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  1. My PD trigger return spring didn't break, but it did get "soft or weak" and the trigger wouldn't reset. Luckily I found out while doing maintenance at home. I didn't have another PD return spring so I put in the original spring and I really can't tell much of a difference. Did a trigger job per Memphis Mechanic's video on my backup gun and it turned out well! I'm sure Patriot Defense would do an outstanding job for you!
  2. Sorry for the off topic type question.....Did you conduct a groove vs non-groove test? I'm just curious.
  3. 2k of Bayou Bullets 124 g .358 with the grove ordered on 8-18-20. Arrived 10-17-20. Brazos Precision ....Ordered on 9-21-20 & arrived 10-3-20.
  4. I tumble, spray with Hornady One Shot, and load. I don't clean off or tumble again.
  5. I use the Safariland 771. To be honest I have not tried a lot of the others. Its just I haven't had any problems with mine.
  6. Been my experience at level 1 matches clubs that only allow certified RO's to run squads seem to have less problems with the steel/calibration/rules than clubs that allow non-certified RO's to run the squad. I realize & shoot with clubs that didn't have enough certified RO's to go around so I do understand. Even if our squad has ONE RO it would be tiring to run an entire squad without a break for the entire match. The only time I had a minor problem with calibration was at a level 1 with a non-certified RO. I won. Level 1 matches that use the old knuckle test on steel is fi
  7. Knew I forgot to mention that..... Glock 34 Gen 5.
  8. Mr Bullet Feeder is worth it. I also have the Hornady bullet feeder....get the Mr Bullet Feeder.
  9. FYI....I ordered a Thug Plug from the Glockstore. It is NOT like this.. https://www.glockstore.com/Thug-Plug. Its longer and tapers down (like a door stop). No need to buy lead/tungsten shot (won't fit anyways). Still weighs close to what is advertised though. I measured with my calipers and installed its .098" below the heel. My Thug Plug weighs 2.2 ounces.
  10. Thanks for the info everyone!
  11. https://shop.waltherarms.com/ppq-q5-match-conversion-kit Anyone here use this on the Q5 SF? My Q5 SF is currently set up for Carry Optics and I was thinking about this for Production without having to remove the SRO. I tried to search Google, but nothing. thanks
  12. I have a STI Trojan in 9mm. It likes the Tripp magazines, but not the Wilsons. May want to go to a match and ask people if you can try out their 9mm mags. They are a bit "touchy".
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