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  1. I shoot Production, Carry Optics, and Single Stack. I like the rule changes, but for a different reason. I had shoulder surgery (left) 40 years ago and am right handed. Arthritis is making mag changes painful and this should help some of the pain. Now to the stupid questions category..... "14. Installed Flashlights permitted Yes, must be functional" 1) So if the shooter removes the battery (or it dies), but its still functional, but not functioning is this good to go? 2) Can the flashlight be attached and/or removed & re-attached during the match (like a broken
  2. Ray is who I was thinking of.....Man he could game a stage & figure out hit factors in a snap....I miss him too....
  3. I use the wicking type Under Armour T-shirts from Costco for the summer. In the winter I use long sleeve T-shirts & wear a jacket over that when not shooting. A fellow shooter used to wear a very large white button up dress shirt (long sleeve & un buttoned) over a T-shirt in the summer. He bought a new shirt (a cheap one) every year and would throw away the shirt at the end of the season.
  4. Update: Sig 365 now is my primary carry gun. Walther Q5SF for carry optics now! My ccw line up may have to be switched up since my daughter now has been approved for a ccw!
  5. On my Stock 2 I've broken/wore out the following parts....extractor (3x), firing pin (1x), Trigger return spring (1x, even though I replace it 1x a year), recoil spring (replaced 2x a year). Total round count is about 50k through the stock 2 if that makes a difference. Besides all the springs I would have an extractor ready to go.
  6. This a good model? There are a bunch on Amazon. https://www.amazon.com/Anova-Culinary-AN500-US00-Precision-Included/dp/B07WQ4M5TS/ref=sr_1_2?dchild=1&keywords=Sous+Vide&qid=1609736734&refinements=p_89%3AAnova+Culinary&rnid=2528832011&s=home-garden&sr=1-2
  7. I'm using the Sprinco spring & firing pin block spring. Regarding that little spring & pin. I placed the spring & pin in and used the punch as a slave pin. I then placed an allen wrench (don't remember the size) in the back part of the sear assembly. This keeps the pin and spring from moving backwards and helps restrict the movement. I then wiggled the pin in and pushed the punch out. This worked on my second attempt. I don't know if this method was blind luck or a working method. All I know is I did not want to try it a third time. I did this after swearing at
  8. Been toying with this style. How many folks here cook meat this way & what brand/model do you use?? AND most importantly....how does it taste!!
  9. What handgun do you carry for self defense? Sig P365 Why that gun? Its small and light What holster position? Cross Draw paddle holster. What division and classification are you (if any)? Production B What else would you consider carrying? Glock 30S & a Sig 238 (pocket carry for the summer)
  10. Just installed the trigger & fire control group. Feels great. I did have to file on the safety tab a bit as I was having problems depressing the safety tab all the way with my weak hand. Now all is good. WARNING: If you get the fire control group (sear cage) be careful how you pick it up. I looked at it and evidently placed the cage back in the box upside down and a pin and spring fell out. I then looked at the assembly then the sear fell out. Took me hours to figure the assembly out and put the spring back in.
  11. I run a STI Trojan in 9mm. I use the Tripp mags without any problems. Friend of mine runs a Springfield Armory 9mm and I let him try my Tripp mags. He now uses the Tripp mags. I did find a CMC XP 9mm mag at a gun shop that was closing up for good. I used it and it worked well. I just have more faith in the Tripp mags.
  12. It seems the "hardcore" shooters/matches are having a slight decline. I do shoot a USPSA match that is known locally as a "fun" or "beginners" match. This has dropped from around 120 to about 75 shooters or so.
  13. After the "plunk test" I load 4.3 of Vectan 9.5 @ 1.130. Gives me about a 131 PF in my main gun and a 136 in my backup gun.
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