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  1. Hi, Following up on my previous post: What do you like as a 1911 trigger group? I see several available and am wondering what the differences are, if any? Any help appreciated. Thanks, C.
  2. Hi, Need a gunsmith, must: -have reasonable turn around time -be competent -be coherent and businesslike. Asked at the 1911 Forum, but these guys seem to have difficulty focussing. Appreciate your input. Thanks, C.
  3. Sent you a PM.

  4. What do you think? What should I be paying? Thanks, C.
  5. Hi, Cost about the same. Any preference? Any difference. Thanks, C.
  6. Yeah, I bought it pretty much because I thought it looked so super cool. I was younger and richer.
  7. pic shows Hogue grips, but have original wood.
  8. Hello Revolver people. I bought this gun long ago, fired less that 500 rds and put it in the safe. Someone told me that this is kinda rare and may be worth money. Condition is near new have box and stuff. What's it worth? Thanks, C.
  9. hi, did i read the rules correctly: are slide cuts for weight reduction legal?
  10. So how well does the cerakote finish hold up to use in a kydex holster?
  11. Thanks, sounds like DPP is the way to go.
  12. Okay, sorry; but these are expensive, but good. Which do you like and why? Thanks, C.
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