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  1. i might be wrong on this, but I think there are two factors at work. The amount of tint (or light reduction) and the color. My understanding is that you see the color of a tint because if blocks that color light from the spectrum so it would make sence that a green fiber will appear "brightest" with red lenses as green and green are at opposite ends of the spectrum. People that say yellow lenses make a fiber pop are also using lenses that usually have the least amount of light reduction. Yellow also seems to increase the contrast which is something I dont understand but shooters have been
  2. Are you looking for one mag? I assume 140? I’ve have a 126 and  a 140. With basepad and follower no spring $80ea.(Borland same  as TTI) basepads

  3. Youre looking at it from the wrong perspective. Standarize on one mag / follower / bullet combination and then put black sharpie on feed ramp. Run several rounds of ammo of various length through and find the length that lets the nose of the bullet hit the middle of the ramp. That is your length. Then figure out your powder charge.
  4. So I have an SBR, 8” barrel under a 9” handguard with a KAW Valley linear compensator so I don’t shoot my finger tips off. To put a MBX comp on I’d have to drop back to a 5.5 or 6” handguard which would really leave me short or real estate. Which begs the question. Am I really missing anything not having a comp? People seem to really like the ULW barrelS. and those don’t use a comp. what say the forum?
  5. Pros: 1. cost. Got to be cheaper than milling a steel grip 2. flex of polymer
  6. Who’s gonna be the first manufacturer to come up with a tungsten infused polymer 2011 grip?
  7. Its on PS Matchbook and Facebook. Rd count was 284 if I remember. Dont hold me to that.
  8. Is there an address we can ship ammo to since even 300 rounds of 45ACP is to much ammo by weight on the airlines.
  9. Is the 92x performance fit a brigadier holster? Trigger guard looks the same
  10. Ok that blue is just sick. What coating is it and who did it!
  11. Wow. I really like that. Your right the limitation on number of shooting positions really limits option on short and medium courses. I like IPSC's idea. Makes those C and D's a bigger penalty when points are limited.
  12. Done a search and just not a lot on this versus a std long dust cover. Considering it for a limited build. Ok it’s 2 oz heavier but how’s it shoot?
  13. This weekend I loaded 4.1 gr of sport pistol with 200 gr Gallant FP bullets at 1.170 and got 176 PF with ES of 14 and STD dev of 6. This is out of a 5” Freedom Gunworks 2011. I think I’m going to end up at 3.9. For comparison I am at 4.0 gr WST for 169. It was 65 yesterday.
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