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  1. EGW Sizing die, Mr Bullet Feeder powder die, Redding micro seating die and a Lee ( i think) taper crimp die.
  2. USPSA games.... Tanfo Stock 2 Carry... Sig 238, Glock 43, or a Glock 26 depending on weather and travel.
  3. I'm looking for some advice on an electronic powder dispenser/scale. Anyone here use one? I'm going to load rifle rounds with it. thanks!
  4. I use an EGW sizing die, Redding Comp seating die and an unknown taper crimp die.
  5. Found an interesting article (link attached) about carry optics (CO) type set ups. The part that I found interesting is the second paragraph under "Reliability." Article https://lockedback.com/results-4-year-handgun-red-dot-study-sage-dynamics/ 2nd Paragraph... " Interestingly, this handgun red dot study also found Energizer and Sony batteries cannot reliably withstand the handguns’ recoil, but Duracell’s batteries held up to a handgun’s recoil. Are many shooter’s pistol red dot reliability issues actually battery reliability issues?" Do CO people here find batteries to be a problem? thanks
  6. I'd get the RIA. If the Ruger has the bull barrel then its not single stack legal and I just wouldn't want to deal with it at a match. I've heard good things about the RIA anyways.
  7. I just spray the bottom half with Liquid Wrench, lay on newspapers, watch a movie, scrub with a tooth brush, spray with brake cleaner and lube. I also do the ultra sonic cleaner routine at times.
  8. I had a similar problem with my Stock 2. I use WW primers, 15.5 pound hammer spring. I do have to clip 1 to 2 coils off so the spring compresses, but I'm not going for the super light trigger pull. I want a smooth and reliable ignition system. The heavier spring actually feels better to me. I gave up on a light trigger ....Zombywoof is correct! I kinda compare it to finding the perfect 9mm load....It will drive you nuts....find a decent load (124's in my case) and stick with it! While you have the Tanfo field stripped get the barrel reamed. Patriot Defense did both of mine. You'll be happy you did. Seat your primers deep. This is kinda a big deal with my 9mm loads.
  9. Darrell....Thank you!! Pete......Thank You! 90 seconds is fast!
  10. You'll find the chamber/throat is cut short in CZ's. Might have to shorten up the OAL a little more than with other loads/guns.
  11. OP......Out of curiosity what type of 9mm handgun ya gonna use?
  12. If shooting Production or Single Stack, after the start signal can I put mags from the table and in my back pockets?
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