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  1. Does robert have the mag clips in stock now? Or is it something hes planning on making
  2. also i just dove in and ordered the short comp. it will be here in a few days and ill do a video i figure this can at least be something to have in the meantime until the long comp is restocked
  3. oh also where did you get the mag clips that hold the mags on your belt?
  4. also man now all i need are some mags any word from tooth?
  5. ill do a comp test on the short then we can just merge our videos side by side also why is the short the same price as the long
  6. Send me the long comp and I'll send you a short
  7. I have their +6 plates for my m&p They work great and being the round cap to 23+1
  8. You heathen....not even my wife teases me like that
  9. Ohhhh...the spring for your Frankin-mag. For a second I thought it was the mystery magazines we have all been waiting for
  10. personally i am looking forward to my first match ive been shooting 3 gun forever and the once or twice a month matches couldnt quite scratch my itch for shooting so now im going to shoot uspsa as well so i can shoot 3 or 4 weekends a month
  11. are they affiliated? i am waiting for advanced to get the long comps back in
  12. ughhhh that means i have to quad load like a peasant until it gets in
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