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  1. I made a 3 gun cart. I carry my 28 round mag, that I start each stage with, then also a 19 and a 5 (for those random single slug targets) I just put then all on the cart and they fit perfectly
  2. I'm actually getting a nitrofin for my open gun and an svi extra wide left for the safety! I like having big shelves for my thumbs!
  3. I kinda wish I worked for a le agency that had stis as their "issued gun"
  4. I love the 510c and I have one on my open shotgun, my only complaint is that I wish they had like 8 and 11 moa dots. I guess you could just use the entire holo-ring on pistol though
  5. Everyone knew the split would cause the demise. When one company focuses on quality and the other production it was only a matter of time before the company focused on pushing more out would loose qa. It's a story as old as time.
  6. this is probably only slightly more aggressive that the pt evo or the svi aggresive. if you run those grips you will likely have no issues running this one
  7. i think i knew as soon as SVI split off that STI wouldnt last
  8. i wish there was some kind of chemical bath that would dye the actual brass.
  9. Sounds great. I think I'll just cancel my order and place a new order so I can also wait 6 months instead of 18
  10. It's funny I spent 3k on an sti and I feel like the trigger is still very sloppy. By contrast I have a 1911 that i milled out and built from the ground up and i feel like the trigger is so much more clean and sharp feeling. For the money, I have a hard time justifying buying an sti when you can Save more money and get a better gun
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