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  1. Try Wolff Springs.
  2. Two matches today within driving distance. I shot at one of them. 70 shooters and one shot single stack (the match I shot). Another had 47 shooters and one shot single stack. A third match that was 3 hours away had 31 shooters and one shot single stack. You guys might be on to something!!
  3. Way of the Gun. Christopher McQuarrie was the director and his brother (Navy SEAL) was the advisor for the gunfight and tactical scenes. LA Confidential. I think Thell Reed was the advisor for this. I like the foreign movies too. Tae Guk Gi is one. "Double Tap" is not one!
  4. When you re-set the Bulletfeeder did you have cases in all the stations?
  5. I do the alcohol wipe thing through the tubes about every 3rd or 4th loading.
  6. I use this powder & load at 1.130 with 124 Bayou Bullets in my Stock 2 and SS 1911. Its a pretty decent load!
  7. I carried a single stack Govt Heine 45. Then a 2011 SV in .45. The gun with two mags was just too heavy for me. I went back to a single stack and as I got older it got too heavy! I ended up carrying a Colt Lt Wt Commander .45 at retirement. I did carry a Colt Detective Special on my last day at work! I started my career with a revolver and ended it with one.
  8. I have a Hornady bullet feeder and a Mr Bulletfeeder. Mr Bulletfeeder is the way to go. Costs more, but the quality and trouble free operation is worth it. Watch the videos on how to adjust it and your in business! The best thing I learned (on this forum) is to adjust the die with cases in all the stations (I run a 1050).
  9. I see PCC and Carry Optics is getting very popular!
  10. I know a few folks that run a Springfield RO. They are very happy with them. Good customer service (if needed).
  11. Do this so you can get an idea how long you load your bullets in your barrel. Then you can start experimenting. What I do is get the ideal length and put the bullets in pill bottles labeled 9mm, 40, 124's, 147's & etc. I'm older so I have a lot of pill bottles.
  12. Would a tiered approach work for USPSA matches? Example is for level 1 matches all divisions stay current. level 2 matches reduce divisions by one or two. level 3 matches reduce divisions by two or three This way the majority won't be affected, most don't go to bigger matches and less shooters get "stung". As to which divisions get reduced I would think that would be best left up to the match director/jurisdiction where the match is held. This could be an option too as opposed to being mandatory.
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