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  1. Send it to CZC for $200 they do an amazing job. You can use any sight you wish to in the future. You won't regret it
  2. I have 2011 open guns and my buddy has Czechmates. For the money, the CZ are very solid and the grip is a large frame closer to your shadow 2 but not exact. The trigger is very light yet spongy if you go up in mainspring weight you can get a more crisp trigger with a heavier break. The reset, this is where the 2011s shine. The Czechmate has a very long reset in general and definitely way more compared to the 2011s. Furthermore, since the CZ barrel unlocks on the slide stop pin they send you a few because it WILL break after 10k+ rounds but with
  3. I use it in 40 major for uspsa and it is awesome. Meters very well, SD is normal and it's not temp sensitive
  4. Sounds like you need to tune the feed lips. Might be too wide
  5. https://infinity.americommerce.com/single-stack-competition-magwell.aspx
  6. Gans guns in Pa. He did a gun very similarly to your situation within a month for my buddy. It runs great almost a year later
  7. Get the EGW gun works ignition kit. Will last for a very long time. Most builders nowadays are utilizing it
  8. Badminton, ping pong, flag football. Ammo and primers are a hard find right now lol
  9. Get the barrel reamed and start at 8.5gr of VV3N38 @ 1.160. You should be close or right at major
  10. Used their 180gr jhp in 40 for nats two years in a row. Great bullets
  11. Send it to cz custom. For $205 they'll cut the slide for their plate system and for another $70 they'll build you a sight plate that carries irons on it
  12. Ck arms builds them. Should be fine for a limited gun
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