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  1. Ben stoeger pro shop, Double Alpha Academy or shooters connection will have everything you need at a good price. Buy once, cry once though if possible
  2. 8.0(no popples)-8.5(2+ popples) @ 1.160-1.170 gives 171-175pf
  3. I just recently built one myself and it is my match gun now. Runs without a hitch. I'll be building a second soon
  4. I run my Romeo 3max on the dimmest setting possible, even when shooting into the sun. That way I transpose it and still see through into the A zone. The eyes can differentiate a faint red flow just as much asa bright red dot. Give a try and see what you think
  5. It might be hard to find but get the Redding Competition seating die. The cheaper one without the micrometer unless you want to get the micrometer version which is even nicer. It changed my consistency in chrono data
  6. What seating die, brass and powder?
  7. The weight limit is 59 ounces it doesn't exceed that
  8. Just buy that slide stop thumb rest thing and an EGW ignition kit. You'll get what you want
  9. You're not gaining much unless you're really looking at far distances such as 50+. By a cajun gun works 10x bushing and you're probably at the same place
  10. Very likely match director is not submitting them. $1.50 of your match fee is for the classifier. Tell them stop messing with your money lol
  11. HS-6: 8.5 gr @ 1.160 with 124gr jhp = 175pf
  12. AO1 LD is very nice and heavy as well
  13. Flip it around and drop it in case first. If it goes down easy then it's your crimp
  14. How's the barrel lockup? Any play in the head space?
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