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  1. For those who have handled/shot both....Which do you prefer and why? thanks
  2. thanks! Kinda curious....If it goes into a Pelican case does it still work? I'm guessing if its inside an aluminum case it blocks the signal.
  3. Keep it for large primer cartridges. I know your list doesn't have one NOW, but you will! I just re-added a single stage press in my garage!
  4. I just saw on Ben Stoeger's podcast a small GPS tracking device you could put in your luggage. Anyone here use one? If so which model/cost/range & etc? Seems to be a pretty good way to track your guns when traveling. thanks **mods....just occurred to me this may belong in the electronic section....sorry and please move if needed**
  5. Years ago we stopped a car load of gangbangers. While sitting on the sidewalk one asked me what type of gun I had and I replied it was a 1911. He asked how many rounds it held and I said a total of nine. He then noticed my partner's Glock 17 and he knew it held a lot more and asked why I didn't carry one of "them". I told him you haven't seen my partner shoot.....he needs all them rounds! They couldn't stop laughing. My partner didn't think it was all that funny.
  6. Local match use- I normally use those for my "Barney" load. I have a designated mag for that. I figure at the "make ready" if it don't work I can bump down a few shooters or simply eject it & use another round. To be honest they all drop in the barrel chamber though. Out of Town Match- Gotta drop in and out of the hundo.
  7. I'm retired now, but at one point I did carry an Infinity 2011 in 45acp. Shot well & reliable. I just couldn't handle the weight of the 45acp loaded magazines (2 on belt & 1 in the gun). Plus add in all the required equipment (radio, cuffs & etc). The only area where I could cut back in weight was the gun/magazines. I went back to a steel Single Stack. I then promoted (to a desk job) and carried a Colt Lt Wt Commander.
  8. I had a few rounds not fit the Hundo. I then did this (after reading it on another thread here) and all is well. I would try this first (its the cheapest fix).
  9. I run a STI Trojan in 9mm for single stack. STI no longer makes them, but used ones pop up every once in awhile here.
  10. Coupon code still expired.
  11. Tried to order the holster, but the site states the coupon has expired.
  12. Anyone here use one? If so folks here like it? thanks
  13. I use the 100 rd plastic boxes too. The only ammo in the boxes are ones that have been through the hundo. If ammo is in other ammo cans, boxes then I know they have not been checked. I shoot production so the rows of "10" make it easy to load and talk to people.
  14. Had two barrels reamed and ordered all sorts of parts. Quality service and work!
  15. EGW Sizing die, Mr Bullet Feeder powder die, Redding micro seating die and a Lee ( i think) taper crimp die.
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