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  1. Bryan, what have you heard recently about Rockcastle? Are they going to continue shooting there? What has happened, if anything, after the recent proposed purchases? It is a great place to shoot but needs upgrading in several areas.
  2. Have used AP custom L2/6 for years- double the springs on top. Unfortunately they went out of business. If you can find L2/6 grab them. Alternative is the carbon arms shell carrier. Several options either to double or quad load. Price is ok also and they are available. If more ammo is needed try a vest- several guys make them but they are more cumbersome than a shell holder on your belt.
  3. Beretta 1301- 24 inch is the best one since it is gas operated. I had an xcess v sight put in the rear of the rib for shooting slugs, added a kick off stock from an A400 model, enlarged the loading port as much as possible w/o disturbing the serial number, installed a light mod choke tube (shoots slugs accurately), added a Nordic components mag extention tube (length is your choice), and added a high viz competition fiber optic sight. Gun works great and cycles very fast. Very competitive gun in 3 gun matches.
  4. call Roberts Gun Works in Batesville, Arkansas, 870-251-9955, and ask if they think lengthening then polishing the forcing cones in your shotgun would help reduce recoil. They did it to my Benelli M2 barrel and it reduced the recoil. as indicated above many trap shooters have the forcing cone lengthened/polished to their O/U shotguns to reduce recoil since they shoot so many rounds. Some of the manufacturers have this already done on their new O/U competition shotguns.
  5. will now investigate what guide rod/recoil spring combination to install- sprinco, tungsten, or plain stainless steel- want one that reduced muzzle flip to a minimum over factory guide rod in my Canik TP9FSx. Anyone have suggestions?
  6. the trigger is now 3 1/4# after installation of freedom trigger, reduced power plunger and striker spring and with some stoning of metal parts and polishing of the frame where the trigger bar contacts it. Trigger pull is crisp as well as the reset.
  7. Put in a reduced power ghost plunger spring and a freedom smith trigger in my TP9SFx. Plunger was not cerra coated- must have received a newer pistol. Trigger is crisp but would like to lower pull. Probably more stoning and will change the striker spring to a 6.5# ghost and determine the results of my efforts.
  8. Does this guide rod fit in your canik TP9SFx? Measurements are really close, except length, to factory one. Have you shot the pistol with this tungsten guide rod installed?
  9. bought a TP9SFX but am going to install a pro model trigger from freedomsmith when it arrives and then see how the trigger behaves. If not to my liking- about 2 to 3 # with reduced pretravel and a better reset - I will install a sprinco trigger spring kit, sprinco recoil spring, and a reduced power plunger spring and striker spring. Then test the "trigger pull" and weight. Hope it will improve. This is a great pistol.
  10. verla


    I have found that 0.20/0.25 in lower bbl (fires first) then 0.34 in upper bbl is a good combination that works well for me. If you are on the clay it will break. This choke combination also leaves you open to shoot live birds with the same gun.
  11. Lengthening the forcing cones will reduce the recoil-i.e. reduces the angle that the shot column is forced into when the gun is fired. Not sure if porting will do anything noticeable as far as reducing recoil or muzzle flip.
  12. verla

    glasses for trap

    Look at Decot Hy-Wynd impact resistant shooting glasses- they come with various colored lenses that snap out- corrective and non- they sit high so as to not obstruct your line of sight- they are reasonable prices. Get a price,etc from Dr. Rivley in Clarks Summit, PA.
  13. Call Jaquays fine guns in Findlay, Ohio- they might be able to give you the information you need and a valuation also.
  14. Maybe you should go to the grand American next year- if they have one they will let you shoot it. Call Beretta and find out if they are going to have this gun at the grand. This would be a great opportunity.
  15. any ideas on how to increase the sight height of a vortex venom on a 9mm xdm osp so it matches approximately the height above the bore of a c-more on an open gun?
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