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  1. I have to say, I think this dot wins the competition. It literally has everything a competition shooter could want The only thing I'd change is instead of a hex key for the elevations and windage adjustments just a flat head screw so you can adjust it with a piece of brass But I'm going to buy a few more abd just replace all my dots with this one Amazing work. Amazing quality. This is a great example of someone actually taking the time to address shooters needs instead of just pumping out dots at 700$ per to make money Well done
  2. sorry about the multiple posts, it wouldnt let me upload multiple files. I put the 8 MOA FTP on the akai and im ready to go fast i am blasted away by how much better quality this dot is vs the RTS2 its about a thousand times brighter, and the glass is much more clear
  3. i think the 510 is amazing and i used it on my open gun forever. i just hate that all hey offer it in is that tiny 2.5 moa dot, if it wasnt for the holoring i think id lose that dot a ton the 2.5 is super bright and crisp tho. wish they could just make a bigger dot
  4. ive been using smp in my open gun for the entire past year they work perfectly
  5. take the 510c dust cover off. it pulls off like 3 ozs. the only advantage the romeo has over the 510 is the 6 or 8 moa dot
  6. yea open hf are insane, but ive decided gm is more about a mindset and commitment to practice. once you know how to go fast the hit factors just become another part of the game
  7. no worries, like i said i have a spare romeo 3 mount laying around, if you guys made one tho, id rather support the little guy i look forward to trying the optic out!
  8. ive got a spare romeo 3 mount laying around if you guys made a double sided mount id be tempted to buy one cant wait to try out the 8 MOA
  9. as soon as i get gm in open i was thinking of moving into revo. just need to pick up one of those sweet jerry michlich custom shop 629s
  10. how canada have all these primers? I gotta figure the manufactures up there are also out
  11. my question is how are they able to get primers (even from overseas) when no one else can and yes you are right they have been taking preorders for a long while now and im sure that they have to be close to out of stock even when the new stock comes in
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