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  1. Lots of opinions on the 390/391 Beretta's, but don't overlook a 303.
  2. Similar to above. When my last kid out grew his 3 wheel baby jogger, it got gun holders, shallow plastic box, hull bag, and cup holders, and taa daa /rugged gear wannabe.
  3. My first question would be about calibration and repair. Sooner or later you are going to need service. I would stay away from the lesser known brands. CDI is owned by Snap-on. that's the route I chose. Any dealer can send one off and get it back shortly.
  4. That is a great gift. My wife never bought me a blaster, but she bought me a Dillon 650 with all the trimming once.
  5. I bought a lightly used P938 a few years back. After a couple of mags, the trigger wouldn't reset. I called Sig CS and they issued a call tag and a few days later they called and told the frame was broken and I was going to get a new firearm. I can't complain about the way I was treated.
  6. The grip screw spacing is different on an officers frame.
  7. Go Ducks. The Ducks whipped the bucks in 1939, I think it is time to do it again. I grew up in Eugene and endured more than a few crappy teams and head coaches, So I am enjoying this 10 year or so ride. Barney
  8. 683beretta

    best semi

    It is hard to shoot a good sporting clays score with a BT99. I had to say it. Barney
  9. I'll be damned if I can find it, but someone sent me a link about the soldiers who commit to guard the tomb. VERY touching, Their dedication is second to none. The article mentioned that congeress issued some sort of reprieve to the guards during hurricane Andrew (I believe) And the guards wouldn't even consider leaving their post. I'm not very internet savvy, if someone could find that link, we could all be a little more humble. Barney
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