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  1. I started to call BS on this till I checked my magazines and there not even close. To fitting the gauge. Guess I'm going to have rethink my mag set up
  2. I like a 2 day format, shoot half the stages either am or pm on Saturday and the other half opposite time frame on Sunday, At one day big matches by stage 8 0r 9 all I can think about is going home.
  3. My son uses Weber tactical gamer pouches. I like the adjustable of the DAA racer with the PCC adapter. They hold my MBX mega just fine. But then again I'm old and slow
  4. I still have a 9X21 barrel and comp for a glock 17 in my junk drawer,
  5. did you here about the woman that backed into an airplane propeller disaster
  6. the target and popper numbers were in the stage brief just didn't and to post for brevity, I'll have to be more carful in my posting my bad
  7. Not so hard to prove shoots 3 poppers and misss the 4th reloads shoots 4th and it falls over them engaged paper. Stage brief engage either array then preform an mandatory reload before engaging 2nd array. Pretty cut and dry
  8. stage was 4 paper targets req 2 shoots each and 4 poppers, stage brief was engage either the paper or poppers array preform a mandatory reload then engage the other array, shooter engages the poppers first and misses the last popper does his reload and sees a popper still standing, shoots missed steel then engages the 4 paper targets, what is the call on this? my call was shooter didn't preform the mandatory reload before engaging the 2nd array and would receive 8 procedurals as per 10.2.4, the shooter and the rm said he did do a reload after engaging the steel, and since he engaged it (but missed) no procedural was given, my argument was yes he preformed an reload but reengaged the steel array and was required an 2nd reload before the paper could be shot, and then he could makeup the miss on the last steel, no penalties were given
  9. I picked up a complete chiappa upper and installed it on an Anderson stripped lower then used the same furniture and hardware that I have on my 3 gun AR, and still have less into it than a complete factory gun,
  10. I d believe IPSC has this rule about not leaving the shooting area like cutting corners and such, Don't really like the rule , so if a stage designer wants shooter to stay with in the shooting area do it with props (walls or fences) that force the shooters to stay in the area, forbidden actions and just saying that shooter has to stay in shooting area is just bad stage design
  11. yes but if the table gets bumped before you grab the gun. and it falls over. well at least you get to enjoy a blizzard.
  12. ours must have been set up wrong you couldn't see the back two targets or poppers from around corners
  13. The stage is from the go fast don't suck postal match stage 2, there are 4 full size target that require 3 shoots each and 2 full size poppers. and the way it was setup all had to be shot from the center port,
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