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  1. I've heard of things too. Not my experience thus far lol
  2. I've shot a medium curve and short curve but went back to the short flat. It feels consistent no matter where my finger pad touches the shoe
  3. Safety could be stuck in front of the sear. Use a screwdriver and pry out the thumb safety
  4. https://ccgunworks.com/e2-extra-aggressive-grip-kit-stainless/ This will slice and dice if that's what you're looking for lol
  5. Back out the over travel screw another 1/4 turn. Hopefully that fixes it. Point your empty gun at the ground with trigger pinned back and rack the slide 5-10 times if you have hammer follow then it's your middle leaf on the leaf spring. Give it a little more tension
  6. Just stay out of the 2011 game until you leave this line of reasoning lol. The entire platform is way overpriced. People are winning without them
  7. CZ custom will turn around on the lower end of their timeline. A buddy just got both his slides back in 6 weeks. The universal cut and plate system is worth it
  8. I won three of the 140s @ Area 7 and they run very well. Mbx are still my match mags but I've run these in a major match with no problem. I'm content with my mbx so I'm not planning to buy any but if you are they should be fine
  9. Area 8 was pretty low round count for the last two years compared to previous match director and range. Area 5 is also low round count compared to years past. Some MDs like that flavor for whatever reason
  10. Match director prefers IPSC style short to medium courses. We just went through that at A8
  11. You only draw once in a match. Work on everything else that goes after like establishing grip, transitions etc. You will still gain plenty
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