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  1. I'll use my CT206 for hard leans, or for 1st target when I can, but the biggest use is hold over on close targets. main red dot is sighted in at 20 yards, laser is set at 5 yards so when I look through the sight I see a red and a green dot,
  2. here we have several shooters from Canada, most have bought HiCaps and leave them friends or the club, a couple of open guys carry a rivet gun and a small drill, and drill out the limit rivets here and them replace them when the go home.
  3. I was always told growing up, if you are not in bed by midnight, come home
  4. Thank You. I now have a name for it, "The tactical Turtle " perfect
  5. I've watched a lot of people when they first start using a dot , if you pay close attention they all drop their chin as they draw. so just keep your head more upright .
  6. yes double check the X5 mags I checked some this weekend because mine wont pass, to long. but the ones i checked a few from others that did,
  7. The best thing I did after coming back to the sport after an extended period was take a RO class. And the remember that I wasn't the same person I was 15 years earlier
  8. I had to change the extractor spring every 1k or so to keep it running, that's the main reason it has a new home
  9. I have an ad on a local site a 12 pack of 2 ply and a large sanitizer . Willing to trade for a barett m107
  10. at just shy of 48 oz the 92X would become legal,
  11. I started to call BS on this till I checked my magazines and there not even close. To fitting the gauge. Guess I'm going to have rethink my mag set up
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