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  1. maybe you need to check the position of your tab that holds the case in station 2- it should just touch the case to prevent it from moving out of the shell plate and it also positions the case to seat the primer easily
  2. maybe I should have used depleted uranium for the guide rod?
  3. Take a look at Green Mountain rifle barrels. They have a 18", wylde chambered, fluted barrel for about $200. Mine shoots sub minute at 100 yds with 55gr hornady FMJ bullets. GM-M18 18" 223 WYLDE chamber - Green Mountain Rifle Barrel Co. (gmriflebarrel.com)
  4. I have a RCBS 5-0-5 that I have used for over 25 years to weigh powder from cowboy to 6mm creed loads- shotgun also. Scale has a leveler and a damper. Have a good weight set with plastic tipped tweezers (to handle the weights) that spans what I am weighing. Scale is right on the correct weight and has been for years. Believe the scales are under $100 and will last a lifetime. Do not know about the weight set
  5. My Ruger 22/45 lite shoots WW Super-X 40gr, Federal 36 gr, WW M22, Remington golden bullet, CCI mini mag, and Remington thunderbolt without failing. Keep the gun clean.
  6. Wish more 3-gun matches would be listed for the Midwest area! How about it people?
  7. verla

    6mm Arc

    Gary- What are the advantages of the 6 ARC vs the 6mm Creed? Have been shooting the 6 Creed for several years, like it, and doing well with it. Reloading is going well with a 108 gr ELD Hornady bullet using 41 gr of Hodgen 4350. Get less than 1/2 inch groups at 100 yds with my RPR. Group at 400 yds- oops threw one shot!
  8. The Volquartsen pistol competition kit or the accuratizing kit will definitely improve the trigger in your stock gun. You will be much more competitive after the installation and some practice with it. That goes for the Ruger 10/22 also if you shoot steel challenge with it.
  9. I use a MEC 9000G to load my cowboy shells. 1100fps, 1 oz, and they are soft shooting since cannot find WW factory low recoil shells (980fps). This press is economical, auto indexing, and runs well if maintained. Can load 2 boxes per half-hour easily and the crimps are great.
  10. The melting of the wheel weights poured in the hollow guide rod work great to reduce muzzle flip in my XDM 9mm. Do not have a tungsten guide rod to compare it to at this time. Springer precision may have made new tungsten guide rods, do not know. If they do someone may make the comparison RE muzzle flip- lead filled vs tungsten.
  11. shot the 9mm Canik TP9SFx today- 124 grain bullet PF about 135- the installed parts (tungsten guide rod and wolff 14# commander length recoil spring) helped the muzzle rise vs the factory parts. Would recommend them if you are going to use this pistol for competition.
  12. If you are looking for a different holster try Concealment Express, they may have one and they are reasonably priced.
  13. have ordered both and waiting for them to arrive and test them- will post the results after I test the parts in the Canik TP9FSx.
  14. If that is the case I will try the W74 tungsten guide rod with a 14# wolf commander length recoil spring.
  15. I tried the sprinco guide rod assembly in my canik- it was only a little better in reducing the muzzle flip from recoil. Waiting to try the tungsten guide rod.
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