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  1. at a local USPSA match a drop turner was used on a stage and it was briefed that since it was a disappearing target it didn't have to be engaged just activated, The way the stage was set up you could fire you last round and walk over and activate the footpad and not engage the target with out a FTE penalty, I called BS right away, so with some rule searching it was changed that you had to activate the drop turner before the last shot was fired but you didn't need to engage the drop turner, at this point I just let it go and shot the match,
  2. its a Daniel defense 1 o'clock so I think it's a good mount everything seems tight, but the dot sets to tall on this mount. with the gun at an angle where the dot is level it sets 2-3 inches right of bore axis. and doesn't have the windage adjust to bring dot to center, been looking at the trijicon 45 deg as it is lower than the DD mount just hoping this works.
  3. added a delta point on a 45 deg mount and having problems sighting in the dot, there doesn't seem to be enough windage adjustment, left handed shooter so dot is on left side of gun. is this a problem with the delta point or am I not setting this up correctly, and if it's just the sight what one works the best.
  4. that's an easy one, the 1st stage I ever shot has been my favorite. Shot a stage called fort apache night fight while stationed in Germany back in 1984. just a simple 20 shot field course. but was shot in the dark with only drums of burning fuel to see by, and I have been shooting the sport ever since
  5. thank you for a answer to my question,
  6. I was just asking for my own knowledge , did not say you were wrong in your statement,
  7. just curious what issue are they having with railway ?
  8. I have used the sig (bladetec) they will work for short while but split at seams very easily and not real secure, I picked up a set of Red Hill Tactical double layer and they are great very secure I have never lost a mag while running thru a stage (well as fast as an old man can anyway) and they really support the shooting sports at every level.
  9. I've been shooting this game for more years than I care to think about, and this has always been a problem, so this year my local range decided they wanted a new shooting discipline for its members, so started looking into to it, what I found was ASI (action shooting international), this September we held 2 matches on a Wednesday night league, Out of the 2 nights I had 19 new shooters that have never shot any competition before, after talking to them most said they thought about USPSA an IDPA but it was a bit intimidating but thought the ASI match with its more laid back atmosphere was not, so far 7 of those people have shot the IDPA match and some want to go to the USPSA matches that are out of town that I shoot, and I think more new shooters will try the ASI matches this next year, and a percentage of those will move up to the USPSA and IDPA.
  10. go shoot an area 3 match sometime you will see this a few times, they don't like disappearing targets at that match,
  11. https://www.strikeindustries.com/shop/strike-latchless-charging-handle.html
  12. this kind of thing has been going on forever, when optics became a thing years ago we had MD's painting steel red to try and mess with those of us using optics(didn't work we just waited for the dot to disappear). It will slowly go away and PCC will become the norm just as high cap optics guns are today
  13. shoot left handed and wanted to stay with the glock mags, so that left 2 options the Gibzz or the KE arms. and found the KE first,
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