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  1. the individuality of this sport is what makes it awesome. im tired of team sports. I get out what I put in only Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  2. crap he just asked to bring some beers over to my house later
  3. I have mine up from this year up without shame. Last year I shot lots of matches with little consistent practice. This year lots of consistent practice with less local matches and more majors. It was a good feeling to know that the algorithm i'm currently utilizing is better than the previous but the plaque didn't provide more justification than just my placement itself. Also, it gives visual confirmation to my wife that I was indeed where i said I was
  4. I would suggest skipping some local matches for practice instead on the weekends. I myself reaped greatly from this sacrifice this year. You and your son could help each other as having a training partner makes it more fun and increases your accountability to what you're doing on your own time (dry fire mainly). As to your age, there's a great quote I heard once "We have become old when regrets take the place of dreams". Just dry fire as close to daily as possible and live fire once or twice weekly (that doesn't include matches lol). Also, may i suggest taking @Waktasz class in February 2020 if you're in the Pennsylvania region. He's a multiple division GM and if you don't crush sandbaggers after taking his class you can get a refund lol
  5. Time for positivity. Why can't you compete for a national title some day IF you work hard enough to be in the conversation? Every year someone comes out of the shadows to be a top contender. This year we had one of the best examples ever in Christian Sailer. You WILL be better if you train to be better.
  6. You are never truly competing against others in this game as your results are solely based on what work or lack thereof you put in to preparing for that match. That will position you somewhere below the top GMs based on how many failures of execution YOU had. Just as there are sandbaggers in lower classes there are waaaaaaaaaaaaaait for it.....people who make paper classifications and then get destroyed in big matches. Or pull a Tony and falsify scores (too relevant not to apply here lol) . I've had my lunch handed to me a few times in college football never once thought that guy should be in a different level . I either played up or continued doing my best which might not be better than that guy that day. No participation trophy was stolen from me ever in that sport nor did I want one lol
  7. Wait i thought we were discussing prizes being stolen away from "true class winners" at USPSA matches? What does a gun or ammo manufacturer giving money away to competitors have to do with that? They are free to choose to put out whatever they want. Competitors could easily buy the gun or ammo and just train really hard and win the contingency money yourself but that is too hard I'm assuming? One final question, would you still go to level 2 and 3 matches if there were no prizes offered at all? I would.
  8. Epitome of a response indicating people need vindication for "getting better" via prizes or as they are called...participation trophies. Again, cool that matches can give them away but I competed in bunch of matches this year and never once thought "Better work hard for those prizes this year" lol. I even managed to finish top 3 in my class at A6, A7 and a sectional. Got the plaque and thought "I'm on the right track". Maybe at A6 & A7 the competitors above me were sandbagging. I didn't get in my feelings about it. If they can game the system then so be it. I played division 1 college football so I know about people gaming the system for real via PEDs and how that is truly unfair. This is a weekend hobby for the majority of our membership. Please take this air hug if sandbaggers are hurting your feelings.
  9. Cite examples of this being the norm please. Your blanket assumption people hide in lower divisions is lame. Many competitors can be classified in lower divisions if they prefer to compete in another exclusively. If you compete in a popular division you will get match bumped anyways. If you compete in the dinosaur divisions you may never get a match bump. Either way matches are fun regardless of prizes. It's very kind of MD's to even offer them but not a necessity and that one time that a sandbagger hurts someone's feelings is not cause to spread propaganda that it's some epidemic
  10. Or, "Hey man, don't spend $185 plus travel expenses to potentially win something you could just buy by not shooting the match"
  11. tell them to make better life decisions and not shoot the match at all if they are relying on the match to win a prize because of finances
  12. The only prize table people were allowed to go based on finish was Nationals this year. A5, 6, 7 and 8 were random prize giveaways if i remember correctly. So were the sectional matches i attended. If competitors are needy for things off the prize table I suggest saving up and buying them. The point of the matches was you guessed it, the match. Literally, only Luke sandbagged this year and I thought it was hilarious. I'm not mad at him for practicing really hard and crushing souls all year. I don't know what his or any other competitors time and budget constraints are. Let's with the self-righteousness. It's a game..that's not real. No one cares on Monday at work lol
  13. I've run mbx through my para p16s when I first started limited and now through my 2011s. They gave always run right out the box with 20 reloadable. A little dremel of the follower and I got them to 21 reloadable. Great mags especially when they're 15% off during Christmas sales Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
  14. We don't go to these matches for prizes but rather to compete. The prizes are a bonus if they are available. There are less sandbaggers than you're making it seem Sent from my SM-G973U using Tapatalk
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