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  1. verla

    2011 Mag springs.

    it is a good idea to change the recoil spring about every 5000 rounds so your pistol runs efficiently- keep a log book for ammo shot
  2. I have several AR's that have JP triggers installed in them, by JP, and they have been working fine for years.
  3. the operator mag well from pistol gear is IDPA ESP legal- with the addition of the dawson .300 basepads that do not extend beyond the magwell - they are also legal and help seating the mag when reloading quickly
  4. verla

    2011 Mag springs.

    when you experience a failure to feed ammo and get jamming, etc it is time to install new mag springs. they are inexpensive and should be changed at least once a year. ISMI makes good springs.
  5. I have a XDM 4.5" 9mm with a pistol gear operator magwell. You need dawson .300 base pads on your mags to seat them quickly during a match vs standard mags with factory base pads. Without the dawson .300 base pads the mags may not seat so you can chamber a round- have to push the standard factory mags with your thumb up into the mag well- takes too much time and you are not always sure the mag is seated properly to feed ammo.
  6. Has anyone bought a ruger wrangler and tested the trigger? What is the trigger pull? Crisp? Other characteristics? Thinking about purchasing one for a cowboy action practice pistol vs shooting 38spl.
  7. I have an electric heater for the winter, which keeps the place toasty, and a large fan in the summer directed at me while loading- keeping me cool. I am fortunate for my set up in the garage.
  8. no condensation- presses are located in my insulated garage which is attached to the house in IN
  9. Consider a STI 2011 Edge in 40 S&W that ahs been worked over by Dawson or B Hill. This pistol was made/developed for USPSA limited- very fast, reliable, weight forward, high capacity, etc. Another pistol to consider would be the STI 2011 DVC. Although these guns are expensive, if they are well maintained, they will last one during their shooting career.
  10. These days I load a lot of 28ga for skeet since I have lots, lots of once fired hulls. Cost per box according to the calculator on trapshooters.com is about $3.50 even with the cost of shot at $40/bag vs about $12/box is you purchase factory.
  11. I shoot a Ruger 10/22 with a clark custom gun trigger job, volquartsen firing pin, extractor, and extended bolt handle, hogue stock, C-More 8MOA mounted on the rail that came with the gun. Gun is very fast and reliable- clean/lubricate it after every match. It is not the arrow but the Indian that wins.
  12. so far I am thinking about staying with the muzzle brake that came on the RPR rifle rather than putting a suppressor on it- gun shoots dime sized groups at 100 yards now why change it?
  13. I use AP custom 2L/6 and 4X4 but they went out of business. Bought several spring packages and doubled up on the 2L/6 carrier springs- prevented shells from popping out in certain situations. If I were to purchase a dual load system now I would probably go with carbon arms.
  14. thinking about how many rounds I put through the rifle with the aluminum JP carrier- some where around 8000 rounds maybe- it was some time ago. It was a fantastic carrier with very little recoil- had an adjustable gas block on the rifle- rifle length gas tube. These carriers are only for competition.
  15. I have the Vortex Viper PST GEN II 6-25X FFP with a MIL reticle. The zero stop is awesome and if you need the extra power you have it. Usually one does not go beyond 20X in a match.
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