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    Mod on the first target and full on the second. shoot the first target as fast as you can so you can roll on to the second BEFORE it starts to fall fast.
  2. I had a little problem with my SL900. the wad would not center and go into then hull consistantly. So I called Dillon CS and offered to buy some new wad fingers, (hull spreaders). They asked some questions and offered some solutions, and I said I would try them first. 2 days later I had new wad fingers. Not long after that I rounded up my empty shot bags to give back to the manufacturer, the bags totaled 69000 one ounce loads. I'm sold on Blue. Barney
  3. Check on trapshooter.com and shotgun world classifieds. Lots of selection of presses.
  4. Buy a spare, and then tweak with your original. that way if you wad it up, your are not completely out of business.
  5. Dillon should just factor in the roller handle as part of the base package. I'll bet a ton of 650/750 users have stepped up.
  6. Will this work in my 17 year old's car?
  7. Maybe the tall guy NEEDS to use the short urinal.
  8. I am not a Savage fan, that being said, I am not not a Savage fan. I think they are sleepers. A couple friends who are SERIOUS small caliber predator shooters have wonderful things to say about their Savages.
  9. Look into a "Tiptop" by Peleton technolgy. It tilts, it pans, it pivots, it is a chinese knockoff of a Harris, for less bucks. Amazon is your friend.
  10. A good friend and Olympic trap shooter told me the best book he read was not about shooting. Tennis, "The Inner game of Tennis" by Tim Galloway. It dealt with the mental component of his game.
  11. Wayne Morgan, Morgan Optical. Orleans NY helped me out when I had problems with age. put the grind higher or lower in the lens, etc. He primarily caters to trap shooters, But he is well versed in all shooting sports.
  12. Lens color (shade) is so subjective, I shoot a lot of trap, and I have a ton of inserts for my Decot International frames. What I choose in August is not the same shade I would use in overcast December. Shoot with as many colors as you can before making a purchase.
  13. 1 oz of #8 will get you to the 25 yd. line, if you do your part.
  14. Lots of opinions on the 390/391 Beretta's, but don't overlook a 303.
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