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  1. Hello all, I have an older SP-01 Shadow that works great. Recently the slide stop broke - I've ordered a replacement from several vendors and the part that I keep getting is a new style Slide Stop where the "nub" that engages the mag follower is too short. Significantly short. Apparently they shortened it because when trying to eject a partially full mag rounds where getting stuck on it...? Every Part #10003 I ordered came as the shorter version. Rep at CZ Custom says the manufacturer isn't producing the longer one yet... CZ Customs website: Part # 10003 Wide
  2. Hello. I have a DAA PDR-PRO holster (left handed, CZ SP-01 Shadow) purchased in 2014. I want to use it on a Safariland belt using the ELS hooks. Is there a mounting kit, hanger, or something out there for this? Thanks,
  3. I want to buy a can of 8208XBR to use with 69gr. (.223) HPBT's. Looking for a great medium-long range load for those occasional 3-gun stages that call for it. Everyone loves Varget but it seems to be ungettable at the moment. What do most use use to ring steel out to 300 yards?
  4. I want to stick the mag tube (still attached to the receiver) in a vise. Then lean on the receiver/stock maybe changing the angle from the receiver.
  5. Same thing with my VMax. 4" right @ 25 yards. So what's the fix -today- for us that don't have the jig? Bend the mag tube?
  6. Cool! Thanks! Ok..so to answer JC questions: Yes. We had 4 or 5 iPhone's & my Android tablet on the field. We were all syncing just fine until my Android tablet stopped getting updates. It could see all the devices on the field (and the sync codes were correct) but when I touched the button to sync a specific device the table would give and audible "click" but do nothing. The iPhone were able to sync with the Android tablet. All iPhone were running PractiScore ver. 1.5.10 and the Android tablet was running the the version just before Wednesday's update. I have updated it to 1.2.3 b
  7. I took the update to 1.2.3 last night when I got home....tested it and still the same problem. I've emailed support@practiscore so many times to no avail. Oh well. Back to paper and pencil.
  8. Hi Bill, Ran a match with PractiScore last night. Used one Android tablet and a bunch of iPhones. The iPhones were syncing all night but after a couple of syncs with the Android tablet it stopped. The Android can "see" all the other devices. But when I tap the device to sync it just does nothing. Any thoughts? Greg
  9. Thanks for the replies! Very much appreciated. I am going to stick with it (both eyes open). It just seems that the more I shoot this way [if I stay calm] the easier it becomes. I am really not seeing the other sets of sights or the double targets as much. If I freak out on a stage and get anxious, then all the evil inputs comeback into focus. Staying calm keeps the front sight a priority.
  10. Thanks all for the replies. Doing the tape over the weak eye helps in practice. The double vision will always be there I guess. I will just have to ignore the "wrong" sights. It is just so hard to line the sights up with center of the A Zone because there is little double vision of the targets. My eyes see two targets overlapping. Very frustrating.
  11. AmmoParks

    Two Eyes Open

    Ok. Shooting USPSA Production Division. Keeping both eyes open I still see double vision. I see two sights and two targets. I know what sight and target to use and I really concentrate on the the front post. Just wondering if the double vision thing is normal. Thanks.
  12. Hey HogHunter! That P30L did great for its debut in my USPSA match! It's off to Gray Guns next week. CZ's are great guns for competition. Hope you find one soon! AmmoParks (BTW - the P30L I'm referring to was yours!!)
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