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  1. i actually like smaller matches. ive never shot a level 2 or 3 because i just dont care. i dont care where i rank, because lets face it, even if you have several gm titles its not like sponserships are going to magically appear. And as a professional shooter i really doubt id be making more than i am at my current job. Shooting is relaxing to me. i can still push and train specific things at a smaller match Most of the matches i shoot there might be one other open shooter. Most of my buddies at matches are all in other divisions. i think when you apply the concepts of say production shooting to open division you are left with a really strong idea of how to run the stage.
  2. shot a match over the weekend and had a blast. i think im was focused on going too fast. had more mics than i care to admit. did really well on the first string of the first classifier and had the only malfunction due to ammo of the entire match on the second string. couldnt get focused. new goal is to dryfire more until i can get it under wraps The Journey Continues...
  3. you got an older akai mount? i bought a newer version this year and it fit the ftp3 just fine
  4. ive used both in open and AA7 is way flatter. i do 9.3 grains AA7, 124 grain coated bullet gun is super flat
  5. Oh yea...all that is pretty awesome also. Funny when you shoot open that stuff just becomes natural and you don't even remember other divisions don't have it
  6. Got to shoot an awesome match at Low County Preserve. Was my first match in Master class. Won the division and placed 9th overall. Got to shoot with the local youtube megastar PopsQuest and a bunch of other really great guys. It was probably the most fun match I've ever shot just due to the great people on the squad. I came away with a solid idea of the things I need to work on so I can make the final push into GM glory The Journey Continues...
  7. exactly why i shoot open to separate myself from the paupers totally kidding of course, i think now a days the only advantage for open is major scoring
  8. i already backcharged the card, if they take 10 months to get to me, i can find other primers in that time
  9. well now theres a 404 from armadillo arms who was taking preorders on primers that were supposedly being shipped from canada. Im backcharging the charge on my card. these guys are just taking money
  10. any word from armadillo arms im starting to think about just cancelling the order if the primers take 8 months to get here im sure i can find others in that time
  11. oh also i have an island barrel...maybe that has something to do with it working?
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