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  1. Two main/important differences of 1301 from comp pro- stock and relocation of serial number. You can put an A400 stock on the 1301 for added comfort. Cannot do much about relocating the serial number- believe it is a federal offense to grind it out to lower the loading port. You do not want to tangle with the ATF over this issue.
  2. verla

    Trap gun?

    If you want to try an autoloader take a look at the Browning A5- it is fast cycling, reliable feeding, has "low recoil", has interchangeable chokes, and is a good looking shotgun. The price is right also. There are many versions to choose from.
  3. Rigger- Does the Lee quick trim die resize the case? After resizing you trim it?
  4. Rigger- what exactly is your set up on your Dillon 650- assume you are using a lee quick trim set up. How is it powered, etc? Would like to set one up myself since this would trim, chamfer, etc. My Dillon RT 1200 trimmer used on my Dillon 650 has the carbide blade tilted 6 degrees. It makes a clean trim on 223 and 6mm creedmoor cases. To be sure of a clean case mouth I put the trimmed cases in a vibratory cleaner for about 30 minutes. This removes any burrs, etc from trimming. When I load I use Hornady 55 grain FMJ or 108 grain ELD boat tail bullets which go into the case mouth easily. So far I have not had the need to chamfer and de burr the case mouth. I had the 6mm creedmoor Dillon trim die made by Whidden Gun Works in GA.
  5. Thanks for the information- will look into this trimmer today. U-tube shows it to work well , it sure beats the price of the Giraud. Midway USA has them- might increase my order.
  6. Has anyone used the Frankfort arsenal platinum series case prep and trim system? It is less expensive than a Giraud and appears that it will do the same thing. If you have what do you think of it? Is it accurate and does it do a good job of chamfering and deburring? It should be about as fast as a Giraud. Has anyone used the Lyman electric case trimmer- if so, what do you think about it? I would buy an expensive Giraud but my mother no longer gives me an allowance!
  7. Looking for a company that can make a 6mm creedmoore Dillon trim die to be used on a Dillon 650 with a RT1200 or RT 1500. Dillon offers a die in 6.5 creedmoore but not 6mm creedmoore.
  8. One of the better set ups I have found is the ruger MK III/IV with a C-More 6/8MOA sight, volquartsen trigger group and volthane grip. It is hard to beat this setup for the price and it will go head to head with any of the more expensive pistols for use in steel challenge matches. Any of the 40gr copper plated bullets do well in this set up- I like CCI mini mag or Winchester Super-X. Both of these seem to function very well.
  9. Lots of barrels to select from out there. Look at Green Mountain 18" rifle barrel- it is fluted and weighs about 2.2#. The one I have shoots great and it costs about $200. Several of the guys in our club use them. If you want to spend more money get a JP light contour 18 " barrel. I have one of these and it shoots extremely well as does the Green Mountain.
  10. Tried a Magpul bipod this weekend at a match to compare it to the Harris BRM-S which I own. The Harris appears to be stronger and more durable but the Magpul has the pan feature that the Harris does not. How important is that? Do not know but do not use a bipod that much so it may not matter. Think I will stay with my Harris unit a stage/match indicates that I need a Magpul with the pan feature. Both bipods have the tilt feature for uneven ground and to center your bubble level.
  11. Improver your grip using the captians of crush grip strength trainers/squeezers- there are several. Start with the beginner -100#- and move up. As you move up and your grip strength improves your grip strength will be more substantial and your scores/performance should improve if you grip on the gun is correct. Grip is a key here ask Vogel.
  12. Use #9 for skeet- gives maximum amount of shot in your hull- except for the winter time where the clays may have moisture in them and may be frozen. They are harder to break when this happens, so use #8 shot. For handicap trap use #7.5 shot- you will need the extra energy in the pellet as you approach the 27 yard line to break the clay. Remember the golden BB. In doubles trap use #8 shot and shoot quickly. Use #8 shot when shooting 16 yard trap- this will break the clays and you have lots of BB's in your shell to do so.
  13. verla

    Beginners Gun For Clays

    Before you buy a shotgun try it out- Grand American is a great place to do this- lots of manufactures there- all you have to do is supply shells. Fit is everything in a shotgun, especially if you are going to use it for competition- trap, skeet, live birds, 5 stand, etc. Suggest you look at a break open gun if you are going to shoot a lot since you can retrieve the shells vs an autoloader. You could start out with a O/U and then add a single barrel to the receiver for handicap later. There are a lot of good used guns available- keep looking and be selective. Lead shot is expensive these days- reloading is marginally cost effective- you can buy on sales and get the same cost as reloading in some cases. Check on trapshooters.com for reloading costs.
  14. Will check to see if anyone is using the Magpul bipod this weekend at our match- lots of shooters will be there. This will give me a chance to "try it" before buying it and I will be able to compare it to the Harris BRM-S.
  15. Lots of guys here have various brands of fans with lithium batteries on their carts when it gets very, very, very hot as well as umbrellas for shade. It does help cool you off under the shade of the umbrella. Some of the guys are very inventive- car battery to run the fans, coolers, etc. These are larger carts but very practical.
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