1 month plus 1 match is what I can shoot on 1k brass 9 major brass is like 5 cents per round so we're talking 50$ for 1k rounds. Also it's way easier to buy 5 or 10k bulk 9mm casings because it's literally everywhere The military and police don't use 38sc as a normal round so it's much harder to find I never have any concerns about shooting above spec. The open guns are built to handle it
  5. I have a 10 MOA already coming in that order cant wait try try it out. Big dots belong in USPSA
  6. at the end of the day its 100% about reliability. if you cant get your gun to run the recoil wont matter...and neither will anything else
  7. why would anyone use 800x? why would springs defeat the comp? why would anyone use a glock in open? so many questions unanswered
  8. Just wondering which of these creates the flattest open gun. I have a BE 3 port and its awesome, I also have an Akai Gill comp and its awesome. I've noticed that lots of shooters these days have comps with side cuts on them Does anyone have two guns set up similar with either of these two comps that can drop some knowledge.
  9. ive been running blues for the past year no issues and for some reason i dont get a ton of lead fowling
  10. how can you be biased about oem reliability when basically the entire gun is oem as it is lol also...just buy an open gun, you will be thankful for the weight alone. i think the heaviest i could get my m&p was like 40 oz which is single stack weight, my middy open gun weighs 51` oz and my beefsteak open gun is 62 ozs
  11. around an hour. im in north carolina and its an absolute hotbed of shooting. you can usually find a match every thurs through sunday each week of the month and no one closed down last year during the "flu" so i mean we still had matches going. we had people driving from as far as ohio just to shoot locals
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