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  1. Hi, So I am reading blue press info. on dillon 750 indexing system. Have had indexing/alignment problems with my 650. Does this new indexing mechanism prevent this? How is it different from the 650? Thanks c
  2. so what class? and can i charge the chamber and load a 10 rd mag? thanks, c.
  3. Interesting, thanks guys for the info.
  4. Bought a pair of these a few years ago; and now I can't find them (no markings). Anybody know who makes these?
  5. hi, been using an old Craftsman for years. great for blowing out gunk. unit getting tired and am looking for a replacement. will an airbrush compressor work? any suggestions? thanks, c.
  6. Hi, Following up on my previous post: What do you like as a 1911 trigger group? I see several available and am wondering what the differences are, if any? Any help appreciated. Thanks, C.
  7. Hi, Need a gunsmith, must: -have reasonable turn around time -be competent -be coherent and businesslike. Asked at the 1911 Forum, but these guys seem to have difficulty focussing. Appreciate your input. Thanks, C.
  8. What do you think? What should I be paying? Thanks, C.
  9. Hi, Cost about the same. Any preference? Any difference. Thanks, C.
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