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  1. yes but if the table gets bumped before you grab the gun. and it falls over. well at least you get to enjoy a blizzard.
  2. ours must have been set up wrong you couldn't see the back two targets or poppers from around corners
  3. The stage is from the go fast don't suck postal match stage 2, there are 4 full size target that require 3 shoots each and 2 full size poppers. and the way it was setup all had to be shot from the center port,
  4. shot a match this weekend and 1 stage had 14 shots from a single opening, some one brought up that this was an illegal stage, I'm thinking this had changed in the last rulebook, and I can no longer find the rule any longer, Did this rule get tossed?
  5. my EMP with an empty mag is only 27.15oz, so plenty of room to spare
  6. it's kind of like wearing suspenders with your belt.
  7. If you remove it from holster during make ready it's fine but if you just slip it of the gun and let it hang, it's still connected to the holster and has to be used, it would be the same as a removable thumb break holster.
  8. is this what you are talking about
  9. when you make ready do you leave it attached to the holster or remove it completely? had to go to Bens site to see wat you where talking about
  10. I don't where everybody thinks an arbitration is automatically $100 dollars, it's only that much if the match fee is that much or more. so for most local matches it would be $20 to $30. 11.4.1 Amount – As set by the Match Organizers, the appeal fee to enable an appellant to appeal to arbitration will be US$100.00 or the equivalent of the maximum individual match entry fee (whichever is lower). An appeal brought by the Range Master in respect of a match issue will not incur a fee.
  11. if those are your only two choices go with the JP you wont be sorry, the sig will be down for repairs more than it's running after 5 -7K rounds.
  12. I ran an MPX for about a year and a half, for back parts extra firing pins and springs X 3 an extractor and about a half a dozen extractor springs and at least 1 complete back up guns 2 would be better, after they get several thousand rounds in them the are broke more than they are running. got rid of mine and bought two complete ar 9s taccom builds on KE arms lowers and have never had to go to a backup and only replaced 1 firing pin.
  13. Been talking to Techwell about one for my KE Arms lower, as of last email he was in the process of getting a lower, So there's hope for us KE owners
  14. I guess I use mine a bit differently than most. it's always on and sighted in at 7 yards. and then I just use it as a second dot. when I look thru my c more the red dot is 18 yards and the green is 7 yards, so I just don't have to think about hold over for close targets. it has been used to shoot around walls from time to time.
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