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  1. To summarize the op. I came to the conclusion that I have a Zen "addiction". Match shooting is the easiest, quickest way to the Zen moments for me.
  2. Since the start of the 2015 match season I have been thinking extensively about what really motivates me to match shoot. Why do I spend the money on equipment, ammo, and travel? Why do I think about the physical act of shooting the matches when I am not occupied with other activities? Why do I train in some way every day to shoot better? Why would my family and I drive 14 hours one way to shoot a match? Is it because I like to help youngsters and beginners start in the shooting sports? Is it because l like to try to shoot better scores than other competitors? Is it because I want to continue to improve my shooting skills? Is it because I like to visit with friends at the matches? Is it because I like to win a prize or a trophy at the matches? Is it because I like to eat good food at the matches? No. After many months of contemplation and soul searching, I came to the conclusion that I match shoot because I am selfish. I want to live in the Zen moments as frequently as possible and extend the length of those zen moments as much as possible. After 15 years of competition, volunteering at the matches is rewarding but the zen is what really keeps me motivated. Does anyone else feel this way?
  3. After reading the attention games topic, the first thing that popped in my head was the term multi-tasking. Multi-tasking as performed by the general public is simply doing many things at the same time that are not inter-related and require no serious concentration. True multi-tasking in its highest form would be all the skills performed while shooting a mistake free stage with maximum effiency and speed. That is the movement of your eyes, hands, feet and body correctly. I observed the multi-tasking by my wife in her recliner. Punching a game on her Kendall, texting, eating a snack, drinking, crocheting, watching TV. All at the same time. Then while talking to her about scenes and dialogue in movies she "had watched" I discovered that she had not really watched a movie in years even though she said she had. A few weeks ago I wanted to watch the original movie "Manchurian Candidate" that Frank Sinatra was in. I convinced her to stop doing all of the other stuff and just watch the movie. Guess what? She agreed that she had never really watched a movie on TV in years. To receive full enjoyment we must give an individual activity our full attention. This should probably be in the "What I Hate" section. I hate the term "multi-tasking".
  4. My son prefers his stock 1989 West German P226 over any Production gun we have. Trigger bar spring broke. He ordered a new trigger spring that looks like part number 34260308 with a loop. The old trigger spring which I think is part number 34260242 did not have a loop. There is not enough thickness on the original grips to dremel out enough clearance for the loop. What is the best solution? The new design with the loop looks superior to the old design. Should he just order new grips? Which new grips have enough clearance for the loop but will still fit the old1989 model P226 or would it be better just to go with the old style spring 34260242? I might add that his hands are huge. No problem with thicker grips. Problem is he is short on money being a full time student.
  5. Platoon 327. The movie is about a French-Laotian platoon trying to work their way back to any friendly forces while Dien-Bien Phu is under siege. The only place I have found it in its entirety is on youtube. The original was in French but this one is in overdubbed Spanish with English sub-titles. Also Battle of the Casbah. Because of the cinematography it seems like a documentary or news reel instead of a movie. The military terrorist leader of the time plays himself. If I put the name of this main character in this post it would still attract too much search engine attention from the Middle East. He had ratted out his terrorist buddies to save his own hide but the movie makes him out to be the hero. These movies are old and slow by today's action movie standards but seem more realistic.
  6. Ben-Hur on TCM this month. Real stunt men. Real stunts No computer tricks. Chariot race always amazing. No commercials.
  7. I started a topic "If you had to buy a video camera today" in the electronics forum. I did not see the video training sub-forum which would be more appopriate. Could a moderator move my post to the "video training sub-forum" so that I do not double post? Thanks.
