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  1. No issues - only have about 500 of these primers though my 650 as of right now.....
  2. And I am elated moving from 550 to 650.... I will run out of components if I start using one of these new presses.....
  3. I have run cci and winchester small pistol primers with no issues on my 9mm major.... But I know that some folks use the small rifle.... I am using autocomp for powder - bravo comp with no poppet holes....
  4. Luck and timing when finding deals.... But once in a while hopefully we all get lucky finding a Dillon at a great price!!!!
  5. The crimped 9mm brass has proven to be a formidable hurdle but I have a bunch of sized 9mm brass on the side of machine for replacement... The ejection of the live primers is the one thing that drives me crazy!!!!!!
  6. Just though I would make fun of myself. For over 10 years I have be "slumming'" on several Dillon 550 setup. I recently got a 650 will case feed and after figuring out some minor issues, it is GREAT. Got the DDA bullet collar and actually going to get bullet feeder because I don't want to manually place bullets in collar. Darn it I am getting lazy or maybe I want to load more ammo in shorter time..... No one better try to convince me to upgrade to a 1050 anytime soon, I need gun money for components now!!!!!!! So here is current setup: - Dillon 650 for
  7. Like everyone is eluding to, I would be more worried about slipping on any wood or rock, or hard surface, etc. Maybe if it was a mud pit???!!!!
  8. For that money, if you can afford it, I would say buy it.... You will not using to full potential but better to have it and not need it that need it and not have it!!!!! I upgrade to 650 from 550, not because I really wanted to but got a 650 for a price I could not pass up.....
  9. I have been using a 550 for past 10 years and just got 650 with case feed and the primer station is a PAIN... I keep a set of sized deprimed cases on right in case I run into case that will not seat primer so I use one of the cases..... Hopefully I figured out issue where brass was not lining up with stage 1 die....
  10. For my 9mm major, 1.160 works great in all of the pistols and everything is case gauged that comes off the presses....
  11. The other thing with the Nitro is that you don't have to do any mods to the frame (drilling)
  12. Make absolute sense what you are saying MM... Issue is that with my open ammo, I checked few rounds with projectiles from SAME COMPANY but different batches and the OAL was slightly different.... Took out the caliper and found profile of the RN was slightly different which would account for slight changes in OAL (using dillon seating die)... I am now just paranoid that I get some malformed batch of projectile and use them for my open 9mm major and results will be BAD!!!!!! So I was just wondering how many open folks double check projectile depth?
  13. I have been reloading for amount 8-10 years and I have also used OAL per manual for regular ammo (for my open ammo, I usual follow you guys on forum as starter and see what works in my pistols) but recently, one of the guys that I know and respect told me he measures the depth of the projectile in the case and uses that are guide - INTERESTING..... It made sense to me when he said it.... So question to group, OAL or projectile depth in case? I did notice that same projectiles from same company, different batch numbers, the round nose profile can vary and gives me SLIGHT
  14. We are all getting old and cheap - no one wants to be chasing brass at a match..... I started off with open guns in both 38SC and 9mm... When I cracked the comp on my 38SC, I made the decision to re-barrel in 9mm... Even though I know that the 38SC was flatter shooter (for me), I was tired of chasing the brass....
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