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  1. Tried to find the Sidekick hat mount, but no luck. Where did folks get yours? I have the Go Pro 7. thanks!
  2. I don't use them, but a friend of mine use a few smaller zip ties as his keepers. Seems to work well. Just have to have small pliers/snips in your bag to cut them off.
  3. Many years ago when I played golf we used to punch in our scores along with the slope reading (course difficulty) into a computer at the course. You then would get your handicap. Your handicap did fluctuate constantly. I wonder if USPSA could do something similar and therefore your classification (like a golf handicap) would and/or could change. If you wanted to stay at a certain classification level you would have to keep up through the classifiers or major matches. This would take into account factors (like age) that make shooters shoot less then their current classifications. The people I played golf with always were gunning for a lower handicap... sorta for bragging rights at the 19th hole (bar). Far as sandbaggers.....golf at the time had a lot!
  4. Agree....Great movie!
  5. I have smaller hands. I tried the smaller grips including the LOK thin grips. I found they tend to create a "hollow" area in the palm area of my hands. Good grips though. I then tried the palm swells and found they seem to be a more solid grip in strong and weak hand shooting. They probably will affect your reach though. I would go to a match and find a fellow shooter with the grips your thinking of buying and play with them.
  6. Sunday is match day/Monday is day off/Tuesday live fire practice/Wed is dry fire/Thurs is live fire again/Friday is dry fire/Sat is Dry fire. I shoot maybe 200 rounds during practice because I shoot on a farmer's property and wait till his employees are off the land. Then it gets dark. Daylight savings really cuts into my practice. I like to load ammo about one to two weeks out before the match. Just in case I break a part on my Dillon.
  7. Just found this on the EAA/Tanfo site. http://eaacorp.com/guns/handguns/stockiioptic-515
  8. I wanted to try out a 6 lb spring. I read on this forum the 6 lb spring is longer (long slide). When I got the spring today I found it was shorter than the 8 & 9 lb springs (all new). Shorter by a coil or two. Is this normal?
  9. This weekend we had a Production shooter start a stage cocked and locked (CZ Shadow 2). Shooter finishes the stage and hits the "approve" button on the tablet. Shooter goes to the next stage & at "make ready" does the same thing. The RO tells shooter this is not allowed and instructs shooter hammer must be down. Shooter complies and states to RO the previous stage was shot with a cocked & locked position. Shooter finishes second stage. The Range Master (RM) was called. RM asks shooter to re-shoot the previous stage & shooter agrees. No drama at all. I was sitting with the RO's afterwards and listened to the discussion. One RO said a bump to Open should have been done. The other RO's said the shooter should not be bumped to Open and the score stands. I (not a RO) mentioned the shooter "approved" the score so it was too late to do anything. The RO's that were on the stage are good RO's.....They just simply missed it. No one (other than the shooter) saw the cocked & locked position. Questions: 1) Bump to Open? 2) Re-shoot appropriate? What if the shooter refuses the re-shoot (cause they did really well the first time)? 3) Shooter approval of the score negate the "bump" and/or re-shoot? 4) Is a shooter's confession good enough when no one else saw the error? Thanks!
  10. Anyone here have an update on this? thanks
  11. Does this fit the Stock 2? I tried the search & e-mail to EGW..... No response from EGW. http://www.egwguns.com/other-pistols-parts/eaa-tool-steel-slide-stop-pin/ thanks!!
  12. I use a Trojan in .40. My rounds are 1.200 and I run Wilson 10mm mags. I also have Tripp mags and they work just fine in the Trojan.
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