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  1. Received my dillon 650 from being repaired several days ago. I have had it for 20+ years and loaded several hundred thousands rounds on it. It looks like a new press and was extremely impressed with the repair and turnaround. Why would anyone buy a reloading press that was not a dillon? Their warranty is one of the best in the industry.
  2. I have used AP custom 4x4 and 2/6 for years- they work well- if you see them buy them. AP custom is out of business. As a replacement, try carbon arms or invictus- they both currently make great shot shell holders for 4 to 12 shells- more if your body is large enough to accommodate them.
  3. Decot hi wides , have used them for years. Gives you plenty of room to see with no obstructions. Glasses sit high up on nose. If targets are orange, get a lens color that highlights them like light orange, etc. Try several colors at a match or optometrist office to find the one that suits you the best. You might want lenses for shooting in bright sun and cloudy conditions.
  4. If you are young your exercise regimen probably does not matter- jut keep doing it and you will be ok. If you stop, you may lock up!
  5. I have used over 100,000 winchester primers and have never had a problem with them in my dillon 650. Maybe I have just been lucky? Doubt it. Use a primer pick up tube- am retired.
  6. CCI 40 grain Mini mags and Winchester Super-X 40 grain run great in all 3 of my steel challenge Ruger pistols. Have Volquartsen firing pins and extractors in all of them.
  7. I have run a Ruger MK III target and slabside with C-More railway 8 MOA dot, volquartsen trigger, firing pin and extractor. Have used them for years. Had Volquartsen voltane grips on each one. Keep them cleaned and oiled- they ran like tops and kept me in the top 5 for years in steel challenge and boiling pin shoots. They liked 40 grain CCI mini mag ammo the best, also Winchester Super-X 40 grain. Also have a Ruger 22/45 lite set up the same way except have Hogue rubber finger grove grips. All are great pistols.
  8. Take a look at concealment express holsters. They have a great variety, are economically priced, and are great holsters. I have one for my canik TP9sfx, springfield XD-M, and Ruger SR9. They are all OWB.
  9. I have been using 4.3 grains of HS-6 with a 147 grain bullet. 1.10 OAL and this gives about 900fps, pf of 132. Shoots very smooth- dot does not move, recoil is not perceptible.
  10. I have some of the 4X4 AP customs shell carriers that I use depending upon the stage ammo requirements- slugs, buckshot, etc and position- prone, etc. They are still very useful.
  11. Recommend new shooters use ear plugs and electronic ear muffs. This will preserve their hearing so that they will be able to hear the complete range of frequencies clearly when they are older. Ask a certified audiologist what is best.
  12. Will look into this range for my daughter who needs some instructions on pistol shooting, handling, reloading. Want to get her into competition shooting. Will start with a Ruger 9mm for the basics and move up.
  13. I have used a Pro Chrono for 20+ years for reloading and have never failed the chrono stage at a USPSA match- open and limited. Use it outdoors at ranges. Cost for this chronograph is about $110 and it comes in a box that you can store it in. Take a look at this chrono.
  14. Right now it is too risky to attend or plan to attend a match in light of the coronavirus. Take a breather, there is always next year after they have developed a vaccine and you have been vaccinated.
  15. I like the 18" bbl (with an adjustable gas block) which has a full length gas tube. This is soft shooting and is more versatile than the shorter bbls for matches that have targets out to 250+ yards. Believe this barrel is more accurate at longer ranges especially with 69 grain SMK bullets.
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