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  1. verla

    Zero distance

    18 yards has been a good zero distance for me- shoot 124 gr bullets going at 1390 fps- gives good hits on plate rack at 50 yards- good hits on standards at 50 yards.
  2. good to know about a threaded barrel. my XDM does not have one, but I try my loads before going to a match- stuck live round in chamber previously. Have to reduce the OAL of the cartridge as suggested above. will try several increments of OAL length between/including 1.09 and 1.13 inches and chrono each group..
  3. who else out there has a recommendation for a 124gr RN bullet load that cycles for the 9mm luger to be shot in the springfield XDM?
  4. will try 1.130 OAL using a 124 grain bullet going about 1050 fps and then will case gauge all 9mm loaded ammo as I have done for years with my 40 S&W and 38 super match (nationals, area, section and state championships) ammo. have been using the 9mm ammo for club matches.
  5. tried the plunk/spin test with the springfield and canik barrels- both passed the test with the 1.166 OAL rounds- the canik barrel was dirty the springfield was clean. tried with processed brass- few of them would not chamber in the springfield bbl- this is where the problem lies possibly- maybe some of these cases were not put through the case pro? will investigate.
  6. will try some shorter OAL loads and do the plunk test- thanks never had a problem with my STI eagle or Canik TP9SFx using the 1.166 OAL 9mm loads- have shot thousands of rounds. springfield XDM OSP does have a problem with these loads however. will measure OAL of Winchester white box 124 grain 9mm loads as a comparison-these may be ok? humidity not bad here in Evansville- we lived in Little Rock, AR for 9 years- temp and humidity in summer was brutal.
  7. will try some shorter OAL's with my 124 grain RN bullets and see what happens.
  8. carefully checked the chamber with a flashlight after thorough cleaning- no evidence of case separation- factory 124gr round slips in chamber nicely- OAL length of my 124 gr cartridge should be ok since Winchester data says max OAL length for a 124 gr loaded cartridge is 1.169- think the brass was bulged at the base of the loaded round that stuck in the chamber- must have escaped the case pro step. other thoughts?
  9. The slide will not go back to eject the loaded round. Have to put the gun in a vice and pound on the grip with a rubber hammer and 2X4 to make the slide go to the rear. The loaded round comes out and the brass has scrape marks on it about 2/3 to 3/4 of the way from the case mouth. Surprised at this since all of the cases have been put through a case pro prior to reloading. No marks on bullet. The length of the loaded round is 1.166".
  10. I have a Springfield XDM OSP 9mm. Periodically the brass from my reloads stick in the chamber- it is a chore to get them out. The cases have been roll sized in a case pro before reloading. Is the chamber size "small" in this pistol compared to other 9mm pistols? Anyone else experiencing this problem with their reloads?
  11. I am thinking about buying a VP9 to shoot competitively with it. Those of you have been shooting this pistol in competition, which magazine release do you prefer? Button or paddle and why? My current pistols (STI eagle and open, springfield XD and XDM, Wilson A2) all have the button magazine release and I wonder how effective I would be with a paddle mag release. I am right handed. Have tried both in the store and the paddle seems to be more difficult for me- only tried it several times and not during a match.
  12. If you are going to a major match (sectional, area championship, or nationals) why would you waste your time and money buying and trusting the velocity from a Chinese chrono? If your velocity is low at a major match (below power factor) on the chrono stage your hits cannot be scored- therefore get a reliable chrono.
  13. I have loaded thousands of rounds on my 650 and it still works fine- have replaced several parts (supplied by Dillon) but not the index pawl. Do not think pawl wear is of concern. Would expect other parts to "wear out" before the pawl, like the ring indexer. I have replaced several of these. It is a job.
  14. I have used various pistol caliber brass cases from Ken Marx in Newburgh, IN. Fully processed including roll sized in a case pro. Phone 812-457-2690. Call him for pricing.
  15. regarding range finders and reflectivity- that is good to know- thanks for the information. a tripod mounted range finder delivers better accuracy since it is more stable according to Dan Sierpina- if I buy one I will mount it on a tripod.
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