  8. On a $300 budget to the door off of amazon or any other site what digital camcorder would you buy considering the following factors? Will be used on a tripod on the range to video shooters in full length from feet to head for both precision rifle and handgun. It is easier to train if you can go back and review what you look like and what you are doing. Most of the time the camera will be set up viewing the shooter in profile, 90 degrees to the path of the bullet. A screen that rotates so that the shooter can see if he is in the field of view correctly when each family member may be training alone. A couple of hours of memory, easy to transfer data to laptop or desktop for archiving in some form without taking up a lot of hard drive space, and a couple of hours of battery time since there will be no AC close. Will be used under varying light conditions both indoors and outdoors. Shooter will of course move laterally so autofocus should work quickly. It might be hand held at times but would never be used as a head cam. Refurbished or used would be okay. I know this is asking for a lot for this budget but want the best compromise for the purpose. I do not want to spend more than this because of the rough range conditions where it will be used. I have been doing my research but there are just too many choices out there. Thanks, Bobby H.
  9. CHA-LEE's analogy to RC racing hits the mark. Unlike "door handle to door handle" racing, personal match performance and match outcome are not related. Unlike football or boxing you are not physically beating or pushing back the opponent. I raced karts from October 1982 until April of 1995 culminating in a World Karting Association Championship in 1994 building my own engines and without anyone working on my equipment but me. You should race the track but someone can knock you out of any race in just a split second. Even if you are the fastest. Shooting matches is great compared to racing and a whole lot safer.
  10. Something is wrong with you if you do not think about match shooting every day. I am not talking about match planning, reloading, buying guns or components. I am referring to thinking about the physical and mental act of making the correct shot. Mike Anti once asked Lones Wigger what it took to win Gold in smallbore rifle at the Olympics. Wigger answered you must think about winning the Olympics each and every day. Aside, in 2007 I asked Wigger what he ate during matchs? His answer was "very little".
  11. Moderators, this thread is going to keep going. Is it possible to move it somewhere else so that it can live?
  12. There is not enough room on this forum to describe all the traffic design errors on my commute. I will list two favorites. A dead end road with a one way sign leading into it. How many of millions of cars are down that dead end road that obeyed that one way sign? There is no legal way for them to drive out. A three-way stop sign intersection that has solid lane dividing lines for miles before and after the intersection but divided lines in the middle of the intersection. This demands that if you need to change lanes that you change in the middle of an intersection. What is more ironic is that a majority of leo's in my state go through that intersection on their way to the state academy and range complex. I guess they also gave up on trying to get that legally impossible to drive through intersection fixed.
  13. I come across a lot of odd things affecting patient test results at work. Also my wife works at a large family medicine clinic that does lead testing for the many battery factories in our area. I flux, cast and size large amounts of lead bullets. I also handle lead daily at work usually wearing nitrile gloves but do not melt or cast any at work. Nine years ago my wife became concerned about my and our young son's lead levels because we were casting and shooting so much. During the same time period my son was shooting 10 meter Air Rifle indoors every day. After having our blood drawn frequently over a two year period she finally gave up except for annual checkups. Our lead levels were always at a very minimal level. The main policy I try to follow is always tumble brass, flux, cast size and reload in a very large room or shop. I have a feeling and this is just a feeling that most lead exposure to reloaders comes from tumbling brass in small, closed reloading rooms with not much air exchange instead of the actual shooting. There is a lot of lead residue left on that fired brass and the cleaning process gets it into the air.
  14. I am having the same problem on a fairly new laptop with Windows 8 and the IIRC minimal virus protection that comes with Microsoft Essentials. I am redirected even if I type in the exact forum website name directly from memory.
  15. The ironic thing is that within 48 hours of the tragedy every one of my non-shooting, "why do you need guns?" relatives asked me how much the AR's were at the local gun shop where I work part-time. When I happily informed them that we had none in stock at any price, they asked if I had any personal ones that I wanted to sell. Of course my answer was no. The positive part of all this is that my sister in law while Christmas visiting actually got interested in the mechanics of shooting; sight picture, trigger control, and other pertinent skills. There is occasionally a silver lining behind a cloud.
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