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  1. lilbeauxdawg

    Stoeger M3K Issue?

    I recently took my trigger group out for the first time to clean and lube it. Went to the range yesterday and the first 16 rounds with federal (walmart bulk pack) ran fine. I put Winchester AA in and the second shell came 1/2 to 3/4 out the mag tube onto the lifter and got stuck there. If I pushed the shell forward into the mag tube from the ejection port and pressed on the shell release button (little silver button to the right of the trigger) the shell would come all the way out onto the lifter. It did that 2-3 times within 7 rounds. I put the federals back in it and it did the same thing. Wondering if anyone has had the same issue or if I possibly out the trigger group in wrong somehow? Shotgun probably has around 400 rounds through it and this is the first time it has done this. thanks Brandon
  2. lilbeauxdawg

    Tanfoglio Porn

    Anybody know what grips are on this one? Thanks
  3. Any idea what time hammer down is for the Saturday afternoon shooters? Thanks
  4. Thanks to Kevin, Steph and the match staff for making a great Gator Classic
  5. lilbeauxdawg

    Does ANYBODY stock STI 170mm mags for 9?

    Looks like brazos custom has some in stock lilB
  6. lilbeauxdawg

    Worst song ever

    gotta throw this in
  7. lilbeauxdawg


    here ya go i like this one too seems a little more intense
  8. lilbeauxdawg

    6" limited gun availability?

    I sent you a message with Dan's info. I don't have a limited gun from him but he did just build me an open gun and I love it.
  9. I've done that. I use WST and load to 1.18 but I'll switch from a 180 to a 155 or 165 for steel matches like pro am and my gun will run all day long without switching any springs or anything else. I've never chrono'd with the lighter bullet but they feel good. Are you aiming for a particular PF or do you just wanna know if they work? Brandon
  10. Here you go Sean LOL, I didn't know he practiced it....Now I am not that impressed...lol, nah. I know they were telling Blake not to do it, I am sure Jeff's buddies were telling him the same. Wow! Actually we encouraged him. I still owe him $5 for doing it.
  11. lilbeauxdawg

    Stage planning fail with video

    here ya go
  12. This was a great match to end the year with. Thanks to Kevin, Steph, all the RO's, set up crew and all the vendors that made this match possible.
  13. lilbeauxdawg

    Liveshots @ STI Back to Back Handgun Nationals

    he apparently might have. throwing out stage 6 cost max the match. Looks like they updated the scores and STIs still rule. http://www.uspsa.org/uspsa-display-match-results-detail.php?indx=9534&division=Open&guntype=Pistol
  14. This match was awesome. Thanks to everyone for their help to make this match happen.