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  1. fishhunter3

    Setting up Max Traps - No Shoot Placement

    go shoot an area 3 match sometime you will see this a few times, they don't like disappearing targets at that match,
  2. https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/strike-latchless-charging-handle.html
  3. fishhunter3

    Rolling 1911s into Production.

    and another IDPA like shooting sport is born
  4. fishhunter3

    2018 area 3 match book

    stages are on there Facebook page,
  5. fishhunter3

    Pcc default start position

    this kind of thing has been going on forever, when optics became a thing years ago we had MD's painting steel red to try and mess with those of us using optics(didn't work we just waited for the dot to disappear). It will slowly go away and PCC will become the norm just as high cap optics guns are today
  6. fishhunter3

    new PCC completed today

    shoot left handed and wanted to stay with the glock mags, so that left 2 options the Gibzz or the KE arms. and found the KE first,
  7. fishhunter3

    new PCC completed today

    KE ARMS ambi lower, Hyperfire triger, bad ass safety, leadstar stock, timber creek pistol grip , taccom upper and 3 stage buffer, cmore 6 min dot, crismon trace green laser
  8. fishhunter3

    new PCC completed today

    finished this today and only able to get 100 rnds thru it today seems to run fine, built this as a backup to my MPX, but I love the way it handles so far, only time will tell. the MPX has been very finicky lately is why it was built, but has been running great since I started this build a few week ago,
  9. fishhunter3

    Pcc handguard recommendations taccom

    placed mine on the rail just in front of optic, out of the way from beating it on walls and such
  10. fishhunter3

    My MPX build.

    my MPX, use the green laser as a second dot, C More red dot sighted in at 25 yards and green at 7, I can see both dots and I don't have to worry about hold over. Works good for me
  11. fishhunter3

    Preferred brand and style of safety lever?

    also battle arms has several different levers so you can customize your safety to your liking.
  12. fishhunter3

    MBX New Glock PCC basepads!!

    April fools video from TF
  13. fishhunter3

    When to become RO

    just passed my test today
  14. fishhunter3

    .38 Short Colt pet loads?

    160 grain coated RN 3.0 gr clays federal small pistol match starline brass 133 PF, and every one will give you a hard time about shooting mouse fart loads
  15. fishhunter3

    NEW 33 Round Glock mags

    the only extensions I've found that work well with ETS mags are the MBX,