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  1. I wanted to try out a 6 lb spring. I read on this forum the 6 lb spring is longer (long slide). When I got the spring today I found it was shorter than the 8 & 9 lb springs (all new). Shorter by a coil or two. Is this normal?
  2. This weekend we had a Production shooter start a stage cocked and locked (CZ Shadow 2). Shooter finishes the stage and hits the "approve" button on the tablet. Shooter goes to the next stage & at "make ready" does the same thing. The RO tells shooter this is not allowed and instructs shooter hammer must be down. Shooter complies and states to RO the previous stage was shot with a cocked & locked position. Shooter finishes second stage. The Range Master (RM) was called. RM asks shooter to re-shoot the previous stage & shooter agrees. No drama at all. I was sitting with the RO's afterwards and listened to the discussion. One RO said a bump to Open should have been done. The other RO's said the shooter should not be bumped to Open and the score stands. I (not a RO) mentioned the shooter "approved" the score so it was too late to do anything. The RO's that were on the stage are good RO's.....They just simply missed it. No one (other than the shooter) saw the cocked & locked position. Questions: 1) Bump to Open? 2) Re-shoot appropriate? What if the shooter refuses the re-shoot (cause they did really well the first time)? 3) Shooter approval of the score negate the "bump" and/or re-shoot? 4) Is a shooter's confession good enough when no one else saw the error? Thanks!
  3. Anyone here have an update on this? thanks
  4. Does this fit the Stock 2? I tried the search & e-mail to EGW..... No response from EGW. http://www.egwguns.com/other-pistols-parts/eaa-tool-steel-slide-stop-pin/ thanks!!
  5. I use a Trojan in .40. My rounds are 1.200 and I run Wilson 10mm mags. I also have Tripp mags and they work just fine in the Trojan.
  6. Do you folks think it makes a difference on the longevity of the optics if one is shooting 124/125's or 147's at the same power factor? I ask cause of the " heavier bullets feel softer" statements that are made.
  7. Two of the clubs I shoot at ask if you are a R/O at sign up (Practiscore). The MD spreads the RO's out among the squads (if needed). The tablet then highlights the RO's on the squad and the squad leader. The third club has morning/afternoon RO's (they shoot at a discount). This club also has open squadding. The tablet gets passed from shooter to shooter at all the clubs I shoot at though.
  8. OP, Your going to have to experiment with different mags. The Tripps drop out just fine in my gun.
  9. I use a STI Trojan. The Tripp's are what I run (0 problems). I have one or two Dawson's that seem good too. The Wilson's don't work as well in my guns (I have a Springfield 9mm 1911 too).
  10. For those who have handled/shot both....Which do you prefer and why? thanks
  11. thanks! Kinda curious....If it goes into a Pelican case does it still work? I'm guessing if its inside an aluminum case it blocks the signal.
  12. Keep it for large primer cartridges. I know your list doesn't have one NOW, but you will! I just re-added a single stage press in my garage!
  13. I just saw on Ben Stoeger's podcast a small GPS tracking device you could put in your luggage. Anyone here use one? If so which model/cost/range & etc? Seems to be a pretty good way to track your guns when traveling. thanks **mods....just occurred to me this may belong in the electronic section....sorry and please move if needed**
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