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  1. verla

    Help me decide between 2 shotguns

    If the gun fits well it will have minimal recoil- but autoloaders usually have the sensation of less recoil than an O/U. BUT autoloaders throw the hull on the ground- if this is not a concern go with the autoloader.
  2. verla

    Shotshell Press Recommendation

    Best loader I have found is a MEC 9000G for 12, 20, 28 and 410 gauge. They are economical, fast loading, efficient, do not spill shot/powder, and I have loaded thousands of rounds- especially the 12 ga- without replacing parts- just an adjustment to the machines. They give you a great crimp on the hulls. I have them lined up and fastened to my loading bench.
  3. verla

    Tuning a 9mm PCC for factory ammo

    I have a Freedom Ordnance 9mm carbine- changed out the spring to a 308 and the buffer to a 6.4 ounce- put a JP trigger in it and put on a limb saver airtech slip on recoil pad. Shoots 115 and 124 grain ammo like a champ with no jams- try it you will like it.
  4. verla

    Glock 33 rd mags

    FYI- these glock mags may stick in your gun unloaded- loaded they stick ever tighter in the magwell- they have to be filed/sanded on to reduce the width so the empty mag is drop free- then when loaded they "expand" and stick in the magwell even though you have sanded and fitted them when unloaded- the 33 round Korean mags are better and the clear plastic 33 rounders are even better-
  5. verla

    Beretta 1301 Comp

    you might want to consider an improved lifter (extended- from C-RUMS) so you do not tear your thumb nail off when loading quickly other than that it is a great shotgun gun- mine holds 10 to 14 with NC extensions the kick off stock helps with slugs and heavier loads- can shoot faster with less recoil and stay on target if I remember I will bring mine to the ProAm if someone wants to shoot it- bring your own ammo
  6. have not heard anything either.
  7. verla

    dillon powder check with 40S&W loads

    if you turn down the brass end of the 400 size powder rod to about 340 it works fine with accurate #2- 5.4 grains- you can distinguish between an empty case, buzz and one with 5.4 grains of accurate #2, no buzz. It probably will work ok with WW 231 also- will try it next time I load 40S&W.
  8. verla

    dillon powder check with 40S&W loads

    you bet- will post the results ASAP when I get the powder rod turned down and have evaluated it
  9. verla

    dillon powder check with 40S&W loads

    he is sending me a large powder rod to turn down from 400 to about 325 to 350 which I hope will alleviate the situation and make the powder check work correctly- i.e. differentiate from a empty case- buzz- to one with 5.2 gr of AA#2- no buzz in my 650
  10. verla

    dillon powder check with 40S&W loads

    time to call Gary Keift at Dillon tomorrow to see what he will do for me
  11. verla

    dillon powder check with 40S&W loads

    the rod is not twisted against the tool head-have checked; I have other tool head set ups with powder checks that work fine- 9mm, 38 super, 223, 45 apc, 38 special- think it may be related to the diameter of the brass piece on the end of the rod and the powder type
  12. verla

    dillon powder check with 40S&W loads

    the buzzer will sound with your finger depressing it- the buzzer pin is in the center of the v notch when the handle goes down- thus no sound