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  1. verla


    try reading and practicing things from this book- Mindfulness: An Eight-Week Plan for Finding Peace in a Frantic World by J. Mark G. Williams- it will help you focus and you will become smoother- smoother is faster.
  2. I start with recumbent bike, then do precours, incline bench with overhead lifts and forward lifts, squats on a bosu, forward dips on a frame, on mat- bird dog, crunches, bridges, lying on back weight lifts with both arms, on side lifts with right arm, on back- twists to side with legs clutching ball, one leg crossed over the other hand behind knee pull foreward ; dead bug; standing balance on one foot- left and right; standing dips with kettle bell; sitting, band around ankle rotate out both ankles both ways; walk on heels; walk on toes; plank on ball; pushups on ball; stretch hamstrings standing; triceps pull downs; sitting chest pulls; seated leg press ; seated back extensions; stretch calves standing; sauna for 5 to 10 minutes; shower; done!! Do yoga 2X week- Tues and Thurs. Use captian's of crush trainer daily for my grip. This routine has worked for me for years. This is also my health program-
  3. what is your OAL with the 147 grain MG?
  4. take a look at a Swenson safety- shooters connection has them- maybe this would help you
  5. verla

    adj comb or not

    Get the adjustable comb- there are different heights for trap, skeet and live birds- if the adjustable comb that comes with the gun does not work for you have a stock maker make adjustments for your personal fit. etc. An adjustable comb is worth the money if the stock fits you like a glove AND you can consistently hit the target.
  6. If your Benelli M2 does not shoot slugs to POA send it to Rose Action Sports to get it fixed. Steve fixed mine and it now shoots slugs to POA out to 100 yards. Problem was the magazine tube was off center several degrees when purchased new and when the barrel is put on the gun it "follows" the magazine tube alignment- my gun was shooting about 12 to 18 inches at 1 o'clock at 30 yards. Steve has a jig to "center" the mag tube in the reciver which will correct the problem. This will also correct the center of the shot pattern-i.e. POA and POI of the center of the shot pattern will coincide.
  7. want to purchase a firearm- look at Grab A Gun or Ky Gun Co- their prices are way better than Cabela's or Pro Bass not only for guns but for ammo also.
  8. shot a box of Remington factory 115gr ammo- shooting went fine with no jams- OAL was 1.05"- will load some shorter OAL ammo and try them
  9. sounds like you have a good plan. I have shot the ProAm numerous times at Rockcastle in KY and have used my blade tech- no problems encountered- however, did not crawl through a drain pipe.
  10. will try shorter reloads OAL 1.125" 124gr RN and also shoot a box of factory 124gr RN ammo. I suspect that it is the ammo.
  11. have not tried factory ammo yet. resetting the OAL to 1.125- originally it was about 1.166- which I have been told is too long
  12. Benny Hill suggested loading some 124 gr RN to OAL of 1.125 and trying them- if 100 rounds work w/o a jam the ammo is "ok". Will try this, this coming week. he suggested the reason the loaded round stuck in the chamber was due to a case bulge.
  13. got some good technical information from Michael boyd at springer precision regarding leade in the chamber and will try it today- will let you know if it helps-
  14. never crawled through a drain pipe with my blade tech at a 3 gun match- usually have been standing or kneeling during a match. sometimes use a safariland holster 015 for my open pistol with C-More which has a lock on it.
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