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  1. Garands are incredible! I got my first one 5 months ago, and have been thinking of restocking it... Damn, that stock looks great.
  2. Agree on the Briley "diagnosis". I remember when they offered that. Obviously the most likely solution would be to talk to Briley and see if you get lucky. Good luck, and let us know how it goes, as I have seen one of their pistols for sale at a nice price, but I deliberately held off because I wasnt sure it could be re-barreled if/when needed.
  3. Thanks for the answer! I gotta say the Steel frame has been intriguing me since the SHOT show... I carried, and Instructed with a standard PPQ for all of 2016, (added a straight apex trigger) shot 24k rounds through it that year and still like the gun, though I have moved on to other projects... for me, I think the PPQ SF Pro, with just a straight Apex trigger sounds just about perfect to me.
  4. I got to shoot one last year, It belonged to a shooter who worked for WC. As the stated above, the PPQ mag was used as the basis of the EDC magazine, but they are not interchangeable. Nonetheless, it seems to me that it was good thinking by Bill Wilson... a solid mag, reliable and size efficient.
  5. Can someone tell me what the difference is between the Q5 Sf and the SF Pro?? I keep looking and do not see the difference... I understand that the adjustable trigger is a separate thing... Thanks.
  6. I did the exact same mod on mine! It really chewed up my middle finger at first. I also took off the light finger grooves. I found that with a crush grip, the grooves made my fingertips go numb! Removing them solved that issue.
  7. Hany

    Langdon Elite LTT

    For the POI issues, have you tried the Wilson rear sight? It comes in two heights. One is made for the dovetail FO front, and the other is made for the old style integral models. Perhaps the lower one for the Integral sight might bring down your POI. Might be worth a try.
  8. Its a nice setup if you like to "roll" the trigger all the way from front to back. I carried my duty glocks that way for years... Also it was good insurance against the trigger return spring breaking, which was a fairly common problem. However I no longer manipulate the trigger that way. For the last 6 years or so I shoot "press to wall-break" so the two stage trigger is now actually preferable for me. Finally, the broken trigger return spring issue is pretty much resolved. Hope that helps.
  9. A charging handle? I was asking if there was a way to "easily" mount a trijicon rmr dot...oops sorry, saw that u were replying to another question. Apologies.
  10. Guys, a buddy is looking for a trij rmr mount for his 1301 Comp, it's not the brand new model, it it 3 years old. (Diff action length?). Does anyone make one? Thanks
  11. Also Todd McGrede At Marksmans in Mansfield. Primarily a great riflesmith, but I have had him do dozens of other jobs, actions etc...drilling and tapping oughta be a snap.
  12. I have used np3 on a frame and it has been good. I have heard from a friend who used the "NP3+", as being a little slippery on the hands...
  13. When I replace an extractor in a .45 acp, I just put in a Wilson BP. so far they have all been great. Im sure others are good too, but I have only used the WC BP in recent years.
  14. Mine has worked well from day one, except it doesn't like soft training ammo (like pmc 115g), Runs perfectly with a variety of duty ammo. Trigger is good enough, but I will probably tune it a tad. Kept sights the same, and added VZ "frag" grips and a SA magwell, and have been instructing with it, (my rehab gun) as my elbow heals from surgery 4 months ago. It has been a god send. Good luck. I really think the DW line are the best bang for the buck in a 1911.... somewhat like les baers were 20 years ago.
